Goddess's Embedded

By Miriam




‘Oh no! Not again!’ Zelda moaned exasperatedly, flumping onto the grass as the tiny light beaming between her palms shrivelled and disappeared. She would never get it right. Link shuffled closer to her and patted her hand.  ‘Don’t worry Zel.’ He said comfortingly. ‘You’ll get it right next time.’ He had reassured her with that same saying over 16 times now.  ‘It’s not fair and it was the perfect opportunity to practise the healing chant on your leg after you…tripped over Navi…’She started to giggle, the frustrated look on her face slipped off and they collapsed onto the grass laughing while  Navi flounced off leaving a trail of light spheres behind her.

‘Oh, she’ll be in the tree house.’ Link reassured Zelda as she stopped laughing and cast an anxious look after the sprite.  ‘Well I’ve had enough of practising my psychic skills for this afternoon.’ She sighed, shutting the enormous book. ‘This book must be older than my dad!’ She said, setting off another fit of giggles. Link chuckled while saying:

‘Your dads so old he’s probably older than Hyrule!’ After another fit of laughing, they both sighed and Link got up to leave.  ‘Link....’


‘Who’s your best friend?’ Zelda asked begging inside her head.  ‘You of course!’ Link said. Zelda’s heart flew up to the sky, higher than stars and even higher than the God’s could reach.  ‘Not Saria?’ She said suddenly remembering the kokiri girl Link had lived with ever since he was a baby. They DID grow up together… ‘Zel…’Said Link, taking her hands, the warmth of her delicate hands and the elaborate whorls of her palms made his heart hiccup. He always got so breathless when he held Zelda’s hands. Zelda’s breath quickened as Link cradled her hands in his.

‘No-one in the world means as much to me as much as you…’ And that was the truth.


      *           *

‘Link! Hey LINK!!!

Link span around quickly to find Saria running towards him. His heart dropped. He had to get to Zelda quick; it was nearly midday, their meeting time.


‘Where are you going?’

‘Oh….another walk.’

‘Want some company?’

‘Nah, it’s gonna be pretty long and you’re not allowed out of the wood.’


She knew the real reason why his was going out of the forest. He knew about the meetings with the princess. She liked Link in a special way and she knew he had a thing about the princess. She had tried to accept it but couldn’t help wanting to get back at Link. He was growing up and leaving her behind, and there was nothing she could do about it…


      *           *

How can I do this to him? I am keeping the reason of his existence from him and he doesn’t have a clue. He doesn’t know I sent him away from me, I remember everything but he doesn’t. I was forced by Rauru to put a spell on him but I didn’t think he would forget it completely. I still don’t understand how I can remember it. I want to tell him. Every time I think about it my stomach squeezes uncomfortably. I have never felt this terrible about anything before apart from when mother died…


    *               *

‘Link!’ Zelda shrieked as he grabbed her around her waist and pushed her to the ground before leaning over her, their faces almost touching. Link was smiling softly.

‘Heya Princess!’ He said getting up and pulling her up. He noticed her hips were a lot slender and curvy now, probably because she was growing up. They were twelve now. His voice was certainly getting deeper. They sat for a while, talking about various things. The Goddesses, the castle and the secret passages Zelda had in her room, the heavens and then the subject of kissing came up. They both suddenly went silent.  ‘Zel…?’


‘D’you wanna try it?’

‘Try what?’


Zelda went red. She wanted to more than anything in the world. She had had a thing for Link since half a year ago. It was because they were so close and he was so nice and he was her best friend. Maybe that wasn’t such a good reason, Zelda thought, biting her lip.


‘Nothing serious or anything!’ Link said blushing. ‘Just to see what it’s


‘Oh…’ Zelda said, thinking it over. ‘Well ok.’

Link grinned.

‘Ok then.’

They leaned forwards.

They both wanted this more than anything in the world.



                            *              *               *

Gee I like her a lot I know. But I just don’t think she feels the same way.  We kissed today. I told her I just wanted to see what it felt like but that wasn’t the reason. We are growing now. I have feelings for her. I wish I could tell her but what if she doesn’t feel the same way? She’s a princess, royalty. If I tell her and she doesn’t feel the same way this could be the end of our friendship. If we can’t be together in love then I don’t want us to be apart completely.


                            *               *              *



‘…Never mind…’

‘Link, tell me.’

‘It’s nothing.’


‘WHAT?’ Link shouted, leaping up with a frustrated look on his face. Zelda shrunk away from him, a tear trickling down her scarlet cheek. Link relaxed, ashamed with himself. He crouched down and took hold of Zelda’s hands. She tried to pull away but Link looked softly into her eyes and whispered, ‘I’m really sorry Zel…I’m just having problems. I’m having visions. I’m scared. I see this evil man standing over me…he wants to take you away and destroy the world and kill us. He wants the power of Hyrule, I don’t know what he means but that but I know it’s bad because I think It’s going to happen.’ He said in a rush, the words tumbling  out of his mouth, with a tear trundling down his cheek.

Zelda sighed, and then burst into tears herself, sobbing uncontrollably, as Link pulled her into a hug. As they hugged for minutes, hours maybe even a lifetime, they rocked each other and shushed and gently said ‘It’s ok…’ After ages when they had stopped crying, Zelda straightened up and looked at the floor.

‘Link, I have been ordered not to tell you this but it is important.’ She said.


*                *               *



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