The Engagement

by Collyne B

Chapter 4

      In the past week courters have come and gone, Zelda refusing all of them. It was coming time for the big ball. As far as they knew, every body that they invited were coming. Link was excited about the ball. "I will probably get to dance with her, hopefully even sneak a quick kiss." But Zelda wasn't too excited about it.

She got out her diary and began to write:

      The ball is coming up the day after tomorrow. I'm not very excited about it. Why do I have to marry now? Father says he wont be around much longer so he wants me to marry now so that when he passes on, there will be a king on the throne as well. But, why do I have to choose who I'll marry, why cant I just fall in love then marry like everyone else? Well, he gives me the chance but, how can I fall in love when he keeps me in the castle all day meeting courters. Why cant I just marry Link instead? I shouldn't be thinking about that, we're just friends, but I do like him but just a little bit and I know he likes me I could completely tell. But he can kiss. But, I wonder what it would be like if we were married. He would probably wouldn't make a good king. He'd be too busy wanting to go out on adventures, trying to save Hyrule, well I guess that's a good thing. but I don't know.

      "Boy, I'm bored, maybe I'll go for a walk before dinner." So she went for a walk she decided to talk a walk outside in the courtyard. She was walking around admiring the beauty of the castle. She walked up into one of the verandas to sit and think for a while, while watching the water fountain out in the distance. She just sat there thinking for a long time. Then, she heard the dinner bell ring and got up fast and ran back so she wouldn't be late. When she got there she saw that they were having steak for dinner.

      "Where were you Zelda?" asked her father. "I was in the courtyard sorry I'm late." "Its ok lets just not see that happen again." After dinner they all went into the meeting room. "It seems that in Ruto today, 3 people were murdered." said the king. "By who?" asked Link. "I don't know, witnesses say that someone in a black cloak shot magic at them then, he disappeared." "Looks like the work of Gannon." stated Link "Gannon? Isn't he gone?" asked a knight "Well it seams that his seal from the realm broke." stated Zelda "So we need to watch out, you'll never know when Gannon will strike again." said Link

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