Hyrulian/Sheikah Love

By Zelda Lover

Zelda must escape from evil Ganon during his reign of terror. She comes back in time to see her beautiful kingdom turned into a horrifying pit of death. Only with Link’s help can she undo the evil corruption brought by Ganon. Maybe her actions might earn her more than a friendship....



Authors note: I have just a couple things to say about this story. First, this story is long, so kick back and relax. Second, when people fight, everyone one who falls out of battle will be unconscious or wounded. This means no one except Ganondorf will die in this story. The reason for that is I am not fond of messy or gory detail. Third, If you think I could’ve used more detail, or you don’t like my story, or you like it and want to say something, just write me a comment. I am also happy to answer questions about my story. If you wish to e-mail me, e-mail me at dipperthehorse@yahoo.com and write away. Be sure to tell me the e-mail is about my story so I won’t delete it. Another thing, I added a couple things that weren’t in the game so it would be more interesting and make things flow better. Last thing. I like to pop in a lot in this story, so when you see these(,) I’m commenting about something. That’s to add a little humor because I look at Zelda a little more seriously than most, so it’s hard for me to make funny parts happen, but they will pop up from time to time.  Enjoy!!!


Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Tragedy and a Friendship


 Impa, I had a vision today.” 10 year old Princess Zelda said to her faithful nursemaid and protector, Impa, survivor of the sheikah. “Of what, Zelda?” “In my vision, dark clouds covered Hyrule. Suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the forest. A boy my age rose into the light. He wore clothes of grass green and boots as brown as tree bark. In his hand he carried the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. Then the clouds parted and went away.” “Princess, do you have an idea of what this vision means? Did you have anymore visions of this boy?” Impa asked. Zelda usually had visions when something extremely wrong was going to occur. This news Zelda beared made the skin on Impa’s neck prickle. “Yes, to both of your questions. I believe that a great evil will try take over Hyrule.  It’s unclear if he will succeed, but I do know that the boy will be Hyrule’s savior. And, somehow, I know he will need my help. In another vision I had, you taught the boy the lullaby you used to play for me. He will need that song to go further on his journey. If you see this boy Impa, please teach him that song.” “Princess, I will do as you ask if I meet this boy.  Now, please be good while I go take care of some errands in town.” “Alright, Impa. Goodbye.” Zelda said as the sheikah warrior left for the market. Suddenly, Zelda saw her fathers new adviser, Ganondorf Dragmire.  She felt like fainting, for he had a powerful force about him. An evil force. She peeked through the window and watched Ganondorf. As the pretty princess spied through her window, a boy of the age of 10 came up behind her. His tunic was as green as the grass, and his boots were as brown as tree bark.The boy stared to trace the ground with his foot, clearly nervous. The princess had a feeling she was being watched, so she turned around. She saw the boy, but he was too busy tracing the ground to notice. Suddenly, a little fairy popped out of nowhere and whispered in the lad’s ear just loud enough for Zelda to hear:

“Link! The princess is looking at you! bow! BOW!”

Link, startled, quickly bowed but fell over as he did.  sorry. I-I-I mean sorry princess.” Link stammered getting up. Zelda smiled and said “I do not approve of the way people are supposed to act around royalty. You need not bow down to me. Also, you can call me Zelda.” Link looked happier after she said this. “My name is Link, your highness. I was sent here by the Great Deku Tree, guardian of the forest. He told me to come here and see Princess Zelda, cuz’ he said you would help me on my quest to save Hyrule from an evil man of the desert. The Deku Tree also told me that this man cast upon him the death curse so he could collect...” Link looked around. “Speak freely here, Link. No one is here to hear us.” Link sighed a sigh of relief and took out a shining green stone. “So he could collect this.” Zelda had to stop herself from gasping. ‘Link is the boy from my vision! He will save Hyrule!’ Zelda thought. ‘I must help him in any way I can! But I do have a feeling I know what person will try to take over Hyrule...’ “ Link, do you know what you are holding in your hand?” Zelda asked him. Link thought, then shook his head. “That is the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. Do you know what that is?” Link thought, then shook his head again. “There is a legend that tells what these stones are used for. It is foretold that if a person collects the three spiritual stones and puts them in the alter at the Temple of Time, They will have access to the triforce. If one with a righteous heart makes a wish on the triforce, he will lead Hyrule into a golden age of prosperity. If someone with an evil mind has his wish granted, The world will be covered in darkness, that is what is foretold. But to get into the sacred realm, you need the treasure the royal family keeps with this story...(DA-DA-DA-DUM) the Ocarina of Time! By the way, I was spying through this window just now. There!  can you see the man with the evil eyes? I...I have a feeling...I have a feeling that man wants to take over Hyrule...no...the entire world! He must have come to Hyrule to obtain the Triforce! Please Link, could you please collect the other two spiritual stones so that man cannot find them? I will use all my power to protect the Ocarina of Time. That man shall not have it!” Zelda finished. Link and Zelda then talked a little bit more about the triforce and Link’s quest, then Impa taught Link Zelda’s lullaby and he went off on his mission for Hyrule and the Princess.


Chapter 2: Sheikah Ways


 “Your majesty, I am forever in your debt. But I have something I wish to ask you.” “What is it lord Dragmire?” “Your majesty, I wish to borrow the Ocarina of Time.” “WHAT?!?! Are you mad?!?! I would never let anyone have the sacred treasure for if it were to fall into the wrong hands, Hyrule would be doomed!” “Then I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way then, hmm your majesty?” Ganondorf said. Suddenly his hand glowed a deep purple. A thunderbolt came from his hand and went into the direction of the king.  Suddenly, Impa stepped from the shadows and used her magic to create a force field around the king. The thunderbolt ricocheted and hit Ganondorf,knocking him unconscious. “Your highness, get out of the castle and go far away from Hyrule! I’ll take care of Zelda. Go, NOW!” The king nodded and quickly went and got a horse. He jumped on and disappeared into the night.  Impa saw that ganondorf started to regain consciousness, and rushed to Zelda’s room. Just as Impa rounded the corner, Ganondorf awoke and saw her.  he snapped his fingers and 20 gerudo women were in front of him. “Go and get the princess and that fool, Impa! Make sure the princess has the ocarina, too!” Ganondorf shouted. The gerudo women nodded and snapped their fingers. Then they vanished. The gerudo split up into two groups. One group went to the Princess’s chambers, and the other went to take care of Impa.


Impa ran up the stairs as fast as she could. She couldn’t let the princess be harmed, she made a promise to the king. Besides, she was supposed to protect the princess at all costs. She now was 10 feet from Zelda’s door. Suddenly, 10 gerudo women came and started to attack. Impa did a back-flip and unsheathed her sword. She cut down 2 gerudo and punched another 6 in the face. “IMPA! HELP!” Zelda’s screams rang out in the night. Impa quickly finished off the remaining gerudo and rushed into Zelda’s room. There, 8 gerudo women were tying Zelda’s hands behind her back and shoving her into a sack.Two Gerudo’s lay on the floor, unconscious. Impa charged at the gerudo, sword drawn.  Quick as lightning, 3 gerudo women fell. Impa cut loose Zelda’s hands and continued to battle. 2 more gerudo fell as Impa ducked,punched,cut, and dodged.  Suddenly, Impa cried out in pain. Her right arm had been cut very deeply. She crumpled to the floor in pain. Impa! IMPA! Speak to me Impa!” Zelda shouted, kneeling next to the wounded warrior. “Run.  Save..yourself.” Impa groaned. “No, I’m gonna fight!” Zelda said standing up. Her hand glowed bright pink for a minute, and then a ball of energy shot at the rest of the gerudo. The rest of them fell to the ground, unconscious. Zelda knelt next to Impa and said: “Impa, let me see your arm.” Impa obeyed. Zelda gingerly took Impa’s arm, muttered something, and waved her hand over the wound. Zelda’s hand glowed pink for a moment, then stopped. Then Impa’s arm glowed pink and her wound was healed. “I saved that spell for an emergency. I guess it came in handy.” Zelda said helping Impa up. Impa smiled and said “Yes, it did Zelda. but now we must quickly pack and get out of here! Lord Dragmire tried to take the Ocarina of Time, but your father would have no such thing. Go grab the ocarina Zelda. And hurry!” Zelda nodded and rushed into the next room. The room was lit by two torches. On a stone table there was a gold box covered in every jewel of every kind. Zelda delicately opened the box and took out the Ocarina of Time. She carefully put the ocarina in the folds of her skirt and rushed back to Impa. “Were all packed. Let’s go!’ Impa said. She grabbed Zelda’s hand and snapped her fingers. Suddenly, they were in the stables. Impa quickly saddled Lightning, the fastest horse in Hyrule, helped Zelda up on Lightning’s back, climbed on herself, slapped the horse’s flank and sped away.  As the pair approached the gate to the town, which was now closed, Impa called: “Open the gate! The princess’s life is in danger!” Quick as a speeding bullet, the drawbridge was down. Zelda and Impa raced into the pouring rain. As The two raced out into the plumeting water, Zelda could see Link. She knew he would need the Ocarina of Time to continue his quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf, so she quickly threw the ocarina into the moat and cast a quick spell on it so when Link picked up the ocarina, she could talk to him using her telepathic powers. As they went farther and farther into the mist, Zelda could see that Ganondorf had stopped to talk to Link. Then she saw Ganondorf shoot Link with a fireball, whiched knocked Link down. Zelda was glad that the blow didn’t knock him unconscious. Ganondorf then looked around, and then he went back to the castle. She then saw Link dive into the moat and fish out the ocarina. When Zelda saw this, she closed her eyes and quickly sent her message to Link in her mind. “Link! can you hear me? Go to the temple in town, place the spiritual stones on the alter, and play the sacred song! What?  you don’t know the sacred song? sigh I must teach it to you then. listen carefully...(at this moment, picture in your heads Zelda playing the song of time on the Ocarina of time.)*right,down,A,right,down,A* that is the song of time. hurry to the temple and do what I told you,quickly! Hurry Link, hurry!”. Zelda opened her eyes and prayed to the gods that Link would be okay. Then the gentle music of the rain and hooves gently rocked her to sleep.

When Zelda awoke, she was greatly surprised to be on the shores of lake Hylia. Then she remembered the night before. She remembered the gerudo, Link, and especially Ganondorf. Then she saw Impa staring out at the great lake. Impa saw that she awoke, and smiled.  “Are you okay, Zelda?” Impa asked, kneeling next to the princess. “I’m fine Impa. What shall we do now or where shall we go?” “I already thought of that. We shall go to an island where sheikahs live. I shall raise you as my daughter, and we shall live in peace for a while. But we will have to come back in the future. Nayru, goddess of wisdom, told me this as I slept. And you and Link will be involved in a great battle for Hyrule in the future. Nayru told me more, but I do not wish to speak of it here.” “How shall we get there Impa? To the island I mean.”Zelda asked.  Nayru informed me that a ship will be coming from there today. I plan to go on the ship and sail to the island.” “Okay Impa. But I have just one question.” Zelda smiled “How will I pass for your daughter? We don’t look alike at all except...Impa! your eyes changed color!” And indeed they did.Impa’s eyes were now sky blue, same as Zelda’s. “I know my princess.  Since we sheikah know magic, I decided to learn to shape-shift. I can change the color and size of my eyes,skin,and hair. I planned to teach you the sheikah ways as soon as we reach the island, but I want to teach you to shape-shift before the boat arrives. Then we can put on many disguises and hide from Ganondorf.” Zelda clapped her hands excitedly. “You mean I will get to learn how to disappear with a deku nut?” Impa nodded. “Super!” Zelda said. “Now we have 2 hours before the boat arrives, so that gives us plenty of time. It only takes half that time to learn how to shape-shift.” So the Sheikah and princess practiced shape-shifting (I know this part sounds stupid, but it was all I could think of) An hour later, they stopped.  “Now, turn your hair red and your eyes green.” Impa instructed Zelda (and no, I’m not trying to turn Zelda into Malon. I HATE Malon. goody two shoes horse girl...). Zelda closed her eyes and pictured herself with red hair and green eyes. She opened her eyes. She snapped her fingers. pop There was a cloud of green dust. The dust cleared away to reveal Zelda with red hair and green eyes. Zelda smiled and said, “How do I look Impa?” “Terrific. you have done well princess.  Now, since we are headed towards sheikah territory, you must look like a sheikah. You can have whatever color hair you wish, but you must have skin like mine and eyes that are red. Your hair must be shoulder length. If you do not do these things, the sheikah will suspect you. Understand?” Impa said. Zelda nodded. She pictured herself with shoulder-length blond hair, red eyes, and tanned skin. Zelda opened her eyes and snapped her fingers. A cloud of purple dust filled the air. Once the dust cleared, Impa looked at Zelda to see what she looked like. “Good, she looks like a sheikah. Is that the boat in the distance? I better get zelda dressed.” Impa looked inside the bag she brought and fished out a simple dress. It was blue at the bust, purple at the skirt, and pink at the sleeves.”Put that on Zelda.” Impa said. Zelda quickly slipped on the dress over her head then unfastened her royal dress and took that one off.  Impa took off Zelda’s head-dress. Her blond hair cascaded down to her shoulders,glittering in the morning sun. Impa nodded in approval, took Zelda’s hand, and ran to the boat. The two boarded the boat.  Zelda took one last look at Hyrule as she was rushed onto the ship. She knew she would be back, but she thought it would be an eternity. She looked out at the vast lake and imagined what her new sheikah life would be like.


Chapter 3: Seven years asleep


Link ran through town towards the temple.Navi was layin on his shoulder, arms folded in her lap. “Link?” “What now Navi?” Link asked very annoyed. (and who wouldn’t be if you had an annoying ball of light that talked and complained all day?) “I’m bored.” “WHAT? WE’RE ON A QUEST TO SAVE HYRULE!!! HOW CAN YOU BE BORED?!?!” “I don’t know how, I just am.” “Stupid complaining fairy. Why’d I get stuck with you?” Link mumbled. “HEY! I HEARD THAT!!! MEANIE KOKIRI....THINGIE! TAKE THAT!” Navi said kicking, (if you could call it a kick),Link on the arm. Link shook his head and continued on his way to the temple. When they got inside, Navi spoke her “wise words of wisdom”(which is really just annoying you, am I right?  why isn’t there a command in the game where you can hit her with a flyswatter? Now that would be nice...  ). “Link, I think you take the spiritual stones and place them on that big alter. First, you put...” “Quiet Navi!!! I know what to do! Zelda told me, remember?” Navi was so steamed, smoke started to shoot out of her ears. Link ignored her. Link placed the spiritual stones on the alter, and played the song of time.Then the huge door in front of him opened. Link walked through the door. The room was mostly empty, except for the pedestal in the middle of the room. In the center of the pedestal, was a shining sword. The hilt was azure blue and the blade shone like silver.  Link walked up to the sword. Right in front of the sword was an engraving. It read: ‘Ye who pulls out the master sword shall sleep for seven years. When ye awakens, you shall banish a great evil from the land with the princess of destiny’s help.’ “Geez Link. Do you really want to sleep for seven years? I mean, we could just go back to the woods, and forget this ever happened.” Link though about what Navi said. But then he remembered Zelda’s face. He remembered her words:

“Link, we are the only ones who can save Hyrule.  Please, I can’t stop Ganondorf on my own. Please help me.” Link remembered his promise. “No. I promised Zelda I would help her. I can’t let her down.” “Link, do you like Zelda? I mean, when you are around her you are...nice. And you blush a lot around her.” “I DO NOT like Zelda!” Link said. But as he talked, his cheeks turned as red as a 20 count rupee. “But we do have to save Hyrule. Here goes.” Link said. He placed his hands on the hilt. A tingle ran through his body as he began to pull out the sword. It slid out easily. A blue light swept over Link and Navi, and they disappeared.


Chapter 4: Sheikah Village


“Wow Impa! this place is huge!” Zelda said. They Had arrived in the sheikah village, known as Moonlight, A couple hours before. The place was as busy as Hyrule castle town in the day. People gathered around carts stacked with goods, pushing and shoving to get a certain item. People walked into shops and came out minutes later, arms full of supplies. Horse drawn carriages stacked with food and other goods filled the streets. “People said my race died out, I’m the only one, but many thrive here.” “How did so many come here? When they searched Kakariko village for survivors, they only found you.” “My people built secret tunnels. They feared something would happen and they would have to evacuate. They built houses here, but lived in Kakariko.When the town was attacked, everyone went to the secret tunnels. I was left behind in the rush. But I was not sad. I knew I had a mission to accomplish in Hyrule. I was taken to the castle and raised as a lady in waiting. But I could not concentrate on my studies. I thrived for adventure. So I trained to be a protecter for the royal family. Once I passed my tests, I was given my armor and knighted.” “Wow.” was all Zelda could say. They walked in silence the rest of the way. They came to a hotel called “Moonlight light”. They paided for a room, went up to the room, and started to unpack. “Zelda, you are very good at shape-shifting. I have a feeling you will be good at the rest of your studies.” Impa said. Zelda smiled, very proud of herself. They finished unpacking and went downstairs for supper. They ate, then came back to their room. Impa gave Zelda her nightgown and said goodnight. Impa began to walk towards the door.  Impa stopped as she was about to go to her room. She turned around and said “Zelda, make sure you get some rest. Tomorrow, we have to go to my house that was made for me. It is a long jouney, so sleep well.” And with that, she closed the door. Zelda curled up under the covers and thought about Hyrule, her studies, and Ganondorf. Soon her thoughts turned to Link. Somehow, her mind kept going right back to Link’s face. His blond hair, His azure blue eyes, and that smile...  What am I doing? thought Zelda. Do I love Link? She shook her head trying to get the thoughts out of her mind. She finally fell asleep, but she had a dream/vision. In her dream, Link and herself were much older. They looked about seventeen. In her sleep, she couldn’t help smiling as she dreamed the older Zelda was kissing Link.

(Navi: Hehe, Zelda loves Link! Link: SHUT-UP YOU STUPID FAIRY!!!

Author: oooooookkkkkkkaaaaaayyyy.......not expecting that...)


Chapter 5: Teaching Magic


The next morning, Zelda awoke with the cucco’s crow. She found Impa already awake. She was very surprised to see Impa in a dress.  The sleeves and skirt were dark purple, and the bust was Dark green. On each of the sleeves was a tiny eye of truth. Impa also wore her hair in a ponytail instead of her usual bun. “Sleep well?” “I did thank you. So, what do we do now?” “Well, first, we shall journey to my old home. I have already rented a wagon with a magnificent white horse named Star.” (Impa gave Lightning to Lon Lon Ranch) Zelda quickly changed into her dress. Just as they were about to leave, Impa said; “Oh! so that’s what I was forgetting!” Impa turned to face Zelda. “We need to find a suitable sheikah name for you. Even though Zelda is a pretty name, it is not a common sheikah name. So, what shall your name be? Eliga?” “EEEEKKK! NO IMPA!!!” “Okay, okay. Irene?” “Eh.” “Sheik?” “YAY!” Yes, perfect!  Sheik is your name now, O.K?” “Okay...mother.” Zelda giggled. They grabbed their bags and loaded them into the wagon. It took about 3 hours to get to Impa’s old house. “Impa, did you really use to live here?” Zelda asked. “Yes Sheik. It’s not too shabby.” The house was made out of gray bricks. It had a bright green roof and on the door was a carving of the eye of truth.  Zelda and Impa went inside and unpacked. Then they tidied up a bit. They dusted, swept, mopped, and rearranged furniture (the house was still furnished) until dusk. Then they went to bed. The next day Impa and Zelda woke up bright and early to start Zelda’s training. Once they were ready, they went outside.  “Okay, Sheik. It is time to start your training. Now, the first thing you must learn is how to teleport using deku nuts. First, you must hold the nut like this...”


Chapter 6: Revealing Fate 


Author comment: I would like to give a big thank you to princess ruto, because she/he helped me write this chapter. Continue! 

“Sheik, come. I want to have a picnic with you today.” “Okay mother.” Zelda said. They went outside and walked down a dirt path. At the end of the dirt path was a big tree. Under the big tree was a large flat stone, big enough to seat 10 people. Impa spread out their blanket on the rock and set their picnic items on the cloth. Zelda and Impa sat down. “Sheik, I have some things to tell you.” “What mother?” Zelda asked. “Well, first, I would like to tell you a legend. clears throat It is foretold that an evil gerudo king will try to gain control of the triforce.  Even though he will succeed in touching the triforce, the triforce will split into three parts. Courage, wisdom, and power. The legendary hero of time will come forth and destroy the gerudo king with the help of six sages and the princess of destiny, the leader of the sages. It is also said that the leader of the sages, the hero of time, and the king of gerudos will all have parts of the triforce. The gerudo king, power. The hero of time, courage. And the princess of destiny, wisdom. As I think you already know, Ganondorf is the king of gerudos.” “Im- I mean mother, who is the princess of destiny of the hero of time?” Impa sighed. “Sheik, Link is the hero of time. And you are the princess of destiny.” Zelda gasped.

“M-m-m-m-me? I-I’m a triforce holder? And Link? How can you be sure?” “In my sleep, Nayru, goddess of wisdom, told me of these things. She also told me to tell you that you will need to guide Link through his journey by telling him where to go and what to do. In the future of course, when Ganondorf is at full power and Link awakens from the sages realm.” “How will I help him mother without Ganondorf finding me?” “We will think of that when the time comes. But I also wanted to teach you something that I think you will like....” Impa dug through the basket and pulled out a golden lute, which is like a mini harp. “Oh! Mother!  Your golden lute!” Impa smiled. “Yes Sheik. I was also told by Nayru to teach you these songs to teach to Link when he awakens. First, I want you to learn this song...” Impa tucked the lute under her chin and craddled it in her arms. She began to play a very fast song. To Zelda, it reminded her of a fast moving river. Once Impa finished the song, she gave the lute to Zelda. Zelda craddled he lute as impa had done, and began to pluck the strings until she found the right notes. She played it about 3 times completely wrong, but then on her 4th try she got it right and could play the song even better than Impa! “Very good Sheik!  That’s the boloro of fire.Now, Here is a song I think you might like.” Impa told Zelda. She again took the lute and played a song ranging from hgh to low notes.  It made Zelda feel happy. Zelda again played the song perfectly. “Wonderful! that’s the minuet of the forest.” Again Impa took the lute and played a cool, fluid tune. It made Zelda fell calm and peaceful.  Zelda played the song perfectly. “That’s the serenade of water. Here, try this song.” Impa played a song that made Zelda fill with sorrow. Zelda played the song, and, again, she played it perfectly. “Good. That is the noctorne of shadow. Here is another.” Impa again took  the lute and played a song that made zelda feel mysterious. Zelda played the song perfectly.  “That’s the requiem of spirit. Here is the last song.” Impa once again took the lute and began to play a song that filled Zelda with hope,courage, and light. Again, she played it perfectly. “That’s the predlude of light. These songs have the power to warp people to different places when the songs are played on the ocarina of time. The minuet of the forest warps you to the kokiri forest. The bolero of fire warps you to death mountain. The serenade of water warps you to lake hylia. The nocturne of shadow takes you to the spirit temple in Kakarico village. the requiem of spirit takes you to the gerudo desert. And the predlude of light takes you to the temple of time it self. These songs will help Link on his quest. Teach them to him Sheik.” “I will mother. I will.


Chapter 7: Return To Hyrule    


“Sheik! Come! We need to go!” Impa called. Zelda stood up, threw down a deku nut, and disappeared. She reappeared inside the wagon Impa rented. “Oh geez!” Impa said. She was clutching her chest and breathing heavily. Her eyes bugged to the size of dinner plates.  “You scared me! I didn’t expect you to do that!” Impa told Zelda. “Even though you’re 17, you’re as mysterious and you do such sudden things like when you were 10.” Zelda was now 17, but, as Impa said, as mysterious and unpredictable as she had been at the age of 10. Zelda wore a big grin on her face. “Aren’t sheikahs supposed to be mysterious?” Impa gave Zelda the “don’t you start talking smart” look. Then Impa shook her head and smiled. “Well, we can’t just stand around all day! We have to get to Hyrule before Link awakes in 3 days!” Impa climbed into the drivers seat and flicked the reins. The horse whinned, tossed it’s mane, and began to run toward the market-place. Zelda started to think about Going back to Hyrule. She began to have dreams about her and Link. She remembered that in her dreams Link would pull her close and just before their lips touched, she would wake up. She suddenly felt exited to see Link again. Impa happened to see that look in her eye and knew that she would keep asking her if they were in Hyrule yet if she wasn’t distracted. Impa spied some lovely roses on the side of the road. Then she got an idea. She used her sheikah powers to make a rose come to her. Then she put a spell on the rose. “Sheik, here. Isn’t it lovely?” “Yes, it is mother.” Zelda smelled the roses delicate fragrence. Then she yawned and fell to the wagon floor, asleep.

“Sheik...Sheik...WAKE UP SHEIK!”  Zelda slowly opened her eyes. Above her was the face of Impa.  “Sleep Well?” Impa asked, a grin finding it’s way onto her lips. “Unnnn...my head...that rose...” Zelda mumbled. “Well, are we going to kakarico or are we going to spend the night with the stalchilds and poes?” Impa asked. Zelda sat up with a start, eyes wide. She looked around. she could see the gate that she and Impa had fled through many years ago. Then she saw the gate to Kakarico village.

“Were...were....here?” Zelda asked. Impa nodded.

“Come, we must go to kakarico and find room and board.  And we have to solve your identity problem.” Impa said. They then went to kakarico. Once inside, Zelda gasped. “It’s so much bigger than it was years ago!” she exclaimed. “Yes, because of Ganondorf.” Impa said quietly. Zelda shivered at his name. The pair went to a inn called ‘Hyrulian highlights’. They paid for a room and went up to unpack. Once they were settled in, Impa began to brainstorm on how to conceal Zelda’s identity. “Well,” Impa said, “You’ll have to move freely, so dresses are out of the question. Besides, a dress might give away your identity. What about a jumpsuit? Yes, a jumpsuit! That will work. How do we cover your face? No masks, shows too much of your face. What could we use?” Impa puzzled. Zelda thought.  Then she got an idea. An idea so brilliant that not even Impa could tell who she was. Zelda thought of how to get the jumpsuit. Then she remembered her magic.  She could just make the jumpsuit out of thin air.  Zelda waved her hands above her head and uttered a rhyme: Give me a junpsuit as blue as the sky, grant me my wish and I’ll tell you why. Put an eye of truth on it red and bold, make it as tight as a payment of gold (I know the last part of the rhyme dosen’t make sense, but it was all I could think of that ryhmes with bold.) Zelda shimmered a matallic blue and her dress faded. It morphed into a jumpsuit that was skin tight, And on the front on a piece of white cloth was a huge eye of truth in red. Then, Zelda thought of herself with Very short hair, red eyes, and light skin. In a puff of blue dust, Zelda’s shape-shifting was complete. Then She took some bandages out of her bag and wrapped them loosely around her face so the bottom half was hidden. Then she threw down a deku-nut and disappeared. She reappeared outside the room. All this time, Impa was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she didn’t see Zelda do all these things. So Zelda decided to see if her disguise worked. If Impa couldn’t tell who she was, Link and Ganondorf couldn’t either. Zelda knocked on the door. She heard Impa mumble “Who could that be?” Zelda watched as the door opened. Impa saw her and asked “Who are you?” “My name is Sheik, desendant of Impa, survivor of the sheikah. I wondered if you could let me stay the night for there are no more rooms and I must get some rest.” Zelda replied, surprised at herself at lying to Impa. “Sheik..I have a daughter of that name. She must have...gone...off...somew-h-e-r-e.... Zelda! It’s you!  What a clever disguise!” Impa said, surprised at Zelda’s new appearance. “You look more like a boy than a girl. And you made a wonderful jumpsuit. But there is just one thing I need to add. Turn around.” Zelda turned around and wondered what Impa wanted to add.  Impa took a small pouch out of her case. She then took the miniature bag and, with magic, attached it to Zelda’s right shoulder. “It is the lute. To take it out, just sharply clap your hands together and whisper ‘lute’. To put it back, clap your hands together and say ‘it is done’. Don’t forget.” “I won’t Impa. I won’t.”     


Chapter 8: 7 Year Reunion


The next day, Zelda went off to the temple. As she entered the town, she was horrified to see zombies walking around the town. Everything was gray and dark.  The lively color that had once covered the town had vanished. Zelda quickly jumped up on a roof-top to see what had happened to the fair town. Besides, she thought, I still have an hour before Link comes back.  She surveyed the terrifying scene in front of her. As she looked at the remains of her precious city, a wave of sadness came over her. Then anger. She then vowed to destroy Ganondorf and get revenge for all the poor souls that were forever doomed to walk the earth and be slaves for the dead. She became too angry to look at the scene any longer. She hurried to the temple to await Link’s arrival. Once inside, she looked around the room. On an alter were the three spiritual stones.  Beyond them, into the next chamber, was a pedestal.  Zelda knew that the master sword was supposed to be there, but it was not. She remembered that Impa told her there was an engraving in front of the powerful relic. Zelda then walked up the stairs to the pedestal. She read the engraving. Then smiled. She was right. Link would need her help in defeating Ganondorf. Then she remembered why she came. I only have five minutes left!, she thought, I better hide!  She went back into the first chamber and looked for a good hiding spot. Then she noticed that just above the door to the master sword was a ledge that she could perch on. She jumped up on the alter. She she did a double jump and caught the ledge. She flipped up on her hiding spot and sat down. She clapped her hands together and whispered “lute.” A shiny golden lute materialized in her lap. She began to play the predlude of light. Then she stopped. A sweet, soothing melody began to play. Zelda clapped her hands and said “It is done.” She waited. She heard the tiny voice of a fairy. “Wow Link! You’re older!” Navi the fairy said. Zelda wished she could see Link, but she had to stay hidden. Then she heard footsteps. She saw Link walk out of the master sword chamber. “Well, it looks the same as it always did.” Link said. He walked down the steps and just as he was in front of the alter, Zelda threw a deku nut and teleported in front of Link. Link stoped dead in his tracks. He unsheathed his sword, just to be on the safe side. Navi hid behind him for protection. “Who are you? What do you want?” Link asked, voice quivering. “I am Sheik, descendant of Impa, survivor of the sheikahs. As you stand there holding the mythical master sword, you really do look like the legendary hero of time.  Together with the princess of destiny and six sages, you shall banish Ganondorf, the great king of evil!  The sages are hidden in a forest...one on a fiery mountain...one in a vast lake....one in the house of the dead....one in the temple of sand. The first one is a girl I’m sure you’ll know. But, currently equipped as you are, you can’t even enter the temple.” “Why not?” At this point, Link put his sword back in his sheath and accepted “Sheik” as a friend. “There are no stairs. But I do believe Dampe’ the grave digger had a tool that could help you. But he carried it to his grave. You might have to face his ghost. His grave is located in Kakariko.” “No problem.” “Sometimes you need to return here quickly. The prelude of light can help you here.” Zelda clapped her hands and whispered lute. (but to Link, it looked like she just looked down at her hands. oops. make that a he.  tee-hee!) The golden lute materialized in front of her. She cradled the lute and played the song. Then Link took out his ocarina and copied her. The song filled her with hope. “Good luck Link. best of luck.” Then she threw down a deku nut and reappeared on her loft. “Wait!” Link cried. But he was too late. She already disappeared. “I wish he could’ve told me where Zelda was. I wonder what happened to her. He seems to know a lot about Hyrule.” “Link! I thought you said you didn’t like her! You love Zelda! You love Zelda!  You love Zelda! Hahahahahahahahahaha!” then Navi started to giggle her head off (as she is a stupid fairy.). While she was laughing, Link took out an old bottle, made air holes in it, and put Navi in the bottle. “Come on! We have to go find the sage!” Link told her. “And I’m not letting you out till’ we get there!” “LIIIIIIIINK!” The fairy whined. Then she slumped to the bottom of the bottle and crossed her arms, pouting. Link ran out of the temple. Zelda was humored at this event. ‘Navi’s still as whiny as she was 7 years ago.’ Zelda said to herself. She jumped to the ground, and brushed herself off. She then walked outside and, minding the zombies (Redead), made her way to Kakariko village. As she entered the house she and Impa had moved into the day before, Impa came and asked how the meeting with Link went. “Fine. He’s on his way to the graveyard to get the hookshot. Then he’s going to the forest temple.” “Good. You didn’t give away your identity, did you?” “No Impa. He belives I am a boy because of my appearance.” Exellent. I estimate he will be at the temple at 4:00. That’s in 2 hours. Be sure to meet him there and teach him the minuet of the forest.” “Okay Impa. I’m going to the forest. I will be back at about 13:00.” “Good luck...desendant.” Impa smiled. Zelda dashed out of the house. She hurried to the entrence of Death Mountain. There were no guards and the gate was open, so Zelda hurried on her way. She quickly made her way past the tekites. As she was about to enter Goron city, a small goron came rolling out. He was swerving all over the place, which was odd to Zelda, because Gorons were usually pretty good rollers and barely ever swerved. Zelda’s triforce piece told her that the goron was sad and lonely and very, very scared.  Suddenly the goron stopped rolling. He sat down. He blinked his eyes, and started to cry. Zelda felt pity for the little goron. “What is wrong little one?” Zelda asked, kneeling next to the quivering goron child. “T-T-T-T-the g-g-g-gorons w-w-w-were t-taken a-a-away b-b-by G-G-Ganondorf. H-H-he w-w-will f-feed t-t-them t-to V-Volvoga!” the Goron said, bursting into tears. “Don’t worry little one. I know someone who can help.” Zelda said thinking of Link. “What is your name?” “I am Link, son of Darunia, the head goron and cheif of the city. I was named after the hero Link who came seven years ago and defeated the dodongos from Dodongos Cavern. My father had the pleasure of meeting him. My father went to help the captured gorons, but he hasn’t come back in days! I-I am s-s-s-so s-s-scared!” Link said, his lip quivering with each sentence. Zelda felt sad and surprised at the gorons words. “Don’t worry. I know exactly who can help. He was once a friend of your fathers. I will send for him as fast as I can, Link.” “Oh, Thank you!  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! “ The little goron said. He happily rolled away to wait the coming of the savior. Zelda ran into the city and looked for the special passage that led to the sacred forest meadow.  She found the passage, but it was blocked by boulders.  Zelda took off one of her gloves and concentrated on making the rock explode. BOOM! The rocks shattered into a million pieces. Zelda wasted no time to admire her work. She ran as fast as she could through the tunnel. She reappeared in the sacred forest meadow.  Well, outside it actually. “Drat” Zelda muttered. “I forgot about the maze. Well, no problem. I can just jump up and find my way through the maze.” Zelda stepped back a little to give herself room and readied a deku nut. Then she sprang into the air. She did a double flip and tossed the deku nut. She reappeared on the ledge. She jumped over gaps and made her way to the sacred forest meadow clearing. As she was about to jump down, she saw A big, huge, UGLY Moblin standing in her path! It possessed a heavy club, and Zelda could see a sword and sheath on it’s back. she knew she couldn’t fight the moblin because she had no weapons, so she decided to sneak past the enormous beast. She cast an invisability spell over her, and jumped down.  She quietly edged herself around the moblin, being very careful not to make a sound. She finally made it past the moblin and stepped into the clearing. “Link will be here soon.” Zelda reminded herself, “I better find a hiding spot.” She looked around and searched the area. The stump wasn’t big enough, she was too big to flatten herself against the pedestal, where could she hide? Zelda smacked herself in the head and jumped up into the lone tree that was right below the temple entrance. She then flattened herself against a thick branch. She then wondered when Link was coming. Then she heard the cries of agony. She slowly peeked out from her hiding place to see what was going on. She saw Link stabbing the moblin’s foot with his sword.  Finally, the moblin fell, vanquished. Link wiped his brow and continued on. Zelda quickly ducked behind her tree branch and ajusted the bandages on her face. She took out her lute and jumped down in front of Link. He looked startled. Zelda began to say words that poured out of her mouth like a waterfall spurting water. “The flow of time is always cruel. It’s speed seems different for each person, but no on can change it. A thing that doesn’t change with time is a memory of younger days. The Minuet of the Forest revives the days of youth.” She then took out from behind her back the golden lute and began to pluck the strings tenderly. The song filled her own mind with her days of youth. She would have smiled if she didn’t remember her duty to fulfil. Link copied the song on his ocarina. “Until we meet again, Hero of Time.” Zelda told Link. Just as she was about to vanish,  Link said “Wait! I need to ask you something first.” Zelda thought one little question wouldn’t hurt, so she stopped. “Yes?” “Um....well...” Link started to shuffle his feet. “I was wondering...could you...tell me if princess Zelda is alright?” Zelda was shocked by his question. She almost decided to give him the truth. But then she decided to give him the “half-truth”. “She is alive and well. You will see her soon.” she answered. Then she vanished. “I will see her soon? I wonder what he means. I don’t think Zelda even knows where I am, much less does she probably care.” Link said. Navi then came out and spoke to Link. “Hey, perk up. So far, Sheik has been right, hasn’t he?” “Yeah, he has.” “So why would he lie now?  There’s no reason to.” “You’re right. I’ll just have to wait and see.” And with that, Link hookshot his way up to the temple. Zelda watched from behind Link.  “Yes, you’ll just have to wait and see Link.” Zelda said to no-one in particular. She again got onto the ledge of the maze and went back to Kakarico village.  When Zelda arrived back in Kakarico, Impa made a HUGE fuss over her. “Oh, poor thing! Let’s get some you some soup....a couple more blankets and you should be fine!.....Poor thing, you look famished!” Once Zelda had eaten, Impa told her she had a birthday gift for her. “Really? For me, Impa?” “Of course! Do you see any other princesses around?” Impa joked, handing her a beautifully wrapped package with pink wrapping paper and a green bow. Zelda carefully unwrapped the gift.  She gasped in delight. There lay the most beautiful dress Zelda had ever seen! It was a light pink, with a beautiful hylian tapestry sewed on the front in red, blue, green, and violet. Wrapped around the waist was a silk sash with little triforces sewn into it.  Along in the box came a beautiful silver tiara that shined like the sun. In crested into the precious metal was a jewel that shined with the golden hue of the sun. It was daffodil yellow, which set off her hair. “Oh, Impa!” Zelda breathed.

“It’s....so...beautiful!!!! How did you make such a beautiful dress?” “Oh, a bit of thread and some magic.  that is all. Go try it on!” Impa then told Zelda.” Zelda dashed to her room. She slid on the dress, then brushed her hair back and laid the silver tiara on her head. “Oh, you look simply stunning!” Impa gushed as she saw Zelda. “Yes, but I’m not sure that this crown is right though. It might be a little big for me.” “Oh, easily fixed.” Impa stated. She waved her hand, and the crown shimmered and sparkled. It morphed into a golden head piece. It was set with pink gem stones, and in the center shone a beautiful red ruby. “Impa, it’s perfect!” Zelda declared. “Well, it certainly looks good.” Impa chuckled. “Now go change back into your disguise. We don’t want anyone to find out you’re really a princess.” “Okay. I have to meet Link at the forest temple anyway. G’bye Impa!” Zelda said, rushing out the door, having just changed. “*chuckles* She sure is in a hurry to see Link. I wonder...” Impa thought to herself.

“We meet again, hero of time.” Zelda stated, hand on her hip. “I see you have defeated the temple evil. You did well, but you will have to face much more evil in due tide. I hope you make sure your other friends are safe. Farewell.” and with a wave of her hand, and a flash of a nut, she was gone. “ Would he stop DOING that!” avi complained. “He ALWAYS disappears after TWO sentences! Why did HE have to help us defeat Ganondorf and save Hyrule? WHY?” “Oh, Navi, be quiet! You never know what could happen. Besides, Sheik could have heard what you just said.” “And why is that?” The fairy huffed, looking Link square in the eye.  “Because,” He stated simply, trying to hold a smile, “You can be heard probably all the way from lake Hylia.” Then he could not hold back his laughter when Navi started throwing a tantrum, stomping her feet and yelling her head off in faerie language. Then she said “Oh, you think that’s funny huh? WELL TAKE THIS!!!” And with that, she flew up to Links head and began to hit him with her eraser-sized hands, and kick him with her toothpick legs. And the only thing she succeeded in was making Link laugh harder. Once Link had finally regained his composer, and Navi cooled off, they decided to visit the gorons next. And then Zelda finally climbed down from her tree and that concludes this chapter.

To be continued......



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