The Darkness To Light

By Axeley Harrisons

The great Hyrulean sun was setting. It's blood red rays clashed with the darkness of the night creating an everlasting purple.
Link was sitting on his boat, watching the sun set. The night always reminded him of Midna and the Twilight. He took a deep breath and fell back into his boat. He fell asleep, floating away in his small wooden boat.

In the morning, Link awoke in a small pool of water. He was in Zora's Domain. "Ar...are you ok, Link?"asked Prince Ralis
"Oh, sorry, im fine. Did you bring me here?" replied Link.
"No, no. A Zora brought you up to the waterfall pool."
"Oh, well, I best be going. I was going to go back to Ordon today."
"Bye! And come back soon."

In a hurry, Link ran through the passage to Lake Hylia. No monsters had been there for a year now, but Link missed the excitement. He went down to the cannon. The days just seemed to stand completely still. An eerie mist flew about in the hot and dry Gerudo Desert. It was scorching, the sand was as rough as stone wall. He ran and ran until he reached the Cave Of Ordeals. He was determined to find what felt so strange on this day. He knew they were worlds apart, but he was just bored without Midna. She always seemed to spice it up. But all of a sudden, he realized something. A large boulder has sealed the cave. The fairy must have sealed it, on account of evil being destroyed. He ran off, arriving in Arbiters Grounds.He saw Ganondorf. "What are you-" He had no time to finish his sentence. He was hit with a blast of darkness, Twilight Magic. Link awoke, in the newly rebuilt Hyrule Castle. "Oh my god! Is he ok?" Zelda cried. "Ugh... my head, it burns. Ze...Zelda? Whe..where am I?" Link asked. "Your in Hyrule Castle. You were thrown off the cliff into the lake."

Link was very confused. He could'nt remember anything. Not a thing. The only thing he could remember was Zelda. Nothing else. "Who I?" Zelda was feeling something strange in the air. Like, something was happening. She just couldnt put her finger on it. "Have you forgotten yourself? Your name is Link."
"Uhh... my head."
The doctor wrapped Link up on his head. He had a concussion, a broken arm and a bruised up face. "Your one lucky man. Im just shocked that your still alive!" Zelda was frightened that Link would'nt survive. She had feelings for him, but she didnt want him to know. "Well, you just rest. Have a good nights sleep, Link." Zelda went to bed, hearing his groans and sighs. She woke up in the middle of the night. She had a strange dream. Suddenly, she darted out of the bed, got on her dress and a black robe. She ran to the stables and got on her horse, and shot to Gerudo Desert. She arrived at the mirror chamber, to find someone was there. She hid behind a column, discreetly watching. She Ganondorf and...... Zant.

To Be Continued....

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