Hero and Heroine of Time

By Samurai Star


Part 1


Link rides Epona down the field of Hyrule past the Ranch and sees the castle in the distance. Floating about above his head his loyal friend and partner, Navi.

“I don’t understand, Navi? Why did you leave?” Link asks.

“I thought I wasn’t needed anymore after defeating Ganondorf, but I realized that we’re inseparable.” Navi answers.

“Awww. That’s so sweet of you.” Link says sarcastically, “Well. There’s the castle.”

Before them was the entrance of the castle. Link could see that the marketplace had a big crowd from where he was.

“Let’s go in before the Stalchilds pop out.” Link says, “Besides, Zelda must miss me.”


Link enters the market place and memories rush into his mind. The Happy Mask Shop, the Shooting Range, the Bombchu Bowling Alley, he remembers them well. Link decides to go to the Temple of Time first. The sun sets and the sky darkens

“Let’s rest for a while here.” Link says.


The next day he enters the steps of the Temple of Time.

“Why are we here?” Navi asks.

“I just want to hold the sword. One last time.” Link says.

“Are you sure, Zelda would like this.” Navi asks.

“She’ll understand.” Link says.

“Hopefully.” Navi responds.

He enters the temple. The three Spiritual Stones are still on the alter. He takes out his ocarina and plays the Song of Time. The doors open and reveal his trusted weapon, The Master Sword.

“It’s been so long.” Link says. He reaches for the sword and pulls it from the pedestal. A beam of light shines on him and he closes his eyes. When he opens them, he sees that he’s older.

“I wonder if the castle is still standing.” Link says, remembering the incident with Ganon and how Hyrule was ruined.


Link leaves the temple and sees that everything is normal. Nothing ruined, people in the market and the castle still is standing.

“There he is men.” A guard shouts. Link sees guards coming and after seeing that they’re coming towards him, he realizes that they’re after him.

“Not good.” Link says. He runs towards them and jumps over the soldiers.

“Follow him.” The captain yells.

Link runs past the people and dashes faster towards the castle. He wall runs up the ledge on his right and gets past the gate.

“Let’s see them catch me now.” Link says. When he turns around he sees more soldiers blocking his way. He then wall rides the side of the ledge and dodges the spears and swords of the soldiers. (Wall Ride: run from one point of a wall to another as if the wall is the floor. Not running north of the wall to reach the top, but running east or west of it.)

He makes it to the entrance of the courtyard and goes stealth to avoid the guards, hiding in bushes, behind monuments, and on top of structures.

“Where is he?” The captain asks a soldier.

“I don’t know sir. He must be around here.” The soldier responds.

“Well Find Him!” The captain yells.

Link runs past them and reaches the courtyard of where he first met Zelda. And with coincidence, there’s Zelda, singing. When she sees Link, she stops to see why he’s here.

“Zelda, why are they after me?” Link asks. But before she can answer, Link gets tackled by the soldiers. They chain him up and drag him up on his feet.

“Thought you could got to the Princess for help did you?” The captain says.

“Well, I had my hopes.” Link says in a joking tone.

“Let’s see if you joke around in the dungeon.” He captain answers back.

“Oh great.” Link says.


Zelda goes down to the dungeon and confronts the guard.

“Let me in. I wish to see Link.” Zelda says.

“Very well you’re Highness, but make it quick. Your father ordered me not to have anyone in here.” The guard says.

“I’ll be quick.” Zelda says.

As she enters the door, she only sees a murky, dark path with only three torches. She walks down the corridor and reaches Link’s cell.

Link rests uneasily with cuts and bruises on him with rats running over and around him. As soon as he hears footsteps, he looks up, and there she is, her close friend, her love, Zelda.

“They hurt you?” Zelda asks.

“I’ll be fine. Why did this happen to me?” Link says as he tries to hold in the pain so Zelda would not worry.

“Everyone thinks you’re the Dark Rider who tried to kill my father.” Zelda says.

“Dark Rider?” Link asks.

“He looked just like you, but he seemed too dark to be you.” Zelda says, “He had some strange, evil red eyes.”

“Princess.” The guard calls, “You must leave. Your father is on his way here.”

Zelda leaves Link without saying good-bye and walks away without looking back. All Link had in his mind was water. Not just water, but a temple filled with water, the Water Temple. In fact, it wasn’t water Link had in his mind, but what inhabited in the Water Temple. He could hear the voice of it, the movement, and the look of it. All he could see and hear was the horrifying mirror-like body of Dark Link, laughing at him.


Chapter 2


Link was in the marketplace with the King, the soldiers, the people, and Zelda watching him. He was to be executed. The fountain in the center of the marketplace was covered by a platform with a beam holding a noose, an anvil with an axe, soldiers with heavy-metal bars, and blocking the way to the Potion shop and the Bazaar, was a shooting range. The execution was to begin.

“To the man known as the Dark Rider.” the speaker says, “You are hereby charge of attempted murder of the King of Hyrule. Under the charge, you are to be executed by a method chosen by the people of Hyrule.”

Link knew perfectly what the execution was. It was the peoples’ choice to decide the victim’s fate. Either the losing their head in the guillotine, getting shot by multiple arrows, be beaten to death, or getting hanged.

“What will the method be?” The speaker says.

The voices of the people said many things. Some chose the guillotine, others chose the shooting, others chose the ‘beating method’, some with the hanging, but many said that he was innocent and demanded to have him freed.

“The decision has been made.” The speaker says, “You are chosen to be hanged by the neck until dead.”


I can’t believe I’m going to die. Link thought to himself. Just then, he started to think about something very strange.

Where did Navi go? I haven’t seen her at all.

He then heard a voice.

“Link, wake up.” It said. It was Navi, “Link hurry, it’s far past mid day.”

Link wakes up and sees that it all was a dream. He was lying on the grass of the Temple just as he did before sleeping.


“That was a strange dream.” Link says.

“What was your dream about?” Navi asks.

“I’ll tell you later.” Link says. A moment of silence takes place.

“Uhh Link?” Navi asks, “Are you going to the Temple or not?”

“Maybe it’s better to see Zelda instead.” Link says.


He leaves the area and heads to the castle. Link sees the guard at the gate. He starts to get the feeling of having to sneak around again.

“Well.” The guard says, “If it isn’t the Hero of Time? You must want to see the Princess.”

“Uhh. That’s right.” Link says.

“Very well.” The guard says. He opens the gate for Link.

Link enters the grounds and when he passed by the guards, they simply bowed to him and always called him ‘Hero of Time’. Link enters the Palace and walks around. Since Link never entered the Castle, he doesn’t know his way around.

“How do I Zelda here?” Link says to himself.

He then hears singing. He recognizes the voice, Zelda. He follows the voice and finds Zelda in the throne room with her back turned to him. Link thinks about what to say to her but before he could say anything, he begins to approach her.

“You shouldn’t have come back Link.” Zelda says. Link was struck down by a strange feeling.

“What do you mean?” Link asks.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Zelda says, “We can’t be together.”

“Why not?” Link asks. She was right; he was thinking about that. “We’re both Guardians of the Triforce.”

“That’s not it.” Zelda says.

“Then what is it?” Link asks.

“I’m a princess. You’re a Kokiri folk.” Zelda says.

“I’m a Hylian.” Link says.

“It doesn’t matter.” Zelda says, “You’re not royalty. We can never be together.”

This just hit Link like an attack from Ganon’s magic, but it then turned to anger. His anger just exploded in his mind and heart.

Not Royalty?! Is that the problem?! I knew it! I’m nothing more than a simple servant of hers! Link thinks to himself. All Navi could do was watch this happen.

“Fine then Princess.” Link says. Zelda could see that Link was furious in the eyes, “I’ll leave, but my anger won’t!”

He than takes out his Deku shield and drops it on the floor. he then unsheathes his Kokiri sword and stabs the shield, pinning it onto he floor. Link then turns around and runs of not looking back.


Link storms out of the marketplace and into the field. Nighttime approaches and Stalchilds pop out.

“Hey. It’s that fairy boy.” One of them says.

“Let’s have some fun. Look, he doesn’t have his sword anymore.” Another one says.

As the Stalchilds come at Link, He clenches his fist and makes a swift punch at one of them and sends its head flying into another Stalchild. Link hen turns to the others.

“Let’s get out of here.” One says and the group goes back under. Link continues to walk around, and then notices something. He sees a figure running out of Kakariko Village. Link hides behind a tree and sees that the figure is a girl, around his age. Why would a girl like her run around Hyrule Field at this time of night? He says to himself. He decided to follow her. After a log walk, he followed her to Gerudo Valley. He knew what this place was. A place of female thieves and the home of Ganon. There were no guards at the gate, the girl simply opens the gate and enters. Link follows her through the gate and they enter the Fortress. Link then gets another flashback of memories; the guards, the dungeon, the training courses, and Nabooru, the Spirit Sage. He gets back into reality. The girl enters the Fortress and Link follows. The place was dark and very little torches were placed to light a way, but Link managed to keep in pace to follow the girl. He reached a place where there was a chain mechanism that had a grip-like handle at the end. Link studies this device and sees how the girl uses it. She grabs the handle and she descends down the hole under the device and then the chain springs back up with no girl. Works just like the Hookshot. Link thinks to himself. He does the same and goes down. It was very dark here, no torches whatsoever. As soon as he reached the ground and let go of the chain, the torches lit up. The light exposed what was in the room, Gerudos. I’m in trouble. Link thinks to himself. He sees the girl in the group of women.

“Sneaking around here are we, boy?” The guard asks in a very scary way.

“I_I_I, ummm__” Link stutters. He has been in a tight situation like this before.

“We’ll see how to deal with you.” The Gerudo says, “Take him to our leader.”

“Oh great.” Link says.



Chapter 3


The guards drag Link to the master’s chamber. He expected someone like Ganon to be in there, but instead, a familiar face appears.

“Well well Link. This sure wasn’t the kind of entrance I expected from you.” The person says, “Unchain him.”

They remove his chains and they leave the room.

“It’s been a while Nabooru.” Link says.

“Yes it has.” She responds, “What brings you here?”

“I was following a girl that was coming here.” Link answers.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s one of us.” Nabooru says, “You should be getting back. The Princess might miss you.”

Link begins to fill with anger. The same anger that he had when he left Zelda.

“Don’t mention her name to me again!” Link says angrily, “I’m never going back to that castle!”

“Is it because of Zel…um, her?” Nabooru asks.

Link starts to calm down.

“It’s nothing serious.” Link was lying, it was serious. “I guess we weren’t meant to be.”

Nabooru had an idea.

“Well, since you have no real home. Why don’t you live here with the Gerudos?” Nabooru asks, “We could use another man in our tribe.”

Link starts to think. I’m not really a Kokiri boy, The castle’s not my place. I might as well.

“I’ll stay.” Link says.

“Good.” Nabooru says, “I’ll have arrangements for your room as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.” Link says.

“Until then, why not go and train like a Gerudo.” Nabooru asks.

But before Link answers, he dashed out the room like a terrified rodent to train. He began to practice shooting like a Gerudo, fight like one, and be like one. He even starts to use a sword like the Gerudos.

The next day, he begins to train more with a spear, but is having trouble. The girl is watching.

“Need a little help?” She asks.

“Sure why not.” Link says.

She takes his spear and shows him how to hold the spear and how to handle it when fighting.

“That’s how it’s done.” She says. Link tries to do the same and does it correctly. “You got it.”

“Thanks uhh.” Link says.

“Nairu,” She says, “My name is Nairu.”

“Nairu. I like that name.” Link says

“My mother named me that.” Nairu says, “To remind her of the goddess Nayru.”

“Well, My name is Link” Link says.

“It’s good to know you.” Nairu says.

“You too.” Link responds, “Do you think you could train with me?”

“Sure.” Nairu says.

They begin to train until nighttime. They went their separate ways to their rooms and said their good-nights.

“She’s something isn’t she?” Link asks

“I guess so.” Navi replies.

“But I don’t know if she’s the one I want to be with.” Link says, “Zelda seems to stay in my mind when ever I think strongly about Nairu.”

“Maybe you should go back to the castle.” Navi suggests.

“No. Gerudo Valley’s my home now.” Link says, “I won’t be the King of the place, but I’ll be the only man of the Valley.”

Navi gives a worried sigh as Link goes to his bad and sleeps.


From a skies of Hyrule Field, a shadow covers where moonlight is to shine. The shadow forms a figure of a caped man, but this man was no ordinary one. As the shadows fade, the figure remains.

“Master.” says a mirrored soldier, “You are free.”

“Yes I am.” says the dark man.

“Anything you wish for, I’ll see that it is done.” the soldier says as he bows.

“Gather every evil living creature of this land and prepare them as my army.” The dark one says.

“Consider it done.” The soldier replies.

“Very good Dark Link.” The man reveals his face to be the once defeated King of evil. All he could think of was his destruction from Link. “I’ll have my revenge on you.” Ganondorf has returned to Hyrule.


From the forest of the children, a young girl with green hair looks up at the stars. The Tribal leader of the Gorons closes his eyes with a vision in his mind. A Princess of the water-people stares out at the stars from Zora’s Fountain. An attendant of the Hylian Royalty views the stars. At the Land of Thieves, Nabooru looks up at the stars as well.

In a chamber of a different realm, a wise sage discovers a shocking event. They all sense an old evil returning.

“He’s back.” They all say.

Chapter 4


Seven years have passed since Link joined the Gerudos. He finally feels comfortable with his age; he’s reached the age of man. Link got used to fighting like a thief. He started to wear his red tunic more often and a much fogged mirror shield. But today was to be something he never thought he would do.

“Link, it’s time for your first robbery.” Nabooru says, “There’s a merchant coming this way and it’s filled with good weapons for us.”

“I’m not too sure I’m ready yet.” Link says.

“I agree with him.” Nairu says. The two of them started to get closer to each other for the past seven years. The two of them have been inseparable as partners and as friends.

“Don’t worry Link.” Nabooru says, “No one will be hurt, we just stall the people and rob them.”

Link thought for awhile. No one will be hurt and no one will know it was Link who did this.

“I’ll do it.” Link says with confidence covering his nervousness.

“Great.” Nabooru says, “But you’ll need a mask. The people of Hyrule still know who you are.”

“Don’t worry. I have one.” Link says. He takes out his Fierce Deity Mask and puts it on. Since the threat of Majora was over, the magic of the mask was gone, so now the mask was an ordinary mask.


Link, along with other Gerudos, look at the merchant carriage crossing the opening to the Valley. The driver was wearing a dark robe and covering his or her face. They thieves saw that the carriage was definitely loaded with weapons.

“This is it.” Link says, “You all know what to do.”

One Gerudo shoots an arrow right in front of the horse and stalls it. Link then leads his group down and charges towards the carriage. The driver looks up and jumps to them.

“Easy.” Link says, “We’re only here to rob the carriage. Do not harm the people.”

But the driver was the one who was going to do the harming. The robe of the driver is removed and is revealed to be a man, a familiar man. Link looked at shock, Its Dark Link.


Link knew the Gerudos wouldn’t live if they got near that dark and evil monster.

“Retreat.” Link orders, “It’s one of Ganondarf’s men.”

The Gerudos know it’s a waste to let treasure pass by them when they have a chance to steal it, but Link gave the order and they will obey. They retreat. Dark Link lunges at Link as They all try to retreat. The Gerudos make it, but Link gets into a fight with his dark self. Dark Link takes out his mirrored “Master Sword.” Link takes out his Arabian sword and they duel. The swords clash and none of them are falling back. It seems like the fight will go on forever until an arrow flies pass the Dark Link’s face. The two look up and see Nabooru with a bow. She shows a movement with her head, telling Link to start running. Link kicks Dark Link with a roundhouse kick and trips him with a hooking kick. When Dark Link gets up, Link is already out of sight.


“This is not good.” Link says, “If he’s back, Ganon is definitely back as well.”

“I sensed it.” Nabooru says, “But he wasn’t doing anything serious yet, but I know that he’s up to something.”

“He always is.” Navi says.

“What do we do?” Nairy asks.

“Nothing yet.” Link answers, “Until we know what he’s planning, we’ll just have to wait. In the meantime, I’ll go to everybody in Hyrule and tell them to be prepared for anything.”

“Very good Link.” Nabooru says, “I’ll tell the sages about your plan. You should start with Kokiri Forest.”

“Good idea.” Link runs out the tent, mounts Epona and gallops off.


From the darkest region of Hyrule, Ganon waits for Dark Link’s arrival. In the distance he appears on his carriage.

“What took so long?” Ganon asks.

He Showed up.” Dark Link says.

Ganon knew who He was, Link.

“Was anything lost?” Ganon ask.

“No. Everything is still safe, Master.” Dark Link replies.

“Very good.” Ganon says, “Come with me.”

The two of them enter a giant chamber, and in the chamber gathers an army of every living evil ion the face of the land. Stalfos, Moblins, Poes, Wolfos, Lizardfos, Dinofos, Dodongos, Deku Shrubs, Gekos, and more.


The army cheers and chants his name.


The cheering roars louder and louder by the second.

At a distance, a fairy is seen watching this. Behind a rock hides a little girl wearing green, Saria.

“This isn’t good.” She says, “I have to go tell Link.”

Chapter 5


Link rides across Hyrule with letters about Ganon’s return. As Link leaves Zora’s River he senses something.

Link. It’s me, Saria

“What is it?” Link asks.

I found out Ganon’s plan. He’s going to strike at the castle in three days at dawn.

“This is bad.” Link says, “Stay at the forest and make sure no one leaves the place. If it helps, prepare a place to stay in the Lost Woods on the day.”

I’ll do my best Link. And be careful.

Saria’s voice disappears and Link is brought back to reality.

“What do we do now Link?” Navi asks.

“Let’s first go back to Nabooru. I think I have a plan.” Link says.


“Open the gate for The Hero of Time!” yells a guard, “The Hero of Time is approaching!”

The gates of Hyrule castle opens and Link enters with Nabooru and Nairu. The three make their way to the castle stable to leave their horses. They enter the castle and follow the guard to giant room.

“The others will arrive shortly.” The guard says

“Thank you.” Link says, “That will be all for now.”

The soldier bows to him and leaves to go back to his post. Inside the room was a great big circular table with cushioned chairs around it. The walls were filled with portraits of previous Kings and Queens of Hyrule with several windows and unlit candles. Link came across Zelda’s portrait.

“You knew her well?” Nairu asks,

“I did once.” Link replies, “But I couldn’t stay with her long.”

A small tear came down Link’s face.

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

The doors open and others enter. Saria and Mido come in first. Darunia and his son Link follow. Princess Ruto and a Zora come next. Impa walks in alone. Rauru also comes in alone and they all sit down at the table.

“The Princess won’t be able to come to this gathering.” The guard says, “She hopes you will understand.”

“I do.” Link says, even though he really doesn’t.

The meeting starts

“Being Sages, I’m sure you all know that Ganondarf has returned.” Link says.

“He should have been trapped in the Realm we banished him to.” Darunia says.

“For some reason, something broke our seal and the doors opened to release him.” Impa says.

“And I know who did it.” Link says. They all stare at him. “It was me.”

They all look in confusion. They knew Link wouldn’t do it on purpose, but they didn’t know how.

“Zelda and I possess the other two pieces of the Triforce.” Link begins, “Because I left her, I left behind, my duty to the Sacred Realm. My Triforce of Courage weakened and that weakened the seal, releasing Ganondarf.”

Nairu hides behind Nabooru to cover her crying from everyone else.

“What can we do right now?” Ruto asks, “Ganon might strike like he usually does.”

“Saria found Ganon’s hideout and found out about his plan.” Link says, looking at Saria with a small grin on his face. “He plans to attack the castle in three days.”

“What can we do in three days?” Rauru asks.

“We’re going to gather an army of everything we can for this attack.” Link says, “But there’s a problem. The Kokiri are too young to fight and the soldiers of Hyrule aren’t enough to fight off Ganon’s army.”

“My people will gladly fight for the King, Brother” Darunia says as he stands up.

“The Zoras can do their best as well.” Ruto says.

“The Gerudos have already pledged allegiance to Hyrule.” Nabooru says.

“Good.” Link says, “We must train them all to fight for this attack. I’ll start planning out some strategies for this battle.”

“Having almost all of Hyrule in this fight, I think it will be a war.” Rauru says.

“We have no choice.” Link says, “This meeting is finished.”


Two Days Left Until War


Link begins to train the soldiers and works on strategies with Nabooru and Nairu. Darunia trains his own people for war as well as Ruto. They all train for the day.


One Day Left Until War


“Link.” Nabooru says, “We found Ganondarf.”

Link follows Nabooru and the Gerudo who found Ganon. She leads the two to a cavern in between the path to Kokiri forest and Lake Hylia. The see an army there, but Ganon is not with them.

“We’ll have to work harder to withstand that.” Link says, “It’s almost nightfall. Let’s go back.”

“What about the Ranch?” Navi ask, “What about Malon?”

“I evacuated the ranch this afternoon.” Link says, “She’s at the castle.”

“What about the Kokirians and the Hylians?” Nabooru asks.

“The Kokirians blocked any way of entrance to the Forest and the people at Hyrule are being taken to safety right now.” Link says.

“You sure are prepared for this.” Nabooru says.

“I’m the Hero of time.” Link says, “It’s what I do best.”


The night passed and Link had no good sleep. He leads the Gerudos to Hyrule for war and he enters the castle. He enters the armory, where the soldiers prepare for war.

“Sir.” one of the soldiers says, “The princess has left you some equipment.”

He leads Link to a room and in front of him was something he thought he would never see again.

“The Master Sword was taken out of the Temple for you to use.” the soldier says.

“Thank you.” Link says, “Go back to the armory. War is about to approach.”

The soldier leaves. Link gathers his equipment; Master Sword, Great Fairy Sword, Bombs, Bombchus, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Light Arrows, Longshot, Megaton Hammer, the three magic spells, his Golden Gauntlets, Mirror shield, and Ocarina.

“I guess I’m ready.” Link says to himself.

He goes outside with the soldiers.

“It looks like we’re ready.” Link says.

“Not completely Link.” Nabooru says, “We’re still missing something.”

She gives him a suit of armor. The design looks somewhat similar to the armor Link wore when he wore the Fierce Deity mask.

“Now we’re ready.” Nabooru says, “Captain.”

Link puts on the armor and goes ahead of the army.

Dawn has come.

*NOTE* the battles scene in this, and the next chapter, are going to be sort of like the battle from The Last Samurai, Troy, and King Arthur.


Chapter 6


As dawn approached, a silent sound of heavy marching footsteps approaches the field. After an hour passed, Ganondarf and his army were visible in the distance. Link couldn’t believe it. I’m going to war.

The army was very far away, but the soldiers were having fear in their eyes.

“Follow my plan.” Link orders, “Pick them down little by little and follow me to Lake Hylia.”

As the army was in shooting range, Link called upon the archers. Link and Nairu join the archers. The archers load their arrows.

“Wait.” Link calls out, “Use these.”

He uses his Fire Arrow and the arrows of the other archers get powered with fire. Link then orders the attack.

“Fire!” Link yells out. The archers release and a rain of fire descends from the sky and into the crowd of dark-hearted demons. The archers fire more until Link stops them.

“Follow me to the Lake!” Link yells out. He mounts Epona and rides off south to Lake Hylia, going around the enemies. The other soldiers follow. As they all gallop to the lake, they are blocked by an army of Stalfos. The soldiers start to slow down.

“Don’t slow down!” Link orders, “It’ll make it easier for them. Keep going!”

The riders speed back up and charge at the Stalfos with a battle cry. As they approach the Stalfos, they swipe at them with their swords and kill all of them, and with little, to no casualties. The army makes it to Lake Hylia.

“Hide the horses.” Link says, “And follow me to the lake. Prepare for my first plan.”

The soldiers do as they are told and follow him.


The evil army catches up to Link’s infantry. They close in on them for the kill, until something gets them by surprise. Zoras, fully suited up in Hylian armor, jump out of the water and slash at the demons with their enlarged and deadly fins.

“Since when did Zoras wear armor?” Nairu asks.

“Since the war started.” Link answers, “Let’s get ready.”

“I am.” Nairu says. She takes out her sword. Link gets surprised to see that the sword looks like the Master Sword.

“Since when did you become ‘Heroine of Time’?” Links asks jokingly.

“Since the war started.” Nairu answers back.

Link smply laughs. “CHARGE!”

The two armies collide at each other in full force and begin the first part of the war. Link and Nairu stay close to defend each other. Lizardfos, Poes, Stalfos, and Keese strike at the soldiers and Zoras, killing some of them. Link’s infantry is falling back. Link comes up with a plan.

“Shields Up!” Link yells out. The army knows what Link meant. The Zoras run and dive into the lake and the soldiers their body from Link as if he was going to explode. Link prepares an energy ball of fire in his hand. He punches the ground in full force and a dome of fire surrounds him. The dome of fire expands and hits all that it comes in contact with. The trees and grass burn and so do the enemies, but the soldiers were well shielded from the blast and the Zoras were safe in the water. The whole regiment of enemies was gone. The soldiers and Zoras take the time to gather the body of their fallen ones and give their respect to them as they bury the dead bodies.


“We still have a lot more to do.” Link says, “Ganon doesn’t give up that easily.”

“We should go to Death mountain and help the Gorons.” Nairu says.

“Yes. We should.” Link says, “Let’s go.”


They all gallop to the east to Death Mountain. They meet up with the Gerudos.

“How did it go?” Link asks

“It was a tough one, but we got them all down.” Nabooru says, “We lost no Gerudos so far.”

“Good.” Link says, “We’ll need all the warriors and soldiers we can get to win this war.”


Night fall approaches and the army rests at the abandoned Lon Lon Ranch. By dawn, they leave to the mountains.

“Do you really think we can win?” Nairu asks.

“Not really.” Link says, “But I hope we win.”

“Link…” Nairu begins to stutter with her sentence, “I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”

Link looks up at her. “What is it?”

“I’m not Nairu.” she says.

“What do you mean?” Link asks, confused.

“Nairu is my loyal secondhand attendant.” Nairu says, “I’m Zelda.”

Link gets hit with a sense of irony. He’s been with Zelda for the whole seven years without knowing.

“It was supposed to be a simple test to see your strength of love for me.” Zelda starts, “Ganon’s return wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Link begins to be fueled with temper, but then thinks. I would have done the same to her if I tried.

“I guess I should say I’m sorry.” Zelda says.

“It’s alright.” Link says, “If we win this war alive, I’ll show you my love.”

“We’re here.” Nabooru says. They passed the village and entered the foot of Death Mountain. They see that the Gorons are being attacked.


“Let’s go.” Link orders, “The Gorons will need us.”

They all draw their swords and charge up the hill screaming for battle.

Hang on Brother. Link says in his mind, I’m on my way.

Chapter 7


Darunia and the other Gorons, battle off the horde of Dodongos, but aren’t successful. Just then, an arrow flies over them and hits one of the dodongos, freezing it. Darunia turns to where it came from.

“I’m here Brother.” Link calls from a distance.

“Good to have you here.” Darunia says.

The united army fights off the horde with better success. The Gorons roll at them like boulders and the Hylians slash at them, causing them to explode. The battle finally ends at nightfall with the Dodongos defeated.

“It’s been two days already.” Zelda says, “Do you think it will end soon?”

“I hope so.” Link says.


But Link’s hope didn’t last long. The days turned to weeks and then the weeks turned to months. The enemies were dying, but at the cost of the lives of many Hylians, Gorons, and Zoras. After a full month and five days, the battle was soon to end.


“This is it.” Link says, “This is the end. I know it.”

“You said that weeks ago.” Zelda says, “I’m starting to lose hope now.”

“Don’t lose it Zelda.” Link says, “We’re going to win.”

“Link it’s time.” Darunia says.

All the races gather for the final battle. They gather north of Hyrule while Ganon’s army gathers south of Hyrule.

“How are the Kokirians?” Link asks Navi.

“They’re fine Link.” Navi says, “I checked yesterday.”

“Good.” Link says, “We can’t let a single one of them die.”

From the front line of the enemies, Link could see his Dark self. You won’t be coming back once I get you this time.

Ganon moves to the front of the line and draws his sword.

“IT’S TIME!” Ganon yells, “TO VICTORY!”

They all shout at Ganon’s call and charge at Link and his army.

“What are our chances of survival?” Darunia asks.

“Slim to none.” Link says. All the two can do is laugh as they charge at the enemies screaming.



Chapter 8


Link leads the army towards the enemies and they collide. Link takes out his bow and starts firing at them all while Darunia simply rolls up into a giant rock, and rolls over them. Link finally gets depleted and a group of Dinofos come at him. He puts his bow away and draws his Master sword and Great Fairy sword. He gets a flash of memories.

He sees himself back at Termina, in a Great Fairy’s Fountain.

Thank you, Link. You have gathered my shattered body and brought me together. Please take this. Receiving the Great Fairy Sword was a great gift from the Great Fairy.


Link gets brought back into reality. With two swords in his hand he charges at the Dinofos, swinging is swords around as it passes them, splitting their bodies in half as the blades come in contact with them. Darunia continues to roll about until a hit from a Stalfo strikes him wounding him.

“Brother!” Link calls out as he runs to the fallen Goron.

“Don’t worry about me.” Darunia says, “I’m fine.”

Link searches his pockets and grabs a bottle of red potion.

“Drink this.” Link says.

Darunia gulps the contents down and like magic; his cuts get covered by his rock-like skin. The two get up and continue to fight for their lives, as well as for Hyrule. Link fights off more Stalfos, but doesn’t see that a Stalfo has a crossbow, ready to fire at Link. A soldier near Link sees the Stalfo.

“Captain!” the soldier calls out.

Link looks over and sees that the Stalfo is ready to fire. The soldier runs in and takes the hit for Link.

“NO!” Link screams.

The soldier, still standing, charges at the Stalfo, screaming. He raises his sword and slashes its head off and falls to the ground. Link stares at the heroic deed he has done. He continues to fight, but with more fury. An army of Stalfos form a group and they take out their crossbows. They fire at the battle field and they wipe out a good portion of the soldiers, Gorons and Zoras. Link gathers a small group of his own.

“Stay together!” Link orders, “Shield up!”

They put their shields together to form a barrier in front of them and above them. The moving wall of shields marches forward to the Stalfos and when the distance was close, they break off and charge at the Stalfos.


Zelda focuses on defending herself instead of attacking and she does well. She runs from a group of Poes, and out of a wall of boulders, archers fire Light Arrows at the Poes, sending them to nothingness.


“I think it’s time to join in the battle, Master.” Dark Link says from a hillside, away from battle.

“Very well.” Ganon says, “Bring the rest of the army with us.”

Ganon and Dark Link mount their horses and gallop to the field with an army of what they have left following them. They make it to the battlefield.

“Find Link.” Ganon says, “He’ll be yours to kill. I’ll be finding the Princess. I know she’s here.”

And in his luck he sees Zelda fighting off a Lizardfo. Ganon approaches her but gets distracted by soldiers who try to fight him. Zelda sees that Ganon is near and runs off to find Link.


Link continues to fight like a strong warrior. Dark Link sees him. He sees a dead soldier next to him with a bow. He grabs it and loads a quiver with arrows that were covered with blood at the tip, since he couldn’t find any unused ones. The loads the bow and takes his aim. As soldiers try to stop him, a swarm of Keese hover above them, to stop them. Link, not noticing Dark Link fights off a horde of Gekos and kills them all. Zelda sees Link and comes to him to help him. Dark Link fires his arrow and it whizzes past soldiers and hits Link right at the heart. Zelda looks in horror at the arrow that has pierced him. Link drops to his knees, but gets back up. He fights as if nothing has happened to him. A Lizardfo stabs Link in his arm with a knife, but Link fights back. Dark Link continues to fire more arrows at Link. After the next shot, he finally sees where the arrows are coming from. He sees Dark Link at a distance with a bow. He runs at Dark Link in anger, but gets shot down with another arrow. He still charges and when he reached a certain distance, he throws his Master sword at Dark Link. The sword flies like a spear and it pierces Dark Link right at the head, between the eyes. He drops to the ground dead. Link stands still, as if he is dazed. Zelda sees all the wounds on him; an arrow at his heart, left shoulder, stomach, left knee, a knife at his right arm, his back, his left shin and his chest. Link looks at Zelda, and with a small smile in face, he collapses to the ground. The Hero of Time is dead.


Ganon looks to see what has happened. Though he sees Dark Link dead, what gives him joy was that Link has died. He knows this means a guaranteed victory. He would finally claim Hyrule forever. He begins to think of his glory when he wins the war, but that was his worst mistake, thinking. His mistake cost him his victory. Zelda pierces her blade through Ganon’s thick armor and he falls on his knees. Zelda brings the blade to his neck, which is covered with his blood on the tip.

“It’s over Ganondorf.” Zelda says. The war finally ends with Ganondorf captured.

The remaining soldiers of Ganon’s army is captured and banished into emptiness. Ganon’s punishment was to be public. The next day, at the marketplace, Ganon stands bound up with Rauru beside him. He was crowded by townspeople who watch the so-called King of Evil be eliminated. Rauru utters a spell and from Ganon’s hand, the Triforce of Power is removed from him. 

“You can’t take the Triforce of Power from me!” Ganon yells, “It chose me.”

“Be gone, you twisted monster.” Rauru says.

A door appears from nowhere and inside was a room of emptiness. Ganon gets sucked into the realm and the door closes and disappears.


Link’s body gets taken to the castle. Zelda cries next to the body. Rauru enters the chamber.

“Don’t shed a tear for the living Princess.” Rauru says.

“How can you say that?” Zelda answers back, “Look at him. He’s gone.”

“He’s the Hero of time.” Rauru says, “The goddesses will not allow him to leave this world like this.”

Zelda looks up at the Sage of Light. She can tell that he’s planning something.

“What can be done?” Zelda asks.


In the Temple of Time, Zelda prepares for a ritual. Link’s body is placed on an elevated floor and all the Sages gather around him. Zelda moves towards Link and takes out the Ocarina of Time. She plays the song of the royal family and from the openings of the wall, three beams of light shine through, a red, green, and blue light. Voices come from the light and they speak to Zelda.

This ritual will never be performed ever again. If the wrong kind uses this power, disaster can strike again. The voice of Din says.

You must also know that this will cost a portion of your own life, Zelda. Nayru says.

“I understand.” Zelda says.

Very well. Let the ritual begin. Farore says.

The beams of light transform into orbs of light. The six Sages circle Zelda and Link and they raise their arms to the sky. The orbs enter and leave Zelda’s body, and enter Link’s body. Once the orbs disappear, Link opens his eyes, and gets up. Zelda falls to the ground.

“What happened?” Link asks.

“Zelda gave up some of her life to bring you back from death.” Rauru says.

Link looks over and sees Zelda’s body. He knew she was alive, but she can’t last long in her condition. Link searches his pockets and finds a bottled fairy. He places the bottle on Zelda’s chest and opens it. The red fairy comes out and begins to hover around Zelda. She opens her eyes and sees Link.

“Link. You’re alive.” Zelda says. She hugs link. Link hugs her back.

“Of course.” Link says, “I couldn’t leave you here alone.”

They share a moment to kiss each other. Link finally knows what it feels like to be in love.


Days later, everything gets restored to the way it was before the war. Everything that was destroyed was rebuilt.

At the castle of the land, a couple is brought together by a wedding with the Sage of Light to be the one to bring them together and with everyone from Hyrule to witness it. Everyone save a few.

In a forest deep in a labyrinth of trees, a girl sits on a tree stump playing a lively tune with a little fairy dancing to the music.

From inside a volcano, a lone goron looks over the lake of lava feeling at home.

In a lake, far from Hyrule, a zora princess swims freely in the open water with everything that inhabits the lake.

In the graveyard of Kakariko Village, a single female Sheikah, looks over the area as the entire Poes sink slowly back into their graves.

In the land of Thieves, a female general looks into the living quarters of where the Hero of Time once lived in.

Finally, from a world of emptiness, a dark, evil man screams in pain as he is being ripped apart by the spirits of this world.


The End.

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