Happy Valentines Day Zelda

By Doug

            Link has just gotten into the bath tub to relax. As he sits down in the tub and closes his eyes he thinks to himself ‘there is something I have to do I just think of what’. Then he quickly jumps out of the tub “Oh no I forgot tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day,” he says. He dries off and puts his clothes on as fast as he can. ‘Think Link; think where to go for flowers or something for her.’  He runs down the stairs in his tower and then into the streets of North Castle market place. He sees his objective the florist and runs into the shop. Link says to the florist “Jacob I need your help.” The young fellow behind the counter looks up and says “Link, what’s wrong my friend?” Link is still trying to catch his breath and says “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I need a dozen roses for the princess.” “Like when do you need them?” Jacob asks. “Tonight or tomorrow, could you deliver them to her?” Link says. Jacob shakes his head and says “The roses we can do tonight, but I am so backed up I can’t spare anyone to deliver them besides you’re her betrothed you do something special for her.” Link asks “Like what Jake?” Jacob hesitates for a minute then the idea comes to him “You know like fix her breakfast in bed when you take her the roses.” Link responds “That’s a great idea thanks.” Then Link runs towards the door, but Jacob yells at him “Hey don’t forget these roses.” Link goes back and picks the roses giving Jacob thirty rupees for the flowers. Link makes it back to his room and hides the flowers for the morning.

            Bright the next morning Link sets into motion his plans. He gets down to the kitchen just before six and get all the ingredients out then starts cooking. Things move faster then Link expected and he accidentally burns the scrambled eggs. Suddenly before Link knows it, it is seven and the time Princess Zelda likes to get up. Link rushes up to her room in the tower with the breakfast and roses. Getting to the door Link tries juggling both the roses and the food. As he is able to get control of both he knocks on the door. A sleepy female says “Who is it?” to which Link responds “Breakfast your highness.”  Then Zelda says “Come on in.” Link walks in looking at his bride to be. Link is able to hide the flowers behind his back. He leans down and places the food tray on the bed for Zelda. She looks up him and says “Thanks Link, I didn’t know you could cook.” Link responds “I didn’t know I could either but this was my idea of Valentine’s Day for you.” Zelda takes the top off the tray and picks around the food noticing the burnt eggs then avoids them. Link is still standing with the flowers behind his back. Zelda after finishing looks again at him and says “Is there something else Link?” Link pulls out the flowers unfortunately the way he had them hidden ended up squishing them. Zelda says excitedly “Flowers for me?” Though they are destroyed she takes them anyway lovingly. “Oh, thanks Link. You made my Valentine’s Day.” Then she leans forward and kisses him.


            The End

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