The Adventure of Link and Zelda

By Jonathan

Chapter 1:The beginning of Peace

Link walked up where he met Zelda the very first time; the castle courtyard. Zelda looked back and saw Link and she gasped and smiled. She ran to Link and hugged him. “Link, you’ve saved Hyrule and new peace has been restored to Hyrule” Zelda exclaimed joyfully. “I did this and everything that I did heroic; that was for you” said Link as he smiled at Zelda. “Link, I want to spend all my life with you and I will never be apart from you because I…” but Zelda stopped and blushed. Zelda looked him. Link had blond hair, a green tunic and a green hat. Zelda liked everything about Link’s looks.  “Zelda, you’re my best friend; of course I will never be apart from you. But I am going back to Koriki Forest to say good bye to it” Link smiled. He always felt attracted to her; her light brown hair, the way she talks and everything. Zelda walked with him till they arrived to the drawbridge. “Zelda, I got a few errands to do but I will be back, I promise” Link ran off. He whistled and then Epona his steed appeared and he galloped away with Epona.


Chapter 2: Zelda’s Serenade

Zelda watched Link and she cried softly to herself. “Oh Link, can’t you see that I love you, ever since you appeared to me. In my dreams I did dream of Ganondorf and his take over of Hyrule. You were in it and saved me from this; I dreamt of you, your bravery, your courage, your energetic nature. Everything that I see in you wants me to love you even more and I want you to love me. I think you love me, but not as much as me because I dream about you everyday. My feeling for you never die, and I want you to know that my love for you is bigger than Hyrule, no the entire world.” “Princess Zelda! Come on, the celebration of the defeat of Ganondorf is starting” said one of the guards. “Coming now I will be their in a minute! Oh Link I love you”


Chapter 3: Koriki and Link

“What only five rupees a day! You are a cheapskate!” exclaimed Link. Link asked Mido for a job but Mido said that the only job is working around his house for five rupees a day. “Well around Koriki Forest, we are having changes around here Link; you are not a Koriki so you get a low wage.” Mido was always stubborn and a leader with the Koriki and always despised Link. “Well I think that is unfair Mido, LonLon Ranch’s pay is thirty five a day and they have fairer people!” Mido ignored him and told him to go away, and Link ran out and went straight to his house. “Link” said a voice. “Saria, what a surprise” said Link hugging her. “Mido being unfair to you” said Saria softly as they sat on his bed. “Yeah, but I am going to work in LonLon Ranch” he saw the tears in Saria’s eyes when he said he was working in LonLon Ranch. “I know there is something else on your mind; I have not seen you like this since you were in the Forest Temple” laughed Saria putting her hand around Link. “Oi, Phantom Ganon was in two paintings, so he surprised me; anyway I saved your life” said Link. “I know but what is some matter?” Link said nothing but Saria understood his expression. “It’s Princess Zelda isn’t it?” said Saria. “How did you know” said Link looking up at Saria, and Saria smiled. “I know you like Zelda, I am your best friend, I can tell by your expression” said Saria softly. “It’s Zelda. You’re right Saria, I like Zelda and I can not stop thinking about her” said Link looking down at the floor. “Link, you are twelve so it is natural that you have feelings for other girls” said Saria. Link stood up “Saria, you my best friend forever and you will be forever, but I wish you could age with me, so that you would not be a child forever” Saria smiled and took of her emerald necklace. “Now with this off I can age with you” said Saria. “Koriki can only take of the Farore necklace when they have found someone that they want to age with.” said Saria.  Saria hugged Link “Link this necklace will be our sign of friendship” The necklace split in two and Saria gave one half to Link. This proves their friendship forever. Link left Koriki Forest for good.


Chapter 4: The letter

Link had a lot to do when he got back from the future. Firstly he was ageing fast; he was getting stronger with his fighting skills and his clothes were getting too big. So he had to sewn new ones to fit him. Also Saria was changing ever since they necklace was split. Link had to earn money to visit Zelda and doing errands to get more money He noticed that Epona was always with him            as well. A few days after his arrival back to the future Hyrule, he noticed that he had a letter in his letterbox. He curiously opened his letter and he read it.

Dearest Link

Please meet me above the gate of Hyrule.

I need talk to you because I… well I tell you on Friday

Meet me above the gate on Friday at midnight

I have been talking to Saria about you

Yours faithfully

Zelda (Princess of Hyrule)

Link wonder what Zelda wanted and he really wanted to say how he felt about her. Maybe it is about the same. Maybe they are in love with each other. They are both twelve but they love each other so much.  But does she love him?


Chapter 5: Over the bridge

“Well done Link for a hard day at LonLon Ranch, so you should get a bonus” said Talon the owner of LonLon Ranch. Talon gave Link fifty rupees and Link accepted it happily. “Thank you Talon and I will see you tomorrow.” Link rode off with Epona to Hyrule Castle to see Princess Zelda at midnight. But first he needs a place to stay In the Town Market. Luckily one of his old friends Rera had offered him a place to stay. At 11:45 Link crept out of the house and went straight to the gate of Hyrule. As he got there he saw Zelda waiting for him. Zelda’s face lit up when he saw Link and she ran over to him and hugged. “Link, there is a reason why I have asked you to come here because I want us two to be alone and talk.” Link smiled at Zelda “Zelda I know you are a princess and you love going out of the castle all of the time, but why did you want to see me at midnight” Zelda sat down and Link followed. “Link; to be honest, you have helped me ever since you appeared to me in my dreams. I cannot stop thinking about you, you’ve helped me and well, I love you. But I want us to be friends till I am ready.” Link looked at Zelda and smiled at her beautiful face. “Zelda I want us to be together forever, I love you too and no matter what I will protect you from all harm” Zelda knew she had made the right choice and kissed Link and blushed. “Stay with me, forever Linky” said Zelda holding his hand. “I will Zel”


Chapter 6: The Secret Garden

“Are you sure that there is a secret garden in the middle of the castle” Zelda asked her father. “Yes I am sure Zelda, that garden only opens to a man and woman whose love will never break. But it has never been opened. I and your mother went to it and we never found it, but she had to die by Ganondorf hands” The King cried and Zelda left him alone. “Maybe I should ask Link to come with me to the secret garden, maybe we will be the first ones to find it.” Link appeared at the doorway looking at Zelda. “Maybe we will” Zelda looked around and saw Link. “Link when did you get here?” Link smiled. “Getting past the guards is no trial, I swear they are slacking off now” Link joked. “Link, I was supposed to call you if I needed you, not the other way around” Link walked up to Zelda. Zelda smiled back at him. They walked to the Lair of the Secret Garden. “It’s said that if you pass through the Lair, you will find the garden. Link looked inside the lair and wondered. “Wait a minute Zelda” Link ran off and came back with his sword and shield. “Is that the shield that I gave you?” asked Zelda. “Yeah, thanks for getting a miniature copy of the Hyliean shield” smiled Link. “Now let’s go and find the secret garden Link” They walked in and they found a maze which looked never ending.  Link took out his Lens of Truth and looked through it. He found a Poe ghost in through of him. “Zelda stay close to me, this place is full of Poes” Link said with a serious face. Link drew his sword and shield up and walked slowly with Zelda holding on behind him. “Zelda, look out!” But it was too late. Zelda was grabbed by a Huge Poe called HugaPoe. “Give Zelda back you Poe!” shouted Link trying to slice the Poe in half. “Give me the Dark Spiritual Stones then I will give you your precious Zelda back” HugaPoe disappeared into the Lair. Link followed the Poe and found himself in a big room.


Chapter 7: The Evil Beast

“Well maybe I have misjudged you, but I will make sure that I will destroy you personally.” The Poe floated down and laughed. “If you destroy me I will release Zelda, but if you lose you will give me the stone to revive him!” The Poe drew close to Link and disappeared. Link knew what he had to do. Using his Lens of Truth he found the Poe easily. He sliced the Poe and it reappeared. “You have the legendary Lens of Truth!? You will not win with just that!” The Poe transformed into a beast with two hands. Link looked up and said “You are the beast from the well, Bongo Bongo!” The beast smirked and said “That is my brother which you destroyed Hero of Time. I am called Congo” Link said “You bad guys always have very weird names.” The beast moved closer “I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!” Link used the Lens of Truth and detected where the foe was and stabbed the eye. Congo Congo froze and screamed in pain and evaporated into ground and was destroyed. “Zelda, where are you?” said Link. “I am right here Link.” Zelda appeared next to Link, and so the monster’s curse was stopped. There was light at the end of the big room. Link and Zelda walked into the light and found themselves in a beautiful garden. “We have found it Zel, the secret garden.” “Yes Link” said Zelda. There was a door at the end at the garden and they found themselves at the front of the castle. “And where have you been young lady?” To the side of them was the King. “Father, we have found the secret garden which you and mother tried to find when you were young” said Zelda. “Yes, I can see that, but who is he?” said the King pointing at Link. Zelda walked forward confidently but Link spoke “I am called Link.” The King said “Link the Hero of Time?” The King looked at Link and understood. “You were the one who destroyed Ganondorf and saved Hyrule” Link smiled and the King walked away. Zelda smiled and Link returned it; Link was accepted as a member of the Royal Family.


Chapter Eight: The Dark Stones

When the Gods created the world they created two Realms. The Sacred Realm and the Evil Realm which needed spiritual stones to open them. The light stones will open the Sacred Realm and the dark stones will open the Evil Realm. The Evil Realm will open what is in there and the Sacred Realm will open the Master Sword.

Four years has past quickly. “That is what the Evil from the Lair spoke of; the Dark Spiritual Stones” said Link looking at the King. “If these stones are found, Ganondorf will be released and history will repeat itself” said the King wondering what Link said about the Poe. “But the Master Sword is at rest and if he is alive again, I will destroy him, I promise” said Link to the King. “Yes Link, you are the Hero of Time, keep that promise, like you kept the promise on protecting Zelda.” Link’s face shown determination and hope, the King smiled at Link. “There was a letter for you Link; from Darunia asking you to join a celebration” said King putting his hand on his shoulder. “Can I take Zelda to the celebration” asked Link. The King smiled warmly “Yes you can, I trust you with her, but Impa comes with you as well” Link walked away and said “Oh no not Impa!” When they set off with their horses to Death Mountain, Impa watching them oddly. “Impa, can you stop looking at us, I know the reason you are coming is that you want us not to kiss” said Zelda playfully. “Princess Zelda, I am here to protect you...” said Impa. But Link said “I told the King that I will protect Zelda, so why are you coming along?” Impa smiled “I am here to escort you to the foot of Death Mountain and then you two can manage in your own to get to the village.” Link and Zelda’s eyes twinkled; they are going to be alone again. It seems that Impa trusts Link after all. They arrived at Kakariko Village, Impa departed and Link and Zelda were alone to get to Death Mountain.


Chapter Nine: Faye

Link and Zelda spent the night in Kakariko Village for the trek upwards to Death Mountain will be a long one.”Faye! What are you doing here?” Faye is Zelda’s older step-sister which Link has known. Faye is similar to Zelda but her hair is brown while Zelda is golden. “Well you did not think that you will go up Death Mountain by yourself, Father allowed me to get up Death Mountain by myself, without any guards” Faye said pointing at Link. “Link is here because he cares about me and that he does not want any harm on me, anyway anything could be up in Death Mountain.” “On the contrary Zelda” spoke Link “I destroyed two types of “anythings” up in the heart of Death Mountain.” “Fair enough Link, but he will protect me from what might be up there” cried Zelda to her sister. “Sis, peace has been restored to Hyrule, so what evil do we need to worry about Zelda?” Link stepped in before the argument escalated. “Look, lets enjoy the celebration of Darunia’s new child please, other wise your father will not allow to come to any celebration again” The argument stopped and Faye went to her lodgings, the Zelda reduced to tears. “Oh Link, Faye is right, peace has been restored and we are best friends, but she thinks that there is no evil anymore so she can do as she pleases now.” Link came up and comforted Zelda “Zelda, you want us to be protected till we are older, and don’t listen to her, I will protect you no matter what, even at the cost at my own life; we are friends.” Zelda was escorted to a different lodging and they rested for the night. The next day Zelda woke up and was wrapped in thought. Link has protected her ever since he arrived from the future, no from when they met, that time four years ago. But Faye has been in their way trying to flirt with Link, but her reputation of being sour made Link think of her as a friend, not a girlfriend. Zelda cared for Link ever since he saw him, all green and holding the Koriki Emerald. Now Link has become a teenager who protects any one and Zelda has become even more attracted to him. “Zelda, lets go, it will take an hour to get up the mountain.” Link appeared at the doorway all dressed in white while Zelda was dressed in a blue dress with a tint of purple.


Chapter Ten: The Celebration

The trek up Death Mountain was a dangerous one. The trail has changed ever since Link has walked up it, a few years ago. Often Link had to take out his sword and shield because he sensed something near by. “Link” giggled Zelda “You’re so suspicious of this trail; it has changed but barely any monsters live here now” Link looked around “No, something is wrong, I feel something, it is familiar though, like greeting an old enemy” Zelda tapped his shoulder and smiled at him “Well even heroes can have the wrong something, you need to calm down, everything is Ok Link.” Link looked at Zelda and smiled “Yeah maybe I had the wrong thought.” He sheathed his sword and he walked up the mountain a bit happier. “Well here comes Romeo and Juliet” said Faye as they arrived at Goron City. “Faye, behave please, Link and I are just friends” said Zelda, but in her mind think otherwise. “Well it seems every day that you are always together, so I think that you two are Romeo and Juliet” said Faye, knowing that she has won this argument. Darunia appeared with his new baby Goron. “Link, it is good to see you and you Princess Zelda…” “The married couple” whispered Faye. “I’d like to name my baby Goron after you Link, because you have helped my people too many times, and that Link will be a name that will live forever.” Link smiled and Zelda smiled at Link. But behind them was a Goron which was very different; he wanted to be like Ganondorf and rule the world. But he was a feeble Goron but he had been plotting behind the Gorons back. He kept a Dodongo in a secret cavern in the Dodongo Cavern. He has kept it there for the right time to strike; just a few more weeks till it is a King Dodongo. “Link and Zelda, stay for the celebration for you Hylieans are always busy, surely you got time to spare?” Link smiled warmly and patted his friend shoulder “Darunia, we can stay for the celebration” He shown his ocarina and then Darunia shouted “The celebration has started!” Zelda looked at the ocarina curiously and said to Link “Where did you get that ocarina Link?” Link looked at Zelda and said with a grin “I took from the chamber of Time” Zelda hit him lightly “You know that you are not supposed to take the ocarina.” Link spoke softly “As I said four years ago, the security in the castle is getting weaker, so it was very easy for you know…” Zelda hit him again playfully this time. “Next time ask me before you take things.” Link grinned playfully and played the ocarina, which the Gorons danced to.


Chapter Eleven: The Plot of the Mountain

“I think you are ready” said the Goron taking the huge Dodongo to the cavern where the last King died. Suddenly the lava reheated and the true King Dodongo appeared. “Yes! Now join together and let’s find the dark stones. Suddenly there was a blinding flash and the two Dodongo became one.

“Link wait for me” Link was racing Zelda from the Castle to LonLon Ranch. Link won since Zelda was in a dress and it slowed her down very easily. “You cheated Linky, I had a dress” said an exhausted Zelda. “Zel, you have not be running for ages have you?” joked Link “you need to take up lessons from me” “Link!” Zelda hit him playfully “Stop it, you always run ahead of me, anyway this Ranch is a while to run to” laughed Zelda. “Excuses, excuses Zelda, you worry too much” he offered his hand to pick up Zelda. “I do, because I am the only one who does.” They looked at each other and then there was an explosion. Link looked over and saw that the explosion was at Death Mountain. A huge creature jumped from the Mountain, and onto the field. “Stay back Zel” Link ran towards the beast but the beast was ready for him. I banged the earth with its twin tails, which stopped Link in his track. “What a time not to bring my sword and shield” said Link to himself. Link looked at the creature and said “Why does it look so familiar to me?” Then a Goron appeared. “You!” shouted Link “You released this beast out of the Mountain.” The Goron spoke “How do you like the combination of King Dodongo and another one to create an Emperor Dodongo eh? Now to find the Dark stones and revive the evil that lives in the Realm. “Ganondorf?!” said Link which reminded him of the catastrophe which Ganondorf brought four years old. “I will not let you revive him!!” Zelda ran up and held Link back. “Link you can’t, you have no weapons” said Zelda tearfully. But Link ran up and tried to get the Goron. But the Goron merely said “Dispose of the Hero of Time.” Then the Dodongo bashed Link with its two spiked tails. Link flew in the air and fell on the ground, out cold. “The Hero of Time will not live from that, in a few days I will find the stones and revive him!” He got on the Dodongo and it leaped away into the Gerudo Desert way. “Link! Can you hear me Link!?”


Chapter Twelve: The Evil Returns

Link woke up in one of the rooms of the castle of Hyrule. “Oh, Link you are ok! Thank the goddesses that you are alive!” Zelda was by his side crying in relief that Link is alive. “Where am I?” asked Link. “You are safe Link, you are in the castle” said Zelda hugging him tearfully. Link suddenly remembered everything. “Where is that Dodongo? Where is that Goron?” he said getting up, but he fell back because he was in dire pain. “Link, we are concerned about you, you got injured badly and a few of your ribs are injured and your right arm is broken” said Zelda still hugging. “Really? That Dodongo really packed a punch, injuring me this badly, oww” said Link sitting up looking at Zelda worried face. “It will take a few weeks for the arm to heal, but your ribs are almost healed though” said Zelda who’s calmed down. “How long was I out cold for?” asked Link. “A few days” said Zelda “But here has been pandemonium; the beast and the Goron has been causing havoc, he tore and destroyed Goron Village, and well there were…” but she started to cry once more. “Betrayed his clan and destroy it; he has gone too far that Goron!” shouted Link. “Darunia…” said Link once more. “Princess Zelda, Master Link, we have found him, the Goron is in front of the castle!” shouted a guard. “Come on Zel, I need to go and confront him.” Zelda stopped him by holding his hand. “You may need these” She gave him his sword and a new shield “we will go and confront him Linky” winked Zelda. Link smiled at his friend and hugged her. Link took her by the hand and went to the front of the castle.

“You!” shouted Link at the figure. The figure walked forward, but held up his sword and shield in defence. “So, you survive Emperor’s blows, I shall deal with him later” said the Goron coolly. “What do you want?” asked Link. “To witness the revival of Lord Ganondorf” he said holding up the dark stones. The stones resonated with the Temple of Time and it exploded into rubble. The stones drew into the rubble and ground began to shake. “Stay close Zelda” whispered Link to Zelda as he looked around. Suddenly a thunderclap appeared in front of them and a familiar person was in front of them. “Well, well it has been four years but you look the same” purred the figure. “Ganondorf” said Link moving back “You are back into this world.” “Yes Hero of Time, my servant Gara the Goron listened to my voice so that he can get the most ultimate power, me to rule the world, and to get my revenge” he said. Link walked up to Ganondorf “I will never let you touch Zelda Ganondorf; I beat you before I will beat you again.” Ganondorf laughed and said “Well I could fight you now but I am not ready, I will be ready soon“. He disappeared with Gara.


Chapter Thirteen: The War begins

 “Ganondorf has returned” the King announced to the solider of Hyrule. There was easily a lot of fear in the soldiers because they know what Ganondorf’s powers are like. “We need to destroy him now” shouted one of the soldiers. Link intervened “If we go straight with a pre-emptive attack, they might be ready and take us all down.” This put panic in a few of the soldiers. The King shared the same worry as the soldiers. Link stepped up once more “Look everyone; I have faced Ganondorf before so I know his tricks and his fighting style.” One of the soldiers stepped up “I think that Link should be our leader.” All the soldiers agreed to this suggestion, but Link stepped back at this suggestion. Zelda pushed him forward and whispered “You will be great Link” and she kissed him. “Link, you know Ganondorf and you have defeated his minions so I elect you leader” said the King.

The soldier who suggested Link for leader walked Link. Link was sitting down looking at the sunset. “Master Link I am called Aaron and I have been following your fighting style ever since you have arrived back from the future.” Link looked up “Call me Link Aaron.” Aaron put his hand on Link shoulder “I chose you not because of you beaten Ganondorf before, it is because of your fantastic potential” Link looked at Aaron again. He was his age; roughly sixteen his height long brown hair has a sword and shield on his back. “Thanks Aaron, I think we need to start training” Link said this as he got up.


Chapter Fourteen: Proclaiming their love

Zelda looked at Link lovingly from a distance; he was training with Aaron “I think Link has got his spirit back.” “I think he has” A girl appeared behind Zelda and curtseyed. “I am Selina mil’lady and your father has suggested me to help you now you are sixteen.” Zelda looked at Selina. Selina had blonde hair with a brown tinge; she wore a light green dress. “I don’t need an assistant but I need a friend at this time” Zelda looked at Link the same way she looked at him before. “But mil’lady…” Selina said but Zelda interrupted. “Call me Zelda; mil’lady is too formal for me.” Selina started to speak again “Zelda, I think I know why you are looking at Link like that.” Zelda looked up quickly and said quickly “What do you mean?” Selina smiled at her “I think you like Link don’t you?” Zelda looked down again at Link “Of course I do, he is my friend.” Selina sat next to her and spoke once more “You like him don’t you?” Zelda looked at her once more “Yes, I do like him, maybe even love him.” Selina said “How long have you felt like this Zelda?” Zelda rested her head on her hand “Ever since he had arrived to me; four years ago, I have loved him since he met me in the courtyard.” Selina smiled once more and put her hand on her shoulder “Well so what if you’re a princess and he is a hero; they link perfectly, don’t they?” Zelda smiled at Selina “I suppose.” Zelda looked at Link again and she did not take her eyes of him till he and Aaron finished.

Link looked up at the castle and saw Zelda looking at him lovingly. Aaron pushed him back using his sword since they were training. “Link, why are you distracted? We have just started our training!” But Link was not listening to him; he was looking at Zelda who waved at him. Link smiled back. “Sorry Aaron.” Aaron looked at Zelda and understood what he was looking at. “Link” he approached him “if you like, no love Zelda that much, say to her that you love her.” Link looked at Aaron “If I do that she will be in more danger than she is know, Ganondorf will have more of a reason to get her.” Link sat down. “Link, but you will beat him again, put your feelings for her before war, if you love Zelda, put that forward.” Link looked at Zelda and took out his bow and fired an arrow at a target. It hit the bullseye. Zelda clapped at Link for hitting it. “You’re right Aaron, come on lets train” and they resumed training.


Chapter Fifteen: Proclaiming their Love Part.2

“Well we know Ganondorf will take a month to be ready” said the King to Link holding a letter from Ganondorf. “Good, because we need that month” said Link thinking of Zelda. “Link, I want you to protect Zelda with your life.” Link looked at the King with courage. “That expression is all the proof I need” smiled the King. Link left the room and went to the courtyard and sat on the stairs. “I knew you would be here Link.” Zelda appeared and Link looked at her and smiled. “Zelda, there is something I want to tell you, but I want to tell you something where you will remember it.” Zelda smiled sweetly. “I want to tell tonight at Moonlight Hill; bring some food as well” Zelda smiled very radiantly and blushed a little; Link thought that he will die from it. “Ok Link, meet you at seven at Moonlight Hill.”

At seven, Link arrived with Epona and saw Zelda waiting for him. She was waiting under a cloudless sky with diamond like stars and enormous silver moon. She was wearing a blue dress which went beautifully with the sky. Link was wearing his green tunic which reminded him of when those two met. “You have arrived just as you promised” said Zelda. “I never go back on a promise Zelda” said Link as he got off Epona “Epona can you find your own way back?” Epona agreed and left them in peace. “Zelda, just want to say this in front of you and no-one else.” Zelda listened closely to what he was about to say. “Zelda, I love you.” Zelda smiled more than ever. “Link, I love you too, and I want us to be together, not as princess and hero, but as princess and prince” Link hugged her and kissed passionately. “I know we are too young, but I love you, and that is what I want to say” said Link to Zelda. “And I say answer than with this” she kissed him and their love and fate was sealed.


Chapter Sixteen: Ganondorf’s Strike

“Link, a month has passed, so where is Ganondorf?” asked Aaron. Link looked over Hyrule Field. “Aaron, Ganondorf will come, but he is evil; he will think of a way to get here.” Link looked over at his friend “At all costs I will keep him away from the castle; I will do anything to make sure that he is no where near the castle.” Suddenly Link saw something in the distance. It looked like two small men running towards the castle. “What are they Link?” asked Aaron looking dumfounded. “Flare Dancers” answered Link. Suddenly the monster turned into flames. “Look out!” said Link. The Flare Dancers launched an attack on Aaron, but Link defended the flames using his shield. Then a huge army appeared and marched straight towards Hyrule Castle. Link signalled his army “Everyone charge!” The army of Hyrule charged straight to the army of monsters. Then the battle began. Link with Epona charged straight into the battle, straight to find Ganondorf.

Zelda looked over the battlefield looking worried and panic-stricken. “Link, be safe and come back to me.” “Princess, Link will be fine, Link has survived this before and he will do it again.” Impa was with Zelda over looking the battle. “Link, please be safe.” Impa hugged Zelda. “Zelda, you worry too much, Link is capable to beat him” Zelda shed a tear and smiled and pray.


Chapter Eighteen: Realisation

Three long years has passed ever since the war between Hyrule and Ganondorf. Link and Aaron were discussing tactics. “Link, the War is not over but Ganondorf is edging ever closer.” Link still the same as he was three years ago, shown no fear to this situation. “Aaron, something is not right, Ganondorf always escapes when we come to him. He is hatching a plan, I know he is.” Link looked down at the map which was on the table. “All we know that Ganondorf has been to Harot Gorge, Koriki Forest, Saere Mountain and Liere Sea” said Aaron looking at Link. Link at all four locations and realised. Link expression changed. “No, he can’t be doing that” said Link. Aaron looked at Link looking confused. “Aaron, Ganondorf is going to be sending a new evil into this dimension.” “Dimension Link?” Link at his friend and spoke “Seven years ago after I saved the world from Ganondorf, I went on an adventure in the Lost Woods and I found myself in a new world called Termina. I went into this world because the Ocarina of Time I had was stolen by a Skull Kid with a strange mask. This world was going to be destroyed by the Moon. But the Moon was not ordinary; it had a face. This face was very similar to the mask the Skull Kid was wearing. What was controlling the Moon was a creature, no a mask called the Majora’s Mask. This Mask can grant the user who wears its heart’s desire. But the Mask hides a deep evil, an evil which can destroy worlds. It can control the person wearing it. Anyway, I destroyed the creature and it turned back into an ordinary mask. The mask was sealed away in Hyrule, for I sealed it away myself. To unlock requires four masks which I sealed away as well, but in different locations. You see, there is Odolwa of the Forest” He said pointing at the forest “Goht of the Mountain, Gyorg of the Sea and Twinmold of the Canyon. Those creatures linked to the Majora and links to his revival if we do not stop Ganondorf.” Aaron understood everything that Link said. “So all we have to do is stop Ganondorf from reviving the Majora” repeated Aaron. Link nodded and walked away and he went to Hyrule’s courtyard and he saw Zelda. Zelda ran up to him and hugged him. “Link, the war is not over but I fear that war is never-ending, but when I am with you, the war has already ended to me.” Link smiled at Zelda and kissed Zelda “It will be soon Zel, but Ganondorf is edging closer though, but I promise he will be dealt with Zel.” Zelda kissed him back “I love you and I believe you.” “Look at the little couple.” Link and Zelda turned around and saw Faye with that smug look on her face. “Link, you make too many promises and all of them have not been fulfilled though” said Faye. Link looked at Faye still not letting Zelda go “Faye, it is too early to say that the war is over and the promises which I make will be true.” Faye turned away “Link, you have not changed over the past seven years” Faye said walking away. Zelda smiled at Link “She says you have not changed but I think that you have. You have become braver, courageous and more handsome.” Link smiled at Zelda “And more loving to you.” They smiled and share another kiss.


Chapter Nineteen: The Master Sword

Link had a bad night sleeping. He had a dream about the revival of the Majora’s Mask. He got up and went straight onto the gate of Hyrule. He sat there and watched the sun rising into the sky. He had a lot on his mind. Was he the one who started this war? Should he of stay away from Hyrule when he left Termina? Aaron came by his side and sat with him. “Got a lot on your mind Link?” asked Aaron. “Yes Aaron, if I stayed away from Hyrule do you think we would be in this war? Am I the blame for everything?” Aaron looked at his friend and said to him “If you were not here, Ganondorf would be here, it was not your fault that Ganondorf was revived, Link, have courage in yourself.” Link had a thought. “The ruins of the Temple of Time, we need to go there.”

They arrived at the Ruins of Time. “The Master Sword, we need that sword to banish Ganondorf once and for all.” Aaron smiled at his friend. They searched for any clue where it was, but they found nothing. Link took out his ocarina. “Maybe if I play this” said Link. He played the Song of Time on the ocarina glowed a bluish colour. Suddenly the ruin arranged themselves back into the Temple of Time. Link and Aaron walked straight into the Temple of Time. The Temple looked the same as it usually did, but it had an evil aura around it. Link and Aaron walked into the Room of Time and saw the Master Sword. “Link awake its power like you did seven years ago” said Aaron. Link said to Aaron “Lets do it together, and share the Master Sword’s power for I cannot do this alone Aaron, you have helped me through hard times; lets do it together.” Link and Aaron approached the Master Sword and grabbed it together and pulled it up. Suddenly the Master Sword split in two swords, which shown that those two were both Heroes of Times.


Chapter Twenty: The Trap

“Link, we have not gone into the future like you did” said Aaron in awe. Link replied “It is because we both are of age to become the Hero of Time. Suddenly behind them, there shadows turned towards them. “Aaron, I think this is a trap” said Link noticing that the shadows turned into Dark Link and Aaron.

“Where are Link and Aaron?” said the King. Zelda was in worry because Link never wandered away without telling her. Zelda looked at the Ruins of Time. But there were no ruins, only the Temple of Time. “Father, The Temple of time has been restored, maybe Link had Aaron has gone there.” The King looked over at the Temple. “Zelda, stay here, I will investigate myself what is going on.” Zelda did not agree to this. “Father, Link might be in trouble, he needs me because I love him.” This is the first time the King has heard this. “You… love Link?” he asked Zelda. Zelda did not hesitate answering back “Yes, I do and I don’t care what you say, I am going no matter what.” He looked very perplexed at this statement but he agreed to this.

They both arrived at the Temple of Time, finding that the Temple is a battlefield. “Zelda, stay back!” said Link as Dark Link tried to hit his head, but Link used his shield. “Zelda, I think that Ganondorf laid a trap here when he destroyed the Temple” said the King. Link and Aaron stabbed their darker sides and they vanished into thin air. “I believe this is the beginning” said Link as Zelda rushed into his arms. “If those shadows are just the start and we destroyed them, there is still hope though” said Aaron. “The Master Sword split in two?” said the King. “Since our friendship can out match the Shadows, I think the Master Sword splits when two righteous hearts touch the Master Sword” said Link. Link walked up to the King. “Aaron and I will face Ganondorf alone” announced Link. “Link, you can’t, if this is a trap, Ganondorf will certainly kill you and Aaron if you two go on alone.” Link turned to Zelda. Her face showed panic and fear for Link’s life. “Zelda, if this is a trap; it is a good time to spring it now rather than Ganondorf springing it here. Remember I want you to keep safe and not tangled into danger.” Aaron and the King walked away from Link and Zelda. “Link!” she cried on his chest “I don’t want you to die because I want to stay with you, forever.” Link felt the same way. “Zelda, I want this war to end, so I rather go and confront Ganondorf rather than him coming here and destroying our home, Zel, I want you to keep hope and stay strong because if I was not with you, I would have broken down ages ago, anyway you worry too much.” Zelda answered with a smile “I worry because I care about you and because you don’t worry.” Link smiled back “Believe me Zel, I worry.” Now Link realised the answers for the questions he had this morning. “Zel, I will come back for you.” They kissed and they stayed there in an embrace.


Chapter Twenty One: Confrontation and Battle

Link and Aaron packed all the things they need to get to the Gerudo Valley. “Link, we know that Ganondorf will be ready for us.” “Aaron, I am taking my sword, shield, bow and three bundles of arrows; that’s all I need to end this war.” Aaron walked to Link and said “You really think we will win the war soon?” Link looked up at Aaron and smiled at him “We will Aaron; only Ganondorf to take down then the war will finally be over.” Zelda looked at him from her bedroom, as he packed his items on his horse. She shed a tear and prayed to the three goddesses. “Link” said Impa as she approached him “Zelda wishes you and Aaron a speedy return, and so do I and all of Hyrule.” Link smiled at Impa and mounted Epona and Aaron mounted Soulful. “Impa, we will be back.” They rode off into the distance. “Link, don’t go!” shouted Zelda and she was out cold. Selina went to her aid immediately. “Lady Impa! Zelda is out cold.” At this, Impa raced straight up to Zelda’s room.

Link and Aaron raced through Raueru Valley to the Valley of the Gerudo. “Remember Aaron; keep your bow on you at all times for aerial foes and your sword for ground foes!” Aaron smiled at Link “Link, I know this because I have been following your fighting style for seven long years.” Link smiled back and they arrived at Gerudo Valley. “Link, Aaron, good of you to come” taunted Ganondorf. Link drew his sword and assumed his fighting pose. Ganondorf raised his hands and four masks floated in the air. “I guess you know what these masks are don’t you Link? Well you destroyed the creator, but he is alive alright, in the mask” He shown the Majora’s Mask. It was a beastly thing all purple, with spikes on the end and two piercing eyes which could easily pierce their souls. “This mask will bring terror and destruction for I am smart enough not to wear it for it will consume me and take over me.” Link backed down but still with his weapon out, Aaron joined him with his weapon out. “You two Heroes of Time cannot withstand the power of mine and the Majora. The Four masks shined their light onto the Majora. The mask floated in the air. “I live!” it shouted. “Majora, will you assist me in destroying this Heroes of Time. The Mask made no hesitation. “Yes, I take the blonde one and you take the brown one.” Ganondorf did not like this. “I got some unfinished business with Link, toy with Aaron.” The Mask agreed to this and summoned the four masks by his side. “Come on Aaron, let’s play a game” Aaron was floated on top of the valley. “Link, you have been a thorn in my side for seven years.” He took out a sword “I want you death here and now, then I can rule over Hyrule, forever.” Link assumed his battle pose as did Ganondorf and the battle begun.


Chapter Twenty Two: Good versus Evil

Zelda woke up for the fifth time that night. She was in dire worry about Link, her Link, the one who saved her countless of times. Will he save Hyrule and her once more? She loved Link ever since she cannot remember. “Princess, you must rest” Selina appeared at her door. “You alright Zelda?” Selina asked with great worry. Zelda’s eyes were raw with tears, as she sat on her bed in a silk dress looking at the floor with great worry. “I miss Link, my Link, I miss him being around the castle, and will he ever come back?” Selina looked her and answered a peaceful answer “Just remember, Link said before, he said I want you to keep hope and be strong.” Zelda glanced at Selina and spoke “I told you what he said so that you can remind me.” Selina sat on her bed and put her arm around her “Zelda, Link is the greatest man in the whole of Hyrule; remember his promises.” Zelda cried on Selina and Selina hugged her.

“So it seems you have gotten stronger, Hero of Time” said Ganondorf parrying a blow, but applying so much force that it could break mountains. “Ganondorf, I will not let you achieve your goal” said Link spinning and thrusting his sword. Ganondorf dodged the thrust easily and laughed manically. “You sound just like your father.” Link charged at Ganondorf doing a vertical slash which Ganondorf stopped easily. “You knew my father?” Ganondorf looked him evilly “Oh yes, nineteen years old during the war I killed him with my own hands” he laughed. “Rydal was his name and he died by my hands very easily.” Link felt anger like he never felt before. He charged the same attack, but Ganondorf was ready and struck his back so hard that it killed him. Ganondorf looked at the person on the floor and laughed.

On the Valley tops the Majora launched its tentacles, which caught Aaron off guard and his sword flew off. The Majora wrapped his tentacles around him. Aaron was trapped in the Majora. It separated from the tentacles to cause an impenetrable barrier. The Majora floated down to Ganondorf. Ganondorf spoke first “The original Hero of Time is dead.” Aaron looked at Ganondorf very angrily “You killed Link!” The Majora spoke “Quiet, otherwise I will set those tentacles to kill.” “Leave it Majora; we need him for a hostage so that we can take over Hyrule forever!” The Majora liked the sound of this. Ganondorf signalled his troops so that it was ready to go to Hyrule. They charged off and Ganondorf got on his horse to go to Hyrule.


Chapter Twenty Three: The Light Returns

Ganondorf and his minions charged straight to Hyrule. In Hyrule Castle the King saw Ganondorf coming this way and signalled the soldiers’ ready for battle. Ganondorf stopped right at the entrance and signalled his troops to stop. “King of Hyrule, I command you to surrender your kingdom over to me.” The King stepped forward. “We shall never surrender to you Ganondorf” he proclaimed back. Ganondorf was ready for this “Well if you don’t surrender your kingdom to me, this boy” he signalled the barrier with Aaron in it who looks with out hope “will die like the Hero of Time, the one I personally killed today.” The king was taken-aback. How could Link die against this man? Zelda who was watching the fight from above fainted. “We will give you an hour to decide” announced Ganondorf.

Elsewhere in the Gerudo Valley, the Triforce of Courage was resonating in Link’s body. Link slowly got on his feet and looked around him. He noticed the Triforce of Courage was on the palm of his hand, but he had Power and Wisdom with him as well. The goddesses appeared to Link and transformed his arrows into the Arrows of Light. Link got on Epona and picked up the Master Sword which Aaron dropped. The sword turned back into one. “Ganondorf, this time, I will win.” Link raced off to Hyrule to settle the score with Ganondorf and the Majora.

“It’s time” said Ganondorf as the hour went by “Have you got a decision?” “Yes” said the King “We will hand over Hyrule as long you don’t hurt Aaron.” Ganondorf smiled and walked forward “First, give me the crown.” The King of Hyrule was about to take off his crown when “Stop father!” It was Zelda. “I will never let you become king if it is the cost of my own life.” Ganondorf laughed and said “Well here someone who wants to die first.” He readied his hand to kill Zelda. “No!!!!” Ganondorf looked behind and saw the Majora was engulfed in light. “What is this!” he said and saw someone in the distance. It was Link. He fired a Light Arrow at the Majora and it fell to the ground. “Troops!” shouted Ganondorf “Kill him!” The minions of Ganondorf charged straight at Link. Link fired another Light Arrow into the air and the arrow split into spears of light which destroyed all of the Ganondorf’s minions. Ganondorf was infuriated. “Fine, shall deal with you myself.”

He got on his horse and charged straight at Link. Their blades met as they clashed in a horseback fight. “How come you are alive?” shouted Ganondorf at Link “I killed you at Gerudo Valley!” Link parried Ganondorf blows and stopped. “Because all of the three Triforce was with me” His hand showed the Triforce and the Master Sword powered up. “Link charged and Ganondorf as Ganondorf did the same and their blades met once more. There was silence. Link spoke “For banishment is too hard to hold you; the Master Sword has shown you the way.” Ganondorf fell of his horse and Link went up to him. “This is not over yet Link, for my legacy is not easily destroyed!” Link and Ganondorf charged once more at each other. Link and Ganondorf stood there. But Ganondorf was the one who fell to the floor, dead.


Chapter Twenty Four: The Hero and Peace

Link heard cheers coming from the castle. Zelda ran up to him and hugged him. “Link, you have kept your promise to me” said Zelda. Link smiled at her “Zel, have I ever let you down?” Link walked up to Aaron who was freed from the tentacles of the Majora. “Thanks a lot Link” smiled Aaron. Link smiled at Link and turned to the mask. He destroyed the mask by using the Master Sword. “I should have destroyed it ages ago” he said to Impa. Impa smiled at Link as did the King.

Ganondorf was placed on a crematory table and he was burned. Link looked over his enemy. But he felt no remorse over him. He walked away from it and noticed that the Triforce was still in his hands. He went to Zelda; who was watching the sunset into the Mountains of Goro. “How do you feel?” asked Zelda holding his hand “Now that the war is finally over.” Link looked at his hand once more. “Gods of the Triforce hear my wish.” The Triforce formed in front of him and Zelda. “What are you going to wish for Link?” asked Zelda. Link spoke loud and clearly “Triforce my wish is the Triforce should not live in people; the Triforce should live in peace in the Sacred Realm with the Master sword till great evil arise again.” The Triforce floated away into the Sacred Realm. “That wish was very noble of you Link” spoke the King who was behind him. Link looked at the King and the Master Sword as that floated away into the Realm and the Temple closed.                  

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