Childhood Ignorance

By Kurai Hitokiri

Chapter 30: Untold Legend

Edward whimpered, hand resting upon the wheal on his cheek. Blood oozed its way between his fingers as he looked wide eyed upon the strange being before him.

The thing glared upon him with its pupil-less eyes, shining with the magnificence of the sun as it clasped its sword in a glinting hand. The warmth of its aura engulfed the terrified occupants of the room and sent unpleasant chills running down their spines.

Link fought to say something, to question the spirit as to what its purpose was in coming. Still, the words in his throat were caught in a web of shock and awe. It was obvious to see that this was no normal human being… it was not of flesh and bone, but composed of the pure and unbridled spirit of an individual that had long since left the world. The power far surmounted the towering aura that cloaked Artemis, wiser than Zelda's, and far more courageous than that of the Hero of Time's. The being was an ancient and untapped power that the legends or prophecies of the world had never even dreamed of.

"Disgrace…" the being spoke, the word echoing hollowly through the ruined room. "Disgrace of a man… Just like your Father and his ancestors…"

Edward slowly got to his feet, stumbling and glaring as much as he could manage. Letting his bloodstained hands fall slowly to his sides, the seven shaped cut upon his cheek oozed a gentle stream of crimson liquid. "And who are you to question my authority?"

Zelda's eyes widened. How could he say such things to something so far beyond his power and understanding? This being was far more than just looks, it was a threat to every single person in the room. Never before had she seen her proud father weep so bitterly before any person, not even after the death of her Mother so many years ago.

The smirking Prince's eyes suddenly widened as he loosed another loud scream of horror. Blood leaked from the edge of the stranger's sword as Edward grasped at the wound dripping the putrid smelling liquid upon his abdomen. The attack was too fast to imagine, the Deity hadn't moved a single muscle, it seemed. His fear overcame him as he sought to back away against the wall as the shining being began a slow saunter toward him.

"There is a lesson for you to learn, boy," the thing whispered as it crouched down to the cowering Edward's eyelevel. "And that is to pay respect toward things that demand it… as well as to respect the wishes of your people, especially the deceased."

"That is something that both you and your Father have in common, Young One. Of course, Uther learned his lesson as I watched him die by my hand," the thing chuckled darkly as Edward's eyes widened. "Yes, now you remember me as a faint childhood memory, don't you…? Now tell me, boy, have you learned your lesson, or shall I kill you as I killed your Tyrant of a Father?"

The boy did not speak, simply staring wide eyed at the smirking being before him.

"Or you might join your ancestor, Ganon, in his Hell of a world?"

A chill seemed to run down Edward's back as he fought with his pain and fear to speak loosely. "My people… they need me…"

"You're nothing more than a tyrant," the being whispered again in response, "I'm sure that if you were to die, the people of Termina would thank me."

"I promise that I'll be good… I'll be benevolent. Just please, let me live!" Edward loosed a pitiful moan of desperation, blood dribbling down his chin as he looked to the person. "Please… Please, Lady Amelia!"

The name sent another shudder of gasps and rounds of astonishment through the room. King Harkinian sobbed harder, his mantra continuing as tears streamed down and sparkled in his golden gray beard. Zelda clung to Link, burying her face in his arm as her shoulders heaved with violent sobs… Link simply staring at the one he thought had moved on by now.

He hadn't recognized her in this new form… she was beyond what he had seen in his dream. Amelia was too powerful, majestic… beautiful to be anything of this world. Each gesture she made, her very presence, commanded respect and admiration.

"I'm always with you…"

It came dimly to his mind… He saw her smiling down at him, her voice whispering and singing him to sleep, and he saw her bloody face crying a single crystal clear tear as her life wasted away before his very eyes.

"How do I know that you'll keep your promise… That you won't ally with Vandellus and attempt to destroy Hyrule?" The shimmering blade poised in the girl's hand swept closer to Edward's neck, a thin laceration weeping blood as he shivered with fear. "You've proven very… difficult in the past."

"I swear it to you!"

"Very well… let's just seal that little deal…"

A shining hand reached out, touching the young Prince gently upon his marked cheek, forcing his gaze upon her glaring eyes. Upon the back of her hand a brighter light forced itself upon the scarred surface until suddenly the shape of three brightened triangles stood out in a pronounced, glaring gold.

Edward screamed, clawing at the glowing being with hatred in his eyes. He was suffering for every moment of pain that his people felt, every emotion, hunger filled night, and murder rolled painfully in his mind. There was so much… was he really the cause of all this hatred and strife? Was he the one that they hated, that they thought was so self centered?

As the young Prince cringed and cried out against her superior power, Amelia simply watched with pupil-less eyes, aura radiating off her being in violent waves and shaking the extent of the Throne room.

As suddenly as it came, the power left. The glaring light slowly faded away, leaving a young girl standing before the few people, eyes still flaring with the same Golden light… the power of the Triforce at its greatest.

Stepping a few paces toward her brother, Amelia smiled. The giant sword fell from her hand as her arms opened wide to the silent man. It was all real this time… there she was before him, not an illusion that would disappear, but a magnificent solid spirit.

He hesitated a few moments, unsure whether his mind was playing tricks on him once again. There were so many times after that dream he experienced that he had seen her, arms held out and smiling… There were so many disappointments when he found that he could not feel her warm arms around him. There was so much more he wanted to say to her, but she was always a ghost to him…

Would she just disappear again?

"Link… It's me…" The echoing had faded away into a warm and solid voice… a melodious tune that rose above the chaos of the surrounding disasters. It was the voice that he had heard in his coma, the voice that had inspired the great change within his icy heart…

It was the voice of his sister, Amelia.

Something overcame Link, tears flooding his crystal blue eyes as he lurched forward with a sob caught in his throat. He was a little boy again, looking at some illusory image of a girl he never knew. For the first time in his life he was reunited with someone that had done so much for him…

When he came upon her he smothered her in his embrace, burying his face in the smooth silk of her tunic. She was warm… so full of love and pride… for him… Her scarred arms embraced him with gentle pressure, a gloved hand meandering in circles upon his back.

He felt her warm breath upon his ear as she gently sang a comforting melody that he recognized dimly from his childhood. It was one that he used to hum when he was troubled, and though he never knew the words, it always comforted him while the other children teased him.

He inhaled a distantly familiar scent, pine needles and cinnamon… He'd always had such a fondness for those smells, and he'd never known the reason why… Now he knew.

"Link…" she whispered into his ear. "I am so proud of you… I love you so much…"

He stiffened in her arms as she pressed a gentle kiss against his forehead, tightening her hold on him ever so slightly…

"You've grown up so splendidly… And even without us you've overcome so much. I've always been watching you, and all the decisions you've made over the years. I… I'll always watch you…"

Link gasped as a gentle tear leaked upon his skin, pulling away from his sister with wide eyes.

Those pupil-less eyes of hers had turned stark blue, tears rolling down upon the crevices of her face as a wonderful yet melancholy smile overtook the beautiful features that she had been gifted with. Her warmth was fading from him, her skin becoming paler… translucent…

He grasped at her clothing, not wanting for her to fade from his life again. He needed her by his side… Her warmth and love.

Amelia placed a gentle hand upon his cheek, laughing amid her tears. "You can't cry, Link. You're so much stronger than that... This isn't goodbye forever... I'll see you again, but it had better not be soon, after all, I'm expecting you to give me at least several nieces and nephews before you kick the bucket... I'm giving you my blessing... Be happy and live your life without looking back."

"Take care of Holodrum... and remember how much I love you."

As she faded away, Amelia placed her eyes upon Zelda, giving her a smile.

"Thank you Zelda. Please take care of him..."

With a nod, Zelda locked eyes with the dead girl. "You have my word... And thank you for everything you've done for us... You've stood in the way of war once before and lost your life for it... Thank you for protecting us once again. No doubt Vandellus will surrender once Holodrum stands with us..."

"On behalf of Hyrule, thank you, Lady Amelia."

The dead girl smiled, almost as though telling the young pair that there would be nothing to worry about. She held Link in her embrace one final time as she dissolved away into a beautiful shower of golden sparks.

"Thank you..."

The words danced upon the wind and echoed through the wrecked room, a dim whisper in the din of the oncoming gale.

Amid it all a forgotten Sage wept, a King prayed, a Prince lay spent, and a young couple held one another as they looked into each other's eyes.

And somewhere within the Sacred Realm, the Goddesses smiled as the world went on as though nothing had occured.

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