The Fight For Love

By Meghan England

Chapter 1

" Every day scince you left i've cried,

tears have leaked out of my eyes

i can't seem to live though i'v tried

i can't live with out you, i know that now.





I've killed myself, that i know

my heart is two

my feelings have to go

but i need you!





What is going on

more going through

got to move on

do not know what to do."

"Very good princess! Nasder will be pleased with you!" Impa encouraged Zelda. But Zelda felt anything but encouraged.


"I know, but your dad arranged the marriage."

"But Impa...he tried to RAPE me!"

"WHAT! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Impa asked a little loud.

"If it had not been for Link..." Zelda began.

"He would have raped you." Impa finished ", Why did you not tell your dad? Or why did not Link tell him?"

"Impa! He promised Link he would kill me if he told...i never seen Link look scared." Zelda confessed.

Impa pushed some gold-blonde hair out of the seventeen year olds eyes.

"I'll find a way. You and Link are in love, are you?"

Zelda nodded. And gulped. "I love him...Link that is." Zelda whispered.

   Seventeen year old Link glared at Nasder. How he hated that guy.

"Hey Lonk!" Nasder smirked ", How bout coming to me and Zels wedding?"

"I just might." replied Link with very clenched teeth. Nasder walked away, chortling.

"I will have Zelda in my bed next week. Ha!" Link walked out into the garden to look at the moon.

"YOU!" It was Gwal, the guard who hated the Hero of Time with a passion.

"Time to play." Link thought, smirking. The guard charged for Link. But Link was too quick, he easily side stepped the guard's attack. Link took out his sword and prepared for a midnight duel.

   Zelda walked into the garden. And saw Link dodge an attack from a guard Zelda knew well, and hated."Gwal! Stop that!"

But Gwal was not listening. "I have been paid to kill you Link! And I will." Gwal said, looking at Link with hate in his eyes. Zelda gasped as Gwal continued on. "Just like when Vannberra killed your parents Link! Your pirate father died bravely, but you won't, you will die beggin me for mercy."

Link was glaring at Gwal with a look of complete haterd at the mention of his family. "YOU LIE! MY FATHER OBEYED THE LAW YOU A-!" Link bellowed.

Zelda had never seen Link so angry. "Huadmun! Get him from behind!" Gwal yelled. Zelda screamed as a BIG, UGLY, and remarkably FAT person snuck up behind Link and knocked him cold.

"LINK!" Zelda screamed. Then Gwal saw her.

" The princess! Grab him and..."

"GAURDS! GAURDS! GAURDS!" Zelda screamed.

Huadmun started to pick up Link, but the sound of the approaching guards made him give up. In a minute the guards had surrounded Gwal, Huadmun, and the unconscious Link.

"Father! Gwal tried to kill Link, who started to sword fight him back. And Gwal was going on about ' Just like when Vannberra killed your parents Link! Your pirate father died bravely, but you won't, you will die beggin me for mercy!' Link got all mad and started to have more forceful attacks, then Huadmun knocked him out, and i called for you." Zelda said this all very fast.

Her father looked a little confused, then he figured it out. "So. So my gaurds are paid to try and kill Hyrule's  greatest hero. Who paid you to commit such treachery?"

Gwal pulled out a dagger, and with a maniac glint in his eyes, stabbed Huadmun in the throat, ripped it out, and stabbed himself in the throat. Blood rushed all over the grass, and the dirt soaked with blood.

The next day Link awoke, he was in the hospital. He glanced around, Hwin was not around. Hwin was Impa's adopted baby sister. Silver hair, gray eyes, and EXTREMELY annoying! Link grabbed his stuff and started for the door. He made it out, phew.


Chapter 2

" I'm a walkin

he is talkin

he leans over

and kisses my cheek

how could i be a lover

in just a week





I miss your face

i miss voice

i will to you race





cause i love you

whats going on

i love you

got to move on."

    Zelda felt miserable, the day after tomorrow was her wedding, to a complete jerk! Two days ago Link had woken up, and left Hyrule castle, he was returning for the wedding. She heard commotion in the court yard, curiosity got the better of her. Zelda walked out to there and nearly fainted. A very shocked Link was battling another guard, her fathers attendant, Remenal.

"He promised me gold within your death!" Remenal screamed. Link dodged another attack and replied with his own.

"STOP!" Zelda's father commanded.

"Be more than happy to, i am getting tired of fighting for my life!" Link yelled as he thrusted at Remenal.

"Never." Growled Remenal as he moved in for the kill. The guards moved in to get him, but Remenal was not giving up with out a fight.

"Welfroth! Freduer!" Two cooks snuck up behind Link, and got elbowed in the faces. The fight lasted a couple more minutes, finally they had Remenal, Welfroth, and Freduer on their knees.

"Who hired you?" The king growled angrily.

"No say." The three chorused.

"Bring out the radyr." Daphnes said.

"Okay!"Remenal yelled. The radyr was a instrument that you wore around your wrist, you screwed bolts into the skin. Then you a chose shock level. (1-2-3-4-5)

"Well, who?" Asked the king.

"He is among you, and that is all." Growled Remenal, then without a warning they jumped forward to their death with the guards blades through their hearts. Again the ground was red and the grass wet with blood. Link was wounded in several places, and a happy Hwin lead a unhappy Link to the hospital.

"Father...what is going on?"

    Link snuck to Hyrule Field. He played Epona's song and Epona rushed to him. He soon was in Karikko Village. He reached Impa's house easily. Looking up the Reudiu Royal Family was no problem. Link gasped, he could not believe what he had just read.

"The Reudiu Royal family is particularly known for its line of killers. From 1100-1400 the family was abnormally known for the murders they committed. There is a way to see a Reudiu's soul and intentions The Lens of Heart can help you there."

Link took the book with him, telling the cucco lady that he did so, and headed for the old lady that always walked next to the well.

"Can i see the Lens of Heart?" Link asked.

" 350 rupees, for sale." The woman croaked.Link gave her the 350 rupees and tested the Lens on the cucco lady. It showed she was an honest, loving and kind person. Her greatest desire was to hold a cucco without getting allergies in the way. Link whipped out a Yellow potion from Hyrule Market Town and gave it to her. The woman thanked him with a piece of heart. Then he headed back to the castle.

Chapter 3

" You know the truth

and see the lies

and now you are a sleuth

and thwart the enemies tries."

    Zelda saw Link ride in the Castle. Overjoyed- she ran down to meet him.

"You are back!" Zelda yelled, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Zelda, you are not going to believe this-" Link began.


"Gotta go-my father." Zelda said apologetically- dashing to meet her father.

Zelda turned the corner and into Nasder, who was wearing an outraged expression. He roughly grabbed her arm, and clamped his hand over her mouth tightly. "Teach you to follow my rules." He growled. He pulled out duck tape, and taped her mouth shut and hands together. Then he lifted her into the air by her throat, Zelda turned pink, red, blue then purple. Nasder dropped her. "Next time you get that close to him again, say goodbye to him- then you." Nasder growled after he removed her bonds.

   "LINK! Have you seen Zelda?"

"She just went looking for you sire." Link replied.

"What? But i have not seen her."

"Sire- there is something i need to tell you." Link said.Link told Daphnes about the Lens of Heart.

"Here--Look into peoples soul with it. Sire." Link finished, giving the king the lens. Nasder and Zelda were walking nearby. Daphnes raised the lens to his eyes and looked at Nasder. Then he gasped.

"Get your filthy hands off my daughter!" Daphnes yelled, rushing to Nasder and Zelda. Nasder whipped around, pulled out his blade, put a dagger to Zeldas throat, and tripped the King all at the same time.

"Now i will become king of Hyrule!" Nasder sneered raising the blade above the terrified kings heart. "Yes, it was i who hired people to try to kill the Hero of Time--he got in the way too much."

"I bet you hated that." Said the king through clenched teeth.

"Yes, but it won't matter once YOU ARE DEAD!" Nasder brought the blade down quickly and would have killed Daphnes if Link had not jumped Nasder, knocking the dagger out of his hand and freeing Zelda. "YOU!" Nasder bellowed.

"Me." Link smirked, pinning Nasder to the ground.

"GAURDS!" The king bellowed.

"GRRRR!" Link was starting to think he could prepare for the impossible. Link tripped Nasder as the guards entered the room.

"Take this scum to the dungeon, for abuse, intended rapery ,and for attempted murder." The king ordered.

Zelda was shaking uncontrollably, when Impa put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Sire there is something these two need to tell you."

"Father--Me and Link are in love." Zelda said flatly.

Daphnes gasped. Then he beamed at his daughter and Link. "Well then you have my blessing. And in order to get engaged, you know what you got to do." Link looked at Zelda, she looked at him. Then Impa pushed Zelda forward, and the king did the same to Link. Link stood there awkwardly there for a minute, then he kissed her. Link and Zelda had never felt this feeling before- their first kiss.

   Weeks later a royal wedding took place- Link and Zelda's. And when Zelda's father died, two years later, they became King and Queen of Hyrule. Hoping the danger was over. But it was not.

To be continued.....


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