A Death without a Pink Fairy and a New Life

By Karl H.

10 Years after Link’s trip to Termina…

 Link was sitting down on the stone  wall in Hyrule looking at all the mask’s he collected in Termina. When he  heard footsteps behind him so he quickly drew out his Gilded sword and  turned and swiped and he quickly stopped at the person’s throat.

“Link that was close.”

“Zelda! Sorry you just startled me.”

“That’s OK but we need to go to Gerudo Valley there is a commotion between  the Gerudo and the Hylians.”

“Well what are we waiting for, let’s go”.

Link quickly pulled out his Ocarina and called to Epona and she came  cantering up to Link and he jumped up on her and helped Zelda up and once  she was on they ran at full speed to Gerudo Valley.

Once there they found that the Gerudo were yelling at the Hylians and they  were on opposite sides of the Valley the Gerudo were on the side of their fortress and the Hylians on the side to Hyrule Field.

Link got off Epona and ran onto the bridge and yelled


A Gerudo pulled out a bow and arrow. Nabooru saw this and ran to stop her but  before she could stop her, she let it fly right at Link.

Link saw this and tried to dodge but it hit him in the chest. Link looked down at the arrow sticking out of his chest and he staggered and  fell off the bridge

“NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Zelda screamed. Nabooru looked at the Gerudo archer and pushed her onto the bridge and  closed the gate and the Hylians all screamed with rage and ran onto the bridge and snatched up the Gerudo and insanely killed her.

3 days later…

Zelda went down to Lake Hylia with Ruto, some Zoras and Impa,  They all searched the lake and found no body and the Lake scientist walked  over to them while Zelda was drying and said, “I’m sorry but it is no use he  is definitely dead. Octorocks saw him fall into the Lake and devoured him and  they left no trace I tried to help but I was too late”.

Zelda started crying and crying she couldn’t believe what she heard Impa  also started crying and so did Ruto he was there best friend and he was gone,  how could Impa break it to the rest of the Sages and Hyrule.

Later that day Impa called every one in Hyrule to the Market entrance and  told them of there beloved hero and everyone gasped and some started crying  the King looked a Impa in amazement and asked “Is this true or is it a  trick”

“Its true your Majesty, he is dead”.

2 Months Later

Zelda still had not got over Link she still mourned him,  Zelda heard someone speaking downstairs to her father so she opened the door  and walked downstairs and before she rounded the corner she saw a flash and  she ran down the remaining stairs and saw her father talking to a man  wearing metal gauntlets and face painting on his face and armour over his body.  “Zelda my dear this is ummmm Deity he is foreign from another country  he is you new bodyguard considering well Link is dead.”

“Father you know how much I loved him he was the only man I loved.”

Deity heard this and raised his eyebrow

“Zelda I know but this is a bodyguard he was an old ally with Link in Termina.”

“He was? Then I accept him as my body guard”.

Then Zelda started to fell sick and she ran over to a plant and threw up in  it the King ran over to her and asked “Are you alright?”

Zelda looked up and said “Go away I’m not feeling well! I’m sick as you can see!”

Deity walked over and said “Mood swings being sick all the time? I think you are having a child Princess.”

“I am?”

“Good Din my daughter is having one of my Grandchildren I am so happy!”

Deity called Impa and told her about Zelda.

“It seems Deity is correct you are having a child.”

“Oh but who is the father?”

“I believe it is Link.”

“What?” Zelda asked in amazement. “But…” Zelda ran off upstairs crying.

Impa whispered  “She will get over it.”

“Yes” Deity said. “Impa there is something I want to show you.”

“What is it?”

3 Months Later

Zelda’s belly was getting big she was having a baby and  apart from that, Deity had proven to be a superior swordsman with his weird  shaped sword. Zelda was starting to forget about Link at this point she was  getting interested in Deity. She watched him take on at least 20 moblins at  once just so Zelda could get to Lon-Lon ranch to see Malon ,her friend ever since Link died .

She arrived to find Malon standing there with open arms they both walked in  the house while Deity walked around the Ranch

“Malon I want to ask something?”

“Well Zelda what is it?”

“I think I have something for Deity he is so strong and he cares for me like  no other but Link cared for me the same”

“Zelda it’s OK I see you have moved on and now you have found someone you  like.”

“I suppose your right but I still miss Link that’s the problem.”

“Zelda all you need is time that’s how I coped when my mother died.”

“Your right.”

They started hearing a commotion outside so they quickly ran outside to find  that a Master Moblin was attempting to steal Epona then Deity appeared and  charged the Master Moblin and killed it.

Epona was up on her rear 2 hooves and Deity walked over and calmed her down  and took her over to Malon “But how only Link could bring Epona under control”

“Ummmmmm uhhhh Well in Terminia it was I who rescued her from that Skull kid  and took her to Romani Ranch”

“I get it and she recognised you?”


Zelda smiled and said “Malon how would you like to come to the castle for dinner tonight and then you can stay in a guest room”

“I would love it”.

After Malon packed a few things they left from the ranch escorted by Deity  but Deity sensed something evil it was weak but it gave him the shudders.

Later that night at the castle, Malon, Zelda and Deity were sitting at a  table eating what the chefs made for them. “Mmmmmmm Zelda you must get that  recipe from that cook this is SOOOOO good”

“Yeah it is and I’m sure this little one will like it to” Zelda said as she  rubbed her belly Deity was confused he was lost in memory what was the evil he sensed.

Later that night Zelda was getting into bed and she fell asleep almost  instantly. Zelda was dreaming that she and Link were standing on the balcony talking  and she fell asleep so Link bought a blanket and covered her.

In the morning she woke to find that she was asleep on the balcony - was it a  dream last night she screamed out loud in joy.

Deity heard her scream and ran into the room naked and Zelda opened her eyes  wider and stared at Deity “Oh” Deity realised what he did and quickly  grabbed a pillow and covered what needed to be covered. Zelda giggled and got  up.

“Deity you go get dressed there is something I want to show you.”

“Yes Princess.”

“And one more thing.”

“Yes what is it?”

“Don’t ever call me princess, call me Zelda.”

“Yes princ…. Zelda.”

Later after Deity got changed and Zelda as well they got a horse from the  stable they rode to Lake Hylia. Zelda insisted they walk to the Island in the middle of the lake so they did  but while they were walking Deity jumped in the water “Wait here I got to  see something I errr saw something glitter in the water.”

“Do hurry back I want to show you something.”

Deity nodded and dove and 2 minutes later Deity rose from the water and told  Zelda to meet him on the Island. Deity got out of the water and walked over to her and asked “do you know who

this belongs to?”

Deity handed her the Gilded Sword still in its scabbard

“Oh this…this w-was L-L-Link’s.”

Zelda started crying and leaned on Deity, Deity comforted her then he saw a horse gallop up to them. It was Malon.

She dismounted walked over and asked “What’s wrong?”

Deity showed her the Gilded Sword and as well she started crying and also  leaned on Deity. Both Zelda and Deity were leaning on each other for comfort so he asked Zelda,  “What did you wish to show me”

Zelda sniffed and pointed to a small tree there was a plaque at the bottom  it read “This plaque shows the Love Zelda has for Link this tree will grow and when it blossoms that is when my prediction will come true.”

Deity asked “What does this mean?”

“My prediction was that once it blossomed he would ask me to marry him.”

Deity started getting a tear in his eye he had had enough “Zelda there is  something I must show you.”

“Yes Deity what is it?”

Deity was reaching for his face when there was a loud explosion behind them.  Deity drew out his sword and swiftly turned around to find Ganon standing there.

“Ganon I thought I errr Link got rid of you!”

“Yes he did but my what a weak seal that pathetic Zelda made! I just  pretended it was strong but all this time I could have broken out of it!”

Ganon walked towards Zelda but Deity stood in the way “You shall not touch her!”

“Oh yeah just watch me!”

Ganon charged up an energy ball and fired it at Deity but he just flicked it  away with his sword “Ahhh you have skill but not enough to beat me!”

Ganon drew out his Sword and charged at Deity and made a stab but Deity used  a hole in his sword and snapped Ganon’s Sword in half. “But how could he do this, this sword is unbreakable!”

“Yes but this sword is able to destroy any sword or anything that comes into  contact with it.”

“Grrrrr.” Ganon ran at him ready to fight without any weapons. Deity stuck his sword in the ground and as Ganon came for a punch Deity fell  to the ground and used his feat to pick Ganon up and threw him into the tree.


Ganon transformed himself into the same big pig and grew two swords from his  hands so Deity quickly pulled his sword from the ground and broke both of  his swords and used his sword and threw it right at Ganon and hit him directly in the heart but the sword didn’t stop it went right though him, handle and all.


Ganon fell to the ground dead. Meanwhile Deity’s sword came flying back to  Deity and it sheathed itself. Zelda and Malon stood there mouth open in amazement

“But how did you destroy him he was more powerful then Link but you were  more powerful than Ganon how did you know all Link’s skills?”

“You want to know huh well then prepare yourself.”

Deity reached for his face and pulled it off and then Deity transformed into  someone smaller wearing a green tunic. It was Link.

“Link!” Zelda stood there and ran over to him knocking them both into the  lake. “But how I saw you get hit in the heart with the arrow!”

“Ahhh yes princess but that is what you think but the arrow did hit me but  it went right through the gap between my heart and my lung so it only caused  it to wound me minorly but that arrow was poisoned that is what caused me to  stagger and fall off the bridge.”

“Link I missed you but that Deity person who was it?”

“Oh that was me, watch.” Link put back on the Fierce Deity’s Mask and transformed back into Deity “See it was one of the 4 transforming masks I collected in Termina.”

“OK I understand but how I thought the Lake scientist said you got eaten by Octorocks.”

“Ahh well it was he who helped my back to health he took out the poisoned arrow and gave me a cure and then I noticed you Impa some Zora’s and Ruto came to the lake so I asked  the Lake scientist to say Octorocks ate me.”

“OK I understand now with Epona and my Father he would never let anyone except Guards, royalty and you.”

“Yes that is true now.” Link pulled out a small box and got on one knee and  opened the box and said “Zelda I would be honoured if you would be my wife.”

“Yes Link I will marry you!”

Link smiled got up quickly and put the ring on Zelda and got lost in her  eyes, those beautiful sapphire eyes and her beautiful blonde hair. The only  thing Link could find something similar to her hair was fine gold silk.

“Ummm Link, Zelda, could we please go back to the Castle, I’m starving!”

“Malon I forgot you were here, sure.” Link whistled and the two horses came galloping to them and Link pulled out  his Ocarina and called Epona.

Later at the Castle

The King and Impa were standing there at the Gates

“Ahhh Link my boy you finally showed her who Deity was.”

“Yes you Majesty I did.”

Malon got off the horse and ran into the castle towards the dining room. Link just stood there and laughed then he heard a growling behind him and  turned to find Zelda standing there.

“Oh my.”

Link, Impa and the king laughed then Link’s stomach started growling so he  scooped up Zelda and ran to the dining room.

6 Months Later

“C’mon Zelda just one more push.”

Zelda sat lied on the bed cutting the circulation to Link’s hand then she heard a small baby crying.

“Congratulations Zelda it is a little baby gir.l”

Zelda started crying pulled Link close to her and they hugged and Link  kissed her passionately  “Zelda we have a little baby girl what do you wish to call her?”

“Her name shall be ….Julie.”

“Fine let this day be known as the day Princess Julie was born.”

12 Years Later

“Dad I thought you were showing me how to use a sword?”

Link turned to Julie “Sorry I was teaching Dan how to use one as well then I  got carried away teaching the twins so tomorrow I will teach only you.”

“Thanks dad!”

The next day Julie woke up early and got up and ran into Link’s and Zelda’s room and  jumped on the bed. “C’mon Dad today you are showing me how to use a sword.”

“Link you know I don’t approve of this.”

“Yes I know but it might come useful later in future.”

“Oh go on then”

“Yay c’mon Dad let’s go!”

Later in the courtyard Link pulled out the Kokiri sword and handed it to  Julie.

“OK show me what you have got.”

“OK Dad.”

Julie started to start slashing at Link but he blocked everyone with his  Gilded sword.

“Dad you were winning you said.”

“Yes I said today I will teach you blocking and tomorrow attacking and  jumping.”

“OK now what will be first?”

“OK when someone is going to do something like a jump attack and a down  slash you do this” Link held the sword above him vertically.


1 week later

“Now lets try a small sword battle but we should use Wooden Swords, I might get carried away.”

“*SIGH* Yes Dad if you insist.”

Link grabbed two wooden swords and handed one to Julie.

“OK are you ready?”


“OK then” Link makes the first move but Julie blocked it and she also blocked  every other move he made then she made a jump attack but Link dodged and swiped. Julies blocked it and made a stab then Link dodged and also stabbed at Julie. She opened her arm and moved to the side and closed when Link’s arm was there and punched him in the face.

“Whoah I never taught you that!”

“Yes you did well I watched you take on the Moblin yesterday and learned some  moves from that.”

“Ahhh girls are fast learners,”

“Yes they are!”

Julie puts down her sword and walked away.

“Did I insult her or something?”

After that Zelda walked in carrying their little baby daughter and Dan was  following. Dan was the only boy in the family of 5 but he was also the  second oldest after Julie. Every one of their children had blonde hair and blue eyes. Kate and Katelyn  were exactly identical it was hard to tell them apart and the new arrival  to their family was Anne.

Link thought this couldn’t get any better.

The End

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