Link's Memories

By Superprincess64

(Mario, Link, Pit, Kirby, Yoshi, Ash, Lucas, Ike, Marth and the Ice Climbers are in the plains)

Pit: Mario, are you still all right?

Mario: Yeah, but we still haven’t found the Halberd

Lucas: We saw it just before you came to save us

Ash: Yeah, it was crushing some ship against the mountain

Popo: We were on there

Nana: And we nearly died!

Ike: Why are we looking for this “Halberd” anyway? What’s the point?

Marth: It’s to save Princess Peach. And Zelda if she’s on there…..

Kirby: Heyyy, whist e’re on ths subject, how’s Link?

Mario: I’ll ask (runs up to Link) Link?

Link: Yes?

Mario: Is anything brothering you?

Link: Zelda…… If only you knew…… How I…..

Ike: What?

Link: (sigh) You might as well know…. I love her

Marth: Oh, that’s why you’re so quiet… Have you told her?

Pit: He hasn’t

Ike: Well how long has it been?

Link: Ever since we first met……. There had been this….. incidence

Ike: What incidence?

Mario: This twilight incidence. Hey what was that anyway?

Pit: And what happened?

Link: A long time ago in Hyrule, before I came here, this man, well he was called Zant, took over Hyrule and covered it in twilight. It was when I found that, I had the Triforce of courage within me…….

Ike: And what else?

Link: It’s a long story……..

Ike: Well tell us!

Marth: (slaps Ike) Don’t! But I would like to hear it…

Mario: And me

Pit: Me too

Kirby: And I!

Ash and others: And us!

Yoshi: Yoshi……

Link: (sighs) All right….. It started back in my hometown of Ordona province


Link: I was a shepherd working for this man called Fado, and when I wasn’t working, I was being trained to swordfight by my friend, Rusl, who was also the village’s blacksmith. He treated me like as if I were his son. But he had a son already, Colin, and a wife, Uli, who was 8 months pregnant at the time…

Pit: So you had quite a peaceful life…..

Link: Yes, until…..

Malo: (in flashback) Whoa! Link, you’re great at sword fighting!

Talo: Yeah! One day, I want to be great as you!

Beth: If I had to be rescued, I’d defiantly want you to save me!

Link: Thanks, you lot. Rusl says that I’m getting better at my spin attack and my jump attack is coming on well

Malo: At least Rusl HAS a pupil who is brave enough, eh, Colin?

Colin: (sigh)

Link: Don’t be mean to him


Marth: So that’s what got you into it?

Link: No, it was only the start….

Kirby: What diid you do?

Link: Chased after them on my horse, Epona. Malo ended up in the Faron woods and was kidnapped by these monsters. I didn’t remember any monsters in the woods….. So I rescued Malo and the monkey, it turned out that she wasn’t being mean , she knew something was happening

Mario: So when did you get into it?

Link: The next day, I was leaving for Hyrule Castle Town to go on bissness in Rusl’s place. As usual, I herded up all the goats and jumped fences on Epona in Fado’s field. I went to see the mayor to get the gifts for the royal family and was greeted by his daughter and my close friend Illia

Ash: Did you fancy her?

Link: No, but I guess she fancied me, that look in her eyes…

Illia: Link!

Link: Morning Illia.

Illia: I can’t believe it; you’re going to Castle town!

Link: I know.

Mayor: Link, well done in getting the herds in on time

Link: (gets down) No problem!

Mayor: So, you looking forward to today

Link: Yes, it is a great honour to-

Illia: Epona! What did Link do to you?

Link: What?

Illia: You were jumping over fences with her weren’t you!

Link: Yes….

Illia: Now look what you did to her! I’ll take her to the healing spring to cure that cut! No thanks to you, LINK!

Mayor: Illia, wa- oh she’s gone. (Sighs) Now the gift won’t get delivered in time! Link, go after her and stop her! What is in that child’s head I don’t know…….

Link: Yes, Mr Mayor….

Ash: She acted like that? And I thought Misty was bad… is that why you didn’t love her?

Link: I don’t know really.

Kirby: What happened next?

Link: Me and Colin went to the healing spring to talk to her. Colin told her about everything that happened the day before and she calmed down. It turned out Epona’s wound was not as bad as she thought. Illia said “have a safe journey” but, at that moment, monsters came out and knocked me unconscious. When I woke up, they had kidnapped Illia and Colin. I ran to were they had been taken and stopped at what looked like a glowing door. Then a hand grabbed me and pulled me inside. A creature looked at me but when it saw my hand, it became spooked and ran off. After that, I could not remember anything then.

Marth: What happened when you woke up?

Link: I found myself in a dungeon, all alone, and that I had been turned into a wolf

Mario: So that’s what you meant by being cursed…

Link: Yeah, but as it turned out, I wasn’t alone…

Midna: Well aren’t you scary! (Wolf Link growls) Well if you want of here, you have to be nice to me!

Popo: Did you get out of there?

Link: Yes, after going thought some very murky and unsafe sewers. Then we entered this tower and went up to this room. There was a woman in there. At first, I didn’t what she was so I growled at her, but she turned round and I saw her eyes and I stopped. She knelt down and told me about how a man named Zant had invaded this land and forced her surrender. As a result, the land had become shrouded in twilight. She said despite all this, she remained its princess. Then she removed her hood and……

Ike: Let me guess, she revealed herself as Zelda.

Link: Yes. When I first looked at her, something went over my mind

Ash: Was that when you started to fall in love with her?

Link: Yes. She was so… beautiful… even in a morning robe. But we had to leave; the jailer was making his rounds… Me and Midna managed to escape. She warped me back to Ordona to find a sword and shield. When I finished that, I heard a voice calling for me from the healing spring.

Nana: What was it?

Link: It was the light sprit Ordona, she told me to rid Faron woods of the twilight by collecting the “tears of light”. I did, and so brought the land back to normal. Faron reverted me back into my normal form and saw that I was wearing what I am wearing now. He told me to rid the evil in the forest temple and find the piece of the fused shadows

Mario: What’s that?

Link: I don’t know, but it seemed very important. So me and Midna ventured through the forest temple with some help from the monkey I rescued that day. When we retrieved the fused shadows, Faron told me that there were two more pieces of the fused shadows to find, and that I should go to the Eldin and Laynayru providences to find them. Me and Midna rode to Karakito to get to the Goron mines, located within Death Mountain. But we had a run in with King Bublin, the man who kidnapped Colin and Illia, and the rest of the children, as I found out. Eventually, we retrieved the second fused shadow, and found Illia.

Marth: Was she all right?

Link: Yes. But she had lost her memory. Leaving her in the care of the village shaman, we went to Laynayru province, to Lake Hylia to get the Lakebed Temple. It was there I found out the importance of the fused shadows…

L.nayru: The fused shadows that you seek, they contain a dangerous magic once sealed away by us. Be careful.

Link: I ventured through the temple, using the magical armour of the Zoras to keep me breathing and found the last fused shadow. It was then I thought my quest was over. But that was when I ran into Zant himself………

Zant: You. Pitiful little boy. Daring to defy me, the king of twilight, by turning my beautiful little world into filth!

Link: Get away from me! You son of a-

Zant: I know a way silence you

Link: He forced a black crystal into me that trapped me in my wolf form permantly. But that was kind compared to what he did to Midna

Zant: Midna, I need you. If you just… give up your silly little quest, I will spare you

Midna: As if I would surrender to you!

Zant: Fine, then you will suffer the consequences!

Link: He exposed her to Laynayru, purifying her. It meant that he mortally wounded her and now she was dying. I had to get to Zelda fast. We found her, still looking out the window. She saw Midna. It was there I found I had the Triforce of courage and she had wisdom. Zelda told me to be turned back to into my human from, i had to find the scared master sword. She did the bravest thing to save Midna. She gave her, though magic and bravery, her soul and then she disappeared…… Midna told me to stop her but I couldn’t. I just sat there, and watched Zelda, a young woman that I had just fallen in love with, fade away into nothing……me and Midna sought out the master sword in the scared grove. We found it and I turned back into my true form. It was there also, that Midna figured my true feelings for Zelda……

Midna: I saw you.

Link: What?

Midna: The way you were looking at Zelda those times. YOU LIKE HER DON’T YOU?

Link: No….

Midna: Yes you do!

Link: No I don’t!

Midna: You do, admit it!

Link: Okay, I LOVE HER!

Midna: It’s okay, but now we have to get to Gerudo desert. There’s something there called “The mirror of Twilight”.


Link: Yes. She was on my mind all the time, now even more because she was gone.

Mario: Enough of that, what was the mirror of twilight?

Link: Midna told it was a portal between her world and mine. It would help us to get to Zant and take back the fused shadows. But when we got there, it had been shattered. The sages told us that Zant had tried to break the mirror, but since the true ruler of the Twili, that’s the people of twilight are called, has the power to do this, and his powers were false, the mirror broke into four. The sages told us where to find the three other pieces of the mirror. Me and Midna ventured though snowy mountains, an ancient temple and a city in the sky to find the three pieces of the mirror. When we returned with the three pieces, the sages revealed that Midna was the twilight princess and true ruler of the Twili. Zant had overthrown her and turned her into an imp in revenge. Midna knew I was the chosen hero that would save the two worlds-

: So that’s why she chose you

Link: Yes

Ike: Did you fancy her?

Kirby: No! He said he loved Zelda!

Link: So anyway, we were transported into her world though the mirror. Midna told me that her race where peaceful people, and the realm once had unspeakable beauty. But due to the takeover of Zant, her people were turned into shadow beasts, and the realm became full of darkness and evil. We faced the fake king, and I fought him. I defeated him, and Midna got the fused shadows back. I think she might have expected to revert back into “her true from”, but she didn’t. She just stayed in her imp form. Zant told us that the cursed could not be broken, because Zant’s powers came from a god. A man that had been banished into their realm. A man called…Ganondorf.

Marth: Ganondorf?

Link: Yes. Anyway, angered and vengeant, Midna impaled Zant on her ponytail, killing him, I think. She said:

Midna: Now is the time! We must save Zelda! You love her don’t you?

Link: Yes

Midna: You have to save her! And I have something to give back to her….

Link: So we ventured to Hyrule Castle, but when we got there, it was enclosed in a indestructible barrier of magic. If we didn’t have the fused shadows, we wouldn’t have been able to get in. So we entered the castle to find the woman that I had fell in love with over the past few days, to find Zelda and, to find the man responsible for all this. We-

Mario: Oh I remember, you found her in the throne room

: Yes. Ganondorf, the man responsible for all of this. But he wasn’t the first thing that caught my eye, Zelda was up above him. I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t. She was there inside the Triforce part of an old statue, all signs of life gone. She was dead. Tears started to creep out of my eyes. The only woman who I felt for gone, and I never told her.

Ike: Enough of that, what happened with Ganondorf?

Link: Ganondorf told us about his motives, and we found out he had the Triforce of Power. Midna rushed up to Zelda, trying to protect her from Ganondorf, but he transformed into twilight particles and pierced into her. A few seconds later, Midna had been thrown back for some reason. I then saw why. Ganondorf had taken over Zelda’s body and was using her to kill me. I had no choice but to fight her. Midna was of no help, she was out. I did not actually harm “Zelda”; I flung back her balls of magic at her and avoided the force fields she created. Eventually, I defeated her. Midna came to, and as Ganondorf tired to attempt to kill her, she used the Fused Shadows and compressed the evil within Zelda, forcing her back onto the throne. When that was over, Zelda was returned to her own form, though she was still “dead”. But she looked so beautiful, even in death. Again, tears caught my eyes when I looked at her, but I was distracted by a noise behind me. Twilight particles came together to form a boar-like beast with a glowing scar. When I looked more closely, I saw it was Ganondorf. Now, with Midna by my side, we faced this beast. I used both my forms to defeat him. When we had beaten him, his body burned away, then Midna started to glow. Zelda’s sprit was leaving her body and going back into her, bringing her back to life. When she opened her eyes, I couldn’t just help but stare. Zelda looked more beautiful then when I first met her. I was so…speechless. She started to walk up to me when Ganondorf appeared again, this time in a powerful god-like form. Midna got out the fused shadows and I realized what she was doing. I tried to stop her but she warped me and Zelda out before I could intervene.

Ike: Why did you do that?

Link: We had become good friends it the time we spent together, as I was looking out for her as a friend. I had no feelings for her.

Ike: Of course. Why would you fancy an imp anyway? (Everyone looks at him oddly) Sorry…

Link: Okay…So anyway, me and Zelda ended up in Hyrule field. We both knew what the fate of Midna had been. All of a sudden, we heard a rumbling noise and saw Hyrule Castle explode. Then Ganondorf appeared holding Midna’s helmet, and crushed it. He ran up to attack us, and I took out the master sword to defend myself when Zelda touched my hand, stopping me. She prayed to the light sprits give her “the power to repel evil”, then we ended up in a different world. The sky was full of blackness, and the earth was like a shallow river. The light sprits gave Zelda the light arrows, with the power to repel evil. Zelda had tears in her eyes, then said…

Zelda: (sniffs, then sighs) Link, Chosen hero! Lend us the last of your power! (Bows)

Link: I reached out my hand, and she took it. When our hands touched, I felt a, spark go up my arm and into my heart. Then I knew, she might be in love with me too. But I didn’t kiss her, it seemed too early.

Ike: Well you should of. Were you scared?
Link: Then, we got on Epona. Zelda told me to keep within range of Ganondorf so she could fire her arrows at him. I did so, and as we were riding, I felt her cling on to me. Not the normal sort, but it felt as she really trusted, and loved me. Eventually, Ganondorf fell to the ground weakened. He got up and challenged me to a duel. I had to take it on.

Zelda: Link! Don’t!

Link: I have to. For Hyrule’s sake. For Midna’s sake. (Brushes Zelda’s hand) for your sake

Zelda: (in her mind) Why, why did I do that? -Sigh- It doesn’t matter. But why, when I look at him, I feel…sick and light-headed? And why did I take his hand? That must mean… It is… I love him…

Link: Me and Ganondorf fought for a long time, until he fell to the ground. I dealt a finishing move and defeated him. Zelda got off Epona and watched me finish him. Then he got up and said:

G.Dorf: Do not think it ends here! The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!

Link: At that moment, something happened to Ganondorf. He let out a painful yell, and his eyes glazed over. He was dead.

Mario: Or is he?

Yoshi: Yoshi

Link: Then, the light sprits came. I saw they were healing someone. Then I realised, Midna. I ran up to see her. They had done it. She had regained her true form, and her title of “Twilight Princess”. I could not believe it. Zelda came up and saw it.

Ike: Good for her…

Link: We took Midna to the mirror of twilight so she could go back home. Zelda said it was the goddesses’ plan that we would meet like this. Midna shed a tear, which broke the mirror of twilight. And before she went home, she said good-bye to both of us, and said something to me. Then she was transported to the twilight world to reign as queen of the Twili. When she was fully transported, the mirror broke, severing the link between the two worlds forever.

Lucas: What did she say?

Link: That’s another story for another time.

-End of flashback-

Link: The light sprits restored Hyrule Castle to its former glory, and peace came to the land. And then of course, I came here, with Zelda. Damn! I should have told her then! When we were travelling here. Then I went to find the Master Sword and…. (Falls onto the ground, half in tears)

Marth: I’m sorry….

Ike: Sit down here; you can’t lie on the ground like that, unless you are a dying man

Link: Inside I am dying, of gilt. (Sighs, then sits on rock, head down, all of a sudden, we hear the Halberd)

Kirby: Tht, that sonds like the halberd…

Pit: That must mean….

Mario: Peach… Peach! She’s safe! (Runs off to see her, then everyone else does so, Link is left behind)

Link: (Whispers) Zelda…


Midna: (whispers in Link’s ear) Link, whenever you get the chance, tell her

(Flashback to when link meets Zelda, when she heals Midna, when Link sees her before they fight, when she touches his hand, when they fight on horseback, when tells him not to fight Ganondorf, when he thinks Mario killed her and when they hold hands)

-End of flashback-

Link: (Sighs) I want to see you soon…. (We are now in Link’s mind; he is all alone in the place where he and Zelda held hands. Sings)
If I never knew you
If I never felt this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be

And if I never held you
I would never have a clue
How at last I'd find in you
The missing part of me.

In this world so full of fear
Full of rage and lies
I can see the truth so clear
In your eyes
So dry your eyes

And I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you

Zelda: (enters, and then sings)
If I never knew you
I'd be safe but half as real
Never knowing I could feel
A love so strong and true

I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you

Link: I thought our love would be so beautiful

Zelda: Somehow we'd make the whole world bright

Both: I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong
all they'd leave us were these whispers in the night
But still my heart is saying we were right

Zelda: Oh if I never knew you
If I never knew you
(Link: If our time has gone too fast)
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be...
(Link: I've lived at last...)

Both: I thought our love would be so beautiful (Zelda: So beautiful)
Somehow we'd make the whole world bright

Zelda: I thought our love would be so beautiful
We'd turn the darkness into light

Both: And still my heart is saying we were right

Link: We were right
And if I never knew you
(Zelda: If I never knew you)
I'd have lived my whole life through

Zelda: Empty as the sky

Both: Never knowing why
Lost forever
If I never knew you

(We are now out of Link’s mind)

Link: Zelda…. Please forgive me…..

Zelda: Link? (Link looks up)

The end

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