Zelda in... Confusion?

By Taryn Cox


Zelda woke up to see a bright morning.  She was excited about today.  A week ago, her father had told her that she was going into the field today.  Her father had also said though that she was going to have to have a partner.  Zelda quickly got dressed in her working outfit and headed out into the field.  She saw all the handsome warriors out there and dreamed of who she would get.  Her dad came out onto the field.


“Hello Daughter.  Your partner will be Link.  He is the one training in the southeast corner.”  Her father gave her a quick kiss and left.  Zelda spun around to meet her prince.  Her face dropped.


Link was a small guy in all green.  He had medium length shaggy blond hair.  He was training with a beautiful sword though.  She dropped her head and slowly walked over to him.


Link turned around when he heard a sound behind him.  Zelda quickly saw that his back looked a lot worse than his front.  He had perfect fair skin and sparkling blue eyes.  He was actually good looking close up, but he still didn’t compare to some of the other warriors.  Link bowed to her when he saw who it was.  Zelda got a strange feeling.  It was almost like she had developed an instant crush.


“Greetings Princess Zelda.  I was not aware that you were the one chosen to be my partner…”  He shyly looked away from her.  The Princess was so much more beautiful in person.  Her brown hair was so shiny and long.  Her hair was pulled back into a single long braid.  She was wearing an emerald green tunic and perfect white pants. 


Zelda nodded and noted how Link looked at her.  She really couldn’t blame him.  She was the Princess of his kingdom and there was so many rumors about she was the most beautiful princess ever born.  She looked around and saw her escape coming.  Her personal trainer, Trai, was coming. 


Trai saw who Zelda was with and chuckled a little.


“Have you found a new squeeze Zelda?”  Zelda face turned red with anger.  Trai knew why she was with Link.  Zelda quickly looked over to see Link looking down, very embarrassed.


“Alright.  You two are going to go to the training fields for your work.  You will be working on how well you can coordinate your attacks.  And Zelda, don’t try to outshine Link too bad!” Trai laughed then walked off.  Link looked away ashamed, and pulled out a small ocarina.  Zelda instantly became entranced with it.  He played a soft tune and put it away.  Zelda looked up as she heard soft hooves in the distance.  A beautiful pony was waiting when she looked up all the way.  Link jumped on and held his hand out.


“Are you coming Princess?”  Link asked.  Zelda grasped Link’s hand and got on the horse.  They rode to the training fields.  Luckily for Zelda, nobody was there.  Link got off the horse and Zelda followed.  Trai was somehow already there. 


“Alright.  Some targets are going to appear.  They are going to be too strong for just one of you to take.  The goal of the exercise is that you two will attack the same target without communication.  Alright, let’s start!” Trai announced.  Suddenly three targets appeared.  Zelda shoot at one with her bow while Link slashed at another.


“Alright you can communicate for the first 5 targets, but after that, you can’t talk.  Do you understand me?”  Zelda nodded.  Trai pulled the lever again.  Link yelled “far right” and slashed while Zelda shot it.  The target fell apart.  Link yelled “middle” and once again the target fell.  It happened like this until it was time for the 6th target.


“Hang on Trai.  I gotta talk to Link for a moment!”  Zelda motioned for Link to come over.


“Yes Princess, what do you need?”


“First off, for you to call me Zelda.  Second, I’m going to infuse us both with a telepathic bond so we can talk without Trai knowing.  Is that okay with you?”  Link said yes and bent his head so that Zelda could grab it.  Little did Link know, Zelda was making it to where she could always hear Link’s thoughts.  For some reason, she wanted to know what he thought about her.  After she finished, they went back to their positions.  She pulled out her bow and turned on the communication.  When the targets appeared, it happened just like when they could talk.  Trai was impressed, and let them off early.


As Zelda got onto Link’s pony, she turned off the telepathic link.  Then she made it to where she could hear him, but not the other way around.  His surface thoughts were filled with mostly useless junk.  Finally she broke through to his inner feelings.  Zelda was shocked at what she heard.  Even though Link thought she was beautiful, he had absolutely no feelings for her at all.


Zelda was still in shock by the time she got back to her room.  Every boy in the kingdom would kill for her, and he had…no feelings for her?  It didn’t matter though because they were going to only be training partners.  Besides, their training had been going so well she would be separated from him in months.


2 Months Later


“WHAT?” was all Zelda could say.  When her dad had called her into the throne room to give her announcement, she hadn’t been expecting anything.  Then he had said those 5 fated words…


“Link will remain your partner!”  Zelda stomped out of the throne room like she had never done before.  She wanted to get another partner.  Her father called her back.  She sullenly walked back in.


“Yes dad?”


“Do you really want a new partner?”


Zelda knew she wanted to say yes butt something kept her back from saying it.


“No dad, I will stay partners with Link,” Zelda replied.


Her dad got off his throne and stepped down to his daughter.  He walked over to his daughter and kissed her on the forehead. 


“I just want you to be safe.  I believe that you and Link are the best pair to keep you safe.  Not only are you my heir, but you are my daughter.  Please try to work with me.  Also, I need you to tell Link the news.  Okay, bye!”  He said and left.


Zelda couldn’t believe it.  Her dad hadn’t told Link yet and now it was her job to tell Link that they were going to be permanent partner!  For some strange reason, Zelda was excited about seeing Link.  She decided to see Trey after she talked to Link.  He always had a way of knowing what she was really feeling.


Zelda found Link at the practice fields training with his bow.  Seeing him made her have butterflies.  No, she couldn’t be getting a crush on Link.  She was probably still in shock from her dads announcement.  She walked over to Link and tapped him on the shoulder.  He turned around, and she caught a glimpse of his sparkling eyes.


“Hey Link.  It turns out we are going to be permanent partners.  Well I gotta go so see you later!” she said and ran off.  She instantly headed to Trey’s cabin.  She knocked on the door with her special knock then came in.  Trey was sitting at his desk.  He looked up and smiled.


“Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer.  Come in and sit down.  What can I do for you today Princess Zelda?”


“Well, I’m not quite sure what I think of this one guy.  I don’t like him, but every time I get around him, my body does what it would if it was around someone I did like.  So what do I do?”


Trey looked at her and titled his head a little.  He motioned for Zelda’s hand and she gave it to him.  He looked it over a bit before he gave her hand back.


“Well honey, from what I can see, it looks like you don’t have a crush on him.” Zelda sighed in relief.


“It looks like you’re in love with this boy, and I think you are meant to be with him…”  Zelda looked up in shock.   This couldn’t be possible.  Her and Link together?  This was impossible.  She thanked Trey and then left the building.


Zelda’s mind was racing.  Trey was never wrong.  If he said that they were meant to be together, then it must be true!  Zelda didn’t realize she had walked all the way back to the training fields where Link was.  She knew that if she saw him, she was going to do something she was going to regret.  Trying to pass by as quick as possible though failed.  One of the trainees grabbed her and started flirting.  This was the last thing she needed right now. 


“I’m sorry, but I have to go.  Royal business!” Zelda tried to explain.  The trainee was about to grab her again when she heard a beautiful voice right beside her.  She turned around to see Link grabbing the man’s arms.


“I believe that she told you to leave her alone!” Link yelled as he broke the trainee’s hand.  He ran off crying while Zelda laughed.  She turned around to see Link right over her.  Suddenly, her palms got sweaty, her heartbeat rose, she got butterflies, and she was happy and nervous and about to throw-up all at the same time.  Without warning, Zelda grabbed Link and kissed him with every ounce of passion she had built up the last two months.  When she let go, Link was shocked.  So was the rest of the training field.  Zelda knew the news would reach her father in no time.  She would be in so much trouble.  With one last look at Link, Zelda ran off to her room in the castle.


Zelda sat, wrapped in blankets on her bed.  She couldn’t believe it.  She had fallen in love with Link.  She had fallen in love with a guy that had no feelings for her.  Her mind flashed back to her and Link’s first practice.  She had set that telepathic bond. 


She instantly turned it on.  Once she pushed past the surface thought, she reached his true emotions.  He was still in shock from her kiss.  Well yeah, she was too.  She searched deeper for any signs of affections.  There it was!  Zelda went down deeper until she could completely grasp the thought.  He liked her too!  But he wasn’t in love like Zelda was.  He only liked her and thought it was because of how much time they had been spending together.  Somehow Zelda had to find a way to make Link love her.  She had a feeling that she would never be complete if she didn’t.


Just like Zelda had expected, the news of her and Links kiss was all over the castle.  Her father had summoned her to his chamber, and every time she passed someone, they would giggle and go the other direction.  By the time she got to her father’s chambers, she had passed at least 150 people. 


“ZELDA!!”  What in the world were you thinking kissing a peasant like that?  Not only did you kiss him, but you kissed on the training field where EVERY ONE could see you!  How am I going to find you a good suitor if you go randomly kissing people like that?”  Her father sighed.  He shook his head and got off his throne.  After a little while of pacing, he collapsed back onto his throne.


“Just leave Zelda.  I will think of a punishment for you later.”  Her father said before he made her leave.  Zelda sullenly walked off, a little ashamed of what she had done but then again she loved Link.  What was she supposed to do?  Zelda shook her head.  She had to do something about this.  She was a princess and she had to marry and heir to a royal throne.  The problem is that they were all snotty jerks unlike Link.  God this was not working.  Zelda walked to her room, all the while thinking about her problem.  She had 2 options. 1) Stop thinking about Link.  That one was highly improbable.  Or 2) she made Link fall in love with her, convinced her dad he was royal, and her and Link got married.  Number 2 was defiantly the way to go.  Zelda’s eyes brightened.  She had a plan.


Zelda sat staring at the window.  Just a little longer and she could sneak into the alchemist’s room.  His working table was in his room behind his bookshelf.  Finally, it reached midnight.  Zelda tip-toed out of her room, and looked around outside.  Once she knew the coast was clear, she went downstairs and into the alchemist’s room.  Once she was safely inside, she went to the bookshelf.  She pulled the small candle to the left of it and saw the passage open.  She went inside and closed the passage.  As she grabbed a torch on the wall, she proceeded down the passage.  She had been here several times before.  She used to love coming down here when she was a kid, but after she became a teenager and she had to take on more responsibilities, there had never been the time.  Finally she made it to the lab. 


Zelda looked around the room.  It was cement and had several bottles around.  Most were filled with strange colored liquids.  Some were empty and those were the ones she grabbed.  She looked around until she found the book of recipes.  After flipping several pages and chapters, she found what she was looking for.  Chapter 23: Love Potions.  Zelda quickly found the one marked “Most Effective” and started mixing.  After half an hour or so, the potion was complete. 


“Whenever Link drinks this potion, he will fall in love with me!”  Zelda felt kind of bad taking advantage of Link like this, but Zelda thought this was the only way she could be with Link.  Zelda grabbed the potion and the torch, and left the lab.


Zelda got up early in the morning and got dressed in her working outfit.  She grabbed the potion and headed to the Kitchen.  Inside was the cook.


“Hey, I need you to put this in Link’s drink when he comes back in from training.  It’s on order of the doctor.  Thank you!” Zelda said and ran off.  The cook looked around, slightly confused.  When Zelda reached the training fields, she did her best to lose herself in training.




Link was dreading and joyful when he would see Princess Zelda again.  He loved her, but he could never be with her.  He had fallen in love with her, but there was no way that they could never be together.  When she got there, she was very quiet.  Link wasn’t sure what was going on, but he planned on finding out.  After they finished training, Zelda invited Link to have a drink in the castle.  Link was excited and a little worried at the same time.  Zelda had never been this nice to Link before.  She had always just avoided him or had short conversations that consisted of a “Hello” and “Goodbye.”  The only exception to that had been when she had kissed him.  He still wasn’t sure about the kiss.  It was filled with passion and heat, but there had been nothing after that.  He walked with Zelda all the way to the castle. 


When they got there, Zelda led him to the kitchen.  While they were going, they had to pass Romance Catwalk.  It was called that because you had to walk so close together in a very small dark area.  Link misjudged the size and tried to go at the same time as Zelda.  They both could move, but they were always bumping into each other.  They continued walking for what seemed like a very long time.  Zelda tripped and Link caught her instantly.  When he stared into her otherworldly eyes, he lost all self control.  He pulled Zelda close to him and kissed her with all the passion he had in his body.  They kissed until they heard a very angry voice.


“ZELDA AND LINK COME DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE!” Zelda’s father yelled.  Link instantly pulled away from Zelda.  This was not good. 


“You first Princ-“Zelda cut him off.


“Just call me Zelda.  Of course, that will only be if I don’t get locked in a tower for a year.” Link laughed and climbed down the stairs.  He grabbed Zelda’s hand until they reached the throne room.  Zelda’s father sat fuming on his throne.  When Link got there, he kneeled down.  Zelda on the other hand, put her hands on her hips and titled her head to the left.


“Zelda, I already warned you the first time when this happened, and Link!  I can’t believe that you were kissing my daughter!  You are just a peasant, and nothing more!  The fact that you had the o-“ Zelda stomped her foot.


“Father, why don’t you just shut up and care about what I want for the first time in your life?”  Her dads mouth dropped.  So did Link’.  He had never heard Zelda this mad. 


“All you ever care about is how much access you have to the royal treasure!  You never let me do what I want to do!  Its always do this do that don’t talk to him or her!  Well guess what? I WANT A LIFE OF MY OWN!  I can never do anything beside myself!”  Her dad was furious!


“Zelda that is it!  You are going to stay in your room for a week and nobody can visit you unless they are bringing you food!”  Zelda turned around and stomped out.  She grabbed Link and headed to the courtyard.  Her father’s voice was heard in the background, but Link and Zelda completely ignored it.






Zelda couldn’t believe her dad.  He was such a jerk sometimes.  With Link in hand she headed to the courtyard.  She finally collapsed onto a white bench that happened to below her bedroom window.  Link sat down beside her and grabbed her hand.  Zelda broke into tears and laid her head into Links lap.


“What are we going to do Link?  My dad will never let us be together, but I love you more than anything in the world.  She looked up to see Links beautiful face.  His eyes were sparkling and his blond locks were coming out of his cotton hat.  His face was flawless and Zelda could feel his muscular body under his shirt. 


“My love, I have a plan.  You will have to give me a few days though.  I promise you, we will be together, at all costs,” Link told her as he gently caressed her tear-stained cheeks.  He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.  Zelda’s head shot up as she heard her dad coming.  She gave him one last goodbye kiss and quickly climbed the vine to her room.


Several days later, Zelda was summoned to the throne room.  Zelda was expecting another punishment.  As she was walked into the throne room, she saw her father, Link, and another man that she didn’t recognize.


“My daughter, I wish to apologize.  I would not let you be with Link for one reason only, because he was not a royal.  A couple days again, Link brought me evidence that he was actually the heir to a kingdom to the far north.  I had my people look into it and it turned out to be true.  My daughter, if you wish to marry Link, I will allow it…”  Link ran over to Zelda and got down on one knee.


“Zelda, my love, will you be mine and marry me?”  Zelda said yes and they shared a sweet embrace.






Zelda and Link got marry 3 weeks later and had 2 children.  They had a daughter Madison and a son Owyn.  They lived a happy life and stood by each other through all of the events that befell Hyrule. 

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