Long Lost Blood

By Miriam and Carry


 The sky was stained with red as the King of Hyrule gazed over his Kingdom. His eyes were sad. More news of the Revolt had reached his ears and his hold over Hyrule had loosened. It would not be long before the Rebels marched on the gate now. And that meant his daughter’s life was threatened. Caught up in the politics of her Father’s life, the child was a symbol of hope for the Rebels, because she was the one living thing that the King would do anything for, do anything to protect. If they could lay their hands on the Princess they would have the King right where he was needed. And he knew it. If he could’ve, he would have stepped down from the throne and taken his daughter with him, but he knew that would not be sufficient for the Rebels. Their hearts were crying for blood and they would hound the King as long as their lives stretched.

    The King turned away from he balcony and swept through his rooms, well aware of the cold stares he was being treated to from his servants. Their hearts were stirring as they heard of the Peasants antics. For years their lives had been that of wretched slaves, and they had submitted to it, knowing there was no escape, but now that a large quantity of people life themselves had pulled away, they knew they could leave to join them at any time. The only thing tying them to their jobs was the increased pay-rates that the King’s soldiers had risen. They were desperately fond of their King, for the ruler was wise and caring, and, without his knowing, had doubled security and offered their own money to the servants. Hyrule hadn’t seen such a good King in years.

  Finally he stopped outside an Oak door with a golden handle. He stepped into the room to find a pale pink cradle holding a beautiful baby girl. He leaned over her as she looked up at him and broke into a big smile. She was stunning already. Adelenne’s features shining throughout her. A single tear trickled down the King’s cobwebbed face. A thing so small carried the sad weight on his heart as he saw his whole heritage collapse around him, but with no one beside him any longer. Apart from this baby. Adelenne’s baby. His baby. Zelda.

Princess Zelda.

    A sudden rapping at the door made him look up abruptly. He heard a curse on the outside as if from impatience so he straightened his robes and cast a last wistful glance at his Beloved’s shadow, and called out.
    ‘Enter!’ A soldier burst in, face red, breathless, sweating. In surprise the King groped for his memory, and recognised him as Zaar, a Captain from the East side. As far as he could remember, the East Side had been sent to Lake Hylia to defend the Zora’s Domain. He frowned.
    ‘Sir, my Lord! I beg pardon for leaving my charges at Lake Hylia, but I carry urgent news!’ The King nodded, aware that thick tension had entered his daughter’s room.
    ‘Yes, my good Captain. I can see that it is so.’
    ‘They’re heading for the gate! My lord, they have massed quickly and are coming. Captain Hud took half the army to…to try and stop them. I think it unnecessary to say that they held them off long enough for me to come, but now lie dead, braver than any of us could ever be.’ His voice faltered. A pained spasm flickered into the King’s eyes.

    ‘Very well,’ he said quietly, ‘so they seek me.’

    ‘My lord!’ Said Zaar breathlessly, ‘you must leave!’ The King paused and his eyes glittered.

    ‘No, Zaar, I shall not leave. I will not have the rest of my days hounded by pursuers. I will stay.’ Zaar bowed his head.

    ‘Then what will you do?’ It would not be wise to ask such an impertinent question if there had been any other King in the room, but this time it was different. But the King did not reply. He swept silently from the room, leaving Zaar to listen to the soft gargling from the baby’s crib.


*  *  *  *  *


   The King sat silently in an armchair by his child’s side as she slept softly. What should he do? Should he try and put up a fight to protect his daughter? No that would be foolish. There are so many people out there who could not wait to get their hands on him. But what could he do? He couldn’t flee the kingdom. A king abandoning his own Castle? It was unheard of. In fact, he was probably the first to have thought of such a preposterous idea. Well he wasn’t going to be the first to do so.

   He couldn’t resist any longer. He got up and strode over to his last treasure. All the jewels in his crown would probably add up to buy the whole of Lon Lon Ranch, but nothing meant more to him than his daughter. She was a jewel herself, but was not like any kind of jewel you found in the source of a rock. Beautiful, yes, but also she was a Kingdom’s hope. She was the oasis in a scorching desert. She was light at the end of the tunnel. She was the refuge of the exhausted pilgrim. What would he do without her? Ah, thought the King, if I stayed here for much longer, still holding her in my arms, I would HAVE to live without her. And then as he picked her up a sudden realisation swept over him. She could already blow spit bubbles! Oh how adorable she looked! But then another realisation swept over him. And it was much more serious and sinister then the first.


*  *  *  *  *


    As night fell, it’s long fingers probing the night, terror gripped the soldiers of Hyrule. They had been alerted quickly to the situation and were standing at their posts, the night was bringing more than darkness to them. It brought closer the inevitable victory of the opposition, and the inevitable death of the people who dared fight them.

    It was a boy who first saw them. Mounting the crest of the hill they came. Not marching, soldiers march, but loping. Like lions who have scented their quarry. The King looked upon them silently, the truth he had be putting away so long finally catching up with him. He felt a small pressure at his elbow, and turned to see Captain Zaar, the fear in his eyes masked by the bravery of a soldier.

     ‘Well then, my Lord. We will be fighting side by side for the last time tonight.’ The King looked at him, and his eyes were heavy with sadness. ‘I ask you again, my Lord, to run. There is still time. You must!’

    ‘No!’ The King’s reply was so forceful that Zaar stepped back, but almost at once his tone softened. ‘I must ask something of you Zaar. And you must promise to carry it out faithfully.’ Zaar nodded grimly.

    ‘Anything, my Lord.’

    ‘Go to my daughter’s room. Carry her far. Away from the Castle. Hide her among peasants, save her for me.’ Zaar stared at him, then nodded solemnly.

    ‘I swear on my life I shall save her, my Lord.’

    ‘Then go, Din’s strength, Zaar.’ He clapped a hand on the young captain’s shoulder. Zaar, his eyes full of purpose, turned away and ran down the battlements, out of sight.


*  *  *  *  *


    Cries of pain echoed through the battlements, good men fell and died for their King. As the Royal army fought for their lives, Zaar watched from his chestnut horse, with the small sleeping baby nestled against his chest. As he watched, his heart aching with the loss of his home, he saw the King standing majestically in the middle of his soldiers. The King was watching him, Zaar could tell. He kicked the chestnut and it walked on, breaking in a gallop and Zaar left his past behind to die with his comrades. The night swallowed him up like a hunting fox.


*  *  *  *  *


     ‘Daddy Daddy! Can I go down to the pond? Pleeeease?’

 A little girl flew into the room and jumped into Tayre’s arms, nuzzling into his jumper.

‘Who with?’ He said, kissing her on the top of her blonde curls. ‘That boy? The one you met in the market?’

‘Yes!’ She said breathlessly. ‘Pleeease? He’s really nice!


‘Oh go on Love let her.’ Magda said soothingly, squeezing out the wet washing she was sloshing around in the tub in which they bathed their baby girl  7 years ago.

‘But Maggie I don’t like him…’ Tayre moaned, a frown beginning to crease his forehead.

‘Well I do!’ The little girl said indignantly.

‘Adelenne shh.’ Magda said gently. ‘It is rude to contradict. I will trust you not to do it again, yes?’

‘Yes Mummy…’

‘Now, off you can go to the little pond.’ She said,’But watch your step!’ She called after a rushing Adelenne whooped and rushed out of the door.

    In the corner a young man lifted his head and a smile broke through his lips. To Adelenne he was her older brother, someone who she both loved and respected. My Lord, thought the man to himself, if you could see her now…You always did love your daughter for every little thing. The man then looked over at Maggie and Tayre. They loved the child like their own, he could see it. This was the safest place she could ever be. He straightened himself and stood up.

    ‘Tayre, I’ll be going to check the  chickens.’ Tayre nodded and the man strode out. His name was Zaar.


*  *  *  *  *


     The boy turned his head at the clattering of stones from behind him, as a small girl skidded down the bank, her cotton dress stained with mud and her hair coated with brambles. Her eyes were sparkling and she was breathless with excitement.

     ‘You’re late,’ remarked the boy calmly, his eyes glittering with good humour. Her smile faltered and she stared uncertainly at him. ‘What are ya looking at me like that for!’ he asked, grinning widely. ‘Am I so scary?’

 Adelenne giggled and sat down next to him.

     ‘What are we looking for?’ She asked eagerly, her eyes scanning the depths of the gargling pond.

     ‘Fish,’ Link replied without much interest. ‘Salmon if you can spot any.’ Adelenne nodded, contemplating the water so hard that Link edged his arm round her shoulder in case she should fall in.

     ‘Daddy does that,’ the little girl said solemnly, looking at Link with her bright azure eyes. Link blushed and removed his arm.

    ‘Does what?’ He asked quickly.

    ‘Holds onto to me, he says I mustn’t fall in.’ Link nodded, and lowered his eyes to he water. The eleven-year-old brushed a strand a dark fair hair behind his ear.

     ‘Adelenne, how old are you?’ He asked. It struck him as odd that he hadn’t asked this before. It was the type of formal things people say to each other when they have just met.

    ‘Eight.’ Adelenne said, not without a trace of pride. ‘What’s that!?’ She pointed to a small dash of silver darting through the water. Link started, and, quick as a flash, plunged his hand into the water and brought out the wriggling trout.

    ‘Well done,’ he encouraged. ‘I won’t starve tonight.’ Adelenne looked at him thoughtfully. Not much was known about him in the village. All she knew herself was that he lived outside it, alone. An outcast. She thought it made him sound mysterious. She liked it.

But her Father most certainly didn’t. She drove him to the back of her mind quickly, before shaking her head and saying,

‘Well what do you want to do now?’

‘Well…’Link said thoughtfully,’ How about a game of Hide and Seek?’

‘Yes Yes!’ Adelenne clapped joyfully and sped off so Link could count.


It was a Sunday afternoon, and Link felt strangely uncomfortable.

Adelenne was only eight? He could have sworn she was at least nine! She was far too wise for her age! Yet her parents could not afford school fees…’What a waste!’ He thought angrily. She was so talented. She could run fast, she could already count without tutoring, she had taught herself to read and write, but pushing those thoughts aside, Link thought once again after so many years of thinking it, from meeting Adelenne’s eyes seemed to tell a tale of great misfortune.

But every time he asked Adelenne about her past she would shrug and say she grew up with her mummy and daddy. But when Link first met them Link could not believe these were supposed to be her Parents. They were both jet black in hair colour, and Adelenne golden blonde, their eyes were a chestnut brown, and Adelenne’s sky blue, their skin was tanned, almost like the Gerudo tribe he had once seen many years ago, when Adelenne’s was a pale as an eggshell. They couldn’t be her parents, but who else could be? She had grew up with them, lived with them as long as she could remember and with her intelligence she must have been able to remember a lot. So the question was unanswered to him. Suddenly he heard a rustle of bushes and he jumped back to se Adelenne emerge from the bush, tears at her eyes, on the brink of spilling.

‘You forgot about me. You weren’t counting I watched you!’ She said, tears now streaming down her cheeks.

‘Oh Din…’ Link thought. He was so lost in thought that he had stopped counting at four!

‘I’m really sorry, I was thinking that’s all!’

‘You have to THINK to COUNT!’ She cried.

‘Adellie…’ He said softly. ‘Do you think I forgot about you?’

Adelenne nodded.

‘Well actually I was thinking about you…’ He said prodding her nose gently.

Adelenne broke into a grin, and threw her arms around his waist.

‘What about me?’

‘Well….how clever you are! So I was just thinking of where you were gonna hide and I must have forgotten to count!’

‘Alright I forgive you!’ She said. ‘Now I count! Go on get going!’

Phew! Link thought, that was a close one. She wouldn’t like me to question her parents. She adores them!

And so he sped off to hide, hoping that she wouldn’t forget about counting!

                                                           *  *  *  *  *

     Adelenne had a bad dream. She woke with tears streaming down her face and an ache in her heart.

    ‘No!’ She cried, sobbing. ‘No!’ She had dreamt of Link, no longer her fellow friend , but a strong young man, looking at her with such a hurt look in his eyes that she wanted to cry. She was there too, yet she was not a small child, but tall, and poised, with a pile of golden hair swept over her head. After staring at her, Link had proceeded to walk away, and somehow, she knew, he was never coming back.

    ‘Mummy,’ she whispered, clutching her rag doll. She knew where her Mother would be, down in the living room. Her parents often stayed up late, discussing things, news from the Great Kingdom. Hyrule. Adelenne had often thought of the place. She could even picture it, proud, majestic. She didn’t like it much. It was too grand. Peasants weren’t part of Hyrule, they were slaves to it.

    She crept downstairs, clutching her doll and the banister tightly. Raised voices clattered harshly against her ears, shouting with anger.

     ‘You know I don’t like that boy, Magna! And you let her go!’

     ‘Oh well, of course you’ll be like this towards the poor kid! He’s the one child who dared approach Adellie!’

     ‘And what’s that supposed to mean!?’

     ‘It means, Tayre, that everyone knows you are obsessed with Adellie, and no one approaches her because they’re scared of you!’ Adelenne edged forwards, terrified at the sound of her parents shouting yet unable to break away. Suddenly she felt a gentle pressure at her mouth. A rough, calloused hand was over it.

    ‘Not a sound,’ whispered Zaar seriously, and Adelenne nodded. He removed his hand and began listening intently.

    ‘Do you even know who your daughter is, Tayre!? Do you even know that she is not yours and never will be!?’

    ‘If that applies to me,’ said Tayre coldly, ‘it also applies to you.’

    ‘Of course it does! The child is not ours, Tayre. She does not have our blood. You know what she is! Stop being so protective!’

    ‘What does it matter if she’s a Princess!? She’s still here isn’t she!?’ Zaar had gone white.

    ‘Adellie,’ he whispered hoarsely, ‘run to your room. Now!’ Adelenne started to protest but saw his face. It was pale and strained. She scurried up the stairs, and halted. Zaar couldn’t see her, he was watching Tayre and Maggie. She paused tentatively, and listened.

    ‘Well, if she’s royal, the kid shouldn’t be seeing her!’ Tayre thundered. ‘He’s odd, Magna, and you can’t see it. Strange! No one knows where he came from! A bad influence, I say!’

    ‘Oh, look beyond yourself for once! Adellie deserves a normal childhood. You have denied her of friends in the past, you are not going to take away Link!’ But their fight was over. Zaar had stepped into the kitchen.

    ‘Adellie is bound to be awake by now. You shouldn’t about talk such things while she is here.’ Magna and Tayre stopped at once and seemed to sag. Adelenne was terrified. Why was her brother talking so fearlessly to his parents? And why was he not being punished? And now the child, horrified, fled to her room and hid under the covers.


*  *  *  *  *


Adelenne skipped her next stone hard over the pond. It did five skips before reaching the bank on the other side.

‘Great shot!’ A deep voice said. Adelenne was so shocked she nearly fell into the pond. But Link’s hand shot out to steady her. She stiffened from his touch and he withdrew it quickly.

‘Sorry…’ Link said.

‘Don’t worry. In fact thanks. Didn’t want to look all grotty on my thirteenth!’

Link laughed. ‘Ah trying to remind me I owe you a present? Don’t worry I’ve remembered!’

He took out  box from his worn satchel and handed it to her.

It was a little dormouse.

‘Oh…’ Adelenne said softly. ‘Thank you so much! It’s adorable! What’s it’s name?’

‘Dory.’ He said. ‘Look at her collar…well…your other birthday present…’

Adelenne gazed at the silver jewellery on the mouse. It was a beautiful bracelet. Links of silver balls wound around each other.

‘Oh Link….how did you get this?’

‘I made it!’ He said, grinning. I’ve got a job at the blacksmiths! It’s not a very good pay so I still live out side the kingdom.’ He said hurriedly as Adelenne opened her mouth. ‘but Ralph said as I worked so hard I could make something for you for free.’

‘H-he knows about me?’ Adelenne said anxiously.

‘Nah I just said it was for a friend.’ Link said.

‘Thank you so much!’ She said again throwing her arms around his neck, bringing Link to remember the time when he and Adellie played hide and seek and he forgot to count, but as she forgave him she gave him a big hug. Link’s heart was hiccupping in Adelenne’s clutches. He could sense some power. Something deep down. And he could also sense something he was trying to ignore, to push down, hoping it was going to go away…it would wreck everything they had together. He had to ignore it. He had to get out of here.

‘I h-have to go to work now…’ he started.

Reluctantly, Adelenne let go.

‘Thank you so much for Dory and my beautiful bracelet!’ She said. ‘I’ll treasure them both.’

And I’ll treasure you…Link thought to himself.

And with that he left, only to walk into an interesting sign.

                                                             *  *  *  *  *

    Adelenne walked home slowly, struggling with herself. As she and Link had grown up she had found herself slipping away from him. She didn’t know why.

She seemed to be growing up too fast. And she felt...different from him in
some way. She was just the average female peasant, simple white cotton
dress, pinned back hair, and he was just an average peasant man, tunic,
breeches, tied back hair, they were of the same race. But she felt
disconnected from him. As she neared her cottage she hesitated. Ever since
a particular fight her parents had had a couple of years ago, she had been
strangely wary of the place. She hesitated, then swerved off track and into
the woods. She needed some time to think.

                                                      *  *  *  *  *

Link knocked on the door. It swung open to reveal Adelenne’s father Tayre.

‘Din, he’s aged!’ Link thought to himself.

'Um, is Adelenne in?’ He asked.

‘No.’ Tayre said coldly.

‘Good.’ Link said shortly, stepping past him and walking into the living room to find Magna and Zaar, ’the rest of Adelenne’s so called family’  Link thought to himself.

‘Link!’ Magna said, obviously surprised.

Link decided to get right to the point.

‘You’re not her family are you?’ He said quickly.

Zaar stood up abruptly while Magna seemed to sink down into her chair. Tayre just went white and made no movement.

‘What the hell are you talking about.’ Tayre said with such iciness Link was beginning to think this wasn’t a good idea….

‘Tayre…’ Magna soothed, rising up beside her what Link used to think was her son Zaar. ‘No Link, many people have asked us that but we have denied the truth, but you are Adelenne’s closest friend. I don’t think we can lie to her any more either….’

‘So she is the princess then?’ Link carried on, thrusting the sign he had found nailed onto the tree under Tayre’s nose.



                      Wanted- Princess Zelda

Yesterday the Kingdom of Hyrule agreed that royalty should again reign after 13 years since the peasants overthrew the King. He died but had one daughter, who was hidden amongst you citizens. If you have any information on Princess Zelda please come to the guards at the Castle. (Which is now no longer out of bounds if you have information) If found she will become Queen Zelda and must choose a husband to be King of Hyrule.


Head Guard.


‘Tayre, you were supposed to take all of those down!’ Magna hissed. She turned to Link’ Where did you find it?’

‘The swamp.’ Link answered.

Magna smiled. ‘It’s still your meeting place?’

Link nodded. Zaar walked over, a calm expression on his face.

‘I’ll be right back.’ He ran upstairs and came back down again with a beautiful golden tiara and a Rich Ruby set in the middle. It winked at Link as he took it in his hand. He looked at them all. Tayre nodded gruffly and Link grinned and scooted out of the house.  



                                                                *  *  *  *  *

Zelda perched on top of a tree stump, head in her hands. Her throat was rugged and choked, her mind was swimming with thought. She had spotted a sign. She was Princess Zelda. Her real father was dead. And she would become queen. IF she owned up. There was a rustle and Link stepped out of the bushes.

‘How did you-?’She began.

‘Look, you’re the princess Zelda!’ Link rushed holding out the tiara. With a flash Zelda was taken back, a familiar smell of justice, fame and most of all Royalty. She reached out to touch it but then stopped.

‘No.’ She whispered.

Link’s face sunk. ’What?’ He said disbelieving.

‘I’m not Zelda.’ She said savagely. ‘ I’m ADELENNE!’

‘No! No no no!’ Link said. ‘You ARE the daughter of the King. But the peasants overthrew him! You were taken away so you weren’t harmed! Zaar his guard took him to Tayre’s and Magna’s’-

‘My parents.’ Adelenne said hotly.

‘No Zelda-‘

‘MY NAME IS ADELENNE!’ Adelenne snatched the tiara and threw it to the ground.

‘Fine, Adelenne until you believe that you’re royalty.’ Link carried on. ‘They are not your parents. They are your guardians. Zaar is not your brother and you are princess Zelda whether you like it or not.’

‘Oh right, so bow down to me because you are just a worthless peasant who says he is my friend but all you have done these past years is have feelings for me!’ Adelenne shouted. Link stepped back, with a mixture of hurt and what Adelenne could see was love. Link stepped turned round and ran off. Adelenne picked up the tiara unaware of the tears streaming down her face. Trying to ignore the sense of loss and shame of herself she raised it above her head and set it upon her golden curls.

‘I am Zelda, princess and soon to be QUEEN of HYRULE!’ She said with a steady and powerful voice like her Father’s.

‘Link….’ She whispered as she heard another rustle of the bushes. But it wasn’t Link. It was a man. A dirty faced man. A man with ragged clothes. A peasant.

‘Zelda….’ He said, a look of glee on his face. ‘YOUR ZELDA!’ He cackled loudly and screeched the words: ‘THE RAT IS UNDER MY KNIFE!’

Zelda knew at once these were code words and at that moment many other men jumped out of the bushes and yelled at the top of their voices and threw a net over her before she could moved.

‘LINK!’ She screamed. ‘LIIIIIIIINK!’

But then something hit the back of her head and everything went black.

                                                                  *  *  *  *  *

Link had to get out of there. What Adelenne-Zelda, he corrected himself firmly- Had said was so hurtful his insides were falling apart after being ripped  by her soft delicate hands with such malice he felt his heart dropping 5 feet. How could she say something so vicious? His best friend. After the 8 or even more years he had known  her she had never said something with such hatred. He knew now he had feelings for that 13 year old girl which he knew everyone would frown upon since he was now 16, two years away from being a proper man. He took out a whittled flute from his tunic and piped a few breathy notes and looked up to see a beautiful chestnut galloping towards him letting out a shrill whinny that rippled through the air to his ear holes. He stroked the white patch on her head as she slowed down to a trot and stood next to him, waiting for him to get on. Link was just about to swing his leg over when he heard a smooth slick voice.

‘Hey Epona! Get back here you bad girl! I didn’t know you could jump the gate!’ A girl with hair as red as the sunset started to run towards them, her white dress swaying around her and her boots thumping. It was Malon, Link’s lady friend.

Link had only started seeing her because she had a laugh of a survivor and the look of such beauty he had never seen apart from on Zelda. Also he was trying to see other women to take his mind off the girl he truly loved.

‘Link!’ She said smiling her dazzling smile. ‘It’s you who charmed her away I see! I knew I shouldn’t have taught you that song! She’ll follow it anywhere!’

‘Hey Manny!’ He said smiling back. He drove Zelda out of his mind as he put his arms round Malon’s waist and kissed her.

They came up for air.

‘Ooh Mr Feisty!’ Malon giggled, tossing her hair back so it caught the sun.


‘What’s wrong sweet?’ Malon asked putting her head to his heart. Link breathed in her scent of hay and milk.

‘Nothing concerning you…’ Link said smiling a little bit. He didn’t need Malon knowing he had been tossed aside severely by the woman he TRULY loved. But how could he tell her? Malon was the only thing keeping him together. And she was so beautiful…

‘Ok then try to be a bit more cheerful then darling!’ She giggled again.  She did that a lot.

‘Alright then!’ Link said. He grabbed Malon and hoisted her up onto Epona and got on himself. They rode off towards the glittering lake, both their hair whipping in the wind, just as a young girl’s did, that had caught his heart, as if by fishing for salmon in the swamp many years ago…


                                                  *  *  *  *  *

It had been 5 years since Zelda had been kidnapped. She looked a lot different. Her hair was cut so short it stuck up so she hid it in a small hat she sewed for herself. Her face which was always spick and span from her mothers orders was so dirty she hadn’t seen her fair skin for months, just grubby brown and blacks. Her cotton dress was used for a little girl from one of the kidnapper’s families, so she had to sew another dress, quick because she had no other clothes. Her heart was bruised along with her arms and legs and stomach, which were pummelled by another family she was forced to live with or it would be her life. She sometimes thought about ending all this torture of sleeping on a rug in the corner, and having to cook for a family of 8 including herself, being sneered at by the other children, who grew meaner as they grew older, thinking about her poor mouse who must have died by now, her sparkling bracelet that they ripped off her and gave to a sneering little girl Penelope, having to live in a little cottage just around the corner from her real family(or so she had thought in her childhood) but not being able to go out at all. For 5 years she had spent inside a little cottage, with no room for her. She wondered why the family put up with her. But she soon found out they were being paid one crown ( the currency in Hyrule) a week for giving her a roof. Why had they kidnapped her?  So they would never find Queen Zelda. So the peasants would not be overthrown They changed her hair, they changed her clothes and they changed her whole life. Her identity was lost along with her best friend and a boy she had grown to love deep down inside her. She was now called Sin. The kids called her ‘ugly as sin’ This of course was not true. Under the bruises, the dirt and the awful name, Zelda had become quite beautiful. Even with her terrible hair and skeletal structure from being practically starved, Zelda would have blown any man over by one look. She just didn’t have the confidence to find that out. Only one member of the Family member was anywhere near decent to her. That was her only companion, her only friend. He would give her encouraging smiles when she would have to wipe up the baby’s sick, he would pat her hand under the table when the rest shot excruciating insults at her. He would sweep his only blanket over her when she was shivering at night. He was Jynx. His real name was Jerald but everyone called him Jynx. It was unique, Zelda thought. Just like Adelenne, she thought again. She dove into the corner and sobbed silently. The children sniggered at the 18 year old crying. Their brother Jynx was 18 as well and he hadn’t cried for ages.

One night, the family went out to see they yearly festival. It nearly lasted a whole night. Jynx claimed he was too tired and Zelda wasn’t ever allowed out. For five whole years she was never allowed out. Just in case someone recognised her. The father sneered at his least favourite son and said ‘Want to be alone with her? Ok son you go get her but I wouldn’t hope to get lucky. She’s Jinxed as well the stupid bitch.’

Zelda stood her ground and glared at the floor. She was used to him. He only said she was Jinxed because he had wanted something from her but she had slapped him and kneed him where it hurt before he got too far. He was even more venomous to her after that. If that was possible.

But Jynx stayed in and the moment they were gone he turned to her and said ‘Ignore him. He never liked me. I wasn’t nasty enough to you I suppose.

Zelda smiled. ‘Well at least someone here likes me!’ She said. ‘ And someone here likes you too.’

Jynx smiled back. He stepped forward and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Shocked, Zelda pulled back. ‘W-what are you doing?!?!’ She stammered.

‘I thought you liked me!’ Jynx said blushing furiously. But he said gently. ‘I’m really sorry! I’m such an idiot! You meant as a friend.’

Zelda nodded.

‘I didn’t’ Jynx shrugged, smiling slightly.

‘I’m sorry…’ I’m just not ready. I just want to go home. It’s not fair. I couldn’t help being who I am, being a queen, forsaken royalty.’

‘I know-‘ Jynx paused. ‘Where do your family live?’ He said urgently.

‘Just around the corner, that’s the worst bit isn’t it-‘

But she didn’t go on. For Jynx jumped up and took her hand.

‘Let’s go then! They won’t be back  until morning!’

Zelda’s heart stopped. OF COURSE! It seemed so simple!

‘YES!’ She shrieked! ‘And I can go home because they don’t know where I live!’

Jynx grinned.

They rushed out of the door and the night swallowed her up, just as it did to her 18 years ago…

                                                   *  *  *  *  *

‘Yes?’ Said a pale man, his hair white with age and what seemed like a map of wrinkles draped over his face.

‘Oh, hello.’ Jynx stammered. ‘We were just looking for a…Tayre and Magna Cloud…?’

‘I’m Tayre.’ He said, a look of curiosity on his sunken face.

‘Papa!’ Zelda gushed from behind Jynx.


‘Adelenne?’ Jynx said confused, but no-one heard him as Tayre was jumped on by his daughter, and they were laughing and crying and hugging so Jynx was well forgotten.

‘Oh my little girl!’ Tayre sobbed. ‘Where in Din’s name have you been?’

‘Tayre! What have I told you about blaspheming under this roof? I-‘

But the old dumpy woman stopped in her tracks as she saw the two together.

‘Adelenne?’ She whispered.

So a group hug commenced with sobbing and hugging and laughing while Jynx stood smiling with tears dripping down his cheek out of happiness that none of them have ever felt.

They all practically skipped into the living room. Zelda sat down and smiled happily around the room . She was so happy to be back. Tears traced down her once again rosy cheeks. She took off her patchy hat to reveal hair that flounced barely around her ears. Her mother gasped and dropped the plate she was piling with food to feed her starving daughter.

‘Addy! Your hair!’

Zelda sighed. ‘Mum, dad, I think it’s time I told you what happened…’

                                               *  *  *  *  *

Link twirled Malon around his head, laughing. These 6 years had turned into bliss. He hadn’t thought about Zelda for ages. Her death caused by the wretched peasants always made him cry. The only thing left he had of her was in a draw Malon knew nothing about and that was Zelda’s tiara.

‘ Oh Link! Happy anniversary! I’ll go get your present!’

Their six year anniversary was bliss. Malon was bliss. The ranch was bliss.

Link stretched out on the hay. Bliss…bliss…Maybe they should call their first child that…If it’s a girl of course.  Link hoped it was. Girl’s are more fun to spoil. Wow. Link was actually thinking about having children! He smiled.

‘Link thank you so much!’ Malon said from behind him.

He span round to see Malon set a gold tiara upon her waves of hair. It wasn’t just any tiara. It was Zelda’s…

‘No!’ He said, a sudden rage came over him. How dare she take what was not hers , to go snooping through his stuff.

Malon stepped back, shocked. ‘What? What have I done?’

‘That’s not yours!’ Link yelled.

Malon went white. ‘Whose is it Link?’ She said quietly.

Link sank onto the hay. ‘It’s Zelda’s…’

‘That princess’s? The one who they found alive yesterday?’ Malon was so curious she could hardly speak.

Link’s head snapped up. His insides disappeared. ‘What.’ He said, panicking. His best friend back from the dead? The person he truly wanted to be with instead of this Woman in front of him? Or was she just back to haunt him, to pull him by the ankle back down to earth, away from all this bliss. ..to stop him from forgetting her.

‘It said in the paper…she was kidnapped and hidden with this awful family, but this boy helped her get back to her family…’

‘This boy?’ Link said urgently.

‘Yes. It said her father Tayre announced that they were to be married next week because of his kindness and they shall become King and Queen of Hyrule because of Zelda’s routes, see Tayre’s not her real Father- Why do you ask? And why have you got a princesses tiara?’

‘No! They can’t get married!’

‘Link? Are you saying you want to marry her?’ Malon said it as a Joke.

Link looked at the ground.

‘You don’t even know her!’ Malon said shrilly. Her eyes were full of panic as Link’s were.

‘She was my true love. But then I gave up on her when I heard she had died…I found her tiara in the woods and I assumed she was no more…but know she is back…she was my best friend….but she hurt me so I ran away….I never got to say goodbye.’

Malon stepped back again.

‘But….I still love you Malon.’

‘6 years and you couldn’t tell me that I was second best? That I was the back up plan?’

‘Malon, I love yo-‘


She slapped him so hard he fell into the hay. His cheek screamed, stinging.

He stumbled out of the ranch, unaware he was crying. Even if he knew he wouldn’t care, he had to find his love……

                                                    *  *  *  *  *

Zelda was back home again and she was thankful for everything. Jynx ran away from home to live with Zelda and her family before his family could find out his betrayal, and Zelda had been washed and her hair cut evenly. She was given another cotton dress but now it had flowers stitched along the front, exactly matching her eye colour. Her bruises were bathed and she was Adelenne again. But she knew she couldn’t be Adelenne forever. Her parents still called her that but she knew she would have to be queen. When she came out into the sun for the first time in years her eyes suddenly stung. They had not been in the light for 5 years and they had adjusted to the darkness and dank of the damned Rictus’ family’s hut. They were permanently damaged. Zelda wept through the loss of her sight, and looked around the gloom that she could not see. Very little caught her sight. It was just smudges moving around. Even though she had escaped from her forsaken captors, she could not escape from total blindness. Within days she could see nothing, and her mother guided her through the hustle and bustle of which she begged to be among despite the fact that she no longer would be able to see it.

In 4 days she would marry Jynx. Zelda’s heart sank as she remembered. She thought she had got away from the Rictus family but now she would never  escape. She liked Jynx but she would never LOVE him! She had only loved one person and she didn’t even know if he was still alive. She didn’t try and ask her parents in case it made them upset. But she couldn’t hold on any longer.


‘Mummy, dear, like the old days!’

‘Mama then. What happened to Link?’

She felt her mother stop. She clutched tighter so she didn’t lose her in the jostling of the crowds. What if the Rictus’ came and took her away again? She couldn’t bear it again. Being a being slave must be awful.

‘Well, last thing I heard he was living with that horse girl…’

‘Malon Lon Lon?!?! As in together?’

‘Well…as it were…’

Zelda could feel tears drip down her cheek. Oh no! Her mother couldn’t see her cry. She would know something was the matter! She wiped at them furiously.

‘Actually no.’ A deep voice said behind them.

                                                               *  *  *  *  *

Link was dodging through the crowds. He could still remember where her house was. She HAD to be there. Five years parted from her parents they would never want to let her out of the house again.

‘Link!’ Said an urgent voice.

He spun around to find an old lady with snow white hair standing next to a girl with severely short hair. Blonde. Was it-


‘LINK!’ She exclaimed and to Link’s surprise she felt through the crowd looking into space with her droplet eyes.

‘I’m here!’ He said grabbing her hands and holding them to his heart.

She was here. His best friend. His love…his ‘to be’ he was hoping.  She was back as if from the dead. Link was so happy he felt he would burst.

‘Alas I am blind!’ She cried. Tears of happiness and despair dripped down her cheeks.

‘It doesn’t matter…’Link soothed. ‘At least you can still hear me say that…I love you with all my heart Zelda, since that day down in the pond when you had Dory…’

‘I love you too, Link…’Zelda said, smiling brightly. ‘But Dory has gone, and that awful family took your lovely bracelet…and in four days…I am to marry Jynx, my saviour…and I knew you loved me…Talon from the ranch told me of your row with that Malon…and that hurts even more, because in four days I am no longer to love you. I must love Jerald…’

‘Um…not true…’ Said a boy behind Link.

Jynx had trotted up to them and had overheard everything. He patted Zelda on the shoulder and said:

‘It’s him…I know you want to be with him…and I want you to be with him too! Other girls will come for me Zel…But this guy has come, and he has come for you.’

Zelda threw her arms around them both, which was surprising as she couldn’t see where they were and sobbed happily and said she loved them both and this was the happiest day of her life.

They all laughed and her mother came to join in the hug chuckling saying if Tayre was here he would join in too which was of course quite unlikely in any other circumstances but here he would have joined in, which was lucky as when he was walking down the street and saw half of his family hugging two men he had grown to trust he smiled and even in his old age he ran down the alley and hugged harder then he had ever done before…

                                                         *  *  *  *  *

It was Zelda’s first time in the castle except from her birth. She  felt blindly around at the carved cherubs. It was amazing that  no royalty had set foot in this place until today.  But Zelda did not consider herself royalty after being a peasant for 15 years of her life and a prisoner for the rest. Link and her parents accompanied her. The servants and maids stayed faithful to their deceased King and went there daily to keep it spick and span. The willowy pillars spun upwards to the sky high ceiling. Even the floor was exquisite, with little marble triangles laid out in pretty little delicate patterns. They were so delicate that Link did not want to step in. But he was so curious she leaded the way, clasping Zelda’s hand. Arches were every where, decorated by portraits of the goddesses and jewels set in to border them.  Link gazed up at the chandeliers, not being able to look ahead of him as he walked. Tayre and Magna were not used to such domains. They breathed heavily as they entered the castle of Zelda’s real parents. Her real family. They did not feel welcome but from Zelda’s insisting, they entered warily. They were all breathless. A maid approached Zelda.

‘Oh your highness, it is such an honour to have a Royal subject in our presence.’

Zelda heard her throw herself to the floor to grovel. She held out her hand, shocked.

‘Treat me as one of your sisters. Not as one of your elders. You sound young to me. How old are you?’

’12 Your Majesty.’

Zelda paused and said ‘ From now on, as your employer, I want you to call me by my name, like one of your friends, which we will grow to be I hope. Adelenne.’

Magna butted in.’ Darling you do not have to use our chosen name for you. Use your real name. We won’t mind.’

Adelenne turned to the direction of where she could hear her mothers cool voice. ‘Mama, all my life I have been known as Adelenne. You, to me, are my family, and if you chose my name Adelenne I will use my name Adelenne. It is my name after all. And to be honest, it’s kind of stuck!’

They all laughed. Link put his arm around Adelenne, who turned to the maid again. ‘What is my name little one?’

‘…Adelenne miss. And to be honest with YOU, it’s more attractive than the name Zelda!’ Said the shy maid.

Zelda chuckled again. ‘Quite right. Not being disrespectful to the King and Queen of course. And what is your name?’

‘ Maya.’ Came the reply.

‘ What an adorable name! Well, Maya, I think I’d like you to be my guider, as I am blind. What do you say?’

‘Of course! But let me tell you something. You may not need my guidance for long, because if you carry on with your kindness and sight for equality, your hair will flow, your eyes will see and your soul will soar.’

And with that, she went into the next room to carry on dusting, leaving Zelda and her companions very baffled.


                                                           *  *  *  *  *


 It was the day of the wedding, and everyone in Hyrule were invited . All the young girls where made to be  Adelenne’s bridesmaids, and all the beggars and peasants were made to be guests of honours .  Jynx was the best man . All of this was under Adelenne’s orders. Maya was Adelenne’s chief bridesmaid and the priest was to be a surprise. Adelenne couldn’t wait to find out who it was.

‘Hey Adelle, can I have a word?’ Link’s voice drifted through the door and it started to creak open. All at once there was a huge unison squeal as over 40 bridesmaids in embroidered cotton dresses rushed towards the door and banged it shut before the door could open another fraction. They were in a huge room in the palace where all the bridesmaids and the beautiful bride were preparing for Adelenne and Link’s special day.

‘What the-?’ Came a bewildered sound of Link’s voice.

‘You can’t see the bride until the wedding it’s bad luck Uncle Link!’ Maya called through the door.

‘Oh…’ Came a mumble.

‘Nice work girls.’ Adelenne said laughing. ‘Thanks for helping me get ready! You guys are the best!’

‘No problem Addy!’ Maya said cheerily hopping up and gently clipping Adelenne’s short hair into place with  pearl studded clips. ‘But are you sure you want that dress? I mean…it’s not very weddingy…there’s still time to get a new one.’

‘Maya I told you. Today isn’t just my special day! It’s all the bridesmaids too! I bet none of you have been a bridesmaid before. You deserve to look prettier than me! I just wish I could see you…’

‘Adelenne if you carry on being so generous I promise, you will get your sight back…’ Maya whispered into her ear seriously.

Adelenne froze. ‘What?’ She said urgently, snapping her head round in the direction of Maya. How she would love to get her precious sight back. To see the birds that sing instead of hear them taunt her, to gaze upon the hustle and bustle of a market crowd, to see the hansom face of her beloved Link, to see how he had changed over the years. She had only a few days glimpse of her parents new faces before she was thrown into this horrible pit of darkness, her fifth sense tugged out of her hands. She was devastated. This darkness was hell for her.

‘Adelenne. I have something to tell you. But not until the ceremony. Until AFTER the ceremony. I shall tell you then Adelenne, but don’t think about it. Think about your joining with the man you love. Can you do that for me?’

She nodded, unable to get this past her. Excitement and anxiety buzzed inside her. But now, she had to keep it out of her mind. She was to marry Link, and this was going to be the happiest day of her life so she had to concentrate on that. With difficulty she drove the thought about regaining her sight away by hoping the flowers were lilies and her hair was alright. The usual feminine worries. She thought about how she and Link were to be King and Queen of Hyrule and how she couldn’t wait to have his children. That made her blush a bit. Then she heard someone come through the door.

‘Oh Addy…’ It was her father.

She smiled and turned round to what she hoped was facing him. She felt his thin, veiny hands in hers and how warm they felt. Tears welled up in her useless eyes. This was the happiest day of her life. Hyrule would be under Royalty again, and she would be marrying the man she had loved for so long. This was just what she had wanted, except for one thing, her sight…

                                                  *  *  *  *  *

‘Do you take Link to be your lawfully wedded husband through health….’

Adelenne could hardly breath. She had only imagined this day and now it was really here. Link was to be hers and she was to be Links.  Did she look good enough for such a man? She couldn’t exactly look in the mirror.

‘Do you?’ The priest , Zaar, and the whole of the temple of time was waiting for the ‘I do’ and she had drifted off in her own wedding! Adelenne grew hot and flustered.

‘Oh-I-I do!’ She said hurriedly. The crowd sighed. She could feel Link smiling. Feel it.

‘And do you Link, take her?’ Zaar seemed to want to get through with this hurriedly. Maybe she had took too long answering and he wanted to tie the knot before she objected. Adelenne smiled at that.

The ceremony whooshed on after that and before she knew it Zaar had announced the magic words; ‘You may kiss the bride.’

She was swooped down and Link’s lips were pressed against her. That was when her tears broke free and she kissed him back. Link hugged her close and broke apart. Adelenne smiled at him and could only guess that he smiled back. Applaud broke through the temple of time and Link led Adelenne to the great hall in the castle for the feast.  They were back at the castle as the tears slowed down. Adelenne couldn’t help but notice the change in the darkness. Strange shapes swam before her, getting clearer and clearer, soon Adelenne could make out colours. She stopped abruptly, still holding hands with Link.

“What’s the matter?” Link enquired, watching her frightened expression.

Adelenne turned to him, and waited for her sight to adjust. She could see a rose on his tunic, fair hair, and piercing blue eyes. And after a matter of moments, she could finally see her husbands face as clear as day. She gasped, how handsome he looked! He looked so mature and old! He had grown so much over the years apart! Link stared at her, amazed at her expressions. And then he got it.

“ C-can you see?” He whispered. Slowly and shakily, Adelenne nodded. A watery smile broke across her face and she gazed about, taking in the beautiful palace around her. Breathing heavily she started to laugh. She turned around to see a small girl standing behind her. She curtsied.

“Adelenne.” She whispered, and smiled.

“Maya!” Adelenne cried out. She rushed to her and hugged her friend. “Did you do this?”

“Yes of course! Your heart is pure, so I gave you sight.” Maya laughed.

“ But with what magical abilities?” Link enquired, confused.

“ There will be plenty more time for that!” Maya answered. “We shall spread the news!” And with that, she ran to the centre table of the dining hall, and called out: “Hear ye! The princess can see!”

People whispered in disbelief, and turned to the Queen, who nodded and called: “I see all!”

Cheers erupted the castle, and music and merriment followed. The celebrations were amazing for Adelenne, as Link walked with her through the crowds, introducing her to people she hadn’t seen for years. She saw her favourite food, the faces of her parents again- beaming with joy. It was a long and brilliant day, where Adelenne ventured into the gardens, seeing the birds, watching the stream, laughing with Link all the while. But after the ceremony, where all the guests volunteered to help clean up, joking and singing, Adelenne took Maya to one side.

“How is this possible? Are you an Angel?” She asked.

“Why yes, in fact, I am.” Maya whispered, sadness in her eyes. Adelenne was joyful, but was worried when she saw Maya’s expression.

“Why so sad, Maya? You have granted me my wish! You are a God sister!”

“Godmother, actually…” Maya answered, her voice now sounding older and distant. Adelenne was now uncertain.

“I don’t understand-….Mother?” She whispered that last bit in utter disbelief.

“Oh Zelda, I was reborn back on this earth to see you one last time, and then escape to the heavens. Unfinished business…you might never have known, but I never once saw my little baby girl, I died straight after your birth. And I had to help you, just once…” Maya smiled at the Queen and then suddenly fell to the floor. Adelenne gasped and at once knew that her friend was dead. A globe of light appeared, growing brighter and brighter until a beautiful woman appeared, looking just like her daughter standing before her.

“ Zelda…” She whispered, sounding faint. “Rule this kingdom, don’t let them take it down again. You are the Queen of Hyrule, alongside your Husband, the King, you shall protect our family’s memory…goodbye…my daughter…”

And with that, she was gone, and a single rose fell to the floor. Adelenne burst into sobs, fell to the floor and clutched at Maya’s body. Link found her after a while, wondering where his wife had got to. By the time he found her she had finished crying, and was staring out of the arching window in front of her, watching a beautiful sunset, as it inked it’s way over her Kingdom...

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