The Courtship of Princess Zelda

By James Day

Chapter 1 - Link's Departure

      The beautiful country air, breezed past Link's face as he tore across Hyrule field on Epona. As he looked to his left, he saw Princess Zelda, riding Impa's white horse called Snowstar. She looked back a him, and then back on the path in front of her, and sped away laughing. Link sensed the challenged and sped after her. They raced each other across the huge field, jumping fences and bushes. When they came to some long grass, Link was in the lead. When Zelda and Snowstar zoomed out first, Link was nowhere to be seen. Zelda stopped Snowstar and jumped off.

      "Link? Where are you?" She called into the long grass. There was no reply. She stepped cautiously the grass, which came up to her elbows. "Link?" She heard a rustling behind her. She turned round. "Link?" Suddenly, Link jumped from behind her, playfully knocking her over and down the small hill, and then throwing himself down after. When Link got to the bottom, Zelda threw some grass at him and laughed. Link, noticing Zelda was sitting under a tree, whipped out his bow and fired an arrow into the branches sending leaves falling on Zelda. Then Link laughed and Zelda joined in too.

      When they'd finished laughing, they found themselves looking into each others eyes. Deep into each others eyes.... then Link turned his head away and said. "I have to leave soon."

      "Why?" Asked Zelda softly.

      "I've only recently discovered, I have family in another place."

      "Why do you have to go so soon?"

      "It's my uncle, he's very sick."

      "I see..." Zelda looked down at the grass they were kneeling on.

      Link, seeing her disappointment, put his hand on hers. "I'll be back soon, I promise." She lifted her head back up and smiled at Link. Then, Link noticed the light in the sun-setting sky was shifting, he looked up to see Navi circling the pair. "Navi!" Said Link.

      "What?" Asked Navi. "I was just watching!" Link sighed and looked back at Zelda.

      "I better be going." He said.

      "Well, take this." Replied Zelda, producing the Ocarina Of Time. "And this." She gave him a pink fairy in a bottle. "Don't use it too quickly." "I won't, I have a reason to live." He replied, holding Zelda's hand. Zelda smiled. "My wonderful horse Epona!" He joked. Zelda pushed him back onto the grass. As he lay there on his back, Zelda crawled over him and kissed him on the cheek. "If that doesn't give you a reason to live I don't know what will." She said. Zelda and Link stood up together, again looking in each other's eyes. After a few seconds they embraced passionately and Zelda brushed a tear away from her eye.


      "Now you look after Epona while I'm gone." Said Link, feeding the horse a carrot.

      "Okay then." Replied Malon. "When will you be back?"

      "I'm not sure."

      "Erm.. how far away is this place?"

      "I'm not sure about that either, but what I do know is that the island is North of Hyrule."

      "An island?"

      "Oh, didn't I tell you? It's overseas."

      "Oh, that sounds dangerous! Will you be alright?"

      "Look theres nothing to worry about."

      "Oh okay." Malon smiled and the friends hugged.

      "See you soon." Link said as he left the ranch.

      "Bye." Malon said sadly.

Chapter 2 - Lost At Sea

      Link's small boat was bobbing up and down on the calm ocean, the cool tranquil water reminded him of Princess Ruto. Little did he know dark clouds were brewing ahead and he was soon caught in a powerful storm. His ship nearly torn apart, Link tied himself to the mast with some rope as the boat was tossed about on the huge waves. Things were flying through his head; will I survive?

      If I don't what will Zelda think? And Malon? And Sari? Suddenly, there was a crash of thunder and a lightning bolt streaked from the clouds and hit the small boat...


      Zelda was looking out of her bedroom window when her father, the king came in.

      "Honey, please come down and have some food." He pleaded. "Link won't be back for ages. And the beauty contest is going to start in a moment. If you've not got anything better to do you can help me judge."

      "Oh alright." replied Zelda.

      "The Contest For The Most Beautiful Woman in Hyrule entrants are...." Said the royal announcer.

      "Nabooru of the Gerudos!" Nabooru came through the curtains, wearing a silky long Gerudo dress.

      "Sari of the Kokiri!" Sari came through the curtains wearing a long green sparkly dress and green high heeled shoes. "Malon the farm girl!" ......Zelda wasn't really paying attention to the contest, but her father was watching very eagerly. Then, amongst all the music, cheering and wolf-whistles a messenger came up to Zelda sitting the throne next to the King's and whispered something in her ear. Zelda ran away hands over her face, crying.


      "Zelda please, you've got to come out." Said the king. Zelda lay on her bed, sobbing on the pillow. "It's not the end of the world! There are more men out there!" Zelda knew perfectly well that all princesses of Hyrule's past had all married on the day of their eighteenth birthday, and the fact she was 18 in two weeks time didn't help. "We've got to find you an suitable husband!" Said the king again.

      Zelda turned over on her bed, still clutching the pillow on her chest.


      The King stepped forward onto the balcony and spoke to the people below. "As you all know, it is the Princess's birthday two weeks from now and according to Hyrule Tradition she must marry the man who is to be future king. But, her chosen husband was to be Link, the Hero Of Time. I regret to inform you that his ship was destroyed during a terrible storm at sea."

      The was a gasp from the large crowd, and everyone started to look unsettled. Malon was standing at the back of the crowd, with tears streaming from her eyes.

      High up in a tree, Kaepora the owl heard the announcement, flapped his huge wings a took to the sky, in search of the lost Hero Of Time.

      "The Princess is very upset about these turn of events." Continued the king. "And she will need a husband who is caring and will comfort her."


      A horseman rode into the forest clearing and announced to the Kokiri children: "There has been a great accident." Sari and the other Kokiri came up to the messenger. "Link, the Hero Of Time, has been lost at sea." Sari gasped and the other Kokiri started muttering amongst themselves.

      Before the messenger could finish, Sari ran all the way through the Lost Woods to the Sacred Forest Meadow and sat down on her small tree stump. She took out her fairy ocarina and played a sweet melody she called 'Link's Song'.

      Bits of wood were floating on the sea, bobbing up and down gently.

      The figure of a Hylian in Kokiri clothing slumped over a log stood out the most. There was also a small blue Ocarina glowing, floating on the water. Then a young voice came from it;

      "Link!" Said Sari to the Ocarina. "Link, are you there? Link!"

      Sorrowfully, she put the Ocarina away and looked down at the green grass. A small tear trickled from her eye.

Chapter 3 - Zelda's Husband

      "And next," Said the royal announcer. "Is Sir Cliff Noonan, an explorer brave and courageous." The nobleman took off his hat and bowed before the King and Princess. "Ooo, he looks nice." The King said to Zelda, trying to encourage her on choosing him to be her husband, as he was the richest of all the entrants (And the one the king wanted Zelda to marry).

      "And now you've seen all the entrants," Said the announcer. "It's time for the Princess's decision!"

      "Which one is it to be?" The King asked Zelda.

      "None of them." Mumbled Zelda.

      "Well it's unanimous then." The King said loudly, standing up from the throne so the entrants and the crowd could here him. "The winner of my daughter's hand is....." He paused to build the tension.

      "Sir Cliff Noonan!" There was a cheer from the crowd and the lucky nobleman stepped forward and shook hands with the losers and approached the King and Princess. He bent down on one knee and took Zelda's hand and kissed it softly. The king seemed to be enjoying this momentous occasion. He was jumping up and down and clapping like a school girl. Sir Noonan turned round a waved at the crowd and there were more cheers. Then he came up to the crowd and shook hands with a lot of them, just like a real gentleman. Zelda thought this would be a good time to go back to her room and sulk some more when the king shouted out after her. "Get your best clothes on for tea this evening because Noonan is coming!"


      Tea didn't go particularly well and after that the king suggested that the couple-to-be should go horse riding together. The only thing Zelda was intent on doing is riding as far away as possible, at the fastest speed possible. Eventually leaving Sir Cliff behind. Eventually she came to the sea and sat down on the grass. She stared out at the beautiful sun set and thought of Link. She stared into the sea, trying to imagine Link's face. But instead she saw a reflection of Ganondorf! She turned round quickly only to see into Sir Noonan.

      "Hey, hey, hey! Why are you so startled?" He asked.

      "Oh, its you." She said .

      "What are you all worked up about?"

      "I thought I saw Ganondorf's face in the water."

      "Hey, look at you. You look like you haven't slept in..."

      "...days I know."

      "I think we should get back to the castle it's getting dark." They walked back to their horses and Zelda looked back at over her shoulder at the sea.


      Zelda was still looking out of her window. This was the seventh day running she hadn't got any sleep. She hadn't even put on her night gown. Only a week to go before the big day, as her father said. She could never truly love anyone else accept Link. Even though she was beginning to come to terms with his death. She sighed a big sigh, and lay down on her bed. She eventually closed her eyes, yawned and fell asleep. Suddenly, she felt herself being plunged into a dream. She saw a boat, on the sea on a stormy night. A figure in Kokiri clothing running about on the deck as the huge waves knocked the small ship about and then there was a flash of light and, and...... the storm had cleared. There was that figure again, slumped over a log in the middle of the calm sea. Suddenly, Zelda woke up with a start and sat up.

      "Link!" She gasped.

Chapter 4 - Sea Voyage

      Zelda jumped into action, she grabbed a piece of paper and a feather and dipped the tip into a pot of ink. She wrote on the paper;

'Dear Father,

I had another dream, it was about Link, stranded in the middle of the sea. I'm going to try and save him. Don't try to stop me.



      She left the note on the table and ran out of the room down the corridor to the armoury room. She took a standard Hylian sword and a Hylian shield. Then she ran out of the castle and saddled up on a horse and rode off towards the sea.

      "GONE!?" Exclaimed the king.

      "Yes," Replied Impa. "I found this note in her room." She handed the piece of paper to the king and he read it quickly.

      "Send out a search party." The king said promptly. Impa hurried of to assemble a party of guards for the voyage. "What ever was she thinking of." Said the king to himself. Then he realised. "Link."


      Zelda looked out across the ocean. The remains of Link's boat could have been washed miles away since the time he had actually been wrecked. She looked back at the crew, wandering if she had led them on a wild goose chase. No, her dreams normally are prophecies. Most of her dreams anyway.

      Impa and Cliff stood at the front of the ship they had taken to find Zelda. Sir Cliff Noonan had insisted on coming. Personally Impa didn't like him. He was just TOO nice. But as her duty as a Sheikah, it was her duty to protect the Princess and she couldn't really protect Zelda from an extremely nice and gentlemanly like man. But Impa did sensed something strange deep inside him. Something she couldn't put her finger on, but it was something she had sensed before. Then, there was a yell from the crow's nest: "Ship ahead!"

      "Ship approaching from stern!" Shouted the man from the crow's nest. Zelda spun round to see a ship with the crescent of the Royal Family on the sails: an image of the Triforce.

      "Come to a full stop." Said Zelda to the sailor. "Is there any where I can hide?"

      "Err.. below decks." Replied the sailor. "Where we keep all the food stock." Zelda hurried down to the storage area and hid in a large crate of apples and put a cover over the top of the crate.

      Impa, Noonan and some guards came aboard the small trading boat. "We have reason to believe that you might be stowing away Princess Zelda." Said Impa to the captain.

      "I have never 'ad thee honour of stowin' away royalty I assure you ma'am." Replied the captain.

      "May we search you ship?"

      "Well.. yes but you won't find nothin' accept a lot of food stuffs." Impa motioned with her hand to the steps down to the cargo hold. Instantly to guards went down there and started searching among the crates. Zelda, knowing that they would certainly find her, focused her power of the Triforce Of Wisdom at the guards. They stopped searching the crates and went up on deck.

      "The cargo hold is clear ma'am." Zelda heard the guards say.

      "Permission to check myself ma'am." Said Cliff.

      "We've just searched down there." Said the guard.

      "Yes, but I just know shes here." Replied Cliff. "Alright." Said Impa. "It can't hurt to look again." Zelda saw Noonan coming down the wooden steps through the gaps in the crate and tried to focus her powers on him. Noonan felt Zelda trying to turn him away. Suddenly, as Zelda was sweeping her powers over him she felt evil powers brewing inside the man... evil she'd experienced before somewhere... GANONDORF! She struggled to get out of the crate but Cliff heard her and he took off cover over the crate and Zelda lay helpless as he reached his hand towards her....

      "I've found her!" Said Noonan, coming up from the cargo hold, carrying the sleeping Zelda. "I found her in a crate asleep."

      "But we searched all the hold!" Exclaimed the guard. "She was probably using her powers to feed your brains false information." Said Impa. I wonder why it didn't work with Cliff, thought Impa.

Chapter 5 - The Marriage

      "Zelda...." Said the voice, Impa's voice. "Zelda...." Zelda opened her eyes, to see Impa looking over her.

      "Where am I?" Zelda asked.

      "You're back at the castle." Replied Impa.

      "Ohh, my head.... What happened?"

      "You went to try and find Link."

      "I remember now... in the crate...."

      "Yes. You were using your powers and you must have exhausted yourself."

      "No there was more than that... something happened.." Then the King came in.

      "Oh good you're awake!" He said. "I'm hope your ready!" "Ready? THE WEDDING ALL READY?" Exclaimed Zelda, sitting up from the bed quickly.

      "No no no! Tommorow's the big day!" Replied the king. Zelda groaned and laid back down on the bed.


      Link looked up and saw a fishing boat pull along side him. He was floating in the sea, slumped of a log, from the wreckage of his ship. A rope ladder was lowered from the fishing boat and he was about to climb it when he noticed the Ocarina Of Time floating in the water so he grabbed it. When he hauled himself onto the deck a sailor greeted him.

      "Hey, aren't you Link?" He asked.

      "Yes." Link replied, tipping the Ocarina Of Time upside down so all the water came out of the finger holes.

      "Which way are you headed?"

      "Not near Hyrule."

      "I'll give you twenty rupees to take me back to Hyrule." Link slapped a red ruppee into the mans hand.

      "Hmmm..." Said the sailor. Link produced another red ruppee. "Deal!"


      "Oh you look wonderful!" Said the king, admiring Zelda in her wedding dress.

      "I don't feel wonderful." She replied, standing in front of the mirror. The king frowned. Then he left Zelda's bedroom and Zelda looked out the window again.


      Link walked up to Malon, who was in the large clearing in Lon Lon Ranch. Malon heard him approch and ran to hug him.

      "Link! You're okay!" She said, holding him close.

      "Oh, hi!" Link said, a bit startled.

      "Everyone thinks you're dead!" Said Malon. "You smell of fish."

      "Gee thanks."

      "Now look Link, I know you love Zelda so I stayed behind so I could let you take Epona because my father went to the wedding and...."

      "Wedding?" Asked Link.

      "You don't know?" Link shook his head. "Zelda's gonna marry a nobleman!" Link quickly saddled up on Epona who was in the field and helped Malon up and sped away towards Hyrule Castle.


      Zelda and Noonan walked up the aisle, with the organ in the background. Cliff was wearing a dashing noble outfit and Zelda in her silky Hyrule wedding dress.

      Epona stormed through the empty Hyrule Market towards the castle.

      "Sir Cliff Noonan," said the bishop. "Do you take Zelda to be your lawful..."

      "Yes." Said Cliff.

      "Okay, then... Zelda do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?"

      Epona zoomed over the drawbridge.

      Zelda started to sweat. She looked over at her father, sitting in the front row of seats, who was nodding energeticly.

      Epona pulled up outside the main room.

      "I..." Zelda started. Suddenley, the doors banged open and there was a gasp from crowd watching as Link stepped in the double doors.

      "Link!" Exclaimed Zelda, running to hug him. Link received her with open arms and they kissed.

      "Ah-hem." She said bishop. Zelda and Link stopped kissing

      "Oh, the wedding." Said Zelda. Then she remembered Cliff. "Sorry, Cliff." Link and Zelda began to walk the aisle, arm in arm. When the King noticed the organ was not playing he motioned with his hand to start playing.

      The player didn't know if the wedding was on or off, but kept playing anyway. Noonan was gritting his teeth and his eyes seemed to be glowing red! He clenched both his fists near his face and they started to glow with a purple light. Then, he pointed them at Link and let rip with two purple beams which hit Link in the back, sending him flying. The crowd gasped again as the figure of Cliff Noonan exploded with a flash of light. Everyone shielded their eyes and when the light stopped they saw standing there: GANONDORF!

Chapter 6 - The Battle With Evil

      "Ganon!" Exclaimed Zelda. "So that's why I saw your reflection instead of Noonan's in the sea!"

      Link got back on his feet and drew the master sword and his Hylian shield.

      "You ruined my plan to marry Zelda and steal the Triforce Of Wisdom as well as my Triforce Of Power!" Explained Ganondorf. Link narrowed his eyes.

      "We banished you into the evil realm." Link replied. "Yes, but with the Triforce Of Power I managed to break out and I'm back to claim MY place as king!"

      "You'll never take the throne!" Said the king standing up. Then, Ganon turned his powers on the King and he was held in a cocoon of yellow light. "Let me out of this thing!" "Father!" Gasped Zelda. Then, Link jumped at Ganondorf with the Master Sword but hit some kind of force field and fell back in pain. Then, Zelda turned her power as the leader of the sages on Ganondorf, producing a beam of light which hit Ganon in the chest. The force field around king Akainian dropped and Zelda ran over to him. Link got back onto his feet quickly, and fired a light arrow from his fairy bow at Ganon. But Ganon saw it coming and used his powerful fist to deflect it back at Link! Luckily, Link blocked it with his Hylian shield. Then, Ganon fired a green bolt of energy at Link. He put up his shield to block it put the bolt sent bolts of electricity through the shield and into Link! Ganon fired another green bolt at Link again. Then Link collapsed in pain and Ganon laugh evilly.

      "Link!" Said Zelda. Then Ganon fired a red bolt at Zelda, when it hit her it knocked her unconscious.

      Ganon floated over to Zelda and picked up her limp body then smashed a hole in the ceiling and left.

      Link tried to get back up but didn't have the strength. The he remembered the pink fairy in a bottle. He hadn't used it. He pulled off the top and the pink fairy swirled around his aching body... and then he LEPT back onto his feet, revitalised. Link looked up at the hole in the ceiling.

      "Need a lift?" Asked a voice. Link turned round to see Kaepora the owl perched on a chair.

      "There, up ahead." Said Link, motioning with the master sword. He was riding on Kaepora's back and he drew his bow again and began to fire more light arrows at Ganon. The King Of Evil dodged all of then, and when Link reached for another arrow in his quiver, he found they were all gone!

      "Get in closer." Link told Kaebora, drawing the master sword again. "I'll try." Replied Kaepora. "But this old owl isn't what he used to be!"

      Kaepora came right up close to Ganon and Link swiped at him with his sword. Ganon avoided it and fired a green bolt which Kaepora narrowly avoided. Link came in for another attack and this time slashed at Ganon's arm, which made him lose his grip on Zelda. "Kaepora!" Shouted Link. The old owl knew what to do. He zoomed down after Zelda's falling body and Link held onto his hat. Zelda was about to hit the ground when Kaepora swooped down under Zelda and Link caught her. Link looked up into the sky to see Ganon's tiny figure in the distance.

      "I'll be back!" The Gerudo yelled. "And then you'll pay!"

      Kaepora flew back through the hole in the roof of the main room and Link hopped of and lay Zelda down on the red carpet.

      "Zelda!" Said Link. "Zelda!" Zelda's eyes fluttered open to see Link and Kaepora looking down at her.

      "Huh?" She said. "Wha-what happened?" Link hugged her. "I'm fine thank you for asking!" He said. "So-erm.. what about the wedding?"

      "The wedding..." Zelda replied. "...THE WEDDING!" She got up quickly, and brushed the dust off her wedding dress and started to walk down the aisle with Link. People got back in their seats and the organ piped up again.

      The bishop began again.

      "Do you, Link take Zelda to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, in..."

      "I do." Said Link, who couldn't stand this long ceremony.

      "Oh.. and do you, Zelda take..."

      "I do." Replied Zelda.

      "Oh.. in that case I pronounce you husband and wife." Then Link and Zelda kissed and the crowd cheered.

      "You may kiss the br... oh you've done that." Zelda looked at the King who was brushing a tear away from his eye. Zelda and Link smile and walk back down the aisle as people chucked confetti over them.

      Zelda and Link get in the wedding carriage and wave as the horse pulls them out of the castle. The crowd wave and cheer as they leave. Sari brushed away a tear from her eye.

      "I always cry at weddings!" She said to Malon, who was standing next to her, crying as well. Malon dabbed her tear-soaked cheeks with a tissue and said:

      "I've never cried at a wedding before..."

      "I wonder why that is..." Said Sari. But Malon knew perfectly well.....


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