Your Shadow

By Kirsty Singleton

Author's note:

Okay, this is probably the first and last poem I will ever post 'cos although I like it a bit, poetry is not my forte. Flame as much as you like, as long as your criticism is constructive, otherwise how would I better myself? Seriously, expect a nice juicy fic on the true 'Link's Shadow' very soon. Oh, and btw, this poem is based on Link's Shadow of Link's adventure, not that lame variation we saw in Zelda V. Hope this doesn't waste your time too much, and thanks for reading.

Everything you loathe

Everything you hate

Every drop of blood your hand has spilt

All of this

Has created me

All the rage that you feel

All the fear that you feel

All the deaths that you have seen

All of this

Has created me

Any unhappy face

Any desecrated place

Any death of an innocent

All of this

Has created me

I'm your secret side

Where the bad things hide

I'm all that you hate

I'm all that you despise

But I am a part of you

You can never deny

I am a part of you

That will decline to die

You think you can control me

But for how long can that last

To suppress those feelings

My shadow can cast

I enjoy what you abhor

I love to shirk the lore

The smell of blood

It pleases my senses

But you have erected all those fences

To keep me away

But every creature you slay

Every drop of blood you spill

It feeds me

It helps me rise again

How long can you stop me

How long will your will

Hold out against me

Your darker side

The one you like to hide

Deep down inside

How long have you tried

To keep me down

Every time you frown

Every time you cry

Deep down inside

You can feel me

You want me

One day you will give in

But until then I can wait

'Til you open up that gate

And let me out

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