Likn's Kiss

by Dotti Rhodes

Zelda was in her room reading a book and drinking what appeared to be a fruit drink. When she finished the book, she thought about Link. Link was in his room reading comics, of course. And he was drinking sodas. When Zelda came to his room and saw this, she giggled loudly. Link made a small shout and covered his comic under his pillow and grabbed a novel about Hyrule's history.

"Link, you silly elf!" giggled Zelda. "I can't believe you STILL read those comics! What number was that anyway?"

"Ummmm..." Link muttered. "39." Zelda laughed harder.

"Number 39? Are you sure that comic still has more to come? And just WHO'S soda is that?" It was Link's turn to laugh.

"YOURS!" Zelda gasped.

"But I drink these!" She showed Link her fruit drink. Link got up from his bed and peeled off the wrapper that said FRUIT DRINK-CHERRY RAZE! on her drink bottle. When he peeled it off utterly, the bottle said CHERRY RAZE COLA. Zelda looked at her bottle, at Link, and laughed. Link laughed with her.

"Sheeeesh! Nothing's THAT funny!" Link and Zelda looked and saw Spryte, their little fairy friend, come flying toward them. Link looked at Zelda and she looked in his eyes.

"Link, I love you. You're just so funny and charming." Zelda smiled. Link's mouth dropped.

"Really!? Why didn't you ever say that before??" Zelda smiled again. "It's usually the boy that says he loves someone." Link and Zelda kissed for a long number of moments. Spryte giggled and flew off.


When their lips finally parted, Link and Zelda lookied in the other's eyes deeply.

"Well, now I've seen everything!" Link and Zelda turned and saw King Harkinian and Spryte.

"Well, I KNEW someday Zelda would come to her senses and kiss me!" Said Link. "She just needed time."

"Link, I love you, but don't get it to your head." Zelda winked at him. Link winked back.

"Well, exuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess! It's not my fault I'm so handsome and heroic!" Link boasted. Link and Zelda laughed and kissed again. Link knew as long as they would keep the Triforce away from Ganon, he and Zelda would be together for a long, long time.

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