Life Is So Cruel

by Princess Ruto

I am your lifelong friend
Yet I feel something more towards you
I wish you were Kokiri
So that we might be together
But no
You are a mighty Hylian
And you had to grow up
To save Hyrule
You look upon me as a child
Seven years too young for you
And life is so cruel
I will never get the chance
To grow up too
To leave the confines of this wretched forest
To see the world
To marry you
Why has fate been so unfair to me
A sad cry escapes my childish lips
Please come back
To the way things used to be
Those happy days
Of forest frolic
Of days of dancing under the canopy of
Green leaves
Instead of marrying some Princess
For I cannot live without you
Please return to me
Please stay here with me
Forever and ever

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