Back to the Twilight

By Indy

Authors Note: Hey people! This is my first try at a fanfic, so it’s pathetic (maybe). I have a possible sequel in the works, so yeah!






Link sat on the firm ground of Lake Hylia's grassy island. He leaned back against the Sky Cannon and stared into the night. He remembered Midna and the twilight and his wolf form, all happening a year ago. He had never gone back to Hyrule Castle Town since. He knew could never go back to it. "Hey you, guy! Are you gonna doze off here and scare away all my customers, you bum?" Fyer yelled. He nearly scared the living daylights out of Link. "Wha- I must have fallen asleep. Sorry, Fyer." apologized Link as he pushed himself off the ground. A few hours later he arrived back in Ordon. He had forgotten the long trips without warping. Link walked into town as Beth and Ilia gathered around Link. "Hey Link! Are you going to see that Princess?" asked Beth anxiously. "Beth was asking me to see if you could get Princess Zelda to right her a letter that allows her to go to Hyrule Castle." said Ilia. "You know Beth, I could just take you there." said Link. He didn’t notice that Beth had already gone over to play with Colin. "Sorry Ilia, I have to go meet Princess Zelda. I’ve been really busy lately, but I’ll come visit you guys. I came to tell your dad something, but it doesn’t look like he’s around. Can you tell him that I don’t think I’m ready to take place as mayor? Bye" yelled Link as he dashed away on Epona. By the time he got to Hyrule Castle Town, he had noticed Kili, Hanna and Misha waiting at the gates. Link said hi and they dashed away as the always did. He got to Hyrule Castle Gates, and nicely said hello to some of the guards. Most of the guards looked up to Link, and the Captain had already offered up a spot as a knight. He walked through to see Zelda in the front gardens. "Link!" she exclaimed as she ran over to him. Her brown hair waved behind her like brown satin. She hugged him in a tight embrace. "I’m so happy to see you! My father has been dying to meet you."


            They walked into the front room of the castle and saw King Harkinian. "Father. This is Link. He hails from the Ordona Province." said Zelda firmly as she walked over. Her voice was soft and caring, but at the same time, very serious and stern. "So, you are our hero. I must thank you greatly. At the time of this attack, I was away in the far kingdom of Asckelvia. Link, Zelda, go sit in the dining room, I will attend in a few minutes." They sat beside each other in the dining room. Zelda looked at Link with such kindness. He had saved her, after all, and had gone through so much, to save her and her kingdom. He put his life on the line. Zelda knew she loved him. It was love at first sight. Link was her hero, her prince. Even if he really wasn’t a prince. "Link... I have been having strange dreams lately. Midna has been talking to me through my dreams. Do you remember when I transferred my power to her?" Link nodded. "I think when I did that, I created an empathy link. And I think it never went away. She told me, the Mirror of Twilight has been recreated by the sages, but is hidden somewhere in Hyrule." said Zelda. The king entered the room, and all went silent. Zelda looked at Link again, and Link did the same. Love at first sight. They both knew they loved each other. Zelda wished she could just run away with Link, away from this royal life. But she had a kingdom to take care of. Link thought the same. "Zelda, I have news for you. You are to marry Prince Alpheus." A handsome man walked into the room. He had golden blonde hair, and sea foam green eyes. Zelda's heart sank. He said nothing but had a smile on his face. "Come, let’s go talk business." The king and Prince Alpheus walked away. "Link, I had no idea." said Zelda. "Never mind that, I have an idea of where to go. I will meet you tonight. Midnight."


            Link was allowed to stay in the castle whenever he wanted, but Prince Alpheus protested. He said Link would get in the way of his and Zelda's relationship. Link had no intention of leaving. He got a bad feeling from this guy. As the clock struck twelve, the castle was silent; no one stirred but Link and Zelda, who were sneaking down the hallway. They ran off on Epona, not knowing that Alpheus was watching through the window, angry. They got to the Mirror Chamber. "Why are we here Link?" asked Zelda. "I don’t know it felt like Farore was telling me to go here." said Link. "The goddess did not mislead you, young hero." said a Sage. Link and Zelda spun around, to see the sages. "Evil has arisen and it is near. There will be a war in the Twilight Realm. There are legends of this war." said another Sage. "The Twilight Princess needs you both."  "The mirror is in Hyrule Castle. Look for it beneath a hidden trapdoor." Link and Zelda knew what to do. They rushed back to where they started. Dawn was breaking so they had to hurry back. Link went to find Shad to talk to him about facts and history books, and Zelda went back to the castle, to bed. About 20 minutes after she went to bed, Impa came to wake her up. Zelda was already awake. "Princess, your fiancée wishes to see you out in the garden. Zelda walked down to the garden and went to see her fiancé. She didn’t think strongly of him, but sat behind him anyways. "Zelda you are beautiful today. But you look so tired, why did that Link fellow keep you up all night?" he asked. Zelda was about to ask how he knew but he quickly shut her up. "What did you do anyways? Did he kiss you? You made love to him didn’t you?" he kept on with the questions. "No! I and Link are innocent. We have not done any of the sorts! What makes you think that?"

            "You seem too close. I want you to stop seeing him privately." "He is my friend! He is the hero of this kingdom, and if you are not going to accept this, then you will have to find another bride!" She yelled, and stormed off to her room. The next day was the royal ball. Link was napping in his tree house when there was a knock at the door. He went to open it, and there was Malo and Talo. “Hey Link. You got some mail. They brought it to our door instead of yours. I guess they don’t expect a grown man to live in a tree house." said Malo. "Anyways, it's from that Princess Lady. Hey, man, you look sick. Are you ok, Link?" asked Talo. Links hair was tossed all over and his bangs were sticking straight up. He had dark black bags under his eyes. "Sorry, I've been researching and studying stuff all night...Thanks anyways guys." He shut the door and looked at the note.


Dear Link


There is a royal ball tonight; I had completely forgotten your invite! It starts at 6 o'clock.





            He knew he had to look his best. He only had 3 hours. He grabbed his best ruby red tunic and silver boots from his closet. Zelda put on a metallic silver and sky blue slim dress with a train and elongated sleeves. She had white stiletto heels and her hair was in the usual loose French braid, with a silver and blue tiara. Link was there exactly on time. And Zelda greeted him at the door. "Wow, your here on time! What a first." They talked as if they were brother and sister. "You look ravishing as always" said Link. "Thank you." "Do you care to dance?" asked Link as the orchestra began playing. Zelda didn’t even need to answer. She grabbed his hand and led him out to the floor. Link was a great dancer. Just as the song was ending, they stopped dancing and looked into each others eyes. "Link, I have to tell you something. I... I -" said Zelda. She was going to finish the sentence; Alpheus shoved Link away from Zelda. "May I dance with my fiancé?" he asked politely, but with fakeness. They started to dance, but then Alpheus lowered his hand to Zelda's lower back. Zelda moved his hand back to where it was, but he protested. After the dancing, there was lots of conversation between everyone at the ball. "Zelda, what do you say we make our way to my bedroom?" Alpheus whispered. Zelda was shocked. "I’m sorry, I'll have to refuse! After all, I have to save it for our wedding night! Ugh!" she said as she stomped on his foot and ran off. She went outside and sat on the bench. Link ran out to follow her, but Alpheus watched carefully. Link sat down beside her. "What did he say to you?" Link asked. "Nothing. I just wish I wasn’t getting married to him. I wish I was getting married to a gentleman. I wish I was getting married to... to..... you."


            "That’s what I was trying to tell you. I love you, Link." "I love you too." Zelda placed her hand on Link's cheek and leaned in to kiss him. They shared a passionate, long kiss, until Alpheus came in. "What are you doing with my fiancé?!" he boomed. He pulled out a silver dagger. "Alpheus! Stop at once!" she yelled as she created a blue ball of light in the hand. She shot it at Alpheus' hand and the dagger flew. "Stay out of this Zelda. I don’t need a weapon, just my bare hands." In a dark flash, his hand turned into a blade. He swung at like while shooting darts of Twili magic at Link. Zant. Finally, even Link couldn’t best his attacks. Alpheus slashed at Links arm and hit him square in the face and sent him flying into the river. "Link!" Zelda yelled. His unconscious body was carried away by the water. Suddenly, two hands clasped over Zelda's mouth as she screamed for help. She was thrown over the back of a shadow beast and was teleported away. "Zelda. Zelda. Wake up." Zelda opened her eyes to the darkness of the twilight. She had seen it once before. She looked at her leg. It was chained to the ground. She looked around and spotted a familiar face. Midna. "Midna. Where are we? Why did Zant come for me?" "Zant is stronger now. Ganondorf is locked away in the Sacred Realm, but he has transferred his power to Zant as well as resurrecting him. Zant is well alive again."


            Link woke up as cold water splashed on his face. He felt the squishy coral beneath him. He was in Zora's Domain. Link sat up to look around. "Link, lay back. You must get well. “Said Prince Ralis. Ralis, you don’t need to, I’m fine." "That bloody gash on your head says otherwise." said a Zara. "You saved our temple, our Prince and us. It is the least we can do." said another Zara. Ralis grabbed a bottle of golden chu jelly and mixed it with Reekfish juice. He dabbed some on his head gash. It healed up almost instantly. "I have to go. I have to go and find Zelda." said Link. "Well, take a bottle of this then." He handed him the bottle of Reekfish Potion. Link politely said thanks and took the river to Lake Hylia. He went in the cannon and arrived at Gerudo Desert. He grabbed a Bulbo and commanded it to dash all the way to the mirror chamber. "I couldn’t find the mirror." said Link. "That is fine. It was a false thought. We were confused by Twili Magic. The mirror is gone completely, but, we will transport you to the Twilight Realm. Are you ready, young hero?" replied the sages. "Yes. I am ready." he said as his body disenigrated into twilight shards. Link woke up on the ground on the platform where he arrived the first time he came here. But things were different. Nobody was outside. It was completely empty and even bigger twilit kargoroks roamed the sky. Link paced forward to the door of the Palace. He walked in, face to face with Zant. A shadow beast had his hand clamped over Zelda's mouth and Midna was chained up in the corner. "Ah, so you've finally made it. I have such plans for your beautiful kingdom. First, I must start by marrying this lovely princess." he rasped as he changed into Alpheus.


            "You will not marry her; so much as lay a finger on her! I finished you once, I’ll do it again." said Link in his fit of rage. "Link doesn’t! It will be like committing suicide. Ganondorf has possessed him. He is much more powerful!" yelled Midna. "Ah, a time you should actually listen to her." said Zant. "Surrender or pay the price." said Zant. Link didn’t care. He took out his sword, which still glowed with the power of the Sols. Zant equipped a twilit sword and slashed away at Link. They fought forever, it seemed, until finally, Link missed a hit and got batted over the head. He fell with a thud. Zant created a ball of red light in his hand and threw it at Link. Link shouted at the pain before blacking out. He woke up in a chain cell next to Midna and Zelda. He woke up, dazed and with a headache. He looked down and noticed.... a paw. Link was surprised. He was a wolf again. "You turned into a wolf. But now that your here, we can get out of this place." said Midna. "Where's your sword?" "Uh... it's still on his back." Zelda pulled it out of its scabbard and handed it to Midna. Midna focused on it and suddenly, in a flash of light, a sol floated out of the sword. Only one side of it was glowing now. The sol exploded and created a warp. "Link, Zelda, you guys go. I have to stay with my kingdom." Link and Zelda walked under it and teleported away. They appeared in Hyrule Field. Meanwhile, in the Twilight Realm, Zant was very angry. "How could they have escaped?? No matter, I must go and marry my bride." he said as he warped away. Midna was trying her hardest to escape. She found a small opening in the corner of the cell, leading out to the battlements. In her palm, she created a shell grenade made of twilight magic. She placed it in the hole, and the hole blew open. She crawled through the hole and called upon a kargarok. She climbed on his back and warped back into the Hyrulean Overworld.


            Link and Zelda were walked across the field when they soon noticed a Darknut guarding the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town. Suddenly, Link turned back into a human. Link ran over to a hedge and changed his clothes. And pulled out his sword and ran towards the monster. "Zelda, go! I'll meet you inside!" yelled Link as he fought the monster. Link swiped the head clean off the monster, but suddenly, he was ambushed by a dozen Bulblins. Zelda walked in to the town, everything as normal as it should be. People bowed as she walked into the castle. Zelda walked to her room inside the castle when suddenly her father came out. "Zelda! I have been looking for you everywhere! Did you run off with Link again?" he asked. "Um... no father." she replied. "Where is that boy anyways? I was considering applying him to our castle's army. He may even be your bodyguard. Anyways, the wedding has been moved by a few days. It's tommorow." he said. "What! Tommorow! But, I cant!" she yelled. "I’m sorry, but your dress has been made and everything. The wedding has been arranged at Lake Hylia, right outside the spirit's cave." Zelda walked over to her room. "I can’t believe this is happening." she mumbled to herself. She walked into her room and crashed down onto her bed. Suddenly, she felt the room shake. "Huh?" she said as she sat up in bed. "You will not escape." said a raspy but familiar voice. She tried to get up, but she got awfully dizzy. Her head pounded, but soon enough, she collapsed on her bed.

Meanwhile, Link has fought off the army of monsters and headed into castle town. His feet were sore from traveling for so long. His arm stung badly. He looked down. There was a long wound about the size of a dagger. The blood soaked through the green of the hero’s tunic. He walked up through the doors of Hyrule Castle. "Ah Link!" said the King. "Oh, hello, your highness. I was looking for Zelda. Do you know where she is?" he asked. "Yes, she is up in her room." He glanced down on the cut on Links arm. "Son, it'd be best if you go see a doctor about that. It looks quite deep." "Yes, sir. Thank you." Link walked up the stairs. He knocked on Zelda's bedroom door. "Zelda! It's me! Open the door please!" he yelled through the door. He tried repeating his words, but no answer.


            He thought this was strange, so he opened the door.  He saw Zelda collapsed on the floor. He ran over to her side. "Zelda! Zelda! Wake up!" He tried to call for help, but no sound came out. Suddenly, the door slammed shut. "Ah, what a touching scene. Too bad you won’t be here for our wedding." said Zant as he warped into the room. "Zant! What have you done?" Link bravely stated. "Nothing. Nothing at all." he said as he created a sword in his hand. Link pulled out his sword, but saw he was only carrying a steel sword, nothing more. "You think you can defeat me with that?" Link rummaged through his rucksack and pulled out a clawshot. He grabbed Zelda's limp body and aimed through the window to a nearby branch. He let go of the clip and flew through the window and lowered down off the branch. Link ran while carrying Zelda. He called for Epona and rode away as fast as he could. He came to a spot in Hyrule Field where he dug until he got to a trapdoor. He opened it up and went inside. At around midnight, Zelda woke up on a soft comfy bed. She saw Link sitting in the corner, staring at an open fire. "L.....Li...Link.... wh.... where are we?" "We are in my father's cave. He kept it here during the war." he said quietly. "The last thing I remember is someone speaking to me in my mind. I’m not sure who." she said as she got up and sat beside Link on the bench. "Zelda.... we've been through so much. I've never really gotten a chance to talk to you....'s not much but...." He took out a ring from his pocket. It was a silver band with green, red and blue gems on it. "Will you marry me?"  "Link. It's beautiful! I will marry you! I love you so much!" she said as she kissed him. "I love you too.... but... I’m getting married tommorow. To.. Zant." she said with a tear running down the side of her face. "It's okay. I will make sure that doesn’t happen. Now go to sleep. You can have the bed." he said. "Thank you." she said back to him as she fell asleep on the bed. A few hours later, a noise awoke Link. He walked around the cave, searching for the noise. The cave wasn’t that big, but he couldn’t find the source of the sound.


            Suddenly, he was grabbed by the neck and shoved against the wall. He was thrown across to the corner of the room by a Shadow Beast, while another warped Zelda somewhere. Link got up and ran towards her, but he was grabbed again and knocked out this time. In the morning, Zelda awoke in her bed. In Hyrule Castle. "What? How did I get here?" she said as a servant girl woke her up. "Princess, it is time to prepare for your wedding!" she said gleefully. This cant be happening! she thought.

She got out of bed while the girls dressed her. Link woke up in the corner. He ran over to the bed, which was empty. He knew what had happened. He ran to Lake Hylia as fast as he could. Zelda was wearing a strapless, whitish-gold dress with the Hyrulean crest on her dress and golden jewelry. She knew this should of been the best day of her life, but she couldn’t help but crying in the carriage all the way there. Soon, Zelda was standing at the altar with 'Alpheus'. "Do you take Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, to be your lawfully wedded wife, whom you will love and cherish forever?" said the Priest. "I do." said the imposter. "Do you take Alpheus, to be your lawfully wedded husband, whom you will love and cherish forever?" repeated the Priest. "I... I...... I....." stuttered Zelda. Some of the townspeople exchanged looks. Suddenly Link ran in. "Stop the wedding at once! This man, whom, you call, 'Alpheus', is an imposter! He had assisted in the defeat of Hyrule and he is Zant!" yelled Link. "Hmmm... I suppose I can tell my secret. I am Zant." he said as he removed his 'costume'.  Townspeople's faces were shocked. He grabbed Zelda and called upon what seemed to look like 50 Shadow Beasts. "And I have come to destroy your kingdom!" Townspeople screamed and ran, including the King. Link had already geared up. He had the Master Sword and a Hylian Shield. Suddenly, Zant's eyes turned white and his voice changed... to Ganondorf's. "You may have defeated both of us, but you will not defeat both of us at the same time! Die, hero!" He yelled as he and Link fought to the death.


            Link pulled out a Twilight Arrow. Midna had given them to him, before she had gone back to the Twilight. He stabbed it into Zant's heart. "The poison! It is the only thing strong enough to defeat Zant!" he said as Zant's body fell, to reveal a ghost that looked like Ganondorf. Link fought as he noticed Zelda watching in the corner, having a wall of twilight dividing her from the fight. Link took the Master Sword and coated it with a diety poison. He stabbed it into Ganondorf's hand. "The poison will sink in.... eventually. I still have enough power to kill the hero though!" He said as he knocked the sword and shield out of his hand. He grabbed Link by the neck and lifted him above the ground. "Link!" Zelda yelled as she noticed Ganondorf squeeze harder. Link turned very pale in the face. He tried to struggle out, but it was no use. Zelda could see the Triforce on his hand fading away. Ganondorf dropped Link's body into the waters of Lake Hylia. The spirit of Ganondorf then faded away, so did the beasts and the twilight. She ran over to Link's body and pulled him ashore. He was pale and his breathing was shallow, but he was alive. "Light Spirits! Bring me back to Hyrule Castle Town! Please!" She yelled. The Spirits gathered around her and in a bright flash of light, she appeared outside of Hyrule Castle Town. She carried Link's body over her shoulders, making sure he was still breathing. As she walked in she noticed some guards. "Guards! Help me!" she called. Two guards rushed over to carry his body. She could see he eyelids slightly opened. He was breathing, just barely. When they got inside the castle, Link was brought to the infirmary. Zelda went to change, and just after she left her room, she noticed her father. "I’m so sorry Zelda. This is my entire fault. How could I have been so blind." he said. "Father... Link had given me this. We had known it was Zant all along. I was going to tell you. I’m sorry." she squeaked. "He had proposed?" he asked. "Yes..... I had said yes. He is perfect. Father, we love each other." she said. "He is suitable for you, it's just, and he isn’t a prince. You couldn’t have married him. We need to align kingdoms." he said softly. "I am very worried. I am going to go check on him." she whispered. She walked into the room. She looked over at Link, in bed. "Z....Z.........Zelda" he whispered. "Do not waste your energy trying to talk to me. Just go to sleep. I love you." she said as she brushed his hair to the side and kissed him on the forehead. As she walked out of the room, tears streamed down her cheeks.


            Tears soaked the pillow she was sleeping on. All she could hear were Link's groans of pain or sighs. She layed awake for as long as she could, before falling asleep. As soon as she woke up she ran out into the hall. She ran up to the doctor. "Is he okay?!" she asked. "I’m sorry, you’re Highness. He did not make it through the night." said the doctor. "What?" she whispered to her self as she cried. Her father walked over. "I’m sorry, Zelda." She ran over and cried on his shoulder. "Can I see him?" she asked. "Yes... you may." whispered the King. She walked into the room, seeing Link lying in a golden coffin. He looked only as if he was sleeping. Suddenly, she thought of the people in Link's hometown, Ordon. She knew she immediately had to tell those people. She went to her closet and pulled out a black robe and pulled the hood over her long brown hair. She ran out to the stables and got her white horse, Polaris. She rode off to Ordon Village. She passed Link's tree house, and tears came to her eyes. She rode into the village. She got off her horse and pulled off her hood. Luckily, everyone was in the town square. "Princess Zelda!" said Rusl. "I’m very sorry, but I have... some bad news. Uhm.... Link... he.... uh... has passed on." she said with her voice quivering. Some of the village children were exchanging sad looks. "What? How!" cried Ilia. "You... just cant be serious. I mean...." said a shocked Fado. Colin started to cry. Beth started to cry. Malo and Talo ran off, crying. "I’m really sorry. We'll be burying him in Hyrule Castle Graveyard. He died trying to save this kingdom though." Zelda walked off. Ilia ran after her. "You are Ilia, aren’t you? Link talked about you quite alot."


            "Yes... I am. Whenever he came by to Ordon, he would tell the kids about you and the world outside of Ordon." she said quietly. Ilia glanced down at Zelda's ring. "That's Link's... did he..." "Yes... he did propose." Zelda said while wiping away a tear. "Well... the funeral will be tommorow. I will see you then, I guess." Zelda ran off towards her horse as Ilia stopped abruptly. The rode away, back to the castle. As night fell, Zelda prepared for bed. She layed down under the soft blue blanket and fell asleep. She appeared in one of her dreams, sitting on the ledge of Gerudo Desert right above Lake Hylia. She looked around and saw Link. "Link.... are you real?" she asked surprisingly. "No... I'm not. This is probably our last moment together, even though it's not quite real. I'll miss you alot." he said. "Link.... this is my entire fault. If I had told Father....." "No! It's not. I died, doing what I always do. I risked my life to save you, and I did save you. And I'm proud of dying the way I did." he said. They sat there together for a while in dream state, until Zelda woke up. She put on her best dress and a grey veil to wrap up the bouncy bun of brown hair. Most of the villagers and townspeople were already there. She walked into the graveyard passing all of the slate gravestones. She came to a big empty hole, where Link was going to be buried. So far down, so deep. In front there was a huge monument with a Triforce engraved on it. It read "Here Lies the Chosen Hero". People filled the yard, most crowding around the grave. The golden casket was carried down the walkway and was lowered into the pit. After everyone left, Zelda had stayed by the hole. "Would you like a moment before we fill the hole, you’re Highness?" asked a Guard. "Yes, please." she said. She cried solemnly, as one single tear landed on the Triforce on the coffin. Suddenly, the whole area lit up with a golden light. There stood the Goddesses, Nayru, Farore and Din. "My child, do not cry." said Nayru as her long blue hair floated in the breeze. "We do know you loved the young hero, and he did not deserve to die." said Din. "Zelda, you must promise though, you do not ask for much more that this one wish that we see in your soul." said Farore. "We will revive the Hero, but that is all we can do. Do not ask for any more favors of the gods and goddesses." said Din. And then they disappeared. Zelda turned around and saw a familiar face. "Link!” she yelled happily. “Wha- where am I? How did I....? The last this I remember is...” He stumbled through his words. Zelda ran up to him and hugged him as tight as she could. “I thought I would never see you again!”


            “Do come! We must tell everyone what has happened! They’ll all be shocked!” She yelled back to him as she tugged on his arm. She ran into the throne room. “Father! It’s Link! He’s back! The Goddesses revived him!” she yelled. “Zelda! What are you talking about? You must be positively mad! I mean.....” He stopped short when he saw Link’s face. “What? How could this be?” he said as he ordered the guards to check the coffin. It was empty as a lake in a desert. “Link! You must go tell the people in Ordon! Do go!” Zelda yelled. Link ran to Epona, who had been missing him. When Link arrived in Ordon, he stopped when he saw the kids. Malo! Talo! Colin! Beth! Hey!” he yelled, even though he knew they would probably be surprised. “Ash! It’s a ghost!” yelled Talo. “EEEK! It’s a zombie!” yelled Beth as they ran to their houses. Colin and Malo didn’t run away, they ran to him. “Link! You’re alive?” said Malo as he hugged his leg. “Link. You.... you’re real. I can’t believe this! I have to go tell everyone. Colin ran to tell Rusl and Uli, but Jaggle, Pergie, Sera and Haunch were already coming outside. Bo and Fado came out too. Nobody could believe he was alive. It took Link awhile to explain what happened, but everyone understood. And then Ilia came out. “Link!” she ran up to hug him. “Uh... sorry. So... how did you....” “I’m not exactly sure, but all I know is that it was all because of Zelda!” he said proudly. “I heard you proposed to her. Did she say yes?” “Yeah! Can you believe it? Sorry about not being able to take the mayor spot. What did your dad say?” “He understands. So... since you’re getting married to Zelda, it means you’ll be a prince, and soon a king?” “I guess!  I'm just not sure I’m ready. And I won’t be able to visit you guys as often. Oh, yeah.... I have to get back! I guess I'll see ya soon! Tell everyone bye for me!” he said as he ran off to Epona.

            He soon arrived at the castle and headed up to the throne room.  He saw King Harkinian, Impa and Zelda discussing the wedding. Link walked in. “Oh, Link! I'm glad you’re here! My father thinks we should have the wedding in the Sacred Grove, by where the Temple Of Time used to be. It would be just beautiful.” She gushed. “Since we are not aligning kingdoms, you must make sure you have lots of children!” said the King with a smile on his face. “Lots of grandchildren to spoil, I suppose. “said Impa to the King. Link and Zelda invited everyone they could think of to the wedding. The reception gala would be in the Faron Woods, in a very secluded area.  On the day before the wedding, the Gorons and all of the men in Ordon threw Link a party at Telma’s Bar, and Malon, Ruto and Zelda’s childhood friend Henna threw her a party at the Zora’s Fountain, and she also invited Beth and Ilia.  At Zelda’s party, it was very sophisticated, but very fun. Zelda dived off a small island into the water. Woohoo! Nice dive Zelda!” cheered Malon and Henna. Ruto jumped off a cave top and landed in the water. “I just cant believe your getting married!” yelled Henna. “Getting married to Link!” blurted Beth. “I had a crush on Link for a bit… but I like Fado now!” Ilia and Zelda laughed. “Hey! I forgot about something! Be right back!” said Ruto as she ran off into Zora’s Domain. She came back out holding the most beautiful dress Zelda had ever laid eyes on. It was a spaghetti strap, whitish-gold dress, with a Hyrulean Crest on it. There were beautiful accents on it, like the straps were made of gems. “Wow! It’s lovely!” she exclaimed. “It also has a matching crown!” said Ruto again as she pulled out a silver tiara with a purple jewel in the middle. “You guys didn’t have to make this for me!” “But we did!”  they all yelled.  “Even you guys!” yelled Zelda as she pointed to Ilia and Beth. They nodded their heads and said that they pitched in with the sewing on the crest. Meanwhile, at Link’s party, it was a lot more wild. The entire Hyrulean Army was there drinking goblets of wine and beer. The Gorons did a traditional sumo fight, and people were betting money. Near the end of the party, the Gorons gave Link a present. He opened the box, and pulled out a white tunic with black pants. There was chainmail made of Goronian Steel. “Thanks guys!” Link said. “No problem, Brother. We all pitch in and make chainmail for you outfit. You save our mines.” Said one Goron.


            On the day of the wedding, Zelda looked as beautiful as ever. She kept her makeup natural, and place her hair up in a high ponytail. Link had brushed his hair so nicely, that he decided to not wear a crown or hat. He stood at the altar, waiting for Zelda to walk down the aisle. Suddenly, he noticed Zelda treading down the aisle, looking as beautiful as a rainbow after the storm.  “Do you, Link of Ordon, take Zelda, to be your lawfully wedded wife, whom you will love and cherish forever?” “I do.” The priest repeated the lines, and Zelda said “I do”. They shared a kiss, and when the wedding was done, just as they were leaving, they saw a familiar face. “Midna!” yelled Zelda, as she ran over to where the Master Sword stood. Midna was standing right beside it, somewhat leaning on the hilt of the sword. “I'm really happy for you guys. I know this is kind of sad, but this may be the last time I ever see you, so, I guess I’ll really miss you.” She said. Link and Zelda went to the Mirror Chamber with Midna, as said good-bye to eachother. “We’ll miss you.” Said Zelda. Link nodded. And Midna left to the Twilight Realm, supposedly never to be seen again.



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