The Engagement

byCollyne B

Part 1

      Zelda woke up with a feeling of uneasiness. "I think Gannons up to something." so she contacted the sages and asked if anything was wrong. "Yes," said Rauru,"It seems that the seal that captured Gannon is starting to weaken. I think that he's gotten more powerful sinces he's been in the realm, you must tell Link quickly." and with that, she left to find Link..

      "Link, you need to get prepared because Gannon's seal is weakening, it could break any minute. "But I thought that the seal could'nt brake." said Link "thats what I thought but, I guess Gannon got stronger than he was before he was captured so I think we should..." but before she could finish, Gannon apeared and grabbed Zelda. "Let go of me you ugly pig.""Shutup, now Link, if you want to see your princess ever again, meet me at my castle." Link got his sword and started for him but, he disappeared. "Where could his castle be? his old one was destroyed when I defeated him." he asked Spryte, "Well, I don't know." "I know, its probably in the desert." so he got on Epona and travelled to Gerudo's fortress.

      When he got there he looked around and found a new building past the archery ground. He got off of Epona and started towords the door when a Gerudo jumped in front of him. "What business do you have of coming here?" she asked "I want to talk to Gannon." Link replied, "Not without an apointment your not." So he left and started to climb up the left side of the tower. He kept climbing and climbing, "Wow this castle sure is tall." Then, he reached a window. He jumped in and found Zelda. She had cuts and bruises all over her and she looked badly hurt. "What happened?" he startled her and she jumped. "How'd you get here?" Zelda asked "Thats not important tell me what happened to you?" "Gannon took me to his torture chamber because I wouldn't give him the Triforce and he's going to make me marry him you've got to help me Link." "Ok I'll go look for Gannon but first, take this," and he handed her a bottled faerie to heal her wounds, then he left to find Gannon.

      Shortly after Link left Gannon apeard and took Zelda and they warped to the Temple of Time. "You'll never get away with this Gannon, Link will save me." "Not if he does'nt know about it." he replied "Oh he'll find out about it sooner or later." When they got there the temple was full of Gerudo women. "Rauru, you'd better marry us or you and all the other sages will die. "Oooh how do I get Link to come down here?" she thought "Oh! I'll contact him telepathically." so she closed her eyes and started concentrating. "Link, Link can you hear me? come quick! I'm in the Temple of Time and Gannon is trying to make me marry him please, do something!" Rauru started the ceremony. "We are all gathered here to...""Ya ya ya hurry up get to the important stuff ." Gannon said full of frustration. "do you Gannon, take Zelda to be your wife, through sickness and in health, in..." "Ya I do hurry up will ya?" "and do you, Zelda, take Gannon to be your husband through sickness and in...""Say yes princess or you will die.""Never" she replied. "and so will your father and Link and the poor people of Hyrule." "I do" "If anyone thinks that these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." "I'll speak" Everyone turned to see who had said that. It was Link. "You let go of her Gannon" said Link "Make me." Gannon chalenged. Link started running up to him with his sword in his hand getting ready to strike when Gannon disappeared. "Coward. Zelda, are you allright?" "I'm fine, lets get out of here." They went outide and he helped her on Epona then he jumped on and went towards the castle.

      They stopped at the stable to drop Epona off. "Link, I have to thank you for saving me there" "No problem I mean what are heros for?" he replied with a grin."Don't you think I deserve a reward?" "I think you do so." "How about a kiss?" "Ok, but it doesn't mean anything" "Of course not." he said crossing his fingers behind his back. He pulled her close and they kissed passionately. "Come on Link, they're probably worrying about me. Hey Link! snap out of it, let's go." and they started off towards the castle.

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