The Girl

By C.T.

  Link was walking in Hyrule Field when he saw a very pretty brunette girl sitting on a tree stump, she was crying. Link walks up to the sad girl and asks “Why are you crying?” The girl replies.

  “It’s nothing,” she says while wiping her eyes “I was just  remembering my first visit to the Sacred Forest Meadow, it was so scary I... I barely made it out of there alive.”

 “Well, what happened?” Link asked in great interest.

 “I’d  rather not tell you.” She looks up at him and smiles. “ Hey, is that the Ocarina of Time?!?!  I’ve heard of it but never thought it was real!” Link smiled.

 “Would you like me to play a song for you?” he asked.

  “Oh, more than anything!” she gasped, and stared at him with an enchanting sparkle in her eyes... as if she were in love.


   Link begins to play a tune on the ocarina, one that he had never played before... suddenly the girl begins to sing as he plays the ocarina (with a voice better than Malon.) The song was: As I look into your eyes, of someone I don’t know, my heart tells me that I’ve known you all my life, my heart tells me I’ve known you all my life.

  Link stops and stares at the girl “I don’t believe I know your name yet.” He says.

“Chloe.” She smiles. They both gaze at each other for the longest time. Link sits next to her on the stump and began to talk to each other for the rest of the day.....

Two Years Later...

   Chloe was sitting in front of the fireplace at her house, it was Christmas time. Then there was a loud knock on the door and then a scream. ‘I know that scream,’ she thought ‘ That’s Link’s!!!!!’ She runs to the door and opens it to see Link, with lots of big cuts, scrapes, and bruises all over.

 “Oh my God!” she screams “What happened to you?!?!” 

 Ganondorf…” he lightly mumbles. She pulls Link in and lays him down on her couch. She pulls out his master sword and heads outside... she looks angrily around the field.

 “COME OUT YOU BIG BABY!” she screams “ I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” “AAAAAAAH!” She was knocked down to the ground by Ganondorf’s magic. She cringes in pain as she gets up and sees her wound. “Well, this stinks!” she says. Ganondorf suddenly appears.

 “You really think you can beat me! You foolish girl!” He grabs her, picks her up and holds her high in the air. “ First I’ll kill you, then I’ll go after Link whom you treasure so much! MUUUAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!” There were tears in Chloe’s eyes.

“You monster!” She spits in his face.

 “AAAGH!” he screams in disgust, he throws her to the ground... hard. 

 “AAAAAH!” She screams once  more, and gets knocked out cold. Ganondorf thinks she’s dead, so he goes inside the house to defeat Link once and for all. But to his surprize, Link wasn’t there, he had snuck outside to get his master sword. Ganondorf  goes back outside, and sees Link kneeling next to Chloe... crying. Link also thought she was dead.



    Link feels Ganondorf’s presence behind him and jumps to his feet, ready to fight.

“I knew how much she meant to you,” Ganondorf  sneered “So naturally, I had to kill her,” he said with a laugh. Link stares in horror, anger, and saddness all at the same time. He had never told Chloe that he loved her, but wanted to. (The same thing with her.)  He screams and charges at Ganondorf to begin their battle. At the sound of Link’s scream, Chloe  woke  up.

 “L...Link, where are you?” She gets up and sees Link in battle with Ganondorf, and listen to what they were saying to each other as they fought.

 “Admit it, you love her!” Ganondorf  yells.

 “Okay, I do!” Link yells back. At that moment, Chloe felt as if she was never hurt, as if her life energy was just  restored... by hearing those words. She got up and began to walk towards Link and Ganondorf. (There was one thing that she never told Link, and that was the song she sang to him to years ago was a magic song she had made yes, she has magic powers. The magic song was for many things, for strength, for health, and for unlocking certain doors.

 As I look into your eyes, of someone I don’t know, my heart tells me I’ve known you all my life, my heart tells me I’ve known you all my life.” Her hair begins to blow as if there’s a wind, but it was only hitting her. Her eyes began to sparkle, and she began to sing again, not a song but she just sang as she was lifted into the air. Both Ganondorf and Link stopped and stared at her, except Link was smiling. Then a big blinding flash of light burst into the air from where Chloe was floating. You could hear Ganondorf screaming “NOOOO!” as he just vanished from the field.

  Chloe fell to the ground and Link rushed over to her to see if she was okay. Again, she was knocked out. Link kneeled over her and stroked her hair until she woke up. When she did, she said “Link, what happened?”

  “It’s okay,” He smiles “everything’s gonna be alright.”  Then Link leaned down and kissed her.

                                                ... And that is the story of...



                                                                  The Girl


The End

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