By Lyxie

Author's Note: Hello again, everyone! The title comes from the battle in the end of Twilight Princess with Ganondorf, where, as I'm sure many of you recall, you can choose to defeat him by clashing blades against him in a feat of strength called "Chance." That, I feel, is the spirit in which this piece is written, though it won't be made obvious until a little later. There's one more thing I'd like to make sure everyone is aware of. This story was not written in chapter format and not meant to be published in chapter format, however, I feel that that's the easiest way to put this out on the internet without having fifty of those obnoxious little 600-word chapters. Whew! Too much A/N, not enough fanfiction. I hope all of you enjoy this, and as always, review, good or bad. I want your feedback!

Disclaimer: This story line directly extends the end of Twilight Princess, which isn't mine. None of the characters except for Valin and Alyz are mine. If you want to borrow either of them, please ask my permission.


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