Blood Tears

By Twilight_Princess

Chapter one


You can try to forget people, you can also learn to move on but no one truly forgets someone not do they truly move on; the memories and the feelings stay, though you may think you've forgotten them you really haven't they stay in your heart the one and only place that your forgotten memories belong.
But also know this, the heart is a dark and painful thing as well and at times will act on its own for it may think it knows best, almost like a child; and as children we all must learn that nothing ever leaves us it just stays hidden and far away as do all things once their time has come.


Twilight created a silken halo around two small figures as they emerged from the dark covered bridge. They hurried around the north side of the bridge and down the banks of the starting lake then walked slowly and quietly into a grove of green locust trees.

Near the lake bed, they stopped and looked around then took a sharp turn back to where they came from their search for the Zora who had vanished into the silvery twilight was cut short by the one person whom had the power over them.

"Gentlemen, as you all know or should know I am torn. I have striven to follow the 'Old Ways' since childhood maybe even earlier, but none the less I come here before you, to try and match the expectations of my parents and those whom came before me; only to fail." The young princess Zelda said holding her head high to show that though ashamed she remained calm.

"Again most of you know this but those who don't now you will. I was only a babe when my mother died and only fourteen when my father died, thus starting my reign and here I stand before all of you at seventeen years of age" she kept her head high as she watched them whisper to each other, then the counsel elder cleared his throat.

"Truth being told your highness, you know very well the punishment for making a mistake as big as you did," he paused to look at her "but we are willing to pardon it," he paused again only this time to clear his throat again and then watched as her sapphire eyes lit up; "on one condition." Her eyes fell along with her head.

"You are to marry" she looked up at him and bit her lip "but I-" he cut her off "you are seventeen and in all of Hyrule and even to the goddess you are at the age of the starting of adulthood, thus meaning you are indeed old enough to wed." She nodded and sat down not listening to what they were saying instead she started to play with her faded golden blonde hair.

"Such a long time ago," Zelda thought as she walked through the thick maze that filled her sacred grover, smiling to herself as she felt the soft twilight rain on her forehead and hair "to go back is all I wish" she thought as she made her way back inside, but stopped and looked up at her marble castle then sighed as she went in.


  An early October mist draped itself over the fields that were beseeching in harvest as Link walked along the narrow road to Hyrule field. Waving at anyone that passed by, he felt all torn up inside, hoping for at least a few minutes to slip away from everything and everyone.

A grey and misty sort of day was quite perfect for him to just disappear. Something about the anticipation of eventual sunshine, its warming glow held back by the gloomy clouds, made him feel at ease, yet achingly empty...

"Time heals...or so they say," he thought with a heavy sigh as he looked up and saw the shapes of the beautiful Hyrule Castle in the distance, though the only time he got to go in was to stop Ganondorf and Zant and to save Zelda, "Zelda.." he thought as he stopped walking then remembering something he ran, as fast as his legs would go, to Lake Hylia.



Chapter two


When your hero falls from grace all fairy tales are uncovered myths exposed and pain magnified the greatest pain discovered you taught to be strong but I'm confused to see you so week, you said never give up and it hurts to see you welcome defeat.

When your hero falls, so do the stars and so does the perception of tomorrow without my hero, there is only me alone to deal with my fears your heart ceases to work and all your soul isn't happy at all what are you expected to do, when your only hero falls?


Link stood at the base of the Ordonian spring, his sapphire eyes glowed in the twilight, one hand was on the edge of his sword the other was holding his shield; he thought that someone or something had followed him, he was ready just in case anything or anyone wanted to play games with him.

A few twigs snapped, turning quickly he drew his sword, but then he lowered both his sword and shield, his face softened seeing who was walking into the spring.

"Link? Is that you?" Colin's voice sounded scared as Link watched him enter into the spring.

"Oh good it is you!" Colin's blue eyes lit up as he ran over to him. "Colin what are you doing out here?" Link asked and the young boy looked up at him "I-I saw a wolf in here the other night, scared me. But I wanted to see it again"

Link paled under the moonlight, but luckily Colin didn't notice "But maybe you scared it away" Colin said pointing to Link's sword then shuttered slightly; Link was about to reply when he heard Rusl's voice in the distance.

"Colin! Colin where are you?" Colin let go of Link's leg and ran off towards his father but turned to say goodbye to Link, his eyes widened as he saw that he was gone but where he was standing s wolf now stood, the same one he saw the night before "Colin there you are let's go" Colin kept his eyes on the wolf as his dad pulled him away.


  Zelda sat at the basin of Lake Hylia, the hood of her cloak was up so anyone passing by wouldn't be able to tell it was her.

"Come on princess take it off no ones 'round" Zelda looked over at the man who was talking to her and then turned her gaze back to the clear water "please for me?" he asked kneeling next to her "fine," she took down her hood still looking into the water "happy Ryan?"

The commander smirked leaning in closer to her "very." he whispered kissing her slightly, shocked she pushed him off and shorted in disgusted, he watched her get up and pull her hood back on. "What'd I do?" he asked getting up to follow her.

"You’re not him!" She said jumping onto his hoarse and riding off towards the castle. "Well I'll just have to make you forget about him won't I" he said smirking to himself.


Chapter three


  Link flopped onto the grass with a sigh, it was a rather hot morning on the Ordon ranch, and it was extremely uncomfortable; he folded his arms under his head and looked up at the cloudless sky-he yawned as he watched one small cloud move sluggishly along- "Din, please let it go over the sun; just for a while." He thought as he felt his eyes closing.

"Well, well I came here to find Mayor Bo, but instead I found a lazy farm boy" Link's eyes shot open and he sat up; as he did he felt his heart jump into his stomach "Zel, I can't believe it you" he said standing up and giving her a bear hug.

She wrapped her tiny arms around him and as she did he let go of her, then took her hands into his and then looked her over "you look even more beautiful then I remembered!" He said with a large smile; and she realized that was the first time she'd seen him smile.

"Link who is this?!" Link and Zelda both looked up and he felt his face turn a slight shad of scarlet "Ilia this," he paused to look to Zelda, the girl he'd just shortly come know, and Ilia the Mayor's daughter who'd had a crush on him as long as he could remember; "Ilia this is princess Zelda." Ilia's face fell and turned a bright shad of scarlet "Oh, I-I'm so, so very sorry" she bowed causing Zelda to giggle slightly.

"Ah there's the princess" Ilia smiled and Zelda let go of Link's hands, even though she'd rather not, "Mayor Bo?" Bo smiled and took Zelda's hand "shall we your highness?" she nodded and the two walked towards his house and slowly Ilia moved closer to Link "Link, do you looooove her?" He felt his cheeks grow hot "What! W-why would you say that?!" He said mounting Epona and Ilia giggled "you do!" He ignored her and road off towards the spring.


  Once at the spring he jumped off Epona and knelt down by the waters edge the looked at his reflection, his cheeks were starting to lose their red color, "Do I love her?" He thought as he splashed away his reflection and as he did so he yelped, looking down he saw and felt warm crimson blood running down from his wrist or was it his palm?

"Remember me young wolf?" A familiar voice hissed and then everything around Link went black..


  "Thank-you so much Bo and thanks for the gift6 it means so much to me" Zelda said oping the door slightly "no, no its no trouble besides its the least our little village can do for such a great leader." He said beaming.

As Zelda walked out of the small house, the gift from Bo in her hands, she began to feel a cool rain and pulled the cloak of her hood up "Your highness we've got a problem." Zelda looked at the person that spoke so softly to her, he was a young towheaded boy with large blue eyes that shined like two blue crystals, "Link's gone missing!!" Zelda's eyes filled with tears from under her hood she could conceal them but inside she felt her heart being torn apart "my dear, dear Link" she thought turning to look towards the Ordon spring...


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