Life Through A Lenzo

By David Meiklem

It was a murderous day on the Great Sea.  Though the usually turbulent ocean was as calm as a sleeping baby the Sun was unrelenting, like an enraged Dodongo with severe heartburn.  The sweat was pouring down his face, but Lenzo was feeling uplifted.  After months of nothing but blue sea, finally something appeared on the horizon, first a smudgy dot, then lo and behold!  An island!  Finally he had a chance to drop anchor and recuperate after all that time beating about on a boat.  For almost two and a half years, Lenzo had been travelling across the Great Sea, taking pictographs, sometimes weird, sometimes chilling and sometimes extraordinary.  But now after months of loneliness, boredom and seasickness, Lenzo was hoping to taste the fruit of civilisation.

However, while he still a few miles off shore, he noticed a flock of gulls hovering above him.  Then everything around seemed to take a blacker shade of grey, and then, it surfaced!  That most dreaded of sea-creatures, the Big Octo!  Until that moment, Lenzo had never laid eyes on this notorious sea-villain.  He only had heard about from the sailors of Windfall Island, and usually after they had drunk too much coffee in the Windfall Cafe.  He had garnered from them that a possible weak point was the yellow eyes dotted all around it – like someone covered in boils full of puss which were on the verge of bursting. 

But he had nothing that he could aim at it with. 

Suddenly the monster struck Lenzo’s boat with the force of a hammer of the Gods.  Feeling as though he has been rammed by a charging Darknut, Lenzo’s world began to fade to black.  In those last few seconds of consciousness, he though he saw out of the corner of his eye another boat.  But it was too late: he had fallen into the pit of unconsciousness.


“Hello?”  Lenzo could hear a soft voice, like a gentle sea breeze, soothing and yet commanding.  Slowly he opened his eyes, and behold, a wondrous sight materialised in front of him: a young slim girl with blonde hair as bright as a Peahat’s feather, and a face which shined as though it belonged to one of the Goddesses.  “I am Lydia, and you are...?” 

Lenzo...” replied he, still feeling a bit groggy.

Lenzo, I like the sound of your name.  It has an air of mystery about it.  What do you do?”

“Well I...” Lenzo was about to go on when Lydia said, “Oh, I’m sorry.  Giving you a hard time by diving into a question like that!  I suppose I should tell you how you got here.”

“Yes,” said Lenzo, “I would like to know what happened to that Big Octo.”

“You see,” explained Lydia, “on this island we live our lives in peace.  We do not believe in violence and warfare, our lives are peaceful and we make our living by fishing.  This island may not be buzzing like Windfall, but people here are warm and friendly.  Only the young man Orca is interested in swordplay.  Indeed he goes off on adventures, like you probably.  He seems to have been collecting Knight Crests.  They just seem like junk to me, but apparently he had to go through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get them.”

“It was by sheer fortune that he was returning to Outset Island at the same time as you.  Being a warrior-type, he naturally had a bow and arrow with him and so was able to defeat that horrible octopus.  He brought you to shore.  But that was two days ago, I thought you’d never wake up!  How are you feeling?”

Lenzo, now fully awake felt hungry, thirsty and as though one of the ancient Gorons had punched him in the head.  “Oh my head hurts.” He groaned.  Lydia smiled, “I think I’ve got the just the thing for you, just wait a minute while I go and make my special soup.” 

As she left him to prepare his meal Lenzo, despite his discomfort, felt strangely comforted.  A feeling came over him, something which had never struck him as hard as it did now.  For most of his life up to this point, he had been married to the art of pictography.  It was his burning desire to take the rarest, most daring and beautiful pictures.  It was his life, but now something new entered his heart.  An even more powerful feeling...

“Oh my,” he said, “I think I’m in love!” 

“Pardon?” said Lydia as she handed him her speciality Elixir Soup.

“Drat I shouldn’t have said that out loud!” though Lenzo, “Uh...I mean I’m going to be in love with this soup.  It looks absolutely delicious!”  He said, looking somewhat sheepish, and a little red.

“Oh you’re not the only one to say that!” smiled Linda, “Everyone on the island loves my cooking.  In fact, when it’s someone’s birthday they all come round to my place and taste my Elixir Soup!”

“What’s the secret to it?” asked Lenzo.

“Strictly confidential.”

“Oh right.”  Replied Lenzo groggily.  “I think I’ll stop talking and eat now.  Would you like to me show you some of the pictographs I took later on?”  Luckily his cloak had deep pockets and his photos have fortunately survived intact.

“I would love that” said Lydia, more than a little bit interested in this mysterious and wistful man.


The next morning Lenzo walked round the island with Lydia.  But despite the interesting scenery, he was not concerned with detail today.  All he could think about was Lydia.  While she pointed out different places of interest and introduced him to the small number of residents his mind was fixed on her.  As they climbed up the mountain to cross the bridge over to the forest, Lydia suddenly changed. 

“So, where do you come from?” she asked.

Windfall Island.” Replied Lenzo, perking up now she was giving him some attention.  “It is an island of merchants and the main trading port on the Great Sea.”

“Oh yes!” replied Lydia, “I’ve always wanted to go there.  It sounds so much more exciting and vibrant than our little community.”

“Well,” replied Lenzo, “you would think that – and you would be right.  But despite the hustle and bustle, the gossip and all the goings-on, something is lacking.  Despite their boisterous attitudes the people on Windfall seem to be quite content to remain on their island, no sense of adventure at all.  The world comes to them, but they don’t seem to want to go out into it.  Many will stare out at the distant Dragon Roost island, for example and will say “If I only I could go there” or “I wish I could get a close look” but that is all the say, they do not act!”

“Oh,” replied Lydia.

“Sorry, I am going on too long?” said Lenzo, feeling as though he had bored her.

But in fact she was very interested, “No I could listen to you all day!  I agree with what you say, for except Orca, the Outset Islanders are the same.  Apart from me, I’ve always wanted to travel but the problem is....”


“I don’t want to be alone on a boat at sea.  Not on a dark night when the wind is screaming and waves are lashing down.  I need someone to be with me, but nobody here would go with me!”

“So, you would say you’re an adventurous woman?” asked Lenzo, a little suggestively.

“Yes.” Replied Lydia.

“Perhaps then, I could be your....companion.”

The conversation ceased as they came closer and closer, then it happened.  Lenzo’s first kiss!  A whirlwind of passion swept him of his feet, as their lips locked together in a tidal wave of romance.  After what seemed like an age, they stopped kissing.

“Well, you’re certainly...adventurous.” said Lydia. 

“Well, you’ve only scratched the surface.” Said Lenzo, his body numb with the ecstasy of that glorious first kiss.  “Perhaps you would like to explore...deeper?”

Laughing softly, Lydia replied in silkily, “The adventure’s not over until I reach the climax!”

Hand-in-hand, the besotted young lovers crossed the bridge into the hilltop forest.  Local legend maintained that a great fairy once lived there and that the forest had an air of magic about it.  But faerie or no faerie, one thing was for sure.  Lenzo and Lydia would not forget this magical night for a long time!




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