Childhood Ignorance

By Kurai Hitokiri

Chapter 31: The Aftermath

Within the months following that strange day in the Throne Room many things occurred.

The leaderless people of Holodrum were all too eager to accept the Heir and child of the mighty King Sean and Queen Grace back upon their throne. They said that they needed little proof in believing that Link Greene, an orphaned child brought up in Hylian territories, was their long lost King for a simple reason: He had his sister's eyes and soft spoken ways.

It was only a matter of months before the fierce army composed of rustic forest men had reached its former glory, ready to serve alongside King Harkinian as a driving force in the Hylian Military.

Edward, now King after his coming of age, had become strangely quiet and kind toward his people. Many people questioned his change, and all the King would simply reply was 'the Goddesses showed me the way.' His people, much more loyal to him, stood by King Harkinian in an unbreakable alliance now strengthened by the ties of friendship rather than those of Political Matrimony.

With all three Nations combined, Vandellus only had one choice, which they eventually took… though not without somewhat of a fight.


A treaty was signed, signaling the end of the long war and the years of chaos. The people of Hyrule celebrated with song and dancing, singing praises to the Holodrum King and the Hylian Royal Family.

And they were not just celebrating for the end of the war.

They celebrated the marriage of their Princess to the Goddess-sent Link Valiant de Holodrum.

The ceremony was simple, Link dressed in a silken white tunic and Zelda wearing her Mother's white dress and a long chain of pearls surrounding her slender neck. Upon the altar a single green candle sat alone, burning brighter as the two lovebirds kissed… No one knew what that single stick of wax represented… The person that was so dear to them personified in the flickering flame…

The sun peeked its tired eyes over the tall and craggy forms of a distant mountain. The sky was a dull orange, fading away into light blue. Birds sang a gentle song, the cool air sweeping through the emerald green treetops that overlooked a green meadow.

Tall gates barred rows of white marble tablets, each bearing a name and a story upon its smooth and cool surface. Among the maze of stone a man stood beside a woman and a child, looking down with a faint smile in his eyes at the grave before him.

He was a young man, in his early or late twenties. His body was clad in a long black cloak that pooled at his shiny black boots. His features were rugged yet strangely handsome, with shaggy blonde hair and feral blue eyes.

The woman beside him was similarly clad, long blonde hair pooling at her shoulders as violet eyes gently observed the carved words. She was quite the beauty, with elegant and womanly features… a Goddess in human form. In her arms a bundle of white cloth wriggled in protest, a baby's chubby arms poking out on each side as violet eyes stared up at his Mother.

The young girl looked up to her Mother, blue eyes questioning their presence in such a dreary place. Long blonde curls flounced as her pretty young features looked innocently to the man, grabbing his claw of a hand in her own.

"It's been six years, Sister, I'm sorry that I haven't come to see you," the man whispered in a deep and booming voice. "But… I've always been hoping that you might show up again with that smile plastered upon your face… That you can see everything through living eyes again."

There was absolute silence, not a single word to answer the conversation, yet the man spoke to the stone as though it were a living, breathing human.

"I've brought your niece and nephew here with me… Remiel and Amy… Yes, I named her after you, Dear One… Amelia Artemis Harkinian de Holodrum… She's a wonderful girl, just like you."

At this the little girl smiled, looking to the grave with happiness and admiration glowing in her eyes. She bit her lip, restraining the words she wished to say.

"I'll come and visit again soon, alright? And… Thank you so much for everything that you've done for us… I love you, Sister," with that the man turned to his wife, nodding to her.

"I've kept my promise to you, Amelia," the woman whispered, "You've been recognized throughout Hyrule ever since the day that you spoke to us. Your sacrifice has never been forgotten, nor shall it ever be. I… wish I might have known you more, but thank you for everything that you've done… And if you have anything to do with our wonderful children, bless your God Sent Heart…"

"Link…" the woman whispered to her husband, nodding to the bouquet of flowers in his arms.

Link smiled to his wife, taking the bouquet and placing in the hands of his daughter. Six years since they had located Amelia's remains and placed it in its proper burial place… six years since he and Zelda had married… five since Amy's birth and one since Remiel had been bestowed upon them. Everything was running smoothly, and all was well in the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Amy skipped forward, her smile radiant against the bouquet of wondrous gold, blue, and purple flowers.

"Auntie Amelia, I've heard so much about you! I know that you're smiling, aren't you? You're happy to see that everything's alright… Thank you for helping Daddy so much, Mommy tells so many awesome stories about you," Amy paused a moment, continuing on, "Is it true that you beat up Uncle Edward and made him good? Did you really stop two wars? …There are so many questions I want to ask you, but I think that you'll answer. I can see you in my dreams all the time, right? You made that promise to Daddy, so can you make it to me as well? …I love you."

With that the young girl placed the little bouquet upon the stone surface, and as if in answer, the wind gave a gentle sigh, stirring the collar of little Amy's bow and caressing the little family in its warm breath.

They stood in silence for a moment, simply looking down with their heads inclined in respect. Zelda turned first, walking away and sensing the need for her husband to pay his respects to his Sister in private. She took her little daughter's hand, turning and walking away in a slow saunter from the stone.

In Loving Memory of Amelia Eliza Holodrum

Beloved Sister and Aunt

"We Shall Never Forget Thy Sacrifice"

So few words to describe a truly remarkable person… The one who had saved them all so many years ago when he was a mere child, and the one who saved them all by changing Edward and revealing Link's Royal Lineage.

Link stared toward the rising sun. With it came new beginnings, another day full of hope and joy. It rose from the ashes of death and brought light and happiness to all in their Goddess Blessed land.

With a sense of finality, Link turned and began to walk away, heart filled with joy and pride of all that he had accomplished. He knew that she would be proud of him, and it brought an overwhelming sense of authority to his heart.

To think that such a long adventure so many years ago had changed his entire life. And all because when he was a mere boy, he had made a simple childhood vow to the woman that he loved even in another life.

A childhood game, a past life, and the Sage of Cosmos... All were chapters in his story.

Things that would follow him throughout the remainder of his days, stories and people that had changed his heart and life for the better.

People that he loved.

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