By Jonathan

Part 1


Link pressed his bow to fighting position and aimed at the upcoming moblin.  The brown, ugly looking creature charged at Link, with its wooden like sword in his hand, raised into attack position. It was saying “Yousa gonna die! Yousa gonna die!” with a slurred tongue with his words. Link causally took out a sharp arrow and he fired in quick succession at the moblin. The arrow hit cleanly on the centre point of the brain. The moblin dropped its sword, and fell face forward onto the ground, and no blood shed from its  head.  Link sighed and lowered his short bow and a young bay horse trotted to him and rubbed him. He smiled and stroked the horse's black mane and got on the horse's back. The horse gave a obvious look of boredom, and Link smiled at his horse “Oh alright then, lets go.” The horse neighed and Link kicked its side and the horse went off into a trot.


This is Link. People think of him as a normal fourteen year old Hyliean. But people have no idea about his past or what has happened to him, to get him to where he is now. His early childhood has been misted and clouded so much that he only remembers when he was a toddler. Orphaned since birth, with just his grandfather and grandmother as his only blood relatives, Link has been living in the town of Saria since. He is quiet, thoughtful and always mindful of other people; never putting himself first. He has a sharp arrow-like mind, which helps him when his grandfather teaches him about the Great Kings. But, Link rarely pays attention to his studies, and more focusing on his archery.

His one of many skills is his archery. He has been archer since his grandfather has been training him, and he became warmed quickly to archery. He became the sharpest shooter in the village just at the age of eleven and he trained even more to become stronger. But he has a good skill for swordplay. Unlike archery, he hasn't had the flair for it, and he barely does any practice, much to his grandfather's dismay. But Link has a good heart and he warms quickly to people that are no threat. But Link is also one of the protectors of the village; destroying any monsters who stray a little too close to it. Link finds this job worthwhile, and he'd rather be practising archery, than to destroy a couple of moblins. He wanted to do something which didn't leave him to protect a village. He has dreams to become married to a royal and to protect a Royal Family. But that was like a pipe dream; he was not of royal blood, and he was a commoner. No one royal would like him, though he wishes it.


Link rode his bay horse to the mouth of the village. He looked around and sighed, stroking the mane of the young stallion. “Link!” Link jolted upward and he looked down to see his grandfather, staring at him, like he has done something wrong. “Should you be on duty now?” he asked, his stern features, getting narrower. Link smiled guiltily “well, you see grandpa” “Quiet!” his grandfather barked back at him and he crossed his arms “Link, you are a important person to our village, you have the sharpest mind, you have the,” But Link recited his predicable words “you have the sharpest aim and you can take out a enemy in one hit” Link sighed and looked at him “Your too predicable grandpa.” His grandpa's scowl broke just a bit, but he remained with his angry look “All right, take patrols around the village until sunset.” Link smiled “Fine grandpa, see you and grandma at dinner,” and he kicked his horse and the stallion trotted off.


The sun set into the hills as Link arrived at the entrance of the village for the seventh time. “Good, the sun is setting and no ruckus at all,” he commented at his bay stallion. The stallion whined a bit and looked at Link. Link smiled “Lets go home Starstreak,” and he turned the horse and they went back inside the village. The village's market was packing up for the day and most of the shops in the area were closed. “Hey Link!” shouted the nearest shop owner “You finished for the day?” “Yeah” Link replied, getting off his horse, and guiding him to the shop owner “You done, Bero?” Bero nodded causally “Yep, the sun sets, and the night is drawing in” he lamented as he looked at the sky which the clouds were glowing a soft pink. Link looked up at the clouds too and smiled, and he looked back down at Bero “I have been meaning to ask, has my quiver arrived yet?” Bero also looked down “Not yet I’m afraid, we have been having trouble lately because our delivery cart has lost a wheel.” Link rolled his eyes “Well then get a new one.” Bero smiled painfully “Wheels” he paused “are not common these days, since we barely get much wood for it.” Link nodded. “How long then?” he repeated. “Well, if we are lucky, a week, maybe two.” Link sighed and looked to the ground “It’s been three weeks since I've placed that order,” he looked back at him “you sure that it will be two weeks?” Bero nodded “Sorry, but without a cart wheel, we can't get your quiver order.” Link smiled “Don't worry, I have no need of it yet.” Bero cheered up and smiled back at Link “Well,” he gives Link a basket full of fruit and vegetables “For your grandmother, her weekly order.” Link accepted it and took it under his arm “thanks” and he got on Starstreak “I'll see you tomorrow!” he shouted and he broke Starstreak into a quick trot. 


Link looked at the star glowing black night, which envelops darkness. Link sighed and looked at the stars in the sky, how he wondered what was out there, the stars glowed so faintly yet so gently. Just behind Link, his grandmother entered his room “are you alright Link?” Link didn't respond right away, but he turned his head and smiled gently “I think so grandma.” She sat on his bed and place a hand on his shoulder “you think so? Tell me what's bothering you” she gave Link a motherly smile. Link turned from the window and he sat next to his grandma “Well things have been weird lately, I'm fourteen, in a small village and I feel something is not” he looked out the window and shifted her hand away gently “right” he finalised. She listened attentively and she replaced her arm around Link “You feel small in this village” she answered. Link looked at her alarmed “I didn't say tha-” She placed a finger up to silence him “Do not deny it Link, I can tell you've been feeling this way for a couple of months” Link looked down sadly “You want to explore this world?” she asked. Link looked back at her caring warm face “Not really grandma, I want to be  a knight; to protect a kingdom,” he stood up and looked back out in the night sky “It just...” Her smile soften, but her smile was still warm “you tied down with responsibilities of our fair village” she looked out as well. Link looked down “Right again grandma,” he sighed “I'm one of the village's protectors at my age of fourteen, and I never have much time to do some work” he looked at a sword, with a bronze cross-guard, with the sheath a light brown, with a grey feel “with swordplay.” She hugged him tight, and smiled “You're strong and brave, and a wonderful grandson,  and you will always be welcome here.” Link looked up “You mean-” Just before Link finished his sentence, his grandfather entered the room “Link! I got a little job for you” he smiled and sat next to him.


The door opened and a young girl ran into the room, and she laid on her bed, crying her eyes out. “Why?” she hiccupped still keeping her head buried in the pillow “Why can Father do this?” She looked up from her pillow, and a weathered old woman stood there, with a stern, yet soft expression, she placed her hand on the girl's shoulder “Princess, you knew this day was coming,” she spoke gently, soothing her thoughts. The princess looked back at her. “I know Impa, I know, but it’s too soon; too soon.” She resumed crying and buried her head back in her pillow. Impa's expression soften more and sat next to the crying princess “Princess, I know what you are going through, your mother went through this, before she met your father.” Zelda hiccupped and looked down. “Yeah, but father does not need to do this to me.” Impa sighed, and hugged her “I know Princess, I'm on your side, but you haven't got a choice.” She stroked her hair and smiled. Zelda tried to smile, but she sighed “I want to fall in love, not have suitors come into our castle and ask for my hand, it’s just too…” she pulled back her dark blonde hair, “traditional.” Impa held Zelda and nodded.  “Maybe you might fall in love with one of the suitors.” She brushed the princess' hair and wiped her cheeks. The young princess sighed and closed her eyes, letting her assistant brush her long hair.


Link hardly slept that night. He tossed in his bed excitedly and smiled to himself while recalling all the things that happened, the night previous. His grandfather told him that he had to take a special delivery to Hyrule Castle. He always wanted to go there, to see how the life of a castle was different from this tiny village. The only problem was the distance. Hyrule was far away, off the road of Linblum; it would take him a whole day to make the journey. But he didn't care about how far it was. He was finally going outside into the large world. He was going at sunrise, with Starstreak, without his grandfather coming. His grandfather trusts him enough to make this delivery. “Now Link,  he said proudly as he entered the room, the night before “I am going to give you a special, but very important job. I want you to take a package to Hyrule Castle and I want you to the Castle.” Link gasped and smiled “Really grandpa?” he smiled and he shifted from his window and sat next to his grandfather and listened. “Right Link, this package is important, Listen to me!” he said sternly, as his grandson smiled more, “This package needs to be delivered tomorrow, and it should be there the next day, since Hyrule is a day away from here.” Link looked at him curiously “Grandpa, what is the package?” He ignored that and spoke once more “Link, you are trusted for this task; I want you to deliver this, and come back here soon,” he smiled a bit but kept his expression stern “You are allowed to stay in Hyrule for a while.” Link grinned and hugged his grandpa “Oh, thank you, thank you!” he said gleefully and he let go “I'll make sure that the package will make it to Hyrule.” His grandfather smiled “Good boy, make sure you deliver it to Makio, a general of the Hyrule's guard, he will give you accommodation.” Link nodded “Yes sir.” Link smiled and turned over on his bed, “this is it” he thought “I am going to Hyrule”


Dawn broke over the tiny town of Saria. Link stroked his young stallion’s mane “You ready my friend?” The stallion nodded and Link grinned at his friend. “Now Link!” said a voice, which belonged to his grandfather “Make sure you hold onto that package with your life, it is very delicate and fragile,” he advised walking out, holding a fair size package. Link nodded calmly “I know, don't drop it, and take it to Hyrule” he smiled and turned to his grandfather “I'll protect it with my life.” He nodded at his grandson “See that you do.” Link turned back to his stallion and tied his bow onto the back. “Link!” called his grandmother holding his sword and approaching him smiling, “You may need this, just in case.” Link accepted his sword and tied it on his back “I will be safe grandma and grandpa.” He took the package from his grandfather and delicately placed on Starstreak. He got on his horse and held the package “Goodbye” he said beaming at the both of them. “Be safe” his grandmother said smiling and kissing his cheek. “And make sure that you be careful” said his grandfather shaking his hand and smiling “We know that you can wander off from your duties,” he laughed. Link smiled, kicked his horse and went off in a gallop waving back to his beloved ones. “He'll be fine” she said holding back her tears hugging her husband. “I know he will Evelyn,” he smiled to his wife “But he is the one to be so lax from his duties.”


As the morning broke throughout the land, the princess of Hyrule sat in her chair, looking out into the grass pastures which was Hyrule Field. Her handmaiden, Impa was not there, which left the princess, a bit more tense than usual. She sighed to herself and looked down “Why is father acting like this?” she said to herself “Ever since I turned fourteen, I've been forced to do many things against my will.” She looked back up “I do want to marry, but to a man who I love, not a man that is chosen against me.” She leaned onto the window, her beautiful long hair swishing against her face “A man, who I will love, even if father doesn't like him,” she adjusted her hair back and the white wispy cloud floated across the sun, like a fairy being blocked to fly freely. The door opened and a full armoured man came in “Your highness” he spoke. She turned around “Yes?” she asked, her hair still a mess from the wind. “Your father requests that you come down to meet the princes now, they are coming soon” he said, showing little expression, but determination to do his job. She nodded “I'll be down in a couple of minutes; tell my father that I'll be there very shortly” she turned back to the light breeze of the window. “Yes Princess Zelda” he saluted and exited the room, closing the door behind him. She didn't look back, but she sighed “Forced marriage, it's is a real bummer,” she said softly looking at the distant carriage which obviously held the ‘prince of her dreams.’ She shed a tear and looked back at the fields “Out there is the man which I love, I just hope he will come before…” she looked back at the carriage “I'm forced to marry against me.” She adjusted her hair, stood up and straightened her long dress and walked out of the room, scared and depressed of the things that might happen. 


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