Celestial Love

by Action The Great

AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is my first time trying to write a love story, so it might not be any good, I just hope it isn't too bad.

    As the pale moon shone in the small courtyard of Hyrule Castle on this warm summer night, two figures near a well could be seen looking at the stars together. As we get closer you can hear them whispering back and forth, trying not to wake the King. "Hey Zelda look at that!" "What is it?" "A Falling Star, they say that a star falls whenever soul-mates look at the stars together and if they make a wish to be together forever it shall come true." "Shall we try it?" "To late, it already passed." As Link and Zelda stared up at the stars together Link hoped that the wish would come true. Zelda fell asleep in Link's arms that night. Link stayed on the soft green grass, thinking of what was to become of their love; their everlasting, no celestial love. Link smiled at the thought of that phrase.

    The King awoke to find his daughter missing, he ran to Link's room and saw that Link was also gone. He walked out to the courtyard and saw Zelda with Link, the hired help. The King would not have Zelda marrying nor dating a servant. "ZELDA!!!" With that Link and Zelda both woke up in a hurry. "Father!" "You have disappointed me Zelda, if any other royal family came here and saw this you would have embarrassed me, Link shall get his things and be banished from these grounds." Link was about to say something when he was escorted to his room for his things. After Link collected his personal things, the guards carried him to the castle gates and threw him on his knees.

    "Father, you... you jerk!" "I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!" Zelda fell to her knees sobbing in her dress. Impa, her nanny, came and helped Zelda to Impa's room. The vibrant smell of essences filled the room. Mist drifted near the ceiling and made Impa's room, look mysterious. Zelda still sobbing lightly calmed down a great amount lying on Impa's spare bed. "Now I have a piece of paper and a writing quill for you to tell Link where you will meet him. After you are done I will give it to him, don't liver my room until I am back." Zelda sat down and began writing Link a letter;

Dear Link-

My father has separated us, but I can still feel the connection between our souls. I wish that I could be with you right now. You would be holding me in your arms, making me feel as though everything is all right. Your strong hands make me feel safe and secure. Meet me at our secret place at midnight I'll be waiting for you.

I'll love you forever,

    As Zelda finished, her face went grim. She handed the letter to Impa and sobbed once more. Impa took the letter and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

    Link sat near the river and watched as the fish swam to the safety of the castle moat. Suddenly Impa appeared with the letter in her hand and gave it to him. Link read it and smiled. Impa left Link with the letter and found Zelda sleeping peacefully on the bed. Link was going to be there and Zelda was most definitely going to take off with him. Impa packed Zelda some clothes and food.

    As Link ran to the empty house he called home his mind was racing with ideas how he could talk princess Zelda into running away with him. He was so busy in thought he didn't notice the note falling out of his pocket. The wind picked up and the letter flew into the castle grounds. The guards found and took it to the king. The king read it and was furious. He told the guards to find Link and cast him out to sea, for it was storm season. Link got home and jumped in his bathing hole. The guards waited in his house just out of sight from the bathing hole. Link got out and put on his tunic. As he walked into his living room the guards seized him.

    Zelda heard about what they were going to do to Link and ran to his house. She saw over a dozen guards sitting around in and out of Link's home. She then saw Link come out of his home in his best tunic.

     Everyone knew of his bravery and the way he saved Hyrule, so everyone was saddened by the King's order. Most of the guards were Link's friends and didn't want to do this. Link was taken to the harbor, where a single board big enough for two people to lay on it side by side was waiting for him. The guards then directed him to an old rotten boat that the king poked holes in the sail. Link was forced to get on. As Link got on and was a few feet away from the harbor, Zelda leaped on the boat. The boat crumbled and she fell through, hitting her head on pieces of wood causing her to go unconscious. Link grabbed her hand and then was smacked in the back of the head by the mast and fell into the sea. Link and Zelda were both unconscious when they fell in the sea. Zelda and Link sunk to the ocean floor and died together holding hands. The goddesses made sure Link and Zelda were together for all eternity, for they were admitted into the Celestial World for their Celestial Love.  

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