A Not So Quiet Haven

By Doug

          It has indeed been a time of quiet at least at sea. The shipping lanes between Hyrule and Somarsia have at this point been closed due to the ongoing war between the two kingdoms. Where our story picks up is it is just a couple of weeks after Zelda has told her father that she wishes to continue sailing beside Link a pirate captain. While her father is not happy with her decision he accepts it nonetheless. Captain Link’s small fleet of four ships and 350 men have had pretty good luck in hitting enemy shipping but not anything that would cripple their will to fight.

          The time of the day is evening and the setting to the story is Link’s cabin aboard his flagship “The Wild Turkey”. Link is relaxing with his young second lieutenant Jonathan who he has known for most of his life. They are both enjoying a sip of brandy as they discuss the current situation. While relaxing Link begins talking about his first lieutenant who he is very impressed with, Zelda. Jonathan agrees that she has moved far away from the way she was when she first came aboard. Then Link says “Jonathan do you ever wonder about what is coming up next?” Jonathan in return says “What do you mean, Link?” Link says “What I mean is do you ever think about settling down perhaps getting married and having a family of your own?” Jonathan responds “I do think about that, but is this about me or you? I think, I think you almost sound like you’re in love.” Link in turn tries to play it down “I was just thinking that one day this life on the sea might end. I sure wouldn’t mind finding somebody that I could share my life with.” Jonathan then asks “Do you mean the Princess or should I say Lieutenant Zelda?” Link is turning red from embarrassment “Did I say her?” “No”, Jonathan says then “but she does seem to have your interest.” Link still a little embarrassed says “Maybe I do love her. But think she probably isn’t interested in me at all.” Jonathan follows up with “Now I wouldn’t say that Link. I have seen the look in her eye when she spots you on the deck so perhaps there is a mutual feeling there. Only time will tell.” Link finally says “You’re right only time will tell, but there is that hope.” At this they break up for the evening.

          The next morning all crew are called onto deck and an announcement is made by Link. Link starts off “Well, guys it is getting near winter and these seas turn quite dangerous as you know. Our fleet will be broken up for this. Jonathan will take two ships and head north to the pirate haven off New Brehuma, I myself will with Lieutenant Zelda head south to the pirate stronghold of Humerus. The crew will be divided evenly among the commands. So we have an accord now and I will send out a letter to call the fleet back together in the spring at a designated point.” With that the Jonathan and Link shake hands followed by Zelda shaking hands with him, at this point Jonathan boards another ship and starts sailing north. This was it; Link and Zelda are heading south to Humerus to set up for the winter.

          The journey south lasts around three days, many crew members are happy for this break. As they dock at Humerus the mayor a close friend of Link’s welcomes him to town and offers to set up a house for him which he accepts. Zelda on the other hand can’t seem to locate anyone that would allow her stay with them so she decides to stay aboard “The Wild Turkey”. Link is a little upset about this, but goes on. A couple days into their stay Link invites Zelda to dinner. Dinner itself is just like it was on the ship, but at the house where Link is staying. While there Link offers his lieutenant a room in the house which she turns down saying “You know how that makes me look. Like you and I are, you know involved.” Link is little hurt about this, but he knows from experience arguing with her is like arguing with a stone wall. Link is still managing to hide his feelings for her quite well. After dinner a runner from the mayor’s office enters. He greets both Link and Zelda then invites them to a dance which is taking place at the mayor’s house. Link says “This seems like fun why don’t you come with me?” Zelda trying to back out says “I have um... have some stuff do on the ship. Besides I don’t have anything to wear.” Link laughs at this excuse knowing she has plenty of nice dresses and says “You don’t have to worry about the ship it will be there when you get back as for clothes you have a lot of nice dresses back aboard the ship you can go get changed and I will wait for you.” Zelda is extremely suspicious of Link’s motives but in the end agrees.

          An hour later Zelda is wearing a nice blue dress as she and Link appear at the Mayor’s house. The party is in the main parlor where much is going on. Discussion about the current wars seems to be on everybody’s tongues. When people figure out that Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule they get real friendly like they expect her to be able to do something for them. It is midway through the evening and there is dancing going on. Captain Link is dressed of course in his finest coat and hat. The ladies present take turns trying to get him out on the dance floor while Zelda watches. After two dances Link walks over to where Zelda is and asks “Would you consider dancing with me?” Zelda is sort of caught by surprise and says “Me, no. You don’t want to dance with me.” But Link’s eyes catch her gaze and she finally agrees. On the dance floor they make quite the couple. They dance several sets including a waltz that makes them come together very close. The evening ends and the party breaks up. Link and Zelda both head outside to leave for the night. Link escorts Zelda back to the ship just as a gentleman might. Zelda feels pretty comfortable and they both get on board the ship for a night cap of brandy in Link’s cabin. Zelda does think he is up to something she just can’t figure out what. As they drink Link talks a little “Lieutenant, are you enjoying yourself?” That’s an odd question considering they just finished going to a dance. She responds “Sure captain I have been. Why do you ask?” “I didn’t want you to get bored,” he says reassuringly. “That’s one thing with you Captain I don’t ever get bored,” she says “I better be hitting the hay I am pretty tired.” Link says “Oh, okay I will leave.” They both stand up at the same time. Link takes her hand in his and then looks into her eyes. They stare at each for a minute then draw closer and closer together. Then Link leans forward and kisses her on the lips. She turns red then looks away saying “I am sorry Link I didn’t mean let that happen.” Link responds “I am sorry to...ummm…I didn’t mean go so far.” He quickly leaves.

          A few weeks go by then a month Link is staying at his quarters in town setting plans for when the fleet reunites. One night Zelda comes to his quarters to bring something up. Link is sitting at a desk in an office of the house that he is using as his quarters. “Captain,” she says “tomorrow I request permission to test fire the guns with the new powder. We have wintered here for quite a while and I don’t want to have misfires when we run into someone that can fight us.”  Link looks up “Oh, Zelda, I mean Lieutenant. That sounds good to me take both ships out and test fire their guns. You are right we don’t want to get caught with the powder being ineffective that would make for a terrible scenario for us.” Zelda is still standing there. Link asks “Is there something else you wanted?” Zelda again starts turning red “Well, Link you…um… remember a couple of weeks ago?” Link glares at her “Yeah, what’s wrong?” Zelda looks away coyly “I just didn’t want you to think that that kiss meant anything.” Link says “Lieutenant or Zelda which ever you prefer I think I am in love with you, I don’t know. That’s why I kissed you.” Now Link is turning a little red with that confession. Zelda responds “You…you…you do? I never thought that in fact I didn’t realize that. I mean you’re handsome and sweet, but I never thought.” Link feels a little rejected “Oh, I understand.” Zelda looks at him “Link, I didn’t mean to hurt you I just need a little time, but I think I do also love you.” Link responds with understanding and some happiness “I promise I will give the time and space you need.” Then thinking back to the original duties he says “Lieutenant, you may take the ships out tomorrow morning please make an announcement to the crew as soon as possible.” At this Zelda salutes which Link returns the salute then she leaves the room.

          Zelda makes it back to the flagship trying to think ‘how to gather the crew’. If she can find the quartermaster of the flagship he will probably be able to help her gather the crew and make the announcement. While walking the deck see spots Garrett the quartermaster on the dock and yells down at him. He responds walking quickly onto the ship and salutes “Yes, Lieutenant what is it that I can do for you?” Zelda returns the salute and says “Quartermaster Garrett I need you to gather the crew of both ships I have an announcement I need to make.”  Garrett snaps to attention and says “Right away Lieutenant I will have all men present by this afternoon before five.” Zelda responds “Thank you Garrett that will be good.” Garrett again salutes which Zelda returns then leaves promptly. Zelda does a final inventory on the flagship of ammo, muskets, pistols, and swords. Satisfied she returns to her cabin awaiting the return of the crew which will be in couple of hours she is quite certain.

          Around three in the afternoon there is a knock at Zelda’s cabin door. “Come on in,” she says. In walks the quartermaster and salutes which she returns in kind. He says “Lieutenant all crew members are present to be addressed.” She responds “Very well I will be out there in a few minutes to do just that.”  Just as he leaves and closes the door someone else knocks. Zelda says “What’s wrong Garrett you forget something?” The response is “No, Lieutenant I didn’t,” but it’s Link’s voice. She responds “Come in captain I was just preparing to address the crew.” Link walks in and says “I just figured I would be present to see how you handle this. You know just in case you end up with a ship of your own.” Zelda is flattered “Oh, captain you are very kind but I hardly think that anything like that would happen.” Link smiles “I’m just saying that just so you know.” Zelda says “I did an inventory on everything we have and it seems to be in good order.” Then she hands him a sheet with the inventory broken into groups. Link looks at the paper and says “Lieutenant, that’s very impressive but isn’t the quartermaster supposed to keep up with this sort of thing?” Then he looks at the time and says “We’ll discuss this later you if you wish, but you have to address the crew about tomorrow.” She gets up and walks onto the deck. “Men, tomorrow morning we will be test firing our guns. Everyone is expected to be present for roll call tonight and a second roll call will be done in the morning before we depart. Departure time is 8 o’clock exact.” As she finishes Link steps forward and addresses “I expect you men to follow the Lieutenant’s orders that means everyone will be present tonight for roll call. If you’re not present I will come looking for you. Is that understood?” The men assembled shout “Yeah!” right back at him. Link looks at Zelda and says to her “Now I will hand this duty over to you and conduct it well make us proud.” Then she salutes him which returns with a salute back. Link walks back to his cabin and sits down in his chair knowing Zelda will most likely come back to talk to him for a little bit. Zelda dismisses the crew and does indeed go to the captain’s quarters. As she enters she salutes which Link returns. Link says “Well, Zelda you did very well out there with the crew. I looked over your inventory and everything looks to be in order. If you need the help you can get the quartermaster to do this and I would advise it.” Zelda sits down and eases back in the chair. “Thank you Captain for your support out on the deck now I know I will be able to do this tomorrow morning,” she says. “It really was no problem. If there is anything I can let me know. I will be heading back to the house in town this evening for the night. The day after tomorrow we will depart from here to meet Jonathan and his crew off the coast of Calatia I sent a letter to him two days ago,” Link says as he leaves the cabin “Good luck, Zelda”.

          Link heads back to his quarters in town as Zelda settles in for the night on the ship. That afternoon she does roll call which everyone is present for. The night seems to set in rather peacefully, though Zelda does feel a little uneasy about this she is confident the crew will perform up to her expectations. Link at the same time is in town back at his quarters with a single cabin boy that decided to guard him. Link enjoys a few drinks while relaxing the cabin boy on the other stays serious and refuses any drinks. What neither Zelda nor Link know is that at this time a large fleet of Somarsian battleships are heading towards the town in the hopes of dealing with this pirate threat. The Somarsian fleet will hit the town the next morning as soon as all ships are in position to attack.

          Early the next morning before the sun is even up Zelda has assembly sounded on deck. The entire crew takes is present for roll call then they cast off toward the open sea. Once out on the sea Zelda gives the signal to begin firing the guns which go off perfectly. Just as they end their test firing, lookout yells “Sail ho! Wait it’s a whole bunch of sails and they look to be flying enemy colors.” To Zelda this is a bad case scenario she has two options fight or run. If she fights with her two ships this enemy will sink them within a couple of minutes by shear force alone. If she runs Link is still in town and he will be trapped. The sun is rising and time is running out to make the decision. Quickly she decides to flee with the other ship. They sail for the other side of the island.

          It is morning now a cannonball crashes into the town with a thunderous sound. This wakes Link up from his peaceful slumber. He is trying to get everything together when the cabin boy bangs on his door “Captain, the Somarsians are all over the place they have landed soldiers everywhere. We got to get outta here!” Link puts all of his equipment in a rush at the same time loading his two pistols and one musket. He tucks both pistols into his belt and moves to open his door. Too late he hears a bunch of thrashing on the downstairs front door. Link and the cabin boy barricade the door with chairs. He turns a table over and calls the cabin boy into the room who takes cover behind the table with him.

          Outside the house there is terrible contest between the Somarsian soldiers and the pirates still on the island. The battle in the streets becomes house to house with the pirates exacting a heavy toll on the invaders. The mayor also a pirate has a personal guard with him that holds his mansion in the center of the town. The invasion force numbers around 450 soldiers with 12 ships in the harbor preventing any pirates from escaping.  The pirates are enraged with this attempt to take their town.

          Link at this time is worrying about his two ships and Lieutenant Zelda who he hopes escaped from the enemy attack. Then he is back to worry about himself who is stuck in an upstairs bedroom of the house he has called home for about four or five months with the cabin boy who is fairly new at working aboard a ship or fighting. Link hears the commotion outside his door of soldiers trying to get into the room. He hears a commander voice “Alright you in there! Come out with your hands up and we will spare you.” Then someone else says “Major, do you know who is in there?” To which this commander says “No. Who?” The other voice says “Captain Link.” This commanding officer now says “Captain Link, this is Major Reilly of the Somarisian Marines if you surrender I can promise lenient terms.” Link yells from the other side of the door “Stuff you and your terms if you want me come and get me!!” The major infuriated by this gives the order “Bust down the door and bring him to me alive.” The door is pounded on and in a few moments it falls off its hinges as the marines bust through. Link unloads his musket into the first one through doorway killing him instantly then pulls both pistols as two more quickly enter the room shooting them and draws his sword. The cabin boy armed only with a cutlass stands back to back with Link as they watch as the other marines enter the room. Finally Link and the cabin boy have around twenty marines in the room circling them. One marine moves forward and Link slashes him across the chest. Then another moves for the cabin boy who defends himself cutting this one across his arm forcing him to withdraw. Then they all come at once but it is too much for Link as the cabin boy is killed with several sword blows and he is knocked out from behind.  Disarmed and chained he is taken downstairs where this major is waiting for them. Link sat in the living room of this house with Major Reilly sitting across from him on the couch. Reilly speaks to him “Captain, once we get out of this town you will face charges of open piracy on the sea against my government unless you work with me.” Link is not interested however he fakes that he is and asks “What is it you want from me?” Reilly is a happy to hear this and smiles an evil smile saying “I understand that you have the Princess Zelda of Hyrule under your command if you were to turn her over to us my government would offer a full pardon.” Link responds “That’s nice to know I would get a pardon out of this but I’m not interested and you know why. If I were to do this I would never be allowed to return to Hyrule ever.” One of the other officers near Reilly whispers in his ear. His face lightens up and says “Hmmm, so treason is not something I can talk you into, what about something that would give you total revenge on Duke Gregory?” This in turn interests Link and he says “What do you know about Duke Gregory that I would find helpful?” Reilly says “I know he is planning to overthrow the king and hand the kingdom to Somarsia.” Link is now intent on finding out what else Reilly knows though he doesn’t like the idea of betraying his own lieutenant or even dealing with this guy. Link says “I can’t betray Zelda and you can’t promise me anything that would make it worth my wild.” Link is right if he betrayed Zelda his crew might turn against even if his betrayal were to save the king of Hyrule again he would never be able to step foot on Hyrule. But this chat has helped him in finding info out about Duke Gregory that would prove that the duke is up to no good. Reilly is now upset again at Link and says “Captain, since you will not work with me you will face justice.” Reilly walks toward the door when a soldier runs in at full steam. “Major, the streets are too insecure to transport the prisoner back the ship we will have to stay here until morning when the captain of company B makes it here with his unit.” Now this unnerves the major a little who then gives the order “Take the prisoner to the basement and lock him in the wine cellar.” The soldiers lead Link downstairs into the darkly lit basement which has long hallway going straight to the wine cellar. As the door locks behind him Link realizes he will have to hope Zelda will have to save him someway or another.

          Zelda at the same time sees two enemy ships approaching from the vantage point of a cove on other side of island. She signals the other ship that they will engage these two enemies once in range. The first enemy ship sails forward right past the entrance to this cove when twelve cannonballs hit it square on front of the ship. This hit causes this ship to sink almost instantly while the one remaining that was behind this first one attempts to escape. Chain shot shatters the main mast and causing them to have to stand and fight. The Wild Turkey sails forward and quickly overtakes this one ship. Zelda leads the storming party aboard with much spirit as well as anger. The boarding action doesn’t last long with the stunned enemy crew surrendering after Zelda confronts their captain and kills him. While questioning the enemy they tell Zelda that Link has been captured but they have not been able to load him aboard a ship due to the streets being so insecure in town. Zelda decides to hold quick conference with the crew about what’s going on. She asks for volunteers to do a rescue mission stating “I know the pirate code that if somebody falls behind then they’re left but I don’t think we can do that to Link he has done so much for us.” The men seem eager to mount this rescue attempt however they can’t just float on back into the harbor because of the number of enemy ships. Garrett suggests a route which he points that when this town was set up there is a secret way into the mayor’s house underground and he knows it. Zelda and Garrett pick twenty of the best pirates they have, then get aboard two small rowboats, and go to shore. Once ashore Garrett leads the way to the entrance which is hidden very well by underbrush. This passageway looks like a mine and they cautiously enter with a torch to light the way.

          Link at the same time is wondering what’s going on outside. It is evening he can see the sun has dropped below the horizon as he has very small window in this cellar to look out of. He surveys the window way too small for him to try fit through and escape beside the battle in still going on in the streets of the town. He could probably kill one of the guards but the others would easily overtake him.

          The underground passage is rather easy to move though but it has some traps along the way to prevent anybody that shouldn’t be there such as enemy soldiers from easily moving through. Garrett spots most of the traps stating “I helped construct most of this passage it’s just the way I remember it.” The rest of the party is just glad to have his experience in going forth. Finally they reach a point and Garrett points out a rickety old ladder going up into another narrow passage “That’s it. Above us is the mayor’s house.” Garrett leads the way climbing the ladder with Zelda and the rest of the crew following. There is door at the very top which Garrett knocks on. A voice on the other side says “What’s the old pirate’s word?” Garrett says “For money and fame.” This voice on the other side then says “Come on up friend.” The small door opens as the whole crew crawls up the ladder and into the mayor’s house. The voice on other side is a well armed pirate guard and says “Let me go and get the mayor.” Then he runs off to get the mayor. A few minutes later the mayor comes into the room and says “It’s good to see some reinforcements.” Zelda breaks in “Mayor, we can’t help you very much we need to find Captain Link.” The mayor is a little upset and says “I’m sorry to hear and as for Captain Link he is in quite some trouble. The house he was in was one of the first to get overrun by these enemy soldiers. I don’t know if he’s alive or not. I think he is. As for these enemies are concerned he would be a high value target and capturing him would do more for them then killing him.” Zelda says “Is there a way to get to that house and make sure?” The mayor sighs “Yes, there is another passage not quite as clean as the one came down to get here. Outside in the main compound of my house, beside this building is a storm drain. The house Link is at is near the bay and the storm drain flows right out to the bay itself. Just follow the drain and you won’t have any problems. Take a lantern instead of a torch it would attract less attention. There are grates in streets themselves which a torch could easily be seen in.” Zelda picks ten of the crew to go with her Garrett of course is included to help lead the way. Night is falling fast and darkness is all over the town. Garrett takes the group to the drain, forces it open, and then slides down into the drain with the rest of the crew following.

          The party moves slowly through the storm drain trying not to arouse any noise that would give them away. Of course the whole time the noise of battle is going on above them. Finally, they have made it to the turn that takes them to the house Captain Link is in. As they exit the drain next to the house they remain low on the ground. Garrett peers around the corner with bullets still flying heavily he looks at the front door and sees one guard out front kneeling trying to avoid getting shot. Garrett manages to sneak on this guard as he looks in the other direction. Sticking a pistol in the fellow’s stomach Garrett says “Your commander, take me to him, NOW!” The guard slowly rises leaving his musket on the ground which Zelda quickly runs around the corner and grabs. The group goes to the door without raising any suspicion then the guard knocks. A voice from the inside says “Who goes there?” Garrett whispers in this prisoner’s ear “Don’t try anything stupid or you will be the first to get a bullet in you.” The guard responds to the voice on the other side “It’s me Pico. Let me in I have to see the major.” Slowly the door opens to just a crack but it’s enough of a crack for the entire group to bust open the door. The group charges with swords drawn and quickly overwhelms the guards at the door killing three of them and taking the other two prisoners along with the first one they grabbed. Zelda shuts the door behind them as quickly as the last man entered. Zelda then asks the prisoners “Where’s Captain Link?” One of them says “He’s in the wine cellar downstairs.” Zelda takes the one prisoner along with half of the group she had downstairs. Once in the basement this soldier they have leads them down the hall to the wine cellar. There are two guards at the door to the wine cellar itself. The hallway is darkly lit so the two guards don’t see Zelda and the other men following this one soldier until they are about ten feet away Zelda levels her pistol at one of the guards and the other men point their weapons at the other. Both surrender without any trouble. Zelda opens the door and there is Link in the corner. He smiles “I am glad to see you and happy you didn’t follow the pirate code.” Zelda smiles back “I’m not much for the code and who would I have as a dance partner if I let anything happen to you.” Link laughs then goes back to being serious “We have to get out of here.” “Don’t worry Link we captured this house you’re safe,” she says. As Link steps out of his makeshift cell the three soldiers are pushed in with the door locked behind them. Link moves pass his crewmen and towards the stairs going up. As they reach the top of the staircase he says to Zelda who along with the rest of the group is following “Did you capture Major Reilly?” To which she responds “Who?” Link hits head with his hand “Major Reilly is the officer that captured me and he has some information that I need desperately.” Link is right on the second floor Major Reilly along with a captain, two lieutenants, and three soldiers are in the room Link had occupied searching through his belongings. Link has his crew reform in the downstairs parlor. There are ten men not counting Zelda and Garrett. Link asks “The upstairs, did you secure the upstairs?” Both Garrett and Zelda shake their heads no. Link says “We must secure the upstairs and take Reilly alive I would hope.” “Aye, aye sir, all respond. Link leads the way bounding the staircase and running up the stairs. Just before the second floor he looks to both sides of the hallway. He sees the room he occupied there is one guard out front with a musket. The guard doesn’t seem very wide awake and doesn’t notice Link watching him. Link takes a pistol ball out of his pocket and throws it at a vase sitting on the table about 15 feet in front of him. This shatters the vase and the guard looks up and moves slowly toward the vase. Once at the table he picks up the pistol ball at the same time Link gets behind him with his pistol drawn and cocks it. The guard freezes realizing he has just been had. Zelda comes up on the other side of the guard grabbing his musket from him. Link says quietly “Don’t move unless I say.” Then he grabs the guard and moves him around toward the room where Major Reilly is. Link whispers in the guard’s ear as they get outside the door “Ask the major to enter the room.” The guard knocks and a response on the other side of the door comes out “What do you want?” The guard does exactly as Link ordered him to do “Sir, permission to enter the room.” The door opens “Permission grant….” Link hurrudly shoves the guard into the room knocking the guard behind the door down. Major Reilly and his staff are completely caught by surprise as Link’s group enters the room. Major Reilly and his officers have their hands in the air. Link’s men go about disarming them. Link walks over to the major and says with a smile “Hello, Major. Now you will come with us.” Garrett asks “Captain, what do you want to do with other prisoners?” Link is gathering most of his belongings that are still in the room then looks up at Garrett and says “I don’t know. Killing them is an option but they are prisoners and I am not that blood thirsty. Except for the major, tie them up and leave them here. They’ll be found at some point later and we won’t have to worry about it.” Garrett says to the other men “You heard the captain tie them up.” Zelda asks “What’s our next move, sir?” Link looks at her and says “Well, after we get out of this house we need to leave the town with the major. He has information that I need to extract from him.” Zelda responds “Okay, we came in through an underground tunnel then came here through the storm drain I guess that would be the best escape option too.” “Yes, Lieutenant that sounds like a plan.”

          It is still night outside as Link and his crewmembers with prisoner in tow move out of the house. They slink around to the side of the house where the storm drain is, open it up, and slid into the drain. The torch is lit as they move cautiously through the passageway. They manage to make it back to the mayor’s house and exit into the courtyard of the house. The torch is doused and they run for cover in the mayor’s house. As they enter the mayor offers a friendly welcome to them “Link, good to see that you and your crew made it back safely.” Link pulls the mayor aside and talks to him over in the corner of the room as the rest of the crew waits. As Link walks back to his crew the mayor says “I am sorry you can’t us help here but I understand. Link responds “Thanks for your help. Now we have to get out of here.” The mayor says “I think we can drive these Somarsian soldiers out of our town. Good luck getting back to your ship.”  Garrett takes them to the other underground passageway which would take them back to the cove on the other side of the island.

          Upon emerging from the cave it appears be a clear view. However, they spot something out of place there is a campfire with what appears to be a couple of sailors and soldiers around it. The uniforms are definitely Somarsian. These guys aren’t really paying close attention to their surroundings and fail to see Link’s party in the mouth of the cave. Link pulls all of men back into the cave to discuss their options. Link says in a whisper “There’s not many of them perhaps ten or less. We could overtake just in force alone but there is no way to know that they are alone except to attack,” then looking to Zelda “The rowboat was hidden right?” Zelda says “I’m no fool of course it’s hidden.” Garrett comes in “Well, we could defeat this group but what about our prisoner?” “You’re right Major Reilly has to make it to the ship alive,” Link says. Zelda says “I could draw them over here and then we could take them out.” Link ponders this for a moment and says “Good plan”, then orders the men to back into the cave as Zelda walks towards these soldiers. Zelda looks back at the cave entrance and doesn’t see anybody so she thinks to herself ‘I guess the plan is on.’ She picks up a rock and throws it at the campfire disturbing these sailors and soldiers. They all rise a good bit angry that their night has been trifled with. Zelda counts exactly ten of them. She stops in her tracks knowing that they see her. They smile and she knows what their thinking now. She begins to back from them and they all begin to advance towards her. Then she turns and runs for the cave, they too begin to run. She makes inside the cave with no problem and keeps going then she sees Link and the crew. She turns to face the enemies. They don’t see Link or his men. Then all the sudden a pistol shot rings out and there is battle in the cave. A sword swinging melee follows. Garrett cuts through these enemies leading most of the men while Link is close behind. Garrett is hit several times during this fight. In matter of minutes it is over all that are left are the victors Link’s crew and the dead enemies. As they all walk out of the cave Garrett drops to his knees grabbing his stomach area. As he falls over both Link and Zelda rush to his side. “Garrett, Garrett. What’s wrong?” Link asks. Then looking he sees that Garrett took several wounds but the most serious one is a stomach wound. It looks very deep and fatal. Garrett says “Captain, sir get out of here I am done.” Zelda says “We can’t leave you behind like this.” Link responds to her “We have to I’m sure if there are any other enemies they will be on their way here.” Zelda realizes that Link is right. Garrett’s wound is fatal and there is nothing that can be done to save him and they must leave. Garrett twitches in pain then succumbs dying that moment. Link and Zelda are both upset by this. Link says to his men “Grab his body I won’t leave him like this.” Two men go over and pick Garrett’s lifeless body and carry it to the rowboats which Zelda had hidden when they landed. Luckily for them the enemy troops didn’t check around for the rowboats.

          It is completely dark as the two rowboats move into the bay. The moon is covered by clouds. Zelda is hoping that their ships will still be there. They go out to where the ships were supposed to be and nothing is there. Looking around they see no signs of the ships. This is getting pretty bad, but suddenly the clouds move and the moonlight shines down on the water and they catch the sight of the two ships. Zelda signals them with a lantern and they in turn respond. The rowboats move towards the ships. In few minutes they are boarding the ships. All the crew seems happy to have their leading officers back. Link gives the order to sail to rally point where the rest of the fleet will meet.

          In the next few weeks following this, the fleet reunites. Major Reilly is still a prisoner and his paperwork that was captured with him proves something is up between the Duke Gregory and the Somarsians but just what Link and Zelda can’t tell. There is writing between Duke Gregory and the king of Somarsia. Why would the major have this? Link can’t understand this just yet. Perhaps the major wants to switch sides or maybe he is an agent of Hyrule. But why make the offer of a pardon for betraying the princess? These questions will be answered some way or another. This is some proof of wrongdoing on the duke’s part. However more evidence is needed before they can go to the king and time is of essence at this point.

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