Love Flows Like The Seasons

By MegaZeldaMan


     Who could have imagined such a love life like this? One that changed with age, time, and the seasons? Oh! that is quite common. But Link’s love life was an interesting one. Think of the girls he met. Think of the seasons as they flow. Do you see a connection? No. I shall tell you.


     First comes spring and summer and with it greens abound. Link’s adventure began in the green forest where he had no friends save for one; THE one named Saria with the green hair. Forever they were best friends. Sadly, that wouldn’t last long for Link was destined to save Hyrule and he left his first love. Did Saria cry? Why would she? She herself said that they would always be friends.

     The transition from summer to autumn brings the greens to reds and browns; the same reds and browns found at a ranch. THE Lon Lon Ranch where a red haired girl dwells. She was a wonderful singer like her late mother. Many a night she would gaze at the stars hoping that a “Handsome Prince” would sweep her off her feet. That almost happened—almost. But the “Fairy Boy” she had serenaded would have to continue the adventure that could claim his life.

     The final phase of autumn changes the red to pure gold. This is where Link’s adventure would take him—to the pure gold treasure of the Princess Zelda. That golden haired, pure hearted creature that all men desired. But Link never desired her—at least at first. He only desired to help her in her plight to save the world from the evil Ganondorf. That he would do until the bitter end and then...


     What would Link do? Whom would Link choose? Would it be the Green, the Red, or the Gold?


The his alone!

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