Dream Girl

By MegaZeldaMan



     Link rushed along the beach looking for Marin. He was about to go to the Windfish egg for the final challenge but he couldn’t do it without first having a talk with his island girlfriend. He found her standing, once again, at the sea’s edge gazing out over the pristine water as it surfed up on the sand wetting her bare feet. The sun shined upon her beautiful red hair as it waved with the wind.

     “Marin,” said Link.

     “Link?” Marin replied with a start. “Oh, Link. It’s you.” She ran up to him and hugged him. “I’m glad to see that you’re safe.”

     “Thank you, Marin. However...” Here he stopped and returned Marin’s hug. “However my quest is not finished.”

     “Where must you go now?” asked Marin in a worried tone.

     “I must climb up Tal Tal Heights to awaken the Windfish from its egg. It is the last step in this journey.”

     “I wish you wouldn’t go,” Marin cried as she squeezed Link tighter. “It is like a nightmare every time you leave my side.”

     “I wish that too. But in awakening the Windfish, all of the evil creatures will disappear from this island forever.” After saying this, the old owl flew overhead and Link felt ashamed about what he had just told Marin. Not only would the evil creatures disappear, but also would the entire island.

     “Just promise me that you’ll come back safe and sound,” sobbed Marin.

     “I will promise that,” said Link and he kissed Marin on the forehead. With that, she went home. As Link sat on the beach contemplating his last challenge, the owl flew down.

     “So,” he began, “you are really going to keep that promise, eh?”

     “How could you hope to understand me, owl?” snapped Link. “I love that girl.”

     “What you love is a dream.”

     “There must be another way!”

     “There is none. If you don’t awaken the Windfish, you cannot go home. I sure someone there is worrying about you now.”

     Link knew that the owl meant Princess Zelda. “Don’t torment me with this,” he cried. “Marin said it was a nightmare when I left her. It will be a nightmare to finish my quest. I will be killing her.”

     “You will be killing nothing but the Nightmares that infest the Windfish egg.” Link had enough. He drew his sword and struck out at the owl.

     “I tell you, you know nothing about love,” he shouted.

     “Do I not?” snapped the owl. “Who do you think Marin represents in your own life?”

     Here Link stopped. Marin? Zelda? Then Link remembered how he had called Marin Zelda when he first woke up and saw her face. Could this be true or was it mere coincidence?

     “What happens on this island,” continued the owl, “is driven not only by the dream of the Windfish, but also by your dream, Link. As Zelda was a beautiful young girl, so too Marin is a beautiful young girl.”

     “It won’t be the same,” said Link.

     “True,” replied the owl. “But it won’t be too different either. Go Link. Fulfill your quest.”

     Link stood up and ran. His heart pounded with love for Marin and it was painful to feel. As he neared the mountain of the egg he said to himself.

     “Marin, forgive me.”

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