Cold Ice, Fiery Hearts

By MegaZeldaMan



     Crowds of people swarmed the frozen Lake Hylia. It was truly a winter wonderland and every soul was taking advantage of it including the Princess Zelda. She was dressed in a rose-colored fur coat and slung over her shoulder were a pair of white skates with pure silver blades. In her rather informal attire she was not recognized by anybody which she was pleased with because she didn’t want to be noticed.

     As she sat down to put on her skates, she looked over the lake for someone. I need not tell you who that someone was. There he was, all alone on the island in the center of the lake—her Hero, Link. He was wearing his blue tunic, a black cloak, and black skates were on his feet. He stood tall and stared directly at the Princess.

     “I’m coming,” she whispered to herself. As soon as she finished tying the last knot, she was off and Link approached as well.

     “You’re late,” Link said with a chuckled.

     “Well, excuuuuuse me, Hero,” she chuckled back, “but you know how well protected the Princess is inside the Castle.”

     “Heh! What princess needs a brigade of knights for protection when she has a Hero?” And saying so, he took Zelda in his left arm and they began to skate.

     “And if the Hero fell?” asked Zelda.

     “He wouldn’t,” replied Link.

     “Come on. No evasions. Answer the question.”

     “If the Hero falls,” Link began and he purposely tripped himself and fell to the ground taking Zelda with him, “then the Princess falls with him.”

     Zelda laughed as did Link. The two got up and Zelda skated away from Link. Link watched as she daintily danced around. He smiled, approached Zelda, and the two joined hands and danced together. After a while a cheer was heard. It was only now that the crowd knew whom Link was skating with and they were approaching fast.

     “Oh no! I’ve been caught!” cried Zelda.

     “Not quite,” said Link. And placing Zelda upon his shoulders, Link skated behind the tree on the island. When the crowd came to the island, Link and Zelda were gone. How? Where?

     When Zelda opened her eyes, she saw Link holding a glowing, green crystal. They were standing on another frozen lake which was heart shaped. There were white walls all around but no ceiling so the sun was still visible.

     “Where has Farore’s Wind taken us?” asked Zelda who was completely mystified as was Link. Before he could even say anything, a female’s laughter was heard.

     “Fear not children,” said the voice.

     “Who are you?” Link asked. Appearing before them was a beautiful fairy. She was clothed in a perfectly white dress and she had five pairs of wings. She wore a silver tiara which had a heart shaped garnet gem.

     “I am the Queen Fairy of Love. I am the one who blesses the world with love.”

     “Why have you brought us here, Great Fairy Queen?” asked Zelda.

     “I did not,” replied the Fairy. “It was your love mixing with Farore’s Wind that brought you here. In this cold weather, two hearts burned like fire—yours. You have come to a paradise for lovers and you may stay as long as you like. When you wish to leave, use Farore’s Wind again.”

     And thus ends another chapter in the infinite stories of Link and Zelda’s fiery love.

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