The Engagement

by Collyne B

Chapter 3

      The next morning Zelda woke up. She was very tired because after the nightmare she had she couldn't go back to sleep she kept thinking what it all meant. She got dressed in her blue dress and went downstairs to eat breakfast. When she got to the breakfast table she saw that they were having scrambled cucco eggs. "So Zelda, are you ready?' The King asked "For what?" "The courters that will be coming this week you have one coming around 14:00 so be ready by then." "Why do I have to get married so soon? I'm only sixteen." "Because I'm getting old, I might not be around much longer. Anyway, you won't get married when your sixteen you will when your seventeen." "Then why have them come now?" Zelda complained "Because I know that your picky and it will take you a while to choose, but if you want you could choose someone of your own choice and not of the courters now I'm being generous so stop complaining OK?" "OK". She quickly ate like she was in a hurry to go somewhere. "Father, may I be excused?" "Sure Zelda." She then left to the library.

      When she got there she looked on the shelf for a book on interpreting dreams, when Link entered. "Hey what's wrong." "Nothing I just came here to see if there were any books on interpreting dreams for the dream I had last night." she looked in the section where they should have been but they weren't there. "That's funny, there not here." "Someone must have taken it." said Link 'We could talk about it on a picnic huh? What do you say Princess?" "Sure." she replied.

      "Where exactly did you have in mind to have this picnic?" she asked "It's taking forever to get there." She complained. "Were almost there" he replied. "Here, were there." "Oh it's beautiful." "I told you it was worth the way." It was a beautiful view there was a waterfall from a high mountain forming a little lake at the bottom, with green, green grass and beautiful trees. "You picked a good picnic place." "So let's talk about that dream you had last night.

      "OK, I was in the nursery holding two babys, a boy and a girl they looked like new borns. Then, you came in and held the baby girl. You were playing with her then someone crept up behind you and chopped off your head and took the baby girl." said Zelda "Ok So lets try to interpret your dream." said Link. "Ok I think they were my children it could have been Gannon who killed you, or one of his monsters." "Or maybe a mad towns person" "Link, this is not to joke around with I think it could be a prophecy so don't joke about it." "OK well, it happened before so you never know." "Oh also, in the dream we looked older I think maybe in our 20's or 19." "Ok then that would be about two or three years away so lets not worry much about it now. Ya maybe you're right." "Well, lets eat lunch now or I'll be late to meet my courter." I thought you don't want to meet them." said Link "I don't I just don't want to upset Dad." "You know Zelda, you could always marry me if you cant choose." said like jokingly "No thanks" said Zelda "I'd be better of marrying one of the courters that I don't know than you." "Ouch, you hurt my feelings." He said sarcastically with a fake pout on his face. "Cut it out Link! and hurry up and eat or I'll be late." After they finished eating they left and went back to Hyrule Castle.

      As soon as they got there Zelda went up to her bedroom to get dressed to meet her courter. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all." she thought to herself "What if I meet someone very handsome." She quickly got dressed then went downstairs to the court room. She was dressed in a beautiful purple dress with a matching purple bow in her hair with purple shoes. When she got there her courter was already there talking to the King. The man bowed and said, "Hello your royal highness. My name is Sir Anthony Black I come from a small country called Tiena that's west of Hyrule.." "Hello Sir Anthony Black of Tiena" said Zelda with a courtsey. "Well, he's not as handsome as I hoped." thought Zelda. "So Sir Anthony, hows the weather doing in Tiena? I've heard from some of the knights that its very cold now." Said the king trying to pick up a conversation. "Its very cold. Its very warm here in Hyrule, it doesn't usually get this warm down there until around January." replied Sir Anthony. "So how are you today, Princess

      Zelda?" he asked "I'm doing just fine thanks." she answered back. "Now Zelda, there is no need to be rude." said the king "Sorry Daddy. May I leave now? I'm very busy." "Wait just one minute Zelda, go Sir Anthony." "Zelda, I have come to ask your hand in marriage." "I'm sorry, Sir Anthony Black I will have to decline your offer." His smile suddenly turned into a frown then, he left. "What was that all about Zelda? you didn't even give him a chance, you weren't even nice to him." "Like I said, Father, I do not wish to marry so soon or even become engaged." "Well" replied the King, "I guess the only way to settle this is to have a ball. Every man of high class will be invited also every man in the castle. "But Daddy." "And, if you don't choose someone there then I'll have to choose for you." Zelda got pretty mad. She left and went up to her bedroom and slammed the door once she got in.

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