A Love Between Two

by Link and Zelda


A long time ago in a castle in the green fields of Hyrule....

Zelda and Link, were resting in their bed. Link yawned loudly and Zelda woke up smiling.

"Good morning Link" she replied her eyes sparkling.

He kissed her "Good morning Zelda, you look beautiful today."

Navi rushed in excitedly

"Link! Link! There's someone outside waiting to see you!" "I've never seen her before in my life!" "She's very nice and she's pretty too."

Link rushed outside and Navi followed curiously after him.

Zelda sighed" I can't get a moment alone with Link in this house." "Geez a nice pretty girl waiting outside to see Link!" "If only I'd tell him how much I care about him, maybe all these other girls would lay off!"

When Link and Navi reached the steps of the castle leading outside, a slender girl about Zelda's age was waiting for them. She had long red hair and sky blue eyes outlined with long eyelashes. She wore a short and plain blue dress, and tight-fitting blue boots.

When she smiled at them her whole face lit up. "Hello, you must be Link." I'm Nina" She giggled at Navi "I saw you staring at me behind a pillar over there little fairy."

Navi grinned sheepishly, "Oh, yeah that was me."

Link looked at her suspiciously, "Navi!" She turned an even darker shade of red.

Link looked at the girl and she smiled, "I guess you're probably wondering why I'm here. The King of Hyrule has asked me to be your partner."

Link's mouth dropped open, "For what?" he asked surprised.

She laughed "Well I'm supposed to help you on your quests. I've been through tons of training and have passed the Gerudo Training Ground with no potions, milk or bottled fairies."

Link's eyes widened in shock "A girl.... You..... with no bottled anything?! Whoa!" It took me plenty of bottles to get through that!"

She grinned competitively, "I see I have to prove myself to you. I challenge you to Horseback Archery!"

Link grinned back, already realizing he had made an unbeatable friend.

She whistled loudly and a stunning white horse came running up the steps. Link carefully pulled out his ocarina and it gently hummed the tune to Epona's Song. He tucked it away and then he heard Epona's faint hooves galloping towards him in the distance. When his faithful horse had arrived he climbed up onto her and he and his new friend galloped off in the distance heading to Gerudo Fortress. They traded battling tips and stories which made them both laugh.

Zelda had been watching the entire scene from her window and every bit of jealousy in her little body bubbled up angrily. If only Link would know she wanted to marry him someday and he shouldn't be riding off with another girl. Zelda's eyes narrowed, "I don't believe this!" "Link and this pretty little girl already have a better relationship than Link and I ever had!"

Link and Nina had already reached Gerudo Fortress. Link walked up to the Gerudo woman taking Rupees for the Archery and he reached in his pocket. She winked at him, "This one's on the house Link," she eyed his partner and giggled "Who's your girlfriend, Link?" Link blushed and stole a glance at Nina .

She was blushing too and their eyes met. They both laughed stupidly and Link said "She's my new partner."

The Gerudo lady winked again "Oh RIGGHHT Link I believe you." Link grinned mischievously.

The game was about to begin! Nina mounted her horse and Link waited eagerly. She started and gained speed. Seven arrows flew through the air all hitting bullseyes on the wooden targets. More sailed through the air. When she was finished she dismounted and walked her horse over to Link.

"Good Luck!" she replied

Link's eyes widened, I'm going to need it!, he thought. Nina had gotten a perfect score of 2000. He caught a glance of the small crowd that had gathered as Nina had shot.

The next few minutes went by in a blur. Link shot and shot and shot once more, every time hitting bullseyes.

When he had finished he also had gotten a perfect score. It was a tie. Link's eyes met Nina's and she smiled shyly.

Zelda had been sulking in her bedroom waiting for Link to return. She finally heard him laughing with Nina at the bottom of the stairs. She slowly walked down the stairs. She rushed into Link's arms. "Oh Link I missed you."

Link looked at her a strange look on his face "Uh, Zelda I was only gone for 25 minutes."

Zelda replied "It seems like years."

She glared at Nina protectively. "Link who's this" she asked not taking her eyes off Nina one second."

"A good friend of mine named Nina, she's my partner." Link said proudly looking at Nina hopefully.

Ignoring Zelda's mean looks she smiled at him and winked.

Zelda had been attempting to keep Nina and Link apart for days, but they kept going off together, Bombchu Bowling, Poe hunting, and horse racing. Zelda thought they were getting much too close. She could tell Link really liked Nina a lot, and Nina obviously liked Link back. Now Nina was living in the castle. Zelda pouted, everyone in Hyrule was gossiping about the beautiful Nina who had stolen Link's heart, and they all knew how kind she was. Nina had met Malon at Lon Lon Ranch, and they had become good friends. Link called them affectionately the Red Crew, because of their glowing red hair. Zelda sighed, today Link and Nina were going to play the Treasure Chest game.

Nina groaned, she had selected the wrong Treasure chest again. Link grinned and took a quick peek in his Lens of Truth when Nina turned her back. He grinned smugly and picked out the small key from the correct chest. Nina's blue eyes widened and she replied "Link how do you do that." "I thought it was just luck the first five chests, but you must be cheating somehow."

"Link smiled "You're not as stupid as you look!"

Nina giggled and gave him a quick kick in the shin, "Come on now, tell me how you're cheating Link."

Link pulled out his Lens of Truth and Nina's mouth opened in awe.

"Wow Link what is that?"

"It's the Lens of Truth Nina, it can see through things."

Nina spoke again "That's incredible Link, I wish I had something like that!" She fingered the red lens curiously.

"Try it out" Link urged her. She held it up to her eye and suddenly the treasure chest disappeared and she saw that it contained a small key. She put it down and looked into Link's eyes. He stared into her blue eyes.

They felt their faces growing closer.... closer... when suddenly Navi's bright light slowly emerged from Link.

"Hi you guys, oh sorry Nina, Hi guy and girl." Navi corrected herself. Nina drew her face away quickly as did Link.

"I was taking a nap" replied Navi yawning, inside her spirit lifted. How sweet! Nina and Link were falling in love! she thought. She had seen them nearly kiss, and she had seen them grow closer these past days. She had also seen Zelda's jealous face and her menacing looks towards Nina. Nina would never act so childishly, Navi thought. I like Nina a lot better. She's been nice to Zelda even when she was being mean to her. Why doesn't Zelda like Nina? She thought, she's probably one of the sweetest, prettiest, nicest girls in Hyrule! Suddenly it hit her. That's it! She concluded, Zelda knows Nina is an incredible person and she wants Link all to herself! She wouldn't hurt Nina would she? No, I doubt she could if she tried. Nina is as athletic as Link. Zelda could be very mean to her though and Nina is too nice to defend herself.

When Link and Nina arrived to the castle Zelda was waiting at the stairs. She gave Nina an angry look. Nina stared at her feet sadly and tried once again to be nice.

"Hello Princess Zelda, How are you?" she chirped.

"I'm just fine." Zelda replied her face and tone expressionless.

This time Link had seen Zelda's threatening looks, he replied, "Zelda why don't you head upstairs, I'll be up in a minute."

Zelda started to ascend the stairs and she stopped when she reached the top and hid behind the railing.

Link looked at Nina and held her small hands in his own. "What's going on with Zelda?" he asked.

Nina sighed, "I wish I knew why she's been so cold to me lately Link."

Link looked worried "I'm going to try to find out."

Nina and Link looked at each other and came closer again..... closer.... Zelda's eyes widened as they kissed softly.

Nina blushed when they finally parted. "I've been having a great time with you these past nights Link." She blushed again "I think I really like you."

Link smiled "I know I really like you Nina."

They both heard Zelda slowly come out of hiding and creep into her bedroom. Link sighed, "What is she doing now?"

Nina went to the guestroom. Link decided to talk to Zelda. He traveled up the steps to her room. He grabbed the doorknob.

"Yeow!" Link howled as an electrical shock traveled through the doorknob. Zelda must have done it with her magic. He tried again. The door was locked. Suddenly he heard Zelda's voice.

"Get lost Link! The Lost Woods are a good choice."

"Fine" Link replied angrily. He walked to Nina's bedroom. He could use some cheering up and he knew Nina was just the person to help. He gasped when he realized Nina was no longer there. He took one look at the rope extending out of the open window and rushed outside. Had Nina been captured? He played Epona's song so fast it took him two tries before Epona came trotting. He rode to Gerudo Fortress quickly. He went up to the Archery Lady.

"Have you seen Nina?" he asked quickly.

"Oh your girlfriend, sorry I haven't seen her." "Is she mad at you or something?"

"No, I just can't find her.

Link and Epona then rode quickly to the only other place Link would imagine Nina would've gone to, to see Malon.

He rode up to Malon who as usual was singing her mother's song. She stopped as she saw Link riding towards her on Epona. He got off Epona who was panting madly. Malon pulled a shiny apple piece out of her pocket and gave it to Epona.

"Have you been torturing your horse Link?" Malon smiled.

"No, not recently." "Have you seen Nina?"

"Sorry Link, I haven't seen her." Malon answered. Silently she thought, Why can't Zelda just mind her own business! She's ruining Link and Nina's lives! Link left the ranch and continued his search.

"Shhhh! Nina you can come out now." Malon whispered. Nina emerged from inside the stable

"Thanks Malon."

"Sure anytime. Why are you hiding from Link? He's so nice!"

Nina sighed "Zelda has been hinting she hates me being at the castle. For her sake I'm not going back. I have to go to the party the King has arranged in honor of Link and my partnership though. I don't want to be rude.

"I'm sorry Nina, I didn't know it was that bad."

"Do you think I could stay here until the party?" Nina asked.

"Of course."

Link had gone back to Zelda's room to talk to her. He tapped the doorknob lightly checking for shocks. Relieved when there was none he opened the door. Zelda was gone! Link searched the castle Two disappearances in one day! That was pretty strange!

Zelda looked around her small secret room. She had to find some way to get rid of Nina. Suddenly an idea hit her. She smiled as she started planning it out. Nina would be gone in no time and Zelda would have Link all to herself!

Link was in his room when he suddenly remembered tonight was a party arranged in honor of himself and Nina. He quickly started to get ready. The party started soon!

The party had just begun. It was a fantastic party with lots of food and colorful decorations. Practically everyone in Hyrule was there. The man from the windmill insisted on playing his instrument at the party. He was now playing the "Song of Storms."

Link was startled as he spotted Nina in the corner of the room talking with Malon and Nabooru. She looked very pretty. Where'd she been? Link walked over and greeted the girls. He turned to Nina "Hey Nina, where've you been? I've been looking all over Hyrule for you."

"I'm sorry Link. I've been um walking around Hyrule meeting people. I'm sorry if I worried you."

Zelda came up to them. "Hi can I talk to you please Nina?" she asked shyly. Malon eyed her suspiciously.

"Sure" Nina replied in her usual cheerful voice.

"Follow me" Zelda said leading the way. Malon looked at Nabooru nervously.

"Hey Link! Nina's really nice. Nabooru giggled. I think you two would make a great couple. Are you dating?"

"Well uh..." Link gave them a small smile.

"Oooooooh! Link has a crush! Link's in looooove!" Malon teased. Her and Nabooru cracked up.

"Shhhh you guys! We're not dating.... Really dating.. yet."

"Right Link, sure!" Malon giggled.

"You guys are creeps!" Link replied. That just made them laugh harder.

Meanwhile Nina and Zelda had gone to an old room.

"What did you want to talk about?" Nina asked. Zelda didn't reply. All of a sudden a pinkish glow emerged from Zelda's hands. Nina hollered but was immediately stopped as the force from Zelda's magic hit her, knocking her out. Zelda then used her magic to tie Nina to a chair in the middle of the room. Just as Zelda finished Nina woke up.

"What are you doing?" Nina asked frantically.

"Getting you away from Link." was her grim reply.

Zelda used a final blast of magic to set the entire room on fire! She ran to the door but gasped as she realized the force of her magic had shut the door! Zelda was locked in too!

Nina shouted "Zelda please, if you untie me I can get us out of here!"

"You will leave me in here to die!" Zelda snarled.

"No I won't. You have to trust me!" Zelda clutched her throat gasping for air. She fainted. Her sudden break in concentration loosened the rope. Nina squirmed out just in time. A second later the chair burst into flames. Nina coughed frantically. She was so hot! Her face was red and her hair was soaked in sweat. She had to get out of here! She picked Zelda up gently and looked around the room. Her eyes burned as she saw a glass window. She carefully stepped her way to the window. She punched through the glass. It shattered, cutting her hand many times, but she didn't care. Zelda was getting much harder to hold as Nina became weaker. She sailed out the window onto a nearby tree. She struggled trying to hold Zelda as she made her way down. Her eyes were burning and she was coughing constantly. She was burned badly on her arm and her face was covered with sweat. A minute later she was limping on the ground, dragging Zelda's limp body with her. All the guests had gathered worriedly from watching the fire. Link came running out. He had changed into his Goron Tunic and looked ready to put out the fire and save anyone. Zelda's eyes flickered open. She stared up at the many faces around her. Nina dropped Zelda into the King's arms and Link rushed over to her.

"Nina what happened? That fire was awful!" He asked. She looked up at him and her big blue eyes gazed up at his. Her eyes were getting heavier.... heavier.. she fainted in his arms. Link picked her up and carried her to her bed.

Nina's eyes opened. She heard Link talking quietly to a doctor.

"Is she going to live?" Link asked trying to remain calm.

"It's hard to tell. She inhaled a lot of smoke." The doctor replied "Come on out Link, Nina needs her rest."

"Can't I stay here?" Link pleaded.

"Come on." The doctor yanked a reluctant Link out of the room. When they were gone Princess Zelda walked in. Nina quickly closed her eyes. Zelda stayed awhile to beside Nina then she left. Nina sat up and looked around. Her hand she had shattered the window with was bandaged and she had an extremely painful burn on her arm. She was wearing the same clothes as she had on that day..... that day. What had happened that day? Nina couldn't remember! As she struggled to remember Malon and Nabooru walked in.

"Nina, lie down," Nabooru scolded.

"I knew Princess Zelda was up to no good. I should've stopped her!" Malon said angrily.

"It wasn't your fault," Nina whispered. Suddenly they saw Link cautiously peer around the door for any sign of the doctor. Nabooru started laughing.

"I've see you've found a way to sneak in here." Nina smiled then coughed weakly.

Link grinned, "So you were awake when I was here before. You are such a little sneak. That's one of the things I love about you."

Suddenly the doctor walked in. "OUT! OUT! OUT!" he shrieked. Link rolled his eyes and all three of Nina's visitors started walking out the door.

"Bye Nina. Alright we're leaving!" Link said to the angry doctor who looked about ready to explode.

"Wait!" Nina shouted bolting upright in her bed then groaning and sinking slowly back. "Let them stay." She whispered. The doctor finally gave up and left. Nina laughed softly. "Did you see the doctor's eyes bulge out of his head when he saw three people in here!" Nabooru and Malon collapsed in a fit of giggles.

"Nina what happened with Zelda that night?" Link asked.

"I can't remember! All I remember is looking up at your face and many other faces too. Then everything went black."

"You fainted." Malon explained. Nabooru nodded.

Suddenly Zelda walked into the room. "Um hi can I talk to.."

"No, you may not!" Malon and Nabooru said in unison.

"I'll leave," Link offered. He was used to being nice to everyone. He left the room.

"What did you want to talk to me about Zelda?" Nina asked politely. She felt a little scared though because everyone had told her Zelda was the reason she was hurt.

"Does she remember what happened." Zelda asked.

"No she doesn't." Malon said sharply "Tell us what really happened Zelda. Nina has a right to know." Zelda sighed sadly and looked slightly ashamed. She told them what she had done and why she had done it.

"So let me get this straight. You were jealous of Nina, because Link loved her and didn't seem to love you at all so you decided to get rid of her so you could have Link all to yourself. So you tied her to a chair lit the room on fire and realized you were locked in too. You fainted and Nina got out of the chair. Then she saved you right?"

"That's right. I felt really selfish and guilty because of what I did, because Nina ended up getting really hurt when she took the time to save me. It was really nice of her." Zelda explained she looked sad. "I told my father what I did and I am in huge trouble. I totally deserve it though. I'm going to go tell Link what I did now."

"Zelda?" Nina replied. Zelda turned back around.

"Yes," she asked.

"Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it. I hope we can get along from now on." Zelda smiled and left the room.

A few minutes later Link walked in. "Zelda told me what she did. I'm sorry Nina I didn't think she'd ever do a thing like that to you." Nina put a finger to her lips to quiet him and kissed him on the forehead. Link looked pleased. He kissed her on her forehead too. Nabooru and Malon giggled wildly.

Suddenly Navi rushed out from under the bed her face flushed with excitement. When she realized they had found her hiding she turned bright red. "I must've fallen um asleep."

"Yeah sure Navi." Link eyed the little fairy smiling. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you just weren't hiding so you could listen in on all the gossip."

"I wasn't just.... Nina eyed her curiously. Navi sighed and laughed, "Oh alright maybe I was, sorry."

Nina gave Link a tiny smile and replied, "That's OK Navi. You are more then welcome to be in here with us. That is if it's alright with your owner." She looked up at Link. He smiled at her.

"Sure Navi it's fine with me."

Nina groaned. It was 2:00 in the morning! Her friends had left hours ago. This was the 4th time she had woken up that night! She was so hot! Her burn was hurting very badly and her throat was dry. She coughed softly. She heard soft footsteps. A lady walked in. She was tall and had white hair.

"Are you alright Miss Nina?" the lady asked. Nina wondered who she was. She looked nice.

"My name is Impa." the lady replied.

"Nina smiled "Link has talked of you in his stories." she replied. Impa grinned faintly and placed a wet rag on the painful burn on Nina's arm.

"Thank you" Nina replied gratefully.

"It's nice to have finally met you Nina." Impa replied. "Link speaks of nothing else."

"Link is so sweet." Nina replied.

"Yes he is, isn't he?" Impa grinned "He has been practically chasing the doctor around the castle trying to find out if he came up with a cure for you yet." Nina giggled. The doctor suddenly walked in. He and Impa talked silently for a few minutes and then Impa turned back to Nina.

"You had best get some sleep." "You will feel cured in the morning when you wake up." Although she was confused she nodded and closed her eyes. She soon fell asleep.

When Nina awoke in the morning she turned to find Link sitting in a chair fast asleep. She giggled. He must've come in awhile ago to sit by her and fallen asleep. She found a small note at the edge of her bed.

~Miss Nina~

Feel better? I told you that you would didn't I. I gave the doctor some herbs so he could make a healing medicine. You're well again. Run along now. I'm sure you're sick of being stuck in bed.


Nina smiled. Impa had helped cure her. Nina hopped out of bed and got dressed. As she slipped on her boots she looked again at Link. He must've been so worried about her! Nina picked up a comforter from her bed and draped it over Link, who was still sleeping.

Nina got on her horse and enjoyed being outside again

Nina got on her horse and enjoyed being outside again. She had never noticed how cool and crisp the morning air was and how green the grass was until she was stuck inside. Her horse trotted into the ranch. Nina heard distant singing and realized it was Malon. She decided to surprise her. She got off her horse, who grunted happily, and tiptoed quietly to behind Malon. She tapped the girl on her back and Malon whipped around.

"Nina, you're OKAY!" "I've missed you!" "Hey what happened, are you totally better?"

"Hey slow down a minute!" Nina laughed. "Impa gave the doctor some herbs to make me a healing potion." "She's awesome.

"That's fantastic Nina." Malon replied.

"Malon, your voice is incredible!" "Where did you learn how to sing like that?"

Malon reddened slightly "I taught myself I suppose." "I taught Link that song when we were little."

"Are their other songs like that" Nina questioned eagerly.

"Sure, my favorite is the song of storms." The guy in the windmill taught it to Link." "You play them on an ocarina like this one." She pulled out the Fairy ocarina. "The Sage of Forest let me borrow it."

"Let's go to the windmill!" Nina replied.

"I don't know Nina, he hasn't been very cheerful since the well overflowed

"Oh come on" "Please?" Nina pleaded.

"Oh alright" Malon laughed and soon Malon, riding a brown horse, was leading the way to Kakariko Village."

When they arrived the sun was shining brightly. They climbed up the stairs and walked into the windmill. Nina seemed fascinated by the bright colors and walked over to the windmill man and Malon reluctantly followed.

"What do you want?" the man asked grumpily.

"Oh hello, my name is Nina"

"Oh so you're the girl everyone is saying is Link's new girlfriend."

Nina smiled at him "I guess so." "You're windmill is very beautiful."

"Yeah whatever." "It goes round and round and round blah, blah, blah." He grumbled.

"Would you mind telling us the song you taught Link?" Nina asked.

"Yeah sure." Malon handed Nina the ocarina and he told her how to play the song."

Nina tried the song out.

"OK, Nina I'd better get back to the ranch. Malon stepped on the moving circle and started towards the exit. Suddenly it started to turn around at lightning speed. It was twirling so fast Malon could barely see.

"Eeeek!" "Nina help me!" Malon shrieked, but Nina had started cracking up and couldn't seem to stop. The man stared at her for a few seconds and an actual smile creeped up onto his face. He started laughing too. The two laughed uncontrollably while poor Malon struggled to get off. The spin finally died off and Malon stumbled and lost her balance. She plopped down on the ground next to the two of them. She started to laugh too. The man finally stopped laughing and smiled at the them

"I feel happy again!" "I hadn't laughed for so long." "By the way, my name is Bill." The man said almost gleefully. "Nina, please come back whenever you want." "You too uh..."

"Malon" Malon replied.

When Nina returned to the castle, it was mid-afternoon. As she walked in she heard the King reprimanding Zelda.

"What were you thinking?" "Nina's important to Hyrule!" "You both could've gotten killed!"

"I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me." The Hylian Princess stared at the floor.

"You're dismissed," the King said with a wave of his hand.

Wow, I guess even princesses get yelled at sometimes, Nina thought. Poor Zelda!

Nina walked up to her room. She sat down on her bed. A few minutes later Zelda walked in.

"Hello" Zelda smiled nervously.

"Hi" Nina said shyly "What's up?"

"Not much, I just still feel rotten for what I did to you."

"Oh... forget it." "I forgive you." Nina replied twisting a lock of her long red hair.

"Thanks." Zelda gave her a timid smile "Um do you want to go for a walk?" Nina looked alarmed.

"Don't worry." Zelda chuckled. "I won't try to kill you." "I promise." "I just need to get some stuff off my chest." Nina smiled and stood up.

Link had been wanting to see Nina all day. He had been pretty confused when he woke up to find her bed empty. He then heard that she was all better. He wanted to talk to Zelda too. He entered the King's throne room. The golden throne was encrusted with gems and precious jewels the size of lemons. The King looked up.

Link bowed, "You're Majesty."

The King smiled, "Yes Link?"

"Do you know where Nina and Zelda are?" Link asked.

"I believe I just saw them head out a few minutes ago" The King answered.

"Thanks," Link retreated to his room. He'd have to wait until they returned.

"So then the Sages trapped Ganon in the Sacred Realm?" Nina asked Zelda.

"Yeah that's pretty much it"

"Link must be an incredible fighter" Nina commented.

"Yeah he sure is." Zelda cleared her throat. "Wow it got late really fast!" "My father's already angry enough with me."

"I'm sorry he's mad at you Zelda." Nina looked understanding. "Are you sure you want me to stay at the castle?"

"Yes, and that's a royal order!" Zelda proclaimed. Nina giggled.

"OK, I just thought still hated my guts."

"Wow, I was so evil!" Zelda laughed.

"No you were worse," Nina teased.

"Well I did totally hate your guts but now I'm going to try to be friends." The two walked back together as the stars glittered up the sky. That night a friendship was born.

When Nina and Zelda returned to the castle everything was quiet. The girls giggled quietly as they tiptoed up to their rooms.

Nina collapsed on her bed and shook off her shoes. She was exhausted but feeling joyful. She fell sound asleep.

When Link awoke in the morning the sun was just coming up. He got dressed and walked into Zelda's room. She wasn't there.

"Hmmm" Link muttered "I wonder where she is." He peeked into Nina's room. She was asleep breathing softly. Link crept over and patted her on the shoulder. Her eyes fluttered open. She looked confused.

"Hi Link, what's up?" Nina sat on her bed. She was still wearing yesterday's clothes.

"Come with me," Link chuckled mysteriously,

"Okay, just let me get dressed into something else first." Nina replied looking even more puzzled. "I'll meet you downstairs." Link went downstairs and Nina swung open her closet. She put on a white dress and stuck her feet in her boots. She headed downstairs. Link was waiting.

"Close your eyes." Link said.

"Okay," Nina looked extremely confused. Link took her hand and slowly led her, eyes shut, around for a minute or so.

"Don't peek!" Link whispered. Finally he said "Okay open your eyes" Nina's eyes flew open. Colorful tulips, daisies, lilies, roses and delicate tree blossoms filled her eyes. The Castle garden was gorgeous and it seemed to glow with a sort of magic.

"Link... it's beautiful!" Nina exclaimed.

"I thought you'd like it." Link replied. He pointed to a white bench. "Let's sit down."

Once they were seated on the bench, Nina was still admiring the garden. Link spoke "We've been spending a lot of time with each other right?"

Nina nodded, Uh oh, is he going to break up with me, she thought.

"and we love being around each other right?" Link continued looking nervous. Nina nodded again. Link continued once more. "I really don't know how to say this Nina but..."

Uh oh, here it comes, Nina thought sadly.

"Will you marry me?" Link opened his hand and something sparkled creating a rainbow prism from the bright sunlight. It was a diamond on a gold ring.

Nina almost laughed with joy, "Of course I will!"

Link jumped up, "Really?"

"Well yeah!"

Link picked Nina up and twirled her around gleefully in the air. Nina laughed and when he put her back down they kissed many times. They walked back to the castle hand and hand.

They passed Impa as they entered the castle.

"I never got a chance to thank you for help curing me." Nina said gratefully.

"It was nothing." Impa beamed at them."So I heard that you two are engaged now!"

"Wow how did you know that?" Link asked.

"Well let me see... the gardener saw you two in the garden and he told the cook and the cook told the maid and the maid told the guard and the guard told me." Impa smiled.

"Word gets around pretty fast around here doesn't it?" Nina smirked. Impa nodded.

"I suspect Hyrule castle market is already gossiping about it."

Suddenly Malon burst through the castle doors.

"Nina!" "When my dad was delivering milk here he heard from the village that you two are engaged!"

"We are." Link said.

"AWESOME!" Malon squealed, "I've got to tell everyone the fairy boy's finally getting married!" Suddenly Zelda came rushing in.

"Is it true you guys?"

"Yep" Malon answered. "Who'd you hear it from?"

"I heard it from the cucco girl," Zelda answered.

"Where were you?" Link asked looking worried.

"At the Temple of Time talking to Rauru," Zelda looked sad, "Link I wish I didn't have to tell you this but someone has to.

"Rauru told me of your past."

"He DID?" Link look pained "What happened to my parents?"

"The same thing that happened to mine" "Link..... I'm your sister."

"You are?" "Huh?"

"Yes, Rauru told me." "Our parents were killed." "Our dying mother put me on the steps of this castle and left you to the Great Deku Tree." "Those were the only places she knew we would be safe." "The Royal family took me in and you were born with the Kokiris."

"So, you're adopted?" Malon suddenly spoke up in disbelief.

"Yeah" Zelda answered.

"I can't believe I had a twin sister and I didn't even know about it!" Link sighed "I mean I have a sister!"

"And I have a brother!" Zelda beamed.

The two hugged for a long time.








The big day had finally arrived, the day of the wedding. Nina was in her room getting ready. She had just gotten her elegant dress on when Zelda walked in. Since Zelda, Malon, and Nabooru were all bridesmaids they all had to wear the same dress. Zelda looked beautiful in the navy blue fabric. It looked fantastic against her fair skin. Nina turned around to Zelda.

"Hey Zelda, how do you do this pretty wedding thing?" Nina smiled "and above all HOW DO YOU WALK IN THESE SHOES?" Nina held up a pair of high heels.

Zelda laughed good-naturedly "Don't worry Nina, I'll tell you all I know."

Meanwhile Link was ready. He had combed his hair, put on his suit and was now pacing back and forth in his room. He couldn't stand this any longer! How much time before the ceremony finally started? Suddenly Rauru, who was going to be doing the ceremony, walked in.

"I just wanted to let you know the ceremony will start in about an hour." Rauru told him.

"Thanks Rauru," "I'm really nervous."

"Don't worry, everyone gets nervous, you'll do fine." Rauru replied in a positive tone "You're marrying a fine young lady."

When Nina finally emerged from her room a few minutes later with Zelda, she looked fantastic. Her eye shadow matched the soft shade of her dress perfectly. Her hair was pulled up in an intricate, braided bun.

"Thanks Zelda" she said gratefully.

"Don't mention it" Zelda smiled back.

"I'll be right back" Nina started walking down the hall. She crossed a few doorways before coming to Link's door. She was so nervous she needed someone to talk to. She was just about to knock when Malon and Nabooru came walking down the hallway. Malon nearly tackled her to the floor.

"The groom isn't allowed to see the bride until the ceremony!" Malon screeched.

"Really?" Nina said obliviously "Oh sorry, I didn't know." Suddenly a voice echoed through the halls.

"Everyone report to the Temple of Time please."

"Uh oh, how are we going to get there in time?" Nina asked worriedly.

"We can use Zelda's ocarina to warp there." Nabooru suggested "Why don't you run and ask her?"

"Oh, good idea" Nina quickly ran back to Zelda and asked if they could borrow her ocarina.

"Sure thing" was Zelda's answer "I need to get there too so we can all warp together."

"Okay" Nina agreed. She walked across the hall and beckoned to Malon and Nabooru. Finally they were all back with Zelda.

"Okay, everyone hold hands." Zelda instructed. Malon, Nabooru, and Nina all clasped each other's hands.

"Hey what about you?" Nabooru asked curiously.

"I need to play the ocarina first, then I'll grab Nina's other hand really quickly." Zelda held the ocarina to her mouth and a beautiful full sound echoed through the halls as she played "The Song of Time." Nina looked around her and saw nothing but beautiful electric blue light. She felt Zelda grasp her hand tightly. They were all being carried off to the Temple of Time. Nina could feel it. A few seconds later they had arrived.

"Wow that was..." Malon started.

"Different?" Nina laughed.

"Yeah," Malon concluded. They finally took the time to look around them. The Temple of Time was decorated very nicely. There were maple wood benches on both of the sides with white crimson flowers on them facing the aisle. On the walls there were candles in twos with a little bit of leaves from a pine tree. The Temple of Time was bursting with colors besides its usual grayness.

Suddenly Link walked in. He gasped and clamped his hands over his eyes.

"Whoops, I'm not looking I promise!"

Nina started to snicker "I hardly think it really matters."

"Still," Link mumbled and Zelda, Malon and Nabooru walked up to him and personally escorted him out of the temple.

"Wait outside Link," Nabooru told him. They walked back to Nina all shaking their heads laughing.

"Alright Nina," Zelda spoke suddenly "What do you want the music to be when you come down the aisle?"

"That lullaby of yours," Nina answered "It's very pretty and I know Link likes it."

"Yeah that's a good song," Malon agreed.

"OK then, Zelda's Lullaby it is." Zelda smiled. She looked at her watch. "Wow, we got to get in line now. Guests will be arriving very soon." They all walked to the entrance of the temple. Malon peeked out first to see if Link was still there. When it was known to be safe they walked outside.

One hour later

The temple was packed with everyone in Hyrule eagerly anticipating the ceremony to begin. The temple looked wonderful. White crimson flowers were on the sides of the smooth wood rows of seats. A soft white carpet was spread in the aisle. Many brightly-lit candles hung on the wall. The Temple of Time looked wonderful despite its usual grayness. Suddenly the gentle strains of Zelda's Lullaby echoed through the temple. Link who was waiting at the altar in his crisp black suit looked immediately at the entrance. One by one the bridesmaids came in, first Malon, then Nabooru, then Zelda. They walked perfectly and all looked joyful. Then Nina slowly entered. Link's eyes opened widely. She looked so beautiful, just like an angel. When she finally reached the altar, Rauru spoke,

We have come today to join these two, Link and Nina in holy matrimony." He went on and on for a few minutes and Link was only getting more nervous. Then finally it came.

"Do you Link take Nina to be your bride?" "To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse for richer for poorer?" "In sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," Link gave a small smile.

"And do you, Nina take Link to be your husband?" "To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse for richer for poorer?" "In sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," Nina said confidently.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," "Link, you may kiss the bride."

Link and Nina looked at each other a second and then brought their lips together. They kissed passionately for a long time. Bill whooped loudly and everyone chuckled and started clapping and cheering noisily. Link and Nina finally parted and grinned widely at the crowd of cheering people who were now standing and clapping. As they looked into each other's eyes. They knew they would never part.

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