Christmas Wish

By Doug

            This is the first Christmas Link and Zelda have celebrated without worrying about Ganon. It has been a couple of months since they reunited the Triforces as one. The date is Christmas Eve at North Castle in throne room where King Harkinian has thrown a party. Zelda is decked out in stunning red dress with white trim and a green sash. Link is dressed a little spiffier then normal wearing a double breasted green tunic and white pants almost military looking in his clothing. The whole interior of the North Castle throne room is decked out for the season.


            At this point the king makes a speech about how joyful he is at this time and he makes mention of Link as the reason why. During his speech he thanks all those people that have stuck with the kingdom even through the roughest times. Princess Zelda stands next to her father during this speech and after its finished steps out on the floor. Link is pretty bored as he leans up against the wall with his cup of eggnog in hand. Spryte flies up to him and says “Link what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be having a good time.”  Link looks at Spryte and says “I am having a good time I guess.” “It doesn’t look like you’re having that much fun,” Spryte says. Link looks over at the princess who seems to be enjoying herself and says “I wouldn’t mind fulfilling my Christmas wish.” Spryte says “Well why don’t you I don’t she would mind.” In Link’s mind his wish is for the princess to finally kiss him. Link walks over to the princess and asks “Can I have the next dance your highness?” Zelda looks at him and responds “I suppose that would be alright.” The royal musicians start playing a waltz which Link and Zelda dance close together for. Link thinks perhaps now would be a good time for a kiss but every time he tried something messes it up. As the waltz ends Link manages to dance under the mistletoe knowing that she would have to kiss him now.


            The dance ends and Zelda begins to walk away but Link still has her hand doesn’t let go. He clears his throat and eyes the mistletoe overhead. Zelda realizes he has her finally not the way she was expecting. The king walks over and says “Well, I see you under the mistletoe my daughter and you know what that means.” She knows and hesitates then says “Okay, I’ll kiss you but remember this doesn’t mean anything.” To which Link responds “Of course not.” They both close their eyes and their lips touch. Before Link can really enjoy this moment Zelda pulls away, but now she has his hand and whispers into his ear “Link, come with me outside I want to show you something.” Link excuses himself as the princess leads him by the hand into the courtyard. Curiosity gets the best of Link as they go into the courtyard and he asks “What did you want to show me?” This time away from everyone else Zelda grabs Link and kisses him passionately. As the kiss ends Link says “I thought you said the kiss didn’t mean anything.” Zelda looks at him and says “The kiss under the mistletoe didn’t the one out here meant that I truly love you.”

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