Empty Hearts

By Kuresuten

Chapter 1

   Years after Ganon had been defeated, Hyrule slowly returned into another golden age. Zelda stood calmly on the balcony, and watched the fiery bold sunset over Hyrule. Bright yellows, reds, and oranges filled the sky with splotches of purple peeking through.
   As Zelda watched the mezmerizing sunset, the light shone upon the glistening waters of Hyrule lake until the reflections of magnificent colors turned the purest of whites.
   The rooftops of Hyrule market reflected the wonderful, clear moon's pale white light. Although Hyrule was in a golden age, Zelda felt a deep emptiness in her heart. All she could do is watch the hypnotic full moon cast its pure white glow over everything.
   The stars slowly and meekly shone their light, and the sky was soon overcome with them. Simply watching the sky, Zelda sank to her knees and curled up by the balcony fence, still keeping her eyes fixed on the moon. The emtiness filled her even more deeply, but she couldn't figure it out. Hearts were a very complex thing, and Zelda understood that, but what she didn't get was how they worked.
   Later and later into the night, Zelda's eyes grew heavy, as she was coiled up staring at the stars. Soon, her world whirled around in a fuzzy whirlpool as she gave in to sleeps currents.

Chapter 2

   As Link was relaxing on top of Malon's house at the Lon Lon Ranch, he gazed at the stars from the heavens. He had been feeling somewhat depressed after his 16th birthday. He figured that it was just his hormones acting up, but whenever he would think of Zelda, the feeling would flare up, and he didn't know why. Zelda was one of his dearest friends, but the feeling just kept getting worse whenever Link would daydream about her. He felt..empty..like something was missing in his life, but he didn't know what. That night the feeling was compelling him to go see Zelda, and eventually, he couldn't stand it anymore.
   Link climbed in the guest bedroom through the window and crept downstairs, trying not to wake anyone up. As he tiptoed by Talon's room, he noticed something. Talon wasn't snoring like an elephant this night. Link just shrugged it off and concluded that tonight was just a good night, and snuck to the door and closed it softly behind himself.
   Link found his way past the guards and found the wall leading to Zelda's balcony. This wall was overgrown with vines and Link could barely see the brick of the castle. He latched on and started climbing. Suprisingly, the vines acted like a ladder and he could reach the top of the balocony with ease.
   When Link reached the top, he found Zelda curled up near where he had climbed over. She looked so much like an angel that he didn't want to wake her. As he watched Zelda's golden hair dance in the wind, he could have sworn it was glowing in the moonlight. Zelda gave off a small shiver and Link took out his most precious posession, a blanket that his own deceased mother had knitted. It was forest green and the softest material you could imagine. As Link laid this special thing over Zelda, he placed a small kiss upon her forehead, then climbed down the vines to the earth. He thought about the kiss he had just given her and touched his lips, smiled, then walked off, unknowing that a very tragic thing had just taken place.

Chapter 3

    Link snuck into the Lon Lon Ranch entrance. He made his way towards the door of the house. As Link was about to open the door, he heard soft sobs from inside. Quickly, he peekd into the doorway and saw Malon curled up in a blanket, sitting in a chair, and crying. Link hurried over to her side.
    "What's wrong, Malon?" he said with concern.
    "H-he.."Malon choked out with a look of utter shock.
    "He? What?" Link grew more concerned.
    "Daddy..he's..dead!!!!" Malon bursted into tears and buried her face into Link's chest. His head whirled around and he squinted into Talon's room. All he saw was a large lump on the bed. He strained his eyes and they adjusted to the darkness. Soon, Talon's face took shape and Link managed to see blood streaming out of his mouth.
    "Link, you're the only family I have now...."Malon sobbed,"You're like a big brother.."
    " Yeah, just like a brother..and Talon...was l-like a father.." Link murmered as tears streamed down his face. And for the rest of the night, the two just sat there silently crying and pleading that the pain would end..but it did not. Even when they drifted to sleep, that same feeling welled up inside them..

Chapter 4

    The next day, Malon and Link made their way to the castle to arrange a funeral for Talon. Malon's father had been friends with the King, and sh was allowed to see him without an appointment.
    The two teens entered the main hall and Malon broke the news to the king.
    "Your majesty." Malon and Link both bowed.
    "Please, call me Daphnes. I should have no need to for a friend to adress me so formally. Now, what brings you here Malon, Link?" The two stood up straight. " Why you look awfully glum. Anything wrong, my dears?"
    " I have bad news," Malon said with a slight strain. Malon broke down.Tears filled her eyes and she buried her face in he hands. The king rushed over to her and placed his arm on her back, as did Link.
    " Why, child. What in the name of Nayru is wrong?"
    Zelda happened to be walking by at this moment and saw Malon bursting into tears.
    'L-Link! Would you tell the king? I can't bear to say it!!" Zelda ran over and said with enormous concern, "Malon. Please. I don't know what it is, but maybe you should come with me." Zelda comforted Malon. They had been friends since childhood, and Zelda didn't like to see her friend in this condition. The two girls walked off towards Zelda's corridors. link and Zelda shared a small glance at each other as Malon left with Zelda.
    The king exampind Link's face with a perplexed expression.
    " So what is the terrible news, my friend" Link glanced at the ground for a moment.
    "Talon..he died last night.." Link confessed as he rubbed his eyes.
    "Oh my goddesses.."Daphnes mmurmered quietly with a horrified look on his face.
    Link explained the whole story to the king, leaving out the part where he made a small visit to Zelda, of course.
    " I can't believe this actually happened.." the king whispered to himself in disbelief.
    " Sukretei!!!" he yelled out into the castle. A few seconds later, an elderly man entered the throne room.

    "Yes, your highness?" the man asked with warm smile. Daphnes sighed and said, ' Arrange a funeral for Talon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch." Sukretei's smile faded.
    " Yes, your majesty." He left to arrange the funeral.
    Daphnes dragged himself to his throne and seated himself. He ran his fingers along his chin, thinking.. "I'd hate for you and Malon to stay at the ranch tonight. It'd be too much for Malon to handle, I can tell." He sighed." Why don't you stay at the castle. You may stay as long as you need. we have many guest rooms. I'll have a maid show them to both of you. Take your pick. Any one that you want. I'd be happy to have you around." A few minutes later a maid entered the room and introduced herself to Link. "Now, come with me, dearie. I'll show you all the guest rooms," she said with a motherly smile. Link grinned faintly and followed the maid into one of the halls.

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