It Was Destiny

By Zelda_&_Link_4_Eva(A.k.a Val)

  In some situations, you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror. And you see you want to change something. But in these situations, it’s what you want to change on the inside, not on the outside.

  Princess Zelda found herself looking at herself through the mirror. And she wanted to change something. On the inside. Was it Link, her best friend? Their relationship was strong, in a friendly way, but Zelda wanted to change that. Link was perfect. He was extremely nice, strong, caring, handsome, and serious at some times. She had known him since she was little. So little, they both couldn’t remember! She wanted him to notice what was really meant to be. They were meant to be. And this was the perfect chance! Zelda was turning 18!(Link was only about a few months older, so he was already 18.) And on every princesses eighteenth birthday, they would pick a man to be married to. But, they would have to pick a prince. Tonight, was Zelda’s ball. For her birthday. Tons of princes would arrive. But the only prince she had in mind, was her prince. Even if he wasn’t one. She knew he felt the same way.
                                       He was Link.

  Zelda had to admit it. The castle was a nightmare!!! Maids bustled through everywhere, the king criticized their work on Zelda’s dress, at one point, he even said that he would make the dress if he had to! At the end, everything turned out fine. The dress was a beautiful purple and gold masterpiece, with her hoop skirt making it poof,  her crown and shoes matched perfectly, and her hair was outstanding! Curled, tied up in a bun, and bouncy when she walked, Zelda looked magnificent! The ball room was almost as pretty as her! Decorated to perfection! Gold draperies hung from the ceiling, ice sculptures were at every corner of the room, two long tables at each side were piled with plates of food, giving the room a delicious aroma. The pit orchestra tuned their instruments. As Zelda and her father entered, they gaped in awe. “Why, everything is perfect! Just as I planned!” The king walked across the ball room, Zelda at his side. Every time she put a foot down, Zelda’s shoe would make a clinking noise, since she was wearing high heels. She loved that noise. “Well, how do you like it sugar pie?” The king looked around astonished with this magnificent creation. “It’s wonderful.” Zelda was slightly disappointed, she had to admit. “Telegraph for you Miss Zelda.” The butler behind them handed a piece of parchment to her. She opened it and read to herself:

“Dear Zelda,
          I know tonight is your ball. I am so happy for you!
But I cannot make It on time unfortunately. I have been requested for help in the goron petition. It will only last a few hours. I will be at the ball this evening, but not at the beginning. Practice your speech, I know you will do great! Happy Birthday! And again, I am sorry.


This couldn’t be happening! Link has to come. Tears welled up in Zelda’s eyes. “I’m sorry Miss.” The butler took the parchment, bowed, and left the ball room. But this was special! This was a celebration of Hyrule’s existence! It was something Zelda had been waiting for all year. And Link couldn’t come. Zelda sighed. “Thank you daddy. For just... being here. It means alot to me.” The king wobbled over to his daughter, and put a comforting hand around her. “Link can’t make it. Can he?” The king knew this because Zelda kept mentioning it over and over again every single day. “No...” Zelda broke out in tears. “I really like him! I do! I really want him to come! I do...” Zelda sniffed, and pulled out her handkerchief. “Now now...” The king stopped speaking, for he heard a knock at the door. “Stay here sweetie. Practice your speech. I’ll be back.” The king sprinted out of the room. Zelda pulled a paper out to practiced her speech. But before she could get a single word out, she dived behind the stage curtains. Zelda poked her head out. People filled the room suddenly. They were talking, shouting, laughing. She spread her eyes through the crowd. No Link. After everyone entered, the King stepped up on the stage. “I would like to welcome everyone of you, to this ball. My daughter will be making a speech soon, but now, eat! Dance! Talk! Have fun!” He cleared his throat. “Orchestra please...” He motioned towards the orchestra. The conductor raised his baton, and led the musicians into a cheery tune. Everyone danced. Zelda walked out onto the stage and watched the people dance. They all looked so happy. Hours passed by, as she watched them all have fun. “Zelda, I need to talk to you.” She was pulled behind the curtains by her father. “Now,” said the king, “Get ready, be prepared.” He fixed her hair a bit, and fluffed out her dress. “I hope your speech is memorized.” Zelda personally didn’t want to give the speech. Not when Link wasn’t there. “Okay, you’re good to go! I’ll go inform to musicians. When they stop playing, go out to the stage. It will be fine sweetie. Be brave.” The king disappeared behind another row of curtains. It seemed like hours before the orchestra stopped playing. But Zelda didn’t move. It was quiet. No one talked. But Zelda still didn’t move. The king suddenly came out from nowhere, and pushed her out. She stumbled over her dress, and landed on her stomach. The crowd laughed, as Zelda blushed wildly. She stood up and brushed off her dress, and cleared her throat. “Good people, I hope you have been having fun. I am here to tell you something really important.” Zelda wished to say that Link was a traitor, and he should be thrown to the dungeon. But she kept that to herself. “500 years ago, someone decided to create a small village. He named it after himself, Alfred Hyrule. Now, through the years, the village has grown to become a kingdom. The one you live in now. I would like us all to thank the goddesses for everything we have. We were benefited with crops, wood, water, everything we need to survive with. All because of one man. And we have grown on that. Think of how much work it took, and remember Alfred Hyrule.” Zelda walked off the stage quietly. A roar exploded from the audience. Everyone was clapping. For her. That was special.

  Link burst through the fields on his horse. He was very late for the ball. As the castle came into the clearing, he made the horse speed up. As he arrived, he tied the horse to a tree, then knocked on the door. No one answered. He knocked again. Maybe there is a back door...” he mumbled.

  After the speech, Zelda ran to the library, and locked the door. She lit the fire, and pulled out a book. That was the most embarrassing thing of her life. Not realizing she was so tired, Zelda read on until she couldn’t read anymore. She dozed off. And the fire in the fire place burned on.

  Link tried to get in the castle. He could try Zelda’s balcony, or the library window. It took hours to locate the library window, and finally, he picked it out of the many windows. But when he touched it, it was burning hot. “Owe!” Link rubbed his hand. Through the curtains, he could see a small orange twinkling light. Maybe she had a candle going by the window. Or there could be a fire. But that was a horrid thought! Link tried to open the window. He pushed it, ran into it, everything he tried didn’t work. Suddenly, a small hissing noise sounded from no where. The kind of noise where when you have tea on the oven, and water drips down the side of the pot and meets with the fire. Then, a huge ,glass breaking, noise erupted, and Link ducked, as the window glass broke into a million pieces. He pulled the curtains away and saw a blazing fire widening before his eyes, all around the room. Then he saw Zelda, on the sofa, sleeping soundly. Link put his shield in front of him, and walked into the room. Sweat dripped from his face from the heat, as he got closer and closer to the sofa. Everything was burning up around him. He dropped his shield and picked Zelda up. Then he picked up his shield and walked fast towards the window. The fire got larger, and his walk turned into a run. The fire was getting closer and closer to the window. Link dove outside, as the fire burned the whole room into ashes. The first thought that came to his mind was to get the King, but the doors were locked. He looked down at Zelda as she stirred slightly. Her eyes fluttered open and she noticed Link, then the burned up library. Their eyes locked into a stare. “Link...” Zelda touched his head. “You... you” Link took his hat off and pulled Zelda’s head closer to his. They closed their eyes. “Zelda! The fire, but how?” Link jumped as the King came out of the castle with guards behind him, and another person. A boy who was probably Link’s age. The boy hurried to Zelda’s side and helped her up. “You’re alive!” He said. He hugged her. Link looked slightly disappointed as he stood up. “Who saved her? Who?” The king took Zelda’s hand. “Daddy, Link saved me. It was Link.” “Nonsense!” The king announced. “Even if he did, It doesn’t matter. I have someone to introduce to you.” The boy stepped up. “Zelda, this is Prince Ty. He is your future husband.”

“I didn’t know Link. I’m sorry. My dad wasn’t supposed to chose for me...” Tears welled up in Zelda’s eyes. She was in a half empty ballroom, with Link by her side. “It’s okay Zelda. You didn’t do anything. I just wanted to tell you something...” Zelda looked at him and her eyes grew wide. “I...” “Princess Zelda!” Zelda looked around at all the people, noticing Prince Ty wobbling over to her. As he arrived, he bowed down to Zelda. “Would you like to dance?” He had a hopeful look in his eye. “Oh, um... sure but...” Before she could finish talking, Ty pulled her into the crowd of people and they danced. After a while, the king walked on stage and everyone fell silent. “I would like to announce very important news!” It was very quiet. Zelda snuck over towards the door, but the king interrupted. “My daughter is going to be married!” The crowd looked towards the door and applauded  her. Someone pushed her onto the stage. “She will be married to... Prince Ty!” All the other princes in the audience looked slightly disappointed, and to break the gloomy feeling, Prince Ty popped up on the stage. “I...I can’t tell you lucky I am to marry such a beautiful, accomplished young lady.” In the crowd of people, Link had a strange thought in his mind. In some situations, you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror. And you see you want to change something. But in these situations, it’s what you want to change on the inside, not on the outside.

  Link found himself looking at his best friend, Zelda, but in a different way then ever before. And he wanted to change something. On the inside. Was it Zelda, his best friend? Their relationship was strong, in a friendly way, but Link wanted to change that. Zelda was perfect. She was extremely nice, accomplished, caring, beautiful, and serious at some times. He had known her since she was little. So little, they both couldn’t remember! He wanted her to notice what was really meant to be. They were meant to be. And this was the perfect chance! Zelda was turning 18! And on every princesses eighteenth birthday, they would pick a man to be married to. But, they would have to pick a prince. Tonight, was Zelda’s ball. For her birthday. Tons of princes would arrive. But the only prince Link could imagine her marrying was him. He was her prince. Even if he wasn’t one. He knew she felt the same way.
                                       She was Zelda.

  As Zelda exited off the stage, she looked around for Link. Then she saw him, over by one of the corners. All alone. She was going to tell him. “Link,” she said as she approached him, “I have something to tell you.” “Me too!” Oh, you first.” “No you!” “Okay, I’ll go first. I...” She had to tell him. But she couldn’t. “I’m sorry, about everything.” Link thought she would say something else. So he could say what he wanted to say, but he said something different. “I.. apology accepted! And, congratulations!” Zelda thought he would say something else... Oh, can we just get to the point? Link and Zelda are in love, but they don’t know it. Zelda does not want to get married to Ty, and Link doesn’t want her to. Get it now? Good.

The next day, Zelda walked over to Link’s house. Today, she was going to get married. As she knocked on the door, Someone grabbed her shoulder. “Zelda.” said Prince Ty in a nervous voice. “Nice day, huh?” His eye twitched. Zelda pulled his hand off her shoulder. “What do you want?” Zelda answered accusingly. “I just wanted to know...”  He stammered a bit. “Are you and Link... you know...” he said through clenched teeth. “Oh, not at all!” Zelda lied, as she crossed her fingers behind her. “Good, good.” He replied. “Just wanted to know.” “Yeah, good. Okay, Bye.” Zelda pushed him away from her, and he stomped off. Link answered the door. “Link, I just wanted to know if you were going to come to my wedding, because it’s important. And yeah, so please come okay bye.” Zelda ran off. Link gathered his thoughts of what had just happened.

1. Zelda looked nervous
2. Prince Ty was talking to her earlier
3. She just ran off randomly.
All of these things were small steps to what was going to happen, but Link didn’t now it. He closed his door, and went towards his room. He opened his closet door, and looked for his best tunic outfit. The one that has gold lining. He put it on, and combed his hair. Did he look like he was going to a wedding? Or did he look like he was going to be the groom of the wedding?

Zelda was standing on a stone platform, having her dress being fit on her. Her plan would work. It had to. It was genius. A smile formed on her face as the guests arrived. Link was one of them. Her dress was done. And it was beautiful. “Zelda...” Her father came in. “I just wanted to tell you, I know this wasn’t your choice, but I just want you to be comfortable.” “It’s fine daddy! I’m excited!” “Good! I just want you to be happy.” And when he said that, she thought she could tell him that she wasn’t excited. But this doesn’t happen everyday. A chance to hold a master plan. “Everyone to the ballroom!” The maids and butlers, and Zelda with the King made towards the ball room. Prince Ty was there and he took her hand. She offered if graciously. “In the midst of the goddesses, we are gathered here today...” The priest continued on with his speech, until, “Zelda, your speech.” The king motioned towards the center of the stage. Zelda cleared her throat. “I... I am happy for all of you to make it. And I would like to catch you up with a little bit of my past that ties with this day... When I was little, I was like any other princess. I wanted to be married to a prince. I wanted to be swept away from my balcony by a bad guy, then my Knight In Shining Armour would come, and rescue me. But now it’s different. I’m going to get married. And I would like to say something first. Someone wise once told me that they’d do anything to make me happy. My prince is in this room right now.” Prince Ty smiled. “But think of this. Some think of him as a regular guy...” Prince Ty raised an eyebrow. “But to me, he’s my prince. My knight in Shining Armor. My Link.

The crowd gasped as they formed a clearing. Link was walking up to the stage. Prince Ty looked around to find the king, who was wobbling up to the stage. Zelda’s plan ha worked. As Link reached the stage, the king was in a furry. “Zelda...” His face turned red. But he was too late. Link put his arms around Zelda, and Zelda closed her eyes, and they kissed. For a long time preferably. “Zelda... You are supposed to marry a prince!” The king was about to blow. Link and Zelda pulled apart. “Remember when you told me all you wanted was for me to be happy? Well, no other person than Link could make me this happy.” The king had to admit, he did say that. And he did see that Zelda was happy. “ Oh all right then! Since you’ve already kissed, Then it’s official. You’re married.” Zelda flung her arms around Link. They were married. “Everybody, quiet please!” The king announced. Zelda will be singing a song, since she is a good singer. Zelda center stage. Link if you would like to join, you can. I think you know this song. In A Second! Sung by Zelda and Link.” The king smiled as the couple took center stage. The orchestra struck up a slow tune as Zelda sang:

“Don’t know where you are. Wish I just could be near you.
I would sail oceans, to get a glimpse of how you feel.”

Link was amazed at how good she sang. So he joined in:
“You’re all the things I’m looking for, everything and so much more...

What I think... you are just perfect. Could it be, that I am worth it
Is this thing an open door, walk right through to something more...
You and me... My life would change in a second... In a second...
Could it be, could it be... you and me... you and me...
Do I see, Do I see clearly...
What I think... you are just perfect. Could it be, that I am worth it
Is this thing an open door, walk right through to something more...
You and me... My life would change in a second... In a second...”

The song was done, and everyone clapped. Link had realized he was a good singer. And Zelda was a wonderful singer too. Everyone started to dance again. “Zelda... follow me.” Link led her outside. “Link, where are we going?” In the clearing, they saw a horse. “I’ll help you on...” Link said. He gave Zelda a boost on the horse. Link jumped on too. Zelda put her arms around him as the horse took off. It was very fast. Soon, they were at the farm. Link helped her off. “Why are we here Link?” “Just keep walking.” Link led her into the barn. One of the stalls was covered with a blanket. “It’s your birthday present.” He took the blanket off and Zelda saw the most beautiful creature in the world. “A unicorn! Link, it’s beautiful!” She looked at the wonderful creature. It had snowy white, sparkly fur, with a purple tail and mane. It had purple flowers strung on it’s saddle, mane, and tail. “Oh Link! Thank you!” She hugged him. Link then opened the stall door and led the unicorn out towards her. “I love the present, but why a unicorn?” Zelda jumped on the unicorn and took the reins. “So I can race you.” Link got on his horse and raced out of the barn, Zelda right behind him. They raced into the sunset. Zelda knew now, that Link felt the same way as her.

                                                               It was Destiny.

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