The Engagement

byCollyne B

Chapter 2

      When they arrived inside the castle the King greeted them. "Where have you two been?" he asked "You two missed supper." "Oh Gannon captured me, but Link saved me don't worry Daddy." "Are you OK Zelda?"I'm fine, but I'm tired so I think I'm going to bed now, it's late." and she left to her bedroom. "Thanks Link for saving my daughter's life...again""No promblem" Link replied. "I'm pretty tired myself I'm going to bed goodnight."

      When Zelda got to her bedroom she got dressed into her night clothes then got out her diary.

Tuesday, July 15,3142

Today, Gannon escaped from the realm. When I went to contact Link, he captured me and took me to his new castle neer the Greudo's Fortress. He threatend me to give him the Triforce but I wouldn't let him, so he took me to his torture chamber where he set me on this table and guys dressed in black appeared and took out some whips and were beating me. Then Gannon took me to a prison cell and said, "Since you won't give me the Triforce I'll force you to marry me." Shortly after Link appeared and gave me a bottled faerie to heal my wounds and left to seek Gannon. Gannon then took me to the Temple of Time which was full of Gerudo women. He then forced Rauru to marry us. But before he could, Link appeared and started towards Gannon but he vanished. He is a coward. Then at the stable Link asked for a kiss as a reward I said OK but it doesn't mean anything and we kissed and there were no interruptions and wow! He can kiss! But, I can't imagine us being together, he would probably make a lousy King but, you never know. Sometime, sooner or later I should tell him how I feel, I'm just too scared. Well I gotta go to bed.

      She put her diary down and went outside to look at the stars. The view from her balcony is beautiful. You could see the castle courtyard further on you see the forest and the sea. "Hyrule is very beautiful" she thought to herself. Then she caught Link staring at her from his balcony. "Hi Link" she said "Uh I was just uh looking at the stars." "Oh in my direction? All you could see over here is my bedroom tower. Get some rest Link." she said then she closed the curtians and the windows so . Then, she climbed into bed and fell asleep.

      "Now Link" started Spryte "Why do you keep going after Zelda you know she hates you when you could have me?" "Spryte, you're three inches tall, it would never work." 'Oh so size is the only thing thats important to you huh?" Then she left. "Finaly, some quiet around here" He thought to himself then he climbed into his bed and fell asleep.

      Zelda was in the nursery, where she was taking care of two children, a girl and a boy. Link apeared "Let me hold one, honey" then took the baby girl out of her hands. The baby girl cooed lightly. A dark figure suddenly apeared behind him and chopped his head off and took the baby girl.

      Zelda woke up screaming. Link got out of bed "Zelda's in trouble" and ran to her room as fast as he could. "What happened?" "I dreamed that I was in the nursery holding two babies. You came and took one, than someone?? came behind you, then chopped off your head and took one of the babies." Link, being frightened by this walked over to Zelda and had her in his arms,"Its OK, it was just a dream, everything will be OK."

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