A Hero's Love

By Angie Carrier

Chapter 1: After the defeat of Ganon

Link finally put away the Master Sword and closed the Door of Time after the defeat of the King of Evil. He says goodbye to his fairy, Navi as she flies away out the window. Walking out of the Temple of Time, his first thing to do was to visit Princess Zelda. He wanted to see if she still remembered Ganondorf. Would she remember the battle? And the seven years? Even himself? All these thoughts raced through his mind as he was heading toward Hyrule Castle. He did the same thing before getting inside it. Sneaking past the guards ever so cleverly. When he was finally in the court yard, he saw Princess Zelda staring through the window like he seen her for the first time. He didn't see Impa like before standing behind him. After glancing around, he walked toward her. He still kept wondering if she remembered. He walked up behind her and stood. She heard his footsteps and turned around. They were both silent for a long moment. "Link!" Zelda finally spoke. "I've been waiting for you." Link sighed in relief, "You have? That means you remember about the battle?" "Yes, Link. Its amazing ain't it? That you and I seem to be the only ones that remember it. Well we better not be telling anyone else and not reveal you as the Hero of Time. I talked to my father about it and he said it must have been a dream cause the name Ganondorf doesn't even exist. Link, please follow me. I want you to meet my father." Ah yes, the King of Hyrule. Link has been wanting to meet Zelda's father every since he knew about him. Zelda and Link started to head down the hallway towards the throne room. As they head over by the door, Zelda tells Link to stay here. She's got to talk to her father first. "Okay, Zelda." Link replies. Zelda closes the door behind her. Link stands there waiting patiently. "Father? Are you in hear?" Zelda says as she looks around the throne room to find him. She didn't see him. "Father? Where are you?" Still no answer. She finally heads back out to talk to Link. "Link, I cant find my father. I've looked every wear and even called out his name. What if Ganon has got him!" "Calm down, Princess. I'm sure he's somewhere in the castle." even though Link agreed with her. What if Ganon came back and got the King? Was Link too late? Zelda leads Link in the throne room and they start looking around. Link went up to one of the soldiers standing in the hallway to ask wear the missing king was. He didn't know, all he knew was the King had an important meeting. "Father?" Zelda shouted as she opened the bedroom door. She found him. She noticed her father going through three stacks of papers. She walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "Zelda, you startled me!" Her father replied while going back to his work. "Father, where have you been? Link and I have been looking all over you." She said while trying to check out what her father is still doing. He covered what he had written with his arm. "Who's Link, daughter? Please bring him in. I want to meet this Link. Is he a friend? Boyfriend?". Zelda only blushes. "He's a friend, father." Zelda replies as heading out the doors. She sees Link standing there patiently in the throne room. "Link, my father is ready to see you. Follow me." Link and Zelda head into the bedroom. The king notices Link and Zelda walking in and stands up. "Ah, you must be Link. Welcome." "Yes sire. It is such an honor to finally meet you." Link replies while bowing to the King. "How old are you young traveler?" "I am ten your majesty." "Ah good, Zelda's age." "Father," Zelda interrupts. "May Link stay for dinner, tonight?" "Why I don't see why not, daughter. If that's all right with him." Zelda looks over at Link waiting for his reply. " I would be glad to. Thank you, sire. Now will you excuse me. I must be going back to Kokiri Forest." Link takes a bow and leaves the room. Zelda watches him close the door then turns to her father. "Zelda, that Link is interesting. He seems like a hero. Very courageous, very young." She turns to her father and replies "Why father, he actually is the......oops!" stopping herself before revealing Link to her father. "Daughter, did you say something?" "No father, will you excuse me, I have to get ready for tonight." "Alright, my dear, see you then."

Chapter 2:The dinner

Link was pacing back and forth in his tree house looking at his closet. "What to wear, what to wear. "Link, what are you doing?" He heard a familiar voice coming from behind him. It was his best friend Saria. "Saria," replied Link, distracted. "What are you doing here?" "I came to see you, Link. I didn't see you come in to Kokiri forest. Where have you been?" Link turned around from his closet, "I went to the castle to see the Princess Zelda. "After the defeat of Ganondorf, Link." Saria replied. Link turned around and looked at her. "What? Saria what did you say?. "The battle. You defeated Ganondorf, remember?" All Link could do was stare in shock. "You know of the battle, Saria?." Saria just giggles. "Yes Link. I suppose you do too. I remember. It was first kinda weird though that I knew about it. But then I remembered that the reason why I know of it is because I'm a sage." "Well, does that mean all the sages remember, Saria." Saria thought for a moment, "No, I don't think so because I think the ones that remember is the ones that were really close to the Hero of Time but I'm not sure. Well, by the way, what are you doing?" Saria walking over to Link looking at his closet. "Well Saria, I'm going to a dinner tonight at Hyrule Castle. Princess Zelda invited me and I can't find an outfit to wear. Its mostly all green." Saria leaves his tree house and walks back in carrying an outfit. "Here Link, I have been wanting to give this to you every since you came back here to visit. I made it for you while you were gone." She hands him a nice black outfit. "Wow, Saria! This is so nice of you! Ill go try it on right away!" Link heads over to his bathroom and changes. Five minutes later, Saria looks up noticing Link. "Wow!" was all she could say. "How do I look?" Link replies while brushing his hair back. Saria says nothing. "Well, I better get going, Saria. I have a dinner to go to. Thanks for the suit. And if you are expecting me to be back, I'll probably spend the night at Hyrule Castle depending on when the party ends. Link waves good-bye to Saria and leaves the forest. He sees his young companion. Alright, Epona." says Link while talking to his young friend while saddling her up. "How do I look? I mean, this black is me ain't it?" Epona only neighs at him. " I hope so, friend. I've been waiting for this all day. Well we better get heading over to Hyrule Castle. It looks like its heading on to six now". Link says while looking up at the sun. He gets up on her, and yells "Yah!" and rides Epona fast to Hyrule castle. He ties her up on a hitching post and walks across the drawbridge. As he walks into the Market he notices people walking towards Hyrule castle. He sees his young friends Malon and Talon heading over, too. He catches up with them. "Why hello, Link!" Talon says while leading his daughter to the gate of the castle. " My, this is a sight to see. What brings you hear to Hyrule Castle?" Link replies " The Princess has invited me to dinner, sir." Malon looks at Link in amazement, "The Princess? You mean Princess of Hyrule, Zelda!?" "Why yes Malon." Link says as heading over to the dinning room. The room was so huge. There were at least sixteen tables lined perfectly covered with table cloths of red silk. A dance ball hung over the people sitting at tables below. Link looks around the room to see if he can find Zelda. "Link! You made it!" Zelda shouted while running over to Link to greet him. He noticed Zelda looking different. She wore a blue dress that flowed at the bottom. Her hair was put up in a bow and she wore a diamond necklace that looked like 2,000,000 rupees worth. "Zelda, you look great!" "Thanks, so do you. Hello, and welcome to the Hyrulian party, Malon and Talon." "Thank you your highness. It is quite an honor." Zelda leads Link, Malon and Talon to a table to be seated. "Zelda, wear are you going to sit." Link asks while folding his napkin. She replies while calling a servant. "I'll be sitting with my father across from you. Now, this is your waiter, his name is Vincen, he'll be serving us dinner." Link greets him. "Please enjoy, and I'll be back, I have to get my father." Link notices the waiter, Vincen. He's tall standing about six four. His voice sounded really low. "Hello, are you ready to order?" He speaks. Link looks at Talon and Malon about to order "Wait, we have to wait for Princess Zelda and the King." "Yes sir. And here they come now." Vincen replies. Link looks over his shoulder to see Zelda leading her father to the table. "Your majesty." Vincen says while taking a bow. "Are you ready to order?"

Zelda sits across from Link and smiles. "Ah yes, hmm. I will take the chicken deluxe, hold the garlic, and a cup of wine to drink." The King replies. "And a side dish, also. Make that green beans. What about you Zelda?" "I'll have just a glass of tea, and a salad." Vincen writes down the orders, and looks at Malon and Talon, "You sir and madam?" "We'll take just a bowl of soup please with a glass of water." Finally, Vincen turns to Link, still staring at his menu. "Ah yes, I've made my decision, I will have a salad with a glass of water." Vincen takes the menus, "It shall be ready in a moment." and walks away.

One hour later, Link is telling a joke at the table. Everyone laughs. "That is so funny!" Zelda says laughing. The King stands up and speaks to everyone in the room "Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen." The room is filled with silence. "I am delighted to have you all hear on this wonderful evening. Thank you so much. I sure hope you enjoyed the food that was given to you." The guests starts to applaud. "Ah yes. Now before we begin, I would all love for you to give a warm welcome to our new guest. He has traveled all this way to be here from Kokiri Forest. Please give a your attention to my daughter's special friend, Link!" Link stands up waving at the crowd who are applauding and sits back down. "Now, lets all take a break please, and meet out in the throne room, so my servants can arrange the tables, to begin the dance." The people begin to stand up from their seats and leave the room. "Link, come with me." Zelda replies leading him into the throne room. "It shouldn't take long for the servants to rearrange the room." "Zelda, I have never had this much fun in my whole life." Link says smiling. "Alright everyone, "the King announces, "I was just informed that the room is cleared, so will you please meet me back in there for the Hyrulian dance!" The crowd starts heading out onto the dance floor. Link can hear music is playing in the background. The whole crowd starts to dance. "Link," Zelda tries to yell over the loud music. "Do you dance?" "What, Zelda?" Link replies, "what did you say?" "Do you dance, Link?" "Yes, we dance all the time down at Kokiri Forest!" "Great! Cause I want to!" Zelda grabs Link by the arm and starts to dance. "All right!" Link yells in excitement. "What a blast!"

Chapter 3: Seven years later

It has been seven years now and Link and Zelda still remain the best of friends. And it makes it even better for their bond now that Link has moved into Hyrule Castle. He couldn't live in Kokiri Forest now knowing that he'll be the only one grown up. Link came to Hyrule Castle asking the King if he could live here. And yes, is what the King's answer was. He always admired Link. So the King made Link, leader of the soldiers since Link already had the fighting ability. The King, now a days, would watch Link and Zelda hang out together from his balcony. They would sometimes go off to Lake Hylia to watch the sun set, and go horse back riding during the afternoon and even have a pick nick in Hyrule field. Every other night, Hyrule Castle still had parties. And of course, Link is invited to them. "Hey Zel," Link called her. "Would you like to dance?" He takes Zelda by the hand, "Why yes, Link, I would love to." The King watches them two from his chair, "Vincen, don't they make such a great couple?" The King asked his royal servant. Suddenly, the doors flung open, and a strange man walks toward the king. The crowd starts to make a path, clearing out of the way. This man was terribly wounded, it seems that he has just finished a battle of some sort. This man was very dark looking. He had long black hair that touched at his shoulders. His body was tall and rugged but seemed very strong. He glanced around the room and looks at Link and starts walking toward the King. The injured man falls to the King's feet. "Your majesty..... please, help me." Link looks over at Zelda and asks, "Do you know him?" "No." Zelda replies. "What is your name, young man." The King asks him. "My name is Armitrian, sire! I have traveled from my city, Laskadovia, which is under attack. Please sire! If I don't get help, my city shall be destroyed! I need your men to come and help me fight. If we don't defeat them, they will surely attack Hyrule Castle!" The crowd starts to mutter. The King just sits back in his chair pondering about the situation. "Very well," he decides. "We'll head out tomorrow morning. And we shall fight to protect Laskadovia together!" The King shakes hands with Armitrian. "Now please, stay here so the nurse maids can aid you. Proceed with the party." Music begins playing and the crowd begins to dance again. Link looks around for Armitrian and sees him being carried to another room by nurse maids. "Link," Zelda says while leading him to a corner of the room. " I have a bad feeling about this Armitrian. Something is not right." Link agrees with her. He felt something terrible when Armitrian glanced at him. "Zelda," he says, "Don't worry. I'm sure everything will be fine." He rubs her shoulders. "Okay, Link." Zelda replies. "After the party, I'll talk to my father. He'll know what to do. Besides, he always finds a way to make things right." After the party, the King orders his servants to clean up the room. He tells Link to follow him in a room. "Link, my dear friend," he says while shutting the door behind them, "You have been loyal to me for seven long years and faithful to Zelda. Please sit down, we have to talk." Link pulls up a chair and sits by his majesty and listens to what he's about to say. "Link, I can't go to this battle without you. I need you to come with me and protect Laskadovia so that Hyrule will be safe as well. Will you help me fight?" Link, without even thinking first replies "Yes sire. Don't worry, Hyrule is always safe." "Good, then tomorrow, meet me in the throne room. We shall go on to battle." "Yes sire." Link says while standing up. Later that night, Link has a strange dream of the battle. He would be fighting and it was dark and storming. He would be hit in the back of the head and when he looked up, he saw a dark shadow standing above him. The shadow will laugh ever so evil and the fighting would stop. And this shadow would raise his fist toward Link. Then Link would be engulfed by red, blue and green flames and teleported to a small room. There before him, was a creature standing. He couldn't tell what this creature looked like until he stepped into the light. This creature had a body of a lion, head of an eagle, wings that stretched out far on his back, a strange symbol on his right shoulder and a necklace with the Triforce upon it. This creature's eyes would flame with fire as he spoke "Link, Hero of Time and protector of Hyrule, I am Cartus, messenger of the Goddesses. Though this is a dream, I have much to tell thee. Hyrule is rested on your shoulders. But after the defeat of Ganondorf, an evil was unleashed. Ganon would release this evil if he ever was defeated as a revenge. This evil power is much stronger than the battle of the Evil King. This evil knows your weakness and can use them against you. There is a chance that he can destroy you Link unless the size of your heart is right then this evil can be destroyed. You will know what I mean later." And before Link could even speak, this creature spoke again " Protect the ones you love, Link, for they are the keys to your destiny." Before Link woke up, Cartus handed Link the Ocarina of Time. "This will help you in time." When Link awoke, something was poking him in his side, he reached around and pulled out the Ocarina of Time. A cold chill ran down Link's spine. "What does this all mean?" Link thought to himself holding the Ocarina. Link stayed up all night thinking about the dream. What did Cartus mean by protect the ones he loved? Evil is unleashed? Size of his heart? These questions went through Link's mind so fast. The next morning, Link woke up and went down to meet Zelda for breakfast. He noticed that she was finishing it. "Good morning Zelda." Link spoke as he was getting his breakfast to the table. Zelda says nothing, not even looks up at him and smiles like she always does. "Zelda, what's wrong?" But before Zelda could answer, the King appears into the dinning room. "It's time. Follow me." Link and Zelda starts to follow the King into the throne room where they see soldiers lined up before the King. Link looks over at Zelda and she doesn't make eye contact. "What's wrong with her?" Link thinks to himself. "All right men, you know this morning has come to fight." The King spoke. Link could see Armitrian leaving the room. "Link!" The King spoke. "It is time. Let's head out to the stables to get the horses." Everyone in the room starts to follow the King. Link is watching Zelda wondering what is wrong. She never acted this way around Link before. Link could never figure it out. As Link gets up on Epona, Zelda walks over to him. "Link, take this necklace. It will protect you." Zelda hands Link a chained necklace with the Triforce on it with the words "Courage" inscribed on it. Zelda starts to cry turning away from Link. "Zelda," Link asks looking at her. "What is the matter? Why are you crying?" Zelda said nothing. "Please take care Link. I don't want to lose you. I couldn't live another day knowing you are not here." "Ill be fine, Zelda. I promise Ill come back alive." Link hugs Zelda and heads off following the army. He looks back seeing Zelda still crying. "Why is Zelda so upset? She's never acted this way before. She's so worried about me. I'm worried about her too." Link thought. Then suddenly, a feeling came upon Link. A feeling Link never felt before. Link suddenly realised something special was happening to him.

Link was falling in love.

Chapter 4: The Battle for Laskadovia

All the soldiers including Link were lined up behind the King. Other soldiers from Laskadovia started lining up with the King as well. Link looked around and saw the soldiers that were destroying Laskadovia. A man with a black hood covering his face yelled "Charge!" and the army went head on toward the soldiers of Hyrule. "All right men!" The King shouted. "This is for Hyrule." The battle begins. Link headed out towards the leader with the black hood but soldiers from all around kept blocking Link's path. Link took his sword and destroyed them. When Link was about to attack the leader, the strong man smacked Link down with one blow. He stood over Link looking at him. Link noticed this mans eyes. They were red with fire. Suddenly, an evil laughter echoed through Laskadovia. Link finally stood up when suddenly a burst of light shot out from the leader's hand and he disappeared. Link looked around and noticed the enemy was fleeing. "Hip hip hooray!" One of the soldiers shouted. Link ran over to the king who was getting off his horse. "Congratulations, men!" Lets head home!" the King shouted as he was patting Link on the shoulders. Suddenly from out of nowhere a bolt of magic shot out from the skies and struck the king. The King fell to the ground groaning. "Link!" He yelled. "Your majesty!" Link rushed over towards the king, lifting his head above the ground. "Link, listen to me." The king spoke nearing his death. "Take this letter. Give this to Zelda when the time is right. I..... I know you love my daughter. I... I can see it in both of you. Your eyes sparkle when you see her. There's no denying it...... Link. Protect Zelda, Link...... promise.....me." Link looked in the king's eyes trying not to cry. "I promise, sire!" The king was dead. Soldiers began to carry the King's body onto a cart. Link covered a blanket over the King. Link was filled with so much anger that he shouted loud that his voice echoed the skies. "Who did this?! Whoever did this to the King, you shall meet my wrath!" Link rode up on Epona and lead the soldiers back to Hyrule. Watching Link from atop a mountain, Armitrian was watching him closely. "No, Link. You shall meet my wrath for what you have done!" He starts to laugh evil. Link was heading towards Hyrule Castle trying not to burst into tears. "What will Zelda think?" He thought to himself. "Will she hate me?" Suddenly, he saw her standing on the porch. She looked over at Link and all the soldiers and started running towards Link. "Link!" She screamed happily. "You're alive!" She went to hug him and noticed something. "Where's father?" She asked looking around while soldiers started to head towards the stables. Suddenly, Zelda saw a wagon holding her father wrapped in a blanket. "Father!" She began to cry. Link felt so terrible about all this. "Zelda," he spoke. "I'm so sorry." Zelda looked up at him in anger. "How could you! You were suppose to protect him!" Before Link could explain, she ran inside the castle. Link was feeling so much pain. Later that night, he headed towards the stables where he saw Epona. He saddled her up and rode off towards Kokiri Forest. He knew Zelda hated him, so how could he stay in Hyrule Castle. That night, Zelda had a dream. "Zelda...." she heard a voice echoing around her. She saw her father standing in front of her. "Father!" She spoke running towards him. "Zelda, my daughter. Listen to me. My death is not Link's fault. He couldn't save me no matter how hard he tried. It came from out of nowhere. Zelda, I want you to go to Link, he is at Kokiri Forest in grief. I gave him a letter. I know he hasn't opened it yet. Go to him and ask of it. You will know what to do from there. Zelda, I told Link this what I'm about to tell you. I know you love him. I can see it in both of you. The way you look at him. The feeling you get when you are around him. You two were destined to be together. Go now daughter. This is your destiny." Zelda woke up. "I must go to Link tomorrow morning. That night she fell asleep, and deep down in her heart, she knew she was in love.

Chapter 5: Link and Zelda's Confession

The next morning, Zelda awoke from her bed and got dress. She didn't even eat breakfast. She knew where she needed to go. She headed down towards the stables to saddle up her white horse called "Iris". She rode as fast as she ever could down to Kokiri Forest. When she got in there, she noticed a red haired little boy standing in front of her. "What business do you have in Kokiri Forest!" He spoke angrily. "Have you any idea that this is....." "I'm hear to see Link." She interrupts him. "Do you know where he is?" "Yeah I do." He replies. "He's in his tree house. But why do you want to see him? You need to get past me first, I am Mido, leader of this place, and I allow people to visit and allow people not to visit so I choose you not to visit so leave!" Suddenly, after the rudeness, Zelda sees a little girl running towards her. "Mido!" She said. "Stop this now! Link told me to let anyone that wanted to see him in!" "Sorry, Saria." Mido said softly. "Follow me." Saria lead Zelda to Link's tree house. "He's in there." "Thank you." Zelda spoke to her as she was climbing up the ladder. Zelda looked all around the room when she finally saw Link sitting in his chair with his back towards her and his head buried in his hands. "Link?" Zelda spoke. Link turned around to see Zelda standing before him. "Zelda, what are you doing here?" Link asked getting up from his chair. "Link, we have to talk. I'm soo soo sorry that I blamed you of my father's death." Zelda started to tell Link about her dream. Link smiled at her. "Link," Zelda spoke. "Do you have the letter that my father gave you?" "Yes Zelda. He told me to open it only when the time is right." Link reached under his bed and pulled out a letter with a seal on it. "Link, before you open the letter, I have something to tell you." Link and Zelda head over and sits down on his bed. Zelda takes a deep breath trying to calm down " Link, every since we met the first time, before defeating Ganon, I knew something about you that I never met inside anyone else. It was the size of your heart. And we have been best friends for so many many years. Well, Link I don't want to be friends anymore." Link looks at her in sadness. "I understand. I guess you are still mad at me about your father. I understand Zel..." No Link, not like that!" Zelda interrupts him. "What I meant to say is...." She takes another deep breath. "Link... I....." "Yes, Zelda?" "I am in love with you!" she confessed. "I hope that you don't think me as a fool, I...." Link takes her by the hand and looks in her eyes. He leans over toward her and for the first time in both of their lives, Link and Zelda got their first kiss. This kiss lasted for a moment and when they departed, Zelda started to cry. Link's eyes start flowing with tears. These tears were not of sadness but of happiness. They both knew deep down in their hearts, this was their destiny. "Link," Zelda spoke holding Link's hand. "Now about that letter." Link breaks the seal of the letter and begins reading.

"Dear Link and Zelda,

By the time you read this letter, I will no longer be around. I have wrote this letter a long time before I met you Link. The goddesses told me that you would come. And you two were destined to fall in love. I knew this moment was true when you introduced me to Link, daughter.

Zelda, you wanted to know what I was doing when you found me in my bedroom, what all the papers were for. Now you know.

Link and Zelda, your love has the power to affect the whole world. Now, go back to Hyrule Castle, Link. You Zelda, shall reign in my place as Queen of all of Hyrule. But chose wisely who will rule beside you as King, you and I know that you cannot rule alone. Go now and fulfill my request. I entreat ye,


Link and Zelda read the letter over and over. "Link," Zelda spoke. "It is time. Lets go back to Hyrule castle. We gave a request to fulfill." Link takes Zelda by the hand and leaves Kokiri Forest. They ride together on Epona to Hyrule Castle. As they head over to Link's room, Link kisses Zelda goodnight. "See you in the morning, love." Link says while opening his bedroom door. "I love you." He watches Zelda head over to her room when she turns around " I love you, too, Link. Good-night."

Chapter 6: A strange visit but a familiar face

That morning, Hyrule was going through a dark time. Everyone knew that the King was dead. Who would rule Hyrule now? Without a leader, Hyrule is in chaos. The funeral of the King began early morning. Zelda couldn't stop crying that day knowing her father was dead. But, of course, Link is always there to comfort her. During the funeral, there was a dinner that Zelda had plan. Link looked at Zelda and asked "Love, who is going to rule Hyrule with you? Your father said you couldn't rule alone." "You're right, Link. I know." Zelda said while trying to get everyone's attention. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. I know we are all in a dark stage right now of my father's death. But he left behind a will for me." She reads the will to everyone trying not to cry. Link grabs her hand and holds it softly. "Now father insisted me that I become queen of Hyrule. But father told me that I cant lead this land alone. So father left me with the decision of one man with a true heart. I choose my dearest love and his name, you all know it well, is Link!" The room fills up with applaud as Link stands up. "Thank you everyone. I know the King of Hyrule will be dearly missed, but he shall live on. I have made a promise that I will always keep, I promised that when I am king, Zelda's father shall live through me. Thank you and enjoy the meal." "Three cheers for the King and Queen of Hyrule!" a voice came from the back. The people cheered loudly "Hip hip hooray!" Zelda and Link sits back down in their seats, and so does the people. "Zelda," Link whispers in her ear, "tonight, I need to ask you something. Can we meet by the lake side of Lake Hylia?" "Sure, Link." Zelda replies curiously. After the funeral and dinner, everyone began to leave towards their homes. Link rode Epona to Lake Hylia and sat there waiting for his love. Suddenly, while thinking, Cartus appeared in front of him. Link got up and said "Cartus, long time no see." "Link," Cartus said in a deep tone, " I decided to appear to you in person instead of dreams. Evil is drawing nigh. Be ready for the worst. The Goddesses and the entire world is depending upon you. I must leave. Heed this warning." Cartus disappeared in a flash. "Evil is nigh. I could actually sense it before he even appeared." Link thought to himself. "Well anyway, I did bring the ring didn't I?" Link checks in his pocket and pulls out a beautiful diamond ring with the words "I Love Thee" inscribed inside. The diamond would shine when the sun's rays would hit upon it. The diamond shined the colors blue, green and red. "She'll love it!" Link exclaimed happily. Link starts jumping up and down in excitement when he notices Zelda standing behind him. "Zelda!" Link shouts while trying to hide the ring back in his pocket. "Hi. Glad you could make it."

"Having fun, Link?" Zelda laughs. "Heh heh, yeah, Zelda." "What did you want to talk to me about, Link?" Link leads Zelda over by the water and sits her down. "Zelda," Link replies nervously. " I love you so dearly. Every morning I wake up with a smile cause I dream of you at night. I've got a question to ask you." Link starts to pull out the ring. "Will you....", suddenly, a soldier appeared riding a white horse. "Your majesties! You have a visitor wanting to meet you two. Please hurry!" The soldier leaves riding fast away from them. "Ah.. Ill talk to you later about it, Zel, okay?" Link exclaims. "Yeah, Link. Well let's go to Hyrule Castle, I want to see this visitor." Link and Zelda head off to Hyrule Castle riding on Zelda's horse, Iris. When they arrive inside the castle, they saw Armitrian sitting in the throne chair surrounded by his soldiers. "Armitrian?" Link says. Link noticed something is not right. Where are the soldiers? Link could sense an evil presence in the room but he didn't know who it was coming from. Zelda rushes by Link's side and grabs his hand. "Armitrian? Where were you at the battle of Laskadovia?" Armitrian stands up from the throne room and speaks "I was doing my job!" Zelda ponders for a moment "What do you mean?" "Well let me explain." Suddenly, Armitrian waves his hands in the air, a cloud of smoke fills the air, Link and Zelda start coughing. The smoke was so thick they couldn't see each other or Armitrian. When the smoke finally cleared, the soldiers that were Armitrian`s where monsters in metal armor. When they saw Armitrian, he had his back towards Link and Zelda. "Armitrian, what's going on?!" Link exclaims while holding Zelda tight. Then, a burst of evil laughter filled the room. When Armitrian turned around, he wasn't the man that Zelda and Link thought of. Armitrian was a creature with a red robe on with a hood that covered his face, his eyes were a blood red and shined like fire, and his voice sounded like a legion. "Ha ha ha!" Armitrian laughs. " You fools! You think Laskadovia was being attacked! HA ha! Laskadovia is actually the door to the Evil Realm! Once, the King was killed, the Evil Realm was unleashed and once I have the Ocarina of Time, the great King of Evil will return!" Link starts to back up away from Armitrian. "Now Zelda," Armitrian exclaims, " I have an offer to give to you." Zelda shakes her head in anger. "I don't make deals, Armitrian." "Oh I wouldn't say that, princess. Let me let you in on it first. If you give me the Ocarina of Time, Ill let you live and all you're people in it." Link steps in front of Zelda and says " What are you up to, Armitrian." Armitrian glares at Link and waves his hands in the air, suddenly, a bolt of black magic shoots out at Link and right before Zelda's eyes, he disappears. "ZELDA!" Link screams in agony. " LINK!" But before Zelda could reach out to him, Link was gone. "NO!!!!" Zelda screams. Armitrian starts to walk over to her. "He was always in my way. Now, I have many ways of getting what I want. I will make you change your mind." "What have you done with him, Armitrian!" Zelda hits the floor crying. "Don't worry about that." He sneers. " You keep your attitude up and you may never see him again!"

Chapter 7 : The Three Temples

Meanwhile, while Armitrian was making a deal with Princess Zelda in giving the Ocarina of Time to him so that his Evil King would be unleashed, Link was cast out in an unknown place. It was a desert but not the Colossus desert. Link walked through the sand trying to shield his eyes from the stinging wind when for about an hour, he finally collapsed. "Link...." he heard a voice calling out his name. It was Cartus. Link tries to look up, feeling weak and tired he speaks "Cartus... it's over isn't... it?" "No Link, don't think that. Don't be discouraged. I came to talk to you about Armitrian. Armitrian is a loyal servant and a messenger of Ganon. When you destroyed Ganon and put him in the Evil Realm, Armitrian was unleashed into Hyrule where he was ordered to free Ganon from his prison and so that Ganon would take over Hyrule once more and succeed. Armitrian is needing the Ocarina of Time to open the evil seal. But his first task was to get rid of you." "Why didn't he destroy me, Cartus?" Link interrupts. "Armitrian is very cruel, he wants you to suffer but little does he know that you aren't that easy to get rid of. And one mistake he did, he didn't know you had the Ocarina of Time in your pocket." Link checks to feel for the Ocarina and pulls it out of this pocket. "Oh NO!" Link screams. "Armitrian thinks Zelda has it." "Yes, Link. That is the reason I gave you the Ocarina in the first place, don't worry, Armitrian will not hurt Zelda, he cant. She is the key to unleashing Ganon. Now Link, this desert holds the keys to stopping Armitrian and his plan. There are three temples in each corner of this desert. One is Temple of Courage, Temple of Wisdom and Temple of Power. Each temple holds a crystal that if combine, a power will be unleashed and can give the one who combines them together, 3 wishes. Just like the Triforce, except not as powerful, these three crystals, if touched by one with a pure heart, his wishes will be more great than he ever imagined, if one with an evil heart, his wish shall be more destructive then he ever even thought of. Now, in these temples you just cant walk in and pick up the crystals, in each temple there is a certain task. You will know what to do once you enter the room but these challenges are not easy. Think with your heart Link. Good-luck, hero." Cartus disappears. Link starts walking around hoping he'll find the temples. "I have to hurry. I don't have much time, Zelda is counting on me to get these crystals." Link thinks to himself. While Link was thinking, he trips over what seems like a rock sticking out of the ground, but when Link peered in more closely at it, it had an eye carved in it. Link started to pull out the rock and with one final pull he fell back with the rock in his hands. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and out of nowhere, a temple started to rise out from the sand. "I think I found one!" Link shouts excitedly. When the door was clear to walk into, Link started heading towards it when Cartus appeared. "Link, you have found the Temple of Wisdom. Be careful, this temple causes discourage." Then he disappeared. Once Link got into the temple, the first thing he saw was words written above a shelf that held three boxes. The words read:

Once in the Temple of Wisdom,
There are many things
not even seen by the eye
Find which one is right
One is truth and two are a lie
Pick the right one
You can go on in
But pick the wrong
The world is at the end
The Hero of Time
will know which one is true
The fate of the world
Depends upon you


Link started to look at the shelf that held three boxes. Each box had a mark on the lid, one on the left had a key, the middle had a heart, and the one on the right had a sun on it. Link began to think hard on this situation. "Cartus said something about me that would effect the world but I cant remember what!" Link thought. "I think it's the key." Link started to reach out to grab the box, but then it hit him "The heart, the heart. Something about the one with the heart makes me think." Then, the words of Cartus echoed through Link's head. "The size of your heart.... the size of your heart..... heart." "HEART!" Link shouts loudly. Link picks up the box with the heart on it and opens. Suddenly, a ray of blue light shoots out of the box, then a rumbling sound is heard from a distance. "Did I chose the wrong one?"

Meanwhile back at the castle.....

"ARGGHHH!!!!! How much do I have to do to get Zelda convinced!" Armitrian screams as he throws a vase at one of his advisers. "Sir," his adviser exclaims. "Give the girl time." Armitrian runs over to his adviser, picks him up and throws him across the room. "You fool!" He screams. "I have been sent here to do a job. There is no time! The great King needs to be released now!" Armitrian falls on his knees. "Bring that girl in!" he orders one of his henchmen. Zelda is sitting in a cell thinking about Link. "Oh Link, where are you? Are you alive? Please, my love." Suddenly, Cartus appears to her. "Who are you?" Zelda asks. "Dear child," he exclaims, "I am Cartus, messenger of the goddesses and instructor for the hero of time. I have much to tell you about Armitrian. Please listen."

Back in the temple....

"Whoa! I'm alive!" Link cries when a door opened. "I think I better go through here. As Link enters the room, he sees three Stalfos standing guard. Link notices that they are guarding a door. The Stalfos look over at Link and starts to growl. "Here we go." Link shouts while leaping towards the stalfos. Link reaches for his sword and realizes " Oh NO! The Master Sword! I put it back in the......" but before he could finish, one Stalfos swung his bony fist at Link and knocked him to the ground. "I didn't realise this would be so hard." Link thought. "How can I defeat these guys?" Suddenly, an image of Zelda began to go through Link's mind and the more he thought about her the more he seemed courageous and his heart began to grow. "AHhhhh!" Link screams as he jumps upon one of the Stalfos. Link rips the bone hand holding the a sword on one of the Stalfos and starts fighting the monstrous skeletons. "Take this!" Link shouts as he destroyed one of the Stalfos. "One down, two to go." He exclaimed. The other two stayed side by side attacking Link. Then Link was knocked down to the floor. Suddenly, the Stalfos began to get on one side of Link. One in front of him, one behind him. Link noticed a rope hanging from the ceiling when he got knocked down. "Okay, this better work." The stalfos began to raise their swords above their heads to strike down Link. "One...two..." he began to think to himself. "Three!" He shouted as he jumped up and grabbed the rope. The stalfos slashed each other in half and when Link jumped down, they were just a pile of bones. Link began to hear soft music and the door opened. Link walked through the door and there in front of him floating above him was the crystal of wisdom! It shimmered a blue light every time Link looked at it. "Alright!" Link jumped up excitedly. "How do I get it?" Suddenly, he started to feel light. He noticed he was floating. Well that was easy. Link floats up to where the crystal of wisdom was and he grabbed it with both of his hands. He could feel power flow through his arms. "One down, two to go." He repeated. Link started to head out of the temple when another rumbling began. This time the Temple of Wisdom started going back into the sand and another Tempe began to rise from the sand. Link heard Cartus` voice speak to him "Good job Link, you gained the crystal of wisdom. Now ahead of you is the temple of courage. Be aware, this one will cause heart ache." And he disappears again. Link starts to head into the temple of courage. This temple was not like the one he just finished, this temple had a cold air inside it. Link started to walk around and he came upon a grave stone. "A grave stone in a temple?" He pondered. Link kneeled down to the grave stone and read the words " Here lies the Hero of Time's mother."

"Oh man," Link thought. Suddenly, Link started to cry. But the more he cried, the more he seemed to grow weaker. He then saw his father fighting in the "Imprisoning War" and how he died. "I cant take this." Link shouted. Now Link couldn't stand. "Wait a sec! Cartus said that is the temple of heartaches! I have to fight this! This ain't real." Then Link started to think more about Zelda again, and the images started to fade away and he started to grow even more stronger then ever before! "Yes! Man, that was more worse then fighting the Stalfos!" Link laughed as he was heading down a long hallway. Suddenly, Link saw an image of Ganondorf and him fighting the Battle of Time. Ganon kidnapped Zelda and locked her in a crystal. Oh how Link felt when she was taken away. The more Link thought about this, he still kept getting weaker. "Well, I did save her! And now we are together and in love!" He thought to himself and his strength was 10 times more stronger. The images faded away and a door opened. There the wisdom crystal sat. He took it in his hands and started to head out of the temple again. Suddenly, while he was still in the temple but very close to the door, the temple started to shake. "Oh no! Its going to sink in the sand! I got to get out of here!" Link ran as fast as he could with the crystal still in his hands. Finally, he got out of the temple right before it went into the sand. "One more to go!" Cartus appeared to Link once more. Link you are a really courageous lad to make it this far. The Temple of Power awaits. You have gone through a lot but this temple brings heartache, discourage and in this temple be ready to face things that know you're every move and go threw things that seem to be not even there." With those words, Cartus disappeared. "All right," Link suggest while gripping the sword, " I finish this temple and I save my girl!" Link awaits for the temple to rise from the sand but nothing happened. "What's this?" Link looks around to see if there is a rock to pull just like the first one but nothing. "Cartus!" Link asked. "What's going on?" Then Link remembered the words Cartus spoke " Be ready to go threw things that seem to be not even there...... Link picked up a handful of sand and threw it in front of him. He saw the image of the temple and the door but when the sand fell, he didn't see it. " Ill walk through it." Link started to throw more sand to lead his way into the temple. Finally, he was inside the temple. "Good. No more sand throwing." He thought. When Link started to walk around, he seemed like he was being watched. He took out the sword he got and held it tight in his hand. Suddenly, what seemed like a boomerang, shot out of nowhere and hit Link in the face. Then he heard this voice that sounded so close to his. "Ah, finally I have met you again, hero of time. You might remember me in the Water Temple during the reign of Ganon. Well now I'm back and I am going to shed you to pieces!" When Link got up, the candles hanging on the wall went dim but Link could still see. Link looked at his challenger and to his surprise it was himself, actually known as "Dark Link". The battle begun with Link's first slash. Dark Link shielded it and threw his boomerang once more. Link dodged it and when Dark Link went to catch it, to Dark Link's surprise, Link himself caught it. "Hey! That's mine!" Dark Link spoke in anger. "Oh well sorry, here, take it back!" Link threw it at Dark Link and it hit him in the chest. "One more slash ought to finish him off" Link thought to himself. Link jumped up in the air, followed by Dark Link, and he did a spin attack that sent Dark Link to the beyond. Link landed safely on his feet and the door opened. What would be behind it? A monster or a crystal? Link walked through the door and saw a shadow figure. "So glad you could make it, Hero of Time. Please put the sword away, I mean no harm." Link put the sword down and started to walk towards the shadow. "I am here to show you Zelda, and what she is going through cause you are not fast enough." Link walked over to look in the well filled with water. He saw Zelda crying. "Why is she crying?" Link asked the shadow. "Cause you were too late. Armitrian killed Zelda. I'm sorry." "NO!" Link screamed as he hit the floor crying. A shock of lighting came from somewhere and destroyed the shadow. It was Cartus. "Is it true?" Link asked looking up at Cartus in tears. "Link, no it isn't true. Zelda is alive." Link sighed in relief. "I'm sorry, Cartus." "That's okay, Link. Go in and collect the last crystal." Link walks into another room with Cartus following from behind. There it was, the final crystal. Link knew what would happen next when he takes that crystal. He knew he had to defeat Armitrian and get back his love. Link took the crystal and looks back at Cartus. "Its time Link." Then Cartus spread out his wing and they both transported in front of Hyrule Castle. "Cartus, what about the Master Sword?" Link asked while staring at the gates of Hyrule Castle. "Ill explain later, Link. We got company." Link looks up and notices something flying over ahead of them. It roared loudly and blew fire. Link recognized that sound. "Its Volvagia! He's revived!" Link and Cartus enters Market Town. Looking around, all the people are gone, the town is destroyed and Re-deads didn't walk around, it was Iron Knuckles. "We got to hurry to the Temple of Time, Link!" Cartus said while trying to lead Link away. "Don't touch the Iron Knuckles. They'll awake and their axe is deadly" Link replies while following behind Cartus. They finally made it to the steps of the Temple of Time. "You still have the Ocarina of Time, Link? Don't you?" Cartus asked. "Yes, Cartus but I need the three spiritual stones." Link pointed at the altar and noticed that the three spiritual stones were already in place. "Armitrian has already collected them. That's why he needed the Ocarina of Time so badly. That's how close he was to releasing Ganondorf." Cartus spoke. "Now play the Song of Time, Link, and it shall open. Retrieve the Master Sword and head over to Armitrian`s Castle. Good luck Hero of Time!" Cartus spoke his last words and vanished. Link stood in front of the altar. He put the Ocarina to his lips and began to play "Song of Time." The music echoed through the Temple and it sounded wonderful. Link stood waiting for the door to open, and when it did, he started to run towards the pedestal which held the Master Sword. He gripped the mighty sword and pulled it from its pedestal. Link held the Master Sword high above his head and walked out of the Temple of Time saying to himself. "Armitrian, here I come!"

Chapter 8: The Battle Begins

Link walked to where the castle stood. It looked the same as Link saw it heading out to defeat Ganon except it had dragons flying over head. Link walked inside the castle. Inside, it was much different. Instead of the carpet being purple, it flowed out in black and an orange trim lined it. The walls were made of steel and the temperature was very cold inside. Link walked down the stairs and headed toward the first door. In the next room, stood a long case of stairs that lead up to a throne. Link looking around, heard a familiar scream. "LINK!" He looked around the room and saw his love, Zelda tied up in chains to a wall. "Zelda!" Link shouted while running towards her. He grabbed her face and kissed her. "Zelda! I'm so glad to see you." He said trying not to cry. "What has he done to you?" Zelda, looking in Link's eyes, said " Oh Link! I've been through so much torture not seeing you!" Link stared down at Zelda's wrist when he noticed a bandaged wrapped around it. Link looked back up at Zelda, "What has he done to you?" Link spoke in anger while unwrapping the bandage. A shock came upon Link as he looked at Zelda's wrist. It had a deep cut on it. "Zelda, what has he done?" Zelda only looked at the ground. "While you were away, I knew you had the Ocarina of Time, and I'm glad you did. I knew it was safe with you. Well, Armitrian punished me." Link looked up at Zelda and kissed her again. "He'll pay for what he's done to you, my love. I promise you." Zelda started crying, "Link, he's waiting for you. He's up stairs pass the door on the left of me. Be careful!" Link started to walk towards the door and ran back to kiss Zelda again. "I love you, Zelda." As Link walked away, Zelda whispered, "I love you, Link." Link began to go up the long stairway when he heard music. He followed the music which lead him to a room. There before Link, he saw Armitrian. Armitrian, turning around said, "Ah, there he is! The Hero of Time! How did you get back so fast?" Link started walking towards Armitrian holding the Master Sword with a tight grip. "Armitrian, your time has come, you will pay for everything you've done. Murdered the King of Hyrule, destroyed this land, and hurt my girl. You aren't going to get away with this. Ill see that I put you where Ganon is now!" Link starts to run toward Armitrian with the Master Sword and dodges at him. Armitrian flies above Link's head shooting a magic bolt of lighting at Link and misses. "Ah, this is not fun. Lets get an audience, shall we?" Suddenly, Zelda is placed in a chair next to Armitrian`s. "That's better." He spoke. "Lets test your weakness shall we, Link?" Armitrian walks over to Zelda and takes her by the hand. "Let go!" Zelda screams. Armitrian places his lips on Zelda's and then knocks her to the ground. Link grips the Master sword so hard that his fist turns a blood red. Suddenly, the Triforce of Courage appeared on Link's left hand. Link could feel his heart getting much stronger. "NO ONE TOUCHES MY GIRL!" Link screams and runs toward Armitrian. The evil villain distracted by Zelda looks at Link and before he could get away, Link slashed the Master Sword and nothing was left of Armitrian. Link runs over to Zelda and breaks the chains with his fist. "LINK!" Zelda cries while holding him tightly. "Zelda, are you all right?" But before Zelda could answer, Cartus appeared. "Well done, Link. You have defeated Armitrian and has destroyed the chance of Ganon breaking free. You see, it was the size of your heart that destroyed Armitrian. A Hero's Love has the power to destroy evil." "Thank you, Cartus, for everything." Link replies while holding Zelda tightly. "Now, Link, enjoy life. I'm sure you and Zelda have a lot to talk about." Armitrian waves goodbye and disappears leaving behind a rose. "Link, what does he mean?" Zelda ask curiously. "Ill tell you later, my dear." Link holds up the three crystals that he gathered and made his three wishes.

Chapter 9: A Hero's Love

Link and Zelda were sitting by Lake Hylia watching the sun rise. Zelda was lying in Link's arms as they talked about a lot of things. They were talking how much they love each other and how Hyrule is back to normal, the King was brought back to life and the seal of the Evil Realm would never be opened for a time. "Zelda, I have something I have been wanting to ask you every since we had our last visit here." Link gets up and walks over to his bag. Zelda watches him and asks "What is it, love?" Link walked back over to Zelda and sat down by her. "Zelda, I love you so much and I wish I would of done this sooner but you know why I didn't. I want to be with you for the rest of my life." Link pulls out the ring he still had kept. Zelda looks at Link surprised and starts to cry. "Zelda, will you marry me?" Link asks trembling on his knees. "Yuh.....yuh...." Zelda tries to speak. "What is that my dear?" "Yes, Link, I will marry you!" Zelda cries as Link kisses her on the lips. Link can hardly believe what was happening. Link picks Zelda up and swings her in the air. Zelda started to lay back in Link's arms and they spent the night in each others arms by Lake Hylia.

The next morning, Link and Zelda headed out to Hyrule Castle. They knew what had to be done. It was time to announce the great news. Link and Zelda were in the throne room sitting down at a party enjoying the meals. Zelda stands up while holding Link's hand, trying to get everyone's attention. The muttering begins to get silent and everyone's eyes were upon them. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so glad that Hyrule is back to normal thanks to Link!" The people begin to applaud Link while Zelda tries to quiet it down. Her father smiles at her. "We have a very special announcement to make so please listen up. Link and I have decided to get married tomorrow. Everyone, please plan to be there. It will be outside in the courtyard. Thank you!" Zelda and Link sits down and people start cheering for the new couple.

Chapter 10: The Celebration of Love

That morning, Link woke up bright and early. He went into Zelda's bedroom who was still sleeping. He walked up by her bed and kissed her on the cheek. Link walked out of the room and ordered one of the servants that if Zelda asked where he was, to tell her he went to Kokiri Forest. Link headed out towards the stables and saddled up Epona. Link rode fast to Kokiri Forest to make a long visit to an old friend. When Link entered Kokiri Forest, he looked around and noticed no one was there. He walked in the shop and it said "Closed." He walked into the "Know-It-All-Brothers house, no one was there either, he finally went to the Deku Tree meadow and he heard voices " SURPRISE!" All the Kokiri ran out to greet Link. Link didn't know what was really going on. Then he saw his best friend, Saria walking towards him. "Hey Saria!" Link said while giving her a hug. "Hey Link! Congratulations! I cant believe you are getting married! By the way, I have a gift for you, you'll need it." Saria walks over to a big box and opened it revealing a brand new black suit. She handed it to Link. "I kinda figured your old one was too small." Saria giggles. "Thanks, Saria. Ill wear it to my wedding. You're right. I needed it. Are you going to come to the wedding, Saria?" "Of course, Link! I wouldn't miss it for Hyrule!" Link hugs Saria good-bye and heads back to Hyrule Castle. A few hours later, Link was standing in a room, next to the King. "Hey Link, why are you so nervous?" Link looks at him. "Sire, its my wedding, I'm suppose to be nervous!" Link laughs. "Well be sure not to shake during the whole thing. You might drop the ring!" The King says while straightening out Link's suit. "Nice suit, Link. Where did you get it?" "My best friend made it for me." Link says while looking in the mirror. Suddenly, the King and Link hear a knock on the door. It was Talon. He was preaching the wedding. "Its time to get you out there." Link and the King follows Talon into the church. Link stands by the pulpit shaking. Then Link hears the music playing and everyone looks behind them. Link watches Saria as she throws flower petals on the ground and walks over by the pulpit. Next, Malon starts walking toward to line up behind Saria, and finally, everyone stands up. Link looks down the aisle to see his beautiful love, Zelda. She walks slowly up the aisle. Link can hear voices saying "Oh she's beautiful" "Here she comes!" Zelda walks up next to Link and he takes her by the hand. Zelda smiles at Link and he smiles back fighting back tears. "Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to witness the wedding of Link and Zelda. Is there any reason why these two should not be wed? Speak now or forever hold your peace." Link looks out of the corner of his eye to see if anyone would stand up. Zelda grips his hand. "Link, " Talon says, "Link if you would, repeat after me."

"I, Link. Take Zelda as my wife, to love and to cherish, for sickness and in health, till death do us part." Link repeats the words looking in Zelda's eyes. "Now Zelda repeat after me, "I Zelda, take Link as my husband, to love and to cherish, for sickness and in health, till death do us part." Zelda repeats after Talon. "Now, Link, do you take Zelda to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Link looks at Zelda and says "I do." "Now, Zelda, do you take Link to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Zelda, gripping Link's hand replies, "I do." "Now I pronounce husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Link lifts the veil and leans toward Zelda and kisses her. The crowd cheers loudly and confetti falls from the ceiling. Link and Zelda depart and head out down the aisle and out the door with people following from behind. Zelda gives her father a kiss and her and Link are greeted by a stage coach with two horses, Epona and Lily. Link opens the door and helps Zelda in. Link gets in and waves good-bye to everyone. They hear a burst of fireworks shooting in the skies. Link looks up to see Cartus fly across the sky creating a rainbow. The stage coach rides off and Link and Zelda live a very happy life together forever.



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