The Engagement

by Collyne B

Chapter 5

      Zelda was up in her bedroom getting ready "I guess I'll have to live with this, I guess it wont be too bad to go, the only thing is I don't want to get engaged." Zelda looked beautiful, she wore a long light green dress with a matching bow and a necklace with a green stone in the middle. "Well, here goes nothing." and she walked downstairs to where the ball was. When she got there, there were a lot of people there already dancing. "Ah, hi Zelda." The King said "You finally came, well why don't you go dance with one of the nice men around here?" "OK Daddy." she said with a sigh. She went out on the dance floor and danced with a lot of men. She still didn't pick anybody. "Hey Zelda." Here Dad said. "Have you chose yet?" "No Father, I don't like any of them, most of them either brag or are annoying." "Well, choose pretty soon, the ball is over in a couple hours." "Hey Zel!" Link greeted "Hi" "Want to dance?" he asked "Sure." They went out onto the floor and started dancing. "Thanks for saving me there Link, my Dad was about to say some long, boring conversation on why I have to pick tonight." Zelda said. "Well, since I saved you there don't you think that I deserve a little kiss?" "Link, people will take it the wrong way especially my Dad." The song ended and they went to a hallway to talk. "How about now?" Link asked "Well, I guess so, but it doesn't mean anything." so he pulled her close and they kissed passionately. "I knew you liked me Zelda." "I don't like you Link well as a friend." "Come on Zelda, I could tell in the kiss." "Well, I guess now is the time to say this, but I do like you but only a little." "Only a little?" asked Link "Yes only a little" said Zelda "Then why are you telling me this Zelda?" "Because I thought that I might as well tell you now cause Ill probably be getting married soon and I just wanted you to know how I felt." "Oh" Link said "Kiss me Link." "Zelda, am I hearing right?" "Just kiss me again." and she pulled him close and they again kissed passionately. Then, the King came. "Zelda?" They then broke loose. "Link?" "Uh, I could explain Daddy." "No I think I understand. Zelda, why haven't you told me this sooner that you two were in love?" the King asked. "Well, we just found out now I guess." "Attention everyone." The King yelled. "ATENTION EVERYBODY! I have good news for you all. My daughter Zelda has chosen who to marry." "Dad, wait." "My daughter, Zelda, will marry Link." Most everyone clapped, some of the men booed. "Dad, you didn't even let us talk about it." said Zelda "Well, I know you wouldn't choose someone so I chose Link because obviously you two are in love." "Well, I guess we are." "Good, then you two will be scheduled to be married by Spring next year." "OK, I guess." said Zelda. Link and Zelda went outside to talk. "Well, I guess We are getting married." "Ya, guess so. Uh Zelda..." but before he could finish they both started towards each other then, kissed passionately for a while. "I love you Zel." "I love you Link." Then they just hugged and then, it went silent.

The End

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