I Will Never Leave You

By Meghan England


   This is the ' Destroying Evil' trilogy. It begins at Temple of Time, and ends...well I dunno yet. Anyway, Link and Zelda find out they love each other, have problems, overcome them and get married. But what if enemies from the past decide to destroy everything, to their son and them, at any moment?


Authors Note:

Yes, I'm the author of 'Fight for Love.' That was one of my first fanatics, but I will complete it(sigh)

Anyway, if I have committed plagiarism in anyway to one of your stories, my readers, please e-mail me and tell me.


 Link walked to the Temple of Time, he wasn't in any hurry. Sure, Rarau had hinted that somone was waiting for him there. But why hurry?
These thoughts tormented him; What happend  after  saving Hyrule? What  happend after the adventure? Huh? He wouldn't be needed anymore, he'd just be a has-been hero, rejected, useless.
He shook his head, he was being idiotic. Maybe he could live out in the country by himself....That would be okay.
Link walked up to the Temple, if he enterd now, there would be no going back.
Hell, he enterd, after all that hard work, he wasn't going back.
The Temple was the same as always, even with the wierd chanting.
The young hero obsereved his surroundings, he felt he was being watched.
Then, without warning, a young shiekiah jumped from the celeing.
Link didn't even flinch, he was used to Shiek and his sudden appearences, he only half listend as Shiek explained everything.
"And you, Link, hold of the Triforce of Courage," Shiek began, Link nearly jumped. Him, an orphan, a Triforce holder!
"And the Triforce of Wisdom," Shiek began, a smile tugging at the cornor of his mouth, for he had Links attention now ", Is within the seventh sage, who is destined to be the leader of them all..." Shiek held up his left hand, and the bottom right side of the Triforce glowed.
Link coverd his eyes, for the bright glow that enaminated from Shiek blinded him.
When he looked back he felt a jumble of emotions. Surprise, shock, and something that he couldn't define.....
"Look, Link, Its Zelda." Navi piped near his ear.
"Duh." He mutterd.
The young woman could have fitted into a size one and two. Definite curves, dark blue eyes, and light golden hair.
Zelda talked a bit more, Link found himself looking at Zelda more acutely...she was...beyond the best described word for beautifull.
She said couple more words, Link listened hard, and then gave Link the light arrows.
Suddenly, the Temple rumbled, and the gorgeous princess was locked inside a crystal! Link rushed to her side, and slammed his fists on the glass in vain.
Thier eyes locked for a second, and Link felt the feeling again, and was about to say something when Gannondorfs voice rang through the Temple.
"Mwahahaha! I find this most entertaining, the Shiekiah, is the same princess I've been seeking! But I must say, you, kid, has improved," Ganondorf laughed, Zelda's crystal rising up in the air, Link reached up, as if to try and pull her down, and Zelda reached down, as if to grab Link's hand, to be on firm soil once more. There was real fear in her eyes, Ganondorf was tough ", So, if you want your pretty princess once again, you'll have to come to my castle and win her back!"
"Zelda!" Link yelled, then stopped, he never spoke much, he was a guy of few words.
"Link!" Zelda screamed, looking down to him, she was on her knees.
"To bad, you'll have to work for her once again."
Link hurried to Hyrule Castle, and stopped in shock of what it had become. The landscape was twisted and brown, and over a vast lake of boiling lava, was a grosteque castle. Gannondorfs castle.
"How am I going to get across?" Link mutterd.
Then he heard Rarau, he said something about the sages combining thier powers.
Small different colored specks of light hoverd from the ground, Link watched in fasination as the lights combined and made a multi colored bridge across the moat.  He hurried across it, he easily got passed the first two rooms, what was queer was the third!
(The next song is supposed to be whilst Link is fighting the six outer rooms to he can enter the keep, and while climbing up to Zelda and Gannondorf. I wrote it myself.  (:)(:)
 " I see you, in my eyes
I wonder if I will comprimise
maybe I'll tell you the truth
I have feelings for you
Thinking of you
when I fight
Thinking of you
and what is right
Thinking of you
in the enemys plight
Thinking of you,
every day
thinking of you
in every way
I'll do anything for you
and save your day.
My heart is undefined
the world is unrefined
What can I do
when I think of You(Prolong you)
 Link stood at a large ornate door, wierd. He took a deep breath, thinking of the dangers he would have to defeat, and would have to face. For a minute he felt like chickening out and running back to the Kokirri Forest. But then Zelda's fearful face came into view, and Link knew he would try to defeat the evil king.
He opend the door and was met with such a foggy, but, dark aired room, the room wasn't dark, it was quite lighted through the mist. Gannondorf was playing an orgeon, and right above him was Zelda...trapped but safe. Thier eyes locked yet again, and that crazy feeling came up to his gut again.
Link felt sudden warmth in his left hand, he looked down and saw the Triforce on the bottom left glow. He felt his life force and magic meter fill automatically.
Gannondorf suddenly spoke, Link kept an eye on Gannondorf, but mostly looked at Zelda as Gannondorf spoke.
Finally, Gannondorf turned around to look at Link, his left hand outstretched and a black portal forming around it. Navi said she couldn't help due to the evil.
Link would deflect Gannondorfs attacks right back at him, and if he hit Gannondorf, the evil king would be immobilized. Link would go up and double slash, then return to his posisition. He repeated this about ten times, and he kept looking at Zelda for reassurance. Finally, with a mighty yell, Gannondorf asked angirly;
"How...could the great king of evil...be defeated by this kid?"
Link stood his ground queitly and defiently.
Gannondorf let out a roar of rage, and the battle arena collasped around them.
Finally, Gannondorf fell to the ground, dead, and Zelda was releashed from her prison.
Link was about to say something, then, the ground shook again. Link stood his ground and looked around, Zelda spoke.
"It is Gannondorf, he's trying to kill us with his last breath." Zelda shrieked ", We must escape!"
Link grabbed Zelda's hand, and pulled her along, they had to hurry! As his hand touched hers, he felt a tingle up his spine. Link could feel the castle collasping.
 (This next song is the scene of escaping the tower. )
Hurry on
hurry on
don't look back
cause the past is gone
carry on, carry on
do what you have to
so you wan't wither away
at least not today.
I fight for you
I fight for you
and do what I have to
because I feel for you
fight on
fight on
let the past be gone
and don't wither away
at least not today.
Run on
run on
 the past is gone.
don't die anyway
never in sun or moon of day.
Time can tell
Time can tell
I finally broke the spell
now listen well
we've made it .
 Link pulled Zelda across the bridge, just as the castle collasped. He realized that for the most length of the race to the ground, he'd been holding Zelda's hand.He releashed her hand, and turned to her, smiling in relief.
"Its...finally over." Zelda whisperd, smiling.
Then the ground shaked, Link put a protective arm in front of Zelda and stepped in front of her.
Gannondorf arose from the rubble, Link felt boiling anger, how long would it be before he could get rid of the guy, but an evil glow was enaminating from Gannondorf. And then, with both and evil chuckle, and a bright flash of light, Gannondorf changed to a hidious monster.
Link pulled out his sword and shield, then, Gannon roared, and a ring of fire was formed and the Master Sword knocked from Links grip. This was going to be a hell of a fight.
Link worried for a sec, then he pulled out the Biggorons sword.
"I'm not leaving your side this time!" Navi yelped. "This time we fight together!"
The battle phase went easily, Link didn't get injured often, soon, the fire ring dissapated, and Link went to reclaim his sword, he stopped for a minute to glance at Zelda, who formed the words-
"Be careful." on her lips without saying a word at all.
Link went back to the batttle, about fithfteen minutes later, he had Gannon on his kness.
"I'm using my power to detain the evil king! You must deliver the final blow!" Zelda screamed, her arms aloft and brimming with golden magic.
Link glanced at his sword. It was being powerd up and green, with a mighty yell, Link slashed at Ganondorf.
Then, a bright of white light, and Gannon was slowly dissapating, the ring of fire was gone, Zelda rushed by Links side.
"Curse you two, I'll be back to extirmanate your desendants!" Gannon roared, his stomach above were what was remaining.
Zelda sighed in relief, and turned way to look at what had happend to her home. Gannon saw his chance, and threw sharp rock at Zelda's back, but that wasn't a rock, it was a piece of a sword, middle of the blade to the hilt and handle.
Link saw it coming.
"ZELDA!" Link yelled, pushing her aside and taking the blow.
Gannons head roared triumphnatly, as if pleased that he got one of them. And then, Gannon was gone.
"LINK!" Zelda screamed, sitting down beside him. He had a wound in his side, the sword hd fell to the ground, tip coverd in blood. He looked exhuasted up close, Zelda could tell that Link had been through allot, she had assisted him.
"Damn, I think I might have a potion in my pocket." Link rasped, sitting up, and reaching in his tunic.
Zelda sighed in relief, he was okay. Just injured.
Link pulled out his potion and drank it. The wound coverd up in a few seconds.
"That was close."  Link laughed. He sat up on his knee's then stood up as Zelda did the same.
"I gotta..send you back." Zelda said, looking away.
"No..." Link mutterd, Zelda threw him a questioning look. "I couldn't. No one would remember me, even though I wouldn't mind dropping the title, and if I was a kid again, well, I wouldn't have all the freedoms I have now."
"But-" Zelda began.
"Wait, look, Hyrule's returning." Link interrupted, as sure enough, like ghosts in a dream, they watched the baren landscape change into a beautifull castle, castle grounds, and what not.
Slowly, the souls of the dead and forgotten, zoomed to the castle and were returning to humane form.
Slowly, the soul soaring stopped. And everyone that had died from Gannons rule, was living yet again.
All of the re-born were looking around in a mixture of shock, and joy. Everyone gatherd around Link and Zelda. The king emerged from the crowd and walked right up to Link.
Link, along with everyone in the crowd, bowed to Daphnes, and Zelda curztied to her father.
"No, young hero, I should be bowing to you. For even I did not survive Gannondorfs reign, but you, both saved my daughter and me." Daphnes said, pulling Link to a standing posistion, he bowed to Link.
Everyone in the crowd repeated this notion.
Link looked kinda surprised and unsure, he looked around in shock as everybody in Hyrule bowed to him.
<'I don't deserve this...'>He thought.
 "Your the Hero of Time, right?"
"You sure don't act like one."
"I know.....I'm bored."
"What, you just saved Hyrule, and your bored?"
"I guess, but I must say, being a knight isn't half as bad as was my fist years in the Kokirri Forest." Link chuckled.
"My name is Dven." the knight said.
"Jus' call me Link." Link replied.
"Okay...where'd you get that horse?" Dven asked, pointing to Epona.
"Won her, from Ingo." Link replied as he brushed her mane.
"Wasn't she supposed to be a present to Gannondorf?" Dven asked.
"Yea." Link murmured.
"Oh crap! Our shifts begin in a couple minutes!"
How can it be, when someone thought gone, comes back to rear up a trouble? How would I know, I'm just a simple ranch girl. Heck, Link lives at the castle now with Zelda.
 I still can't seem to figure out why I have the wierdest feeling that something is going to happen before the year is through....after all....Gannondorfs gone!!!
- From Malons Diary.

 Zelda walked down the flouresent hall, she had to find and talk to Link, after all, everytime they'd looked at each other, she'd felt something inside, she didn't know what it was, but she liked it.
Daphnes had the most brilliant idea about his daughter and the Hero of Time, yet, he would only have his daughter and the Hero marry if they loved each other.
It was brilliant...but he'd allready promised Prince Ranus a try at Zelda. Ranus would be accompanied by his older sister; Tykami.
"Keep training! Do it untill you love it. You! Welp! Whats your name!?"
"Fresan." a scared young soldier replied.
"Fresan, you ba-" the captain cursed.
"Yelling yourself coarse won't help either of you." said a voice.
"And what would a hero," said the Captain of the Knights, Parlan, with a sneer ", know of Knight training?"
"Lets see here," Link began, his anger rising ", that encouraging is better for your skills. Yelling doesn't help any."
"But being softie doesn't either you know." Parlan snarled.
"Of course not!" Link replied calmly ", the best thing is to encourage the men to fix thier mistakes,and not make them so nervous that they can't concentrate."
"They're not trying! They're all daydreaming." Parlan jeered.
Link cast and eye over his fellow soldiers, they were soaked to the skin in sweat. "They've been trying harder than you have." Link said calmly.
Parlan tried to find a retort to this, but thus, not succeeding, he yelled. "Link! You have gaurd duty all night and half the next day as punishment! And the rest of you, don't help him!" Parlan screamed ", your off for the rest of the day."
After Parlan had gone, everyone gatherd around Link in the stables, for he was grooming Epona.
"Thanks for helping me, Link." the soldier called Fresan said, rumbling his brown hair.
"No prob." Link shrugged.
"Your the first knight ever to stand up to Parlan." Dven explained.
"Sorry about the gaurd duty, is there anything we can do?" asked a soldier nearby.
"Shawn! You heard Parlan!" said yet another soldier.
"Aidrian! Come on!" Shawn replied.
"No- Shawn, listen to Aidrian. I'd hate to get you guys in trouble." Link laughed. "Any way, my shift begins in two hours."
"Yeah, your going to be near Princess Zelda!" Dven laughed.
"Yea, Link, try your charm." Fresan teased.
"Come on, Link, we all know you like her." Aidrain said simply.
"I've seen you when you look at her. Your eyes go all misty, then you look confused with yourself. Are you in love?" Shawn asked with a hint of a smile.

Still, four hours later, those words repeated in Links head.
<' Am I in love?'>Kept on stabbing at his mind.
He passed Zelda's room and stopped. Maybe he'd check on her to see if she was okay. He opend the door a crack. Zelda was fine and fast asleep. She was pretty even asleep with her eyes shut. He caught his breath. Link realized his heart had been beating wildly. That crazy feeling came up to his gut yet again.  Slowly, he backed out of the room, closed the door, and continued his shift.

Daphnes watched from the shadows, Link must be preoccupied to not sense him. He saw Link stop, open Zelda's door to check on her. Daphnes heard Link catch his breath, then he saw him shake his head, close the door, and be on his way. Link must have feelings for Zelda.

Zelda awoke to a new day, today, Ramus and Tykami were arriving, and she had to chose and elaborate dress.
 "Princess, Zelda? Are you awake?" It was Impa.
"Yes, come on in." Zelda replied.
Impa came in with a box, a white box.
"Who is it from?" Zelda asked.
"How would I know?" Impa replied innocently.
Zelda figured whoever it was, must have told Impa not to tell her.
Zelda took the box and took out one of the most beautiful gowns she'd ever seen.
It was the color of the dark blue sea. And it shimmerd to make it look like ripples.
"Wow." Zelda whisperd.
"Put it on." Impa smiled.
Zelda fitted right into the dress. Impa stood back and smiled proudly.
"You look lovely, take a look." Impa whisperd.
Zelda took a peek in the mirror. She looked lovely, just as Impa had said, but Zelda, being modest, replied;
"I look okay, I guess."
Impa shook her head in disbelief.
Then there was a yell.
"Come on! They'll be here any minute!" Impa yelped, she grabbed Zelda's arm and pulled her along on their run to the Throne Room.

Zelda and Impa skidded next to the thrones. Zelda took her place on the second, smaller ornate throne.  Daphnes was allready seated on his bigger, prettier throne.
Zelda saw Link right between a black haired dark man, and a light brown haired, fair skinned man. She felt the tingly feeling again, what was wrong? She'd never felt this way before.
Just then, the large estique doors opend full scale and two Rainian Soldiers led the way, first came Prince Ranus, He nodded respectfully to Zelda and Daphnes, who nodded respectfully back.
Ranus wasn't bad looking, actually he had a face that looked like it had been carved by angels. A sturdy jaw, sky blue eyes, and white blonde hair. He and Link could compare.

Soon, Tykami followed, she was tall. Tykami had a posture Parlan would love to have. Tykami was plain. She had this black hair, dark as a raven, green eyes and tanned skin.
She repeated what Ranus did. Zelda had respect for Tykami immeadeintly, but she had no feelings for Ranus.
A couple hours later they were eating.
"Tykami, why don't you tell us of your adventures?" Daphnes asked.
"Sure, lets see here, I was thirteen when I began. I went distinctly to Yarman. It took me three weeks but I finally found the Germav, a creature of the night and of such evil I cowerd in fear of it. It took me another three days to defeat the horror. Natuarlly I was named a Hero. But I continued on."
"What was your greastest triumph?" Zelda asked intrestdly.
"That would be when I tried to face the Cylan. I was starting to feel inhumane. But when I saw that thing, I ran! A couple hours later I was feeling better. For I had fear, I was human, so I returned and defeated the monster. Yet even though the Cylan had the first laugh, I had the last." Tykami finished.
The whole hall burst into laughing and cheering. Everybody had respect for modest Tykami, but had no idea about how to act towards boastful Ranus.
"I heard you have your own hero here, the Hero of Time, I'd most like to meet him." Tykami requested.
"He's a knight." Daphnes replied.
"I dunno, he's orphaned." Daphnes said.
"Neat! Hyrules beautiful, though." Tykami sighed. "I wish I could wander here forever."
"You know, killing the Herlax was intirely easy, heck, I killed him with my skill." Ranus boasted.
The room was silent except for a few nods.
See what I mean?
(He-he, rhetorical question. :)

Zelda walked by the knights quarters. She paused, for she wasn't supposed to be up this late. She decided to take a peek and check on Link. She opend the door a crack and took a glance. Link was stretched out over a chair. His breathing came in and out regulary. Zelda felt that feeling again. She shook her head and closed the door. What was with her?

Daphnes watched as Zelda walked away from the knights quarters. A feeling of pleasure was rippling through him, any day now, Link and Zelda were going to admit.
Link stopped his shift and turned to face Ranus.
"You left this at your shift, Tykami wants to meet you, don't let her."
"Why not? She sounds like a nice person."
Zelda had made friends with Tykami, who had made friends with Jennie and Alamia. Malon was already here at the castle.
Two days passed, Ranus tried to get Zelda to like him, but soon, she disliked him strongly.
One night Zelda was passing by Ranus's bedroom with Malon, when rough hands snatched her, she tried to let out a piercing scream, but it didn't work, for then the hands coverd her mouth. She was pulled into Ranus's room before Malon could react.

"Zelda!" Malon screamed, pounding on the door. Then an idea occured to her...Link....Tykami.
She sprinted off.

"Ranus! Whats with you?!" Zelda screamed, as Ranus chased her around his bed.
"Since you won't submit. I'll make you!" Ranus yelled, he ran to the right, she the left. Then Ranus jumped over his bed and cornerd Zelda in a corner. She was trapped.

"Malon, whats a matter?" Link replied, turning around.
"Ranus is-Ranus-Ranus.." Malon gasped, panicking.
"My brother's what?" Tykami came, with a curious look on her face.
"Ranus is trying to....to.... do that to Zelda." Malon gasped.
Link took off, Tykami and Malon hot on his heels.
"Let go of me!" Zelda screamed, looking at Ranus with loathing.
"No way, I have you where I want you." Ranus said deviously.
Ranus unlaced the back of her dress and turned her back over, Zelda spit into his face. Ranus stopped his procession for a minute, and Zelda slammed her tiny fist right into Ranus's jaw. Ranus let out a howl of pain and released Zelda for a second, but when she tried to run, had a firmer grip still. Link better hurry up.

Link reached Ranus's door, he reeled up and kicked the door. Ouch, pain in the leg, cursed Hylain oak.
"Try this." Tykami said as she showed up beside him, giving him a thick wood trunk, anout three feet long, it must be Hylian Sycamore.
Link threw the wood agaisnt the door, and sure enough, the door fell open.
He was then greeted with a horrible sight, Ranus had Zelda pinned down to the bed, and was desprately trying to kiss her.
Link ran over to Ranus and Zelda, and he yanked Ranus off from Zelda. Tetering in blind rage from his seperation from his victim, Ranus punched midair.
Malon rushed to comfort Zelda while Tykami went for Daphnes.
Ranus elbowed his captor, Link was shocked that he losend his grip.  Ranus bent down  and punched Link right across the face.  Link now had a  bloody lip, Link recoiled and punched Ranus expertly in the face, and swooped down to the stomach. Ranus doubled over in pain, and Link pinned him to the floor, at the same minute Daphnes, Malon, and four Hylain soldiers arrested Ranus.
"Thank you, Link, for saving my daughter." Daphnes said,  he looked a little shocked at what Ranus had tried to do.
"No problem..." Link said, he and Zelda's eyes had met yet again.
The crazy feeling wormed its way into his gut again.
"Zelda! Come on! The dance begins in one hour!"
"Impa! Please." 
"No! You know your father wants you to go! Why don't you wear that gorgeous dress?"
"Kay! Kay!" Zelda yawned, she stretched and slipped on the dark sea-blue gown. She added a hint of makeup.
"I look okay..." Zelda smiled. The truth was, Daphnes would faint at the sight of her.
Zelda huried to her door, Impa was waiting.
"Lets go."

"Tykami, thanks for helping arrest your brother.  You too, Malon."
"Thats not a problem Zelda...anyway, try and catch a dance with that dashing young hero." Tykami chuckled.
" Yes, Zelda, he's quite the knight, he saved us from punishment and took it all, just two days ago." Jennie laughed.
"Zelda, you like him don't ya." Malon stated, a big grin on her face.
"Wha- wah- what do you mean?" Zelda stammerd.
" Zelda, everytime you look at him, your eyes mist over, then you look confused,  are you in love?" Alamia smiled.

 ( I wrote all the songs in this story, this one is while Zelda and Link are heading to the ball room, wonering, but they are going there on different paths.)
Link thought of Zelda often.
 I didn't know it yet
that love is hard to get
I didn't know I loved
her, she didn't know the same.
Zelda didn't understand, was she in love?
 I saw his face
my heart began to race
I felt light headed
and didn't faint.
 Link often watched her in the halls from the shadows. Could she feel what he felt?
 I don't understand
what is wrong with me
am I supposed to feel
what I want to be?
 Zelda didn't understand, did she love Link, was that the feeling she got everytime she saw him?
 I can't find any truth
I don't understand my life
will it cut like a knife?
Link often tried to explain to himself about what he felt about her.
 Yet you have no idea
so do I
will my heart let me
become a spy?
 Zelda shook her head and took her place beside her father, she suspected at least twenty men would ask her to dance. They'd been asking her since she was fifthteen.
"May I have this dance?" asked a weasle faced tiny gaurd.
"Sorry, no, I don't feel like dancing." Zelda said kindly.
The gaurd nodded respectfully, almost immeadiently, another man took his place.
"May I?"
"No thank you." Zelda replied, the Merchant stomped off.
"My Princess, may I dance with your lovely figure?"
Zelda, taken aback, heard her father gasp.
"I'm sorry, no thank you." Zelda  said. Ingo stalked off.
"My lady, may you and your face join me and my figure?" asked a noble, He had broad shoulders, if he didn't have those gray eyes, he could have been Ranus.
"No, sorry." Zelda said.
"Zelda, you must dance with someone!" Daphnes sighed, leaning over to her in his chair.
"May I, my lovely princess?" Parlan asked, he was in his finery. His greasy black hair was tied into a ponytail, he had yellow stains under the armpits.
Zelda was about to say her usal answer when her father spoke up.
"Yes, Parlan, she'd be delighted." Daphnes sighed, pushing his duaghter into Parlans arms.
Zelda could barely resist as Parlan swept her out to the dance floor.
She and Parlan danced for ten minutes, Parlan was leaning down to kiss her, Zelda, way from favoring Parlan, was trying to find a way out of the mess. Luckily, she was stolen by a knight.
Zelda sighed in relief.
"Thank you....I don't know your name?" Zelda asked, yet, despite the Hylain knight uniform, she could tell this person she'd must've met before.
"I believe you do."
Zelda gasped, she'd know that voice anywhere.
"Are you.." Zelda began.
The knight lifted his head. It was Link.
Zelda felt her heart leap, and she caught her breath.
"Well, thank you. Parlan was a little too close." Zelda smiled as they danced together around the dance floor.
 Zelda felt her heart leap, the crazy feeling, and she caught her breath.
"No problem."  Link said.
"Jennie told me what you did for the knights, that was very honorable." Zelda said as they danced around the ballroom.
"Well, its Parlans fault he's an..." Link laughed, catching himself before he said the word.
Zelda luaghed, she'd found that extremely funny.
The dance steps slowed.

Daphnes watched in glee as Link stole Zelda from Parlan, the two were talking.
"It won't be long now." Daphnes whisperd in Impa's ear.

Link and Zelda hadn't spoke the whole slow dance, they'd been lost in each others eyes. They'd hadn't realized what they were doing yet.
 Our hearts feel as one
it seems only soon that
 the confusion will be gone
We dance with each other
we hold one another
thinking of love and laughter
I see what I feel
I don't have to reel
it in anymore
becuase I see what you were fighting for.
We are so close,
all our other thoughts have gone
now we know
that each other are the one.
Link and Zelda drew a little closer, a little closer still.
Finally, Link bent down and kissed Zelda. Zelda responded sweetly, hands curling around his neck, and pulling him closer.
Zelda felt her heart thudding in her chest, other than that, she didn't feel anything execpt Link's lips on hers and his arms around her. She didn't feel her fathers triumphant stare or Parlans outraged look.
They continued the kiss until the end of the number, Link lifted his head, Zelda looked pleased, a faint smile on her lips.
"I didn't know you loved me as mch as I loved you." Zelda whisperd.
" I didn't know the same about you." Link laughed.
" Everytime I see you, I get this crazy feeling in my gut." Zelda confessed softly.
" How convient." Link smiled ", the same with me."
Daphnes felt like cheering. Finally, his daughter had fallen in love, but not in love with any old knight, The Hero of Time!
Now, he could see what was coming next, Link would end up courting Zelda, then they'd marry, most likely before the end of the year. It was only the end of October.
 <"What do they know of the sacred Temple of Darkness. They must have never heard of it! Rarau must have never told them, that will be thier downfall!">
Watching the Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny was the captive Gannondorf, from his perch in the Teple of Darkness, he chuckled evilly.
<"They are clueless that I am watching them. They are in love! Eech! But that will be another part of thier downfall!">
 Gannondorf walked over to the black doors, and knocked three times.
"Swenm, asea, isina kaltu chsa himmea ganupo, Lea!" Gannondorf chanted.
The door rumbled, and with another evil chuckle, he walked right into the Temple.
"Who dares enter this evil realm?" The evil voice of the Revenger whisperd. The whisper came from the cornersof the room, the shadows from above and below, and the air around him.
"Gannondorf Dragmire."
"And what is thou perpouse of entering my domain?"
"Revenge, you say. Your revnge will take place, next year in Hyrule. But yet, you will be tempted to do it before a year is up. Do not."
"Okay." Gannondorf replied. And with a nod, he dissapeared into the darkness.
"Lover boy!" Dven teased as Link enterd the stables, where he and his friends usally hung out.
"What do you mean?" Link asked innocently.
"O' come on! We all saw the kiss."Shawn laughed.
"WHAT!" Link exclaimed.
"Only us, King Daphnes, and Parlan saw you two kiss." Fresan reassured him.
" You shoulda seen Parlan, he looked ready to strangle someone." Aidrain sighed as he brushed his roan's mane.
"Parlans jealous?" Link said, amused.
"He's going to give us hell today, I just know it." Dven mutterd.

Dven was right.
Parlan could be unpleasent, but he was making the training hell.
They worked out in the hot sun, practicing sword movements and horse tricks.
"Okay, now, Link, why don't you do a parry jump?" Parlan sneered.
Link had masterd every sword movement on his quest, and all the knights looked up to him.
But, Link had always had trouble with that one sword attack, and the one that he had trouble with, was the one Parlan told him to do.
But Link wasn't worried.
He stood infront of the stalfos dummy and pretended he was in Gannondorfs Castle once more. Zelda was trapped in the ring of fire, the time ticking, and one stalfos down. He took aim, and preformed the attack with ease.
The other knights clapped, they had never sen such an impressive move. Parlan spat bitterly on the ground.
"Jealuos git. Now he's also jealous of your skills." Dven whisperd.
Dven was right, of course, now Parlan tested the horse keeping skills.
"Bring out your horses!" Parlan bellowed.
Link and the other knights brought out thier mares, roans, and stallions.
"Mount the horse's. Link, why don't you perform the archer arrow attack?" Parlan jeered, he expected Link not to know that one.
Link nudged Epona foreward, he pretended that the poe dummy was a real poe, and that its fire was coming out. Link took out his bow and arrows and aimed.
Hit the poe right in the middle of its head with all five arrows, one splitting the other down the middle four times.
"Look! Parlans over training the Knights!" Tykami yelled, watching the men out through the window.
"Man! Jealous git! Jennie's going to be complaining when training's over!" Alamia mutterd.
" Parlan saw your, um, incedent, last night. He looked ready to kill." Malon laughed.
" Damn. Link's kicking ass." Zelda said, her and three of her friends were watching Link, his friends, and Jennie train.
"Parlan looks mad that Link allready knows everything." Tykami chuckled.
"Parlans always thought that he was a hot shot. But he's just a jack ass." Malon mutterd.
" And he's always had a soft spot for you Zelda." Alamia said.
"WHAT?" Zelda yelled.
"Yes, the dummy likes the princess?!" Malon said, puffing up her cheeks and crossing her eyes.
Everybody laughed.
"Yes, its true, Parlans been lusting for you ever since, well a week ago, when you," Alamia began ", and Link restored Hyrule."
" Parlans at least training them, so they can defend Hyrule." Tykami began ", At least he's good for something."
" Man, that was hard work today." Shawn sighed.
"You didn't do all the hard work." Fresan retorted ", Link did!"
" Parlans taken a disliking to you, Link." Dven mutterd.
"No, Parlan hates you." Aidrain murmured ", any way, tommorows our day off."
"You know that female knight?" Shawn mutterd.
"Yes." His four friends chorused.
"Her name's  Jennie, Zelda told me." Link explained.
"Well, I'm going to ask her out." Shawn said detirmitly.
His friends let out a whoop.
" Good luck." Fresan laughed.
"You might need it," Dven added.
"Yep, two lover boys, three to go." Aidrain teased.
"She has a temper." Link laughed ", At least thats what Zelda told me."
At that same second, Jennie passed by the stables, alone.
"Go on." Aidrain egged on his best friend.
Shawn took a deep breath and went to greet Jennie.
"I say he can't do it!" Fresan laughed.
"He looked pretty detirmined." Link reasoned ", I say he can."
"I agree with Fresan." Aidrian said.
"I agree with Link." Dven laughed.
A couple minutes later, Shawn re-enterd the stable.
" Did you ask?" Fresan asked.
Shawn nodded.
" What did she say?" Aidrain inquired.
"Yes." Shawn grinned.
"Where are you two going?" Dven asked.
"Lake Hylia." Shawn said.
" I think she likes you, Berdan asked her out, she said no." Link laughed, it was relieving that his friend had not been turned down.
"I hear your taking the princess to Zora's river tommorow." Shawn asked.
"Yep." Link said cheerfully.

"Yeah, Aidrain?"
"Ya know that Tykami girl?"
"Yep, she's nice, do you wanna ask her out?"
"Well, Fresan asked Alamia, Dven's been looking at Malon with interest..."
"Hmm..oh, here she is, ask her, ask her," Link egged him on, pushing him out to the hall.
"Uh, Tykami...?" Aidrain shut his eyes and said the next part really fast ",Willyougoonadatewithme?"
"Wha?" Tykami asked, confused.
Aidrain took a deep breath.
"Will...(gulp) you...go..on a date with me?" Aidrain said, turnung a little red.
Link held his breath in the shadows, trying desprately not to laugh.

Zelda was walking to her room when she heard the voices, she crouched under the stairs.
"Ughhh, um...err...Malon...I....want to know if.."
"Dven, talk rightly here, I can't...understand you."
"Malon, I like you....allot!"
There was a silence.
"Dven, I...."
"No, no, its okay, I knew it was foolish to assume-"
"The truth, Dven, I like you too. Romantically, okay?"
Zelda gasped, and automatically put her hand over her mouth.
Link helped Zelda mount Star, her stallion. Then he mounted Epona.
"Race you there!" Zelda challenged.
"Your on!" Link yelled.
The horses took off, Epona didn't seem to want to pass Star.
"I think our horses like each other!" Link yelled.
Zelda luaghed ", how amusing!"
The horses made it to the river edge and jumped over it.
Link tied Epona and Star at the iron gate.
"Get on the plant with me." Link instructed. Zelda did as he asked.
Almost instantly, the plant hoverd in the air, Link took her hand.
"This is our stop." Link luaghed.
They jumped off the plant and landed on a strip of bank. A lod rested in the water, its end up on the bank. A higher bank rose up like a rampart close by.
"Wow." Zelda luaghed. "I heard that Jennie had a date with a knight."
"Shawn asked her." Link chuckled.
They laid back and watched the river for a while.
But soon, they were kissing each other again, Link pulling Zelda closer to him.
"The river is beautifull, Link." Zelda said, voice barely a whisper.
"Thats exactly what I thought when I first came here." Link assured her.
He kissed her again.
A few minutes went by as they watched the river.
"We'd better head back." Zelda sighed.
"Yes, I'll show you the way back." Link agreed.
Link stood up, took Zelda's hand and helped her up.
"Hold on." He chuckled. Zelda saw him take out his longshot and held to him fast.
 Link, with Zelda holding on, shot up, landing on the overhang that lead to the horses.

Link was helping Zelda mount Star when Parlan rode up.
Link got up and saluted Parlan, who nodded.
"Moblins, in the dismal woods, we leave in an hour." Parlan yelled as he galloped away.
"What! You just defeated Gannondorf last week!" Zelda exclaimed.
"Yeah, but a couple of moblins shouldn't be a problem."
"We will fight four hundred moblins! They may have other monsters with them, but they seem to be mainly moblins." Parlan explained as they enterd the Dismal Woods at the southern tip of Hyrule about three hours later.
"Four hundred!?" Shawn whisperd, his breath catching in his throat ", He's not serious, is he?"
"Most likely." Jennie replied, keeping her voice low. She had joined thier little group, since she was the only female knight.
" Yes, Parlans never played a joke before." Fresan laughed.
"And if he did, it would be a stupid joke." Aidrain reminded them.
"Yes, a very stupid joke that wasn't even funny." Dven mutterd.
"Damn!" Link gasped.
"What is...oh god." Jennie began, but her voice falterd.
 "What is i-t. Shit." Shawn said.
"What the..." Aidrian began.
"Holy moly." Fresan mutterd.
"Oh my." Dven sighed.
There was four hundred moblins allright, but they also had twenty dinofos, twenty stalfos, twenty redead, twenty like-likes, but the worst was the twenty iron knuckles.
This was going to be one bloody battle.
"The battle is hopless, and Parlan knows it!" Zelda raged.
"Zelda, calm down!" Malon pleaded.
"Zelda, sit down," Alamia said, pushing Zelda into a comfy armchair ", I'll go get tea." Alamia left the room.
" Zelda, once when I was lost, I ran into an old wise man. Now listen what he told me," Tykami began ", he said 'Remember lass, at the dark end of the rope, look for the candle of hope."
"Jennie's fighting, Link is fighting, what is there to do? Hope?" Zelda asked, nearly breaking down.
"Yes, againt at least five hundred moblins and other monsters, hope." Malon assured her.
"Tea! Sugar, no sugar?" Alamia asked Tykami.
"No sugar."
"Malon?" Alamia asked.
"Sugar please, for Zelda too." Malon replied.
"Thanks." Zelda said, her voice trembling.
 "Your welcome, now Zelda, they'll be fine, okay." Alamia assured her.

Link ducked a blow from and iron knuckle, just to have it swing its hammer right into his face. Link went flying.
He got up and realized that the iron knuckle was hurrying to him.
Link was prepared, another two hits and the iron knuckle would be down. He had an idea, he circled around the monstorous being and aimed.
Link preformd a parry jump. The iron knuckle fell over dead.
Then Link heard two moblins run up behind him.
In a flash, Link thrusted at #1's (Rem)stomach, who pushed the sword away with such force that Link's arm flew back. At the same minute, #2 (Tay)brought his axe crashing down, Link pushed up his shield and deflected the blow. Rem attacked horizontaly, hitting Links shield.  Link blocked an attack from Tay with his shield, and attacked from Rem with the Master Sword. Rem then punched Link in the stomach, Link hit Tay in the stomach with his shield. Rem tried to cut Link in half, Link saw what was coming, and got out of the way. Tay brought his axe crashing down, Link blocked it with the Master Sword. Rem brought his double-bited axe flying up, Link blocked it with his sword. Tay swung his axe at Link, the flat side hit him in the chest, knocked the wind out of him. Tay and Rem sqwaked excitedly. Link stood up, he verticle sliced Tay, getting him in the stomach, the moblin fell down dead. Rem let out an angry battle cry, snatching Tays axe, he swung the double-bited axe around, hitting Link's arm. Rem attacked with the axe, then the d.b.a. Link blocked both attacks. Link parry attacked Rem, and grazed Rems back, Rem swung the d.b.a., then the axe. Link narrowly blocked the first attack, the second tore his shoulder. Link spun attacked, hitting the moblin lightly on the side. The moblin ignored the pain, and verticle sliced at Link with the d.b.a. and hit him right on the arm, about an inch in depth. Link ducked as Rem swung the d.b.a. above his head, and sliced at Rems legs, leaving a thin not deep cut. The second Link was standing up, Link got hit in the stomach by the d.b.a. by the flat side. He hit a tree. Rem charged at him, Link quickly kicked Rem in the stomach, bent down and picked up a mace, from a fallen moblin. Rem had charged once again, Link smashed the mace right across Rems chest. Rem let out a sqwak and fell down dead.
 Another  moblin, a humongoues moblin, rose out of the ground.
"Oh Sh-!" Link dodged the mace, instead it contacted with a staflos's head. Link parry attacked the moblin from behind, the moblin hit him on the head with its forearm. A Dinofos behind him caught his arms, forced  them behind his back, dragged him to a large rock. Link realized when he saw the Staflos with the axe what they were planning to do.
"Snap!"  Link bellowed, then he had an idea.
Shawn caught sight of Link ", Shit!" Shawn cursed ", Fresan! LOOK."
Fresan looked and alerted Aidrian, who alerted Jennie, who finally alerted Dven.
Dven took aim with his bow and shot the stalfos. Another took its place.
The axe came down, Link thought of Zelda and threw up his arms, and the Dinofos onto the rock. The axe chopped the Dinofos in half.
Blood spurted everywhere.
Link saw Parlan fighting an iron knuckle, then he saw a moblin with a sword aiming for Parlan.
Much as he hated Parlan, Parlan was his captian, so he should help him.
Link raced to Parlan, the moblin threw the sword. Link jumped in the way just in time to take the hit.
Parlan looked behind him at Link, then looked back at the iron knuckle, he didn't care.
Link pulled the sword slowly from his side and looked at the wound, only an inch in.
Link turned around to see a moblin with a club.
 He heard the battle and saw Zelda's face...thats the last thing he saw.
"They're back!" Alamia cried, running to Zelda. "They're back!"
Zelda, Tykami, Alamia, and Malon ran down to the stables to look for Epona and Zay, Jennie's horse.
"I'll look in the fourth stable." Malon claimed.
"I'll look in the the third!" Alamia volenteered.
"I get the first and second stables." Tykami said.
"I'll check the fifth." Zelda whisperd.
They went thier seperate ways.
"Link! Epona? Jennie? Zay?" Zelda called softly, checking the first row.
"Anybody?" Zelda said as she checked the second.
Zelda was in the middle of the third row when she saw a figure.
"Link? Jennie?" Zelda said, getting her hopes up.
No, it was Parlan.
"Parlan, where's Link?" Zelda asked immeadiently.
"I'm sorry, mylady, but Link didn't make it. He was fighting a moblin when an iron knuckle came up behind him and cut him deeply in the back, I tried as hard as I could to save him, but I was unnsucessful." Parlan lied.
"No..." Zelda cried "NO!" She sobbed. Tears were flowing ceaselessy down her cheeks.
Parlan put his arms around her, and pulled her close.
"Now I'll have an empty hole...in my heart." Zelda cried.
"I could fill that hole." Parlan whisperd. "I could take his place. Just you and me."
Parlan pulled her closer, as if to kiss her, but Zelda pulled away.
"No. I'll never love again." Zelda said, tears in her eyes. She turned her back to Parlan and ran off.

"Zelda! Whats wrong?" Tykami called as Zelda ran past.
"He didn't-he didn't, Parlan didn't." Zelda couldn't say understandable words.
"Come on Zelda," Alamia said ", Lets go inside and I'll make you a pot of  strong tea."
"Yes Zelda, lets go inside, after you have some tea, tell us what Parlan said." Malon assured her.
After a cup of hot tea from Alamia, being forced to sit in the armchair by Tykami, and a few comforting words from Malon, Zelda told them everything.
"So, Parlan wanted to kiss you?" Malon said incrediously ", eww."
 "I told you he's been lusting after you." Alamia said simply.
Tykami was frowning.
"What is it?" Zelda asked.
"Parlan couldn't have tried to save Link, if the axe had hit Link in the back it would have chopped him in half. And what about seeing the iron knuckle in the first place, couldn't he have warned Link?" Tykami explained. "And any way, maybe Link is alive, but we just don't know it yet."
"I hope so Tykami. Link has my horse!" Malon teased.
"I hope Jennie's okay." Alamia sighed.
"Me too." Tykami agreed.
"I hope the both of them are okay." Zelda said simply.

Parlan swore to himself, he'd almost had her again. Next time though, he would have her and she couldn't escape with out her precious Link around.
'What'd she ever see in that kid anyway, what did she see in him that I don't have?'  Parlan mused angirly
He walked down the hall, he had to tell the king the lie next. He laughed at the lie, it had indeed been something in that way, but Link had saved Parlans life.
"Sire," Parlan bowed to Daphnes ", there is some dire news."
"Well...what happend?" Daphnes asked.
"The Hero of Time was lost in the fight. He was fighting a moblin when a stalfos came up behind him and cut him deeply in the back, I tried as hard as I could to save him, but I was unnsucessful." Parlan lied.
 "My, but. Shit! We lost our greatest hero! He was going to marry Zelda!" Daphnes swore.
Parlan felt anger, what did the king and princess see in that kid?
Link felt as if he had been stomped on, limp.
A nauseating smell met him, and it was dark, The battle had ended hours ago.
Link lifted his head a little to see a mass of dead bodies.
He heard voices, he turned his head.
Two...monsters. For they were a grizzly combination, body of a wolfos, talons for thier hands and feet, eagleike.
"This ones dead, Siyn." one of then said, holding up a dead soldier ", he was one of the first to die, no good."
"I hate them stone cold dead, Zaul!" Siyn whined.
"Ohh, this moblins barely alive, we'll eat him," Zaul said, picking up an almost dead moblin and throwing it over Siyn's shoulder.
Then Link thought for a minute they could help him, untill...
"This knight is still alive, he's still breathing." Zaul said, throwing the knight over Siyns other shoulder.
Link realized that these, things were scavengers, and what he heard of so far, they liked thier meat alive.
Just his luck to get in this kind of predicament.
They were two bodies away. Link had to do something.
They were right next to him.
"Is this one alive?" Siyn complained ", I'm carrying a heavy load allready."
Link felt the sharp taloned foot kick him over.
"Yes, this one is fine." Zaul said, reaching down and picking Link up from the neck.
"He's cut up, He'll be easy to digest." Siyn agreed.
"I wana taste him." Zaul grinned, revealing rows of sharp teeth.
Like hell was Link about to let those sharp teeth near him.
Link didn't want to retort to desprate means, but those teeth were getting closer.
Link spat in Zauls eyes.
Zaul howled in pain and rage and dropped him.
He hit the hard ground and lunged for his sword.
He nearly had it in his grasp when he felt those sharp talons dig into his back and pull him back to the outraged monster.
Zaul swooped down and picked Link up by the neck again. Zaul had a harder grip this time.
"I'm going to scratch out that face of yours." Zaul said, choking Link.
The monster held out his hand, and from his already three inch talons, sprouted another three inches.
Link's eyes widend in fear. He was a goner.
Zaul drew back his paw, Link closed his eyes, then Zaul let out a shriek of pain.
Link opend his eyes to see an arrow, made intirely out of magic, right through Zauls other hand. Zaul released him, and Link hit the ground hard, gasping for breath.
He looked to his right and saw Dven, Aidrian, Jennie, Fresan, and Shawn who looked like he had just cast a spell.
Jennie rushed up and stabbed Siyn right through the stomach, at the same time, Link grabbed his sword and slashed Zaul right across the face.
Zaul let out a cry of pain and rage and stabbed downward with his talons. Link rolled out of the way.
Jennie then stabbed Zaul in the back.
Link stood up.
"Thanks." He gasped.
"No problem, what are they, Dven?" Shawn said.
"Yeah, we need to know." Aidrain added.
"Erongs. Savengers." Dven said, getting up and looking around ", they travel in groups of one hundred."
"RUN!" Jennie yelped ", they're coming!"
"Link can't, he's injured way to badly." Aidrain said, after one glance at Link.
"Fair piont." Shawn sighed.
"I'm fine!" Link exclaimed.
"No your not." Fresan said.
"How about this, we'll sneak around the long way, through the trees. Jennie, do you think you could pass by them with out being seen and alert the castle of our return?" Dven planned.
"Yes, I'll do it." Jennie said firmly, she went over to Shawn and planted a kiss on his cheek before getting on Zay. "See you."
And with those parting words, the plan was set in motion.
Shawn, Dven, Aidrian and Fresan had to try and get Link over to the other side of the battle field, and they were having progress.
Dven helped Link onto Epona. Epona, glad that Link was safe nieghed softly.
"Yeah girl, I'm fine." Link said, patting the horses mane.
"Aidrian, go scout the area." Shawn asked.
"No problem." Aidrain said, he mounted his horse, Nightmoon, and rode off.
A couple minutes later he returned with Jennie.
"Twenty moblins following us." He informed them.
"What!" Fresan yelled.
"Yes," said Jennie misrably, holding her cut arm ", and ten iron knuckles left over from the battle."
"Brilliant, Link know of any other way?" Fresan asked.
Link shook his head ", This is my first time here."
"Shit." Dven mutterd.
"I know of a way." Aidrian mutterd ", Follow me!"
Link nudged Epoa forward, the procession was Aidrian, Jennie, Shawn, Link, Dven, and Fresan.
"Their catching up!" Fresan yelled from the back .
Link had an idea, a dangerous one, but it might save them, he looked for a scree of rocks, anywhere.
"Fresan, everybody, ride ahead!" Link yelled, he'd found a scree, he pulled out a bomb and threw it.
Then he too, caught up with the rest of them.
Then there was a high pitched sound as all the rocks fell on top of thier targets, the moblins and iron knuckles.
Link and the gang continued on.
Zelda rushed to her father.
"Prepare the-"
"FATHER! There's still hope." Zedla yelled.
"Parlan said-" Daphnes replied, shocked by Zelda's outburst.
"Parlan could be lying." Zelda reasoned.
"What is with you Zelda? You used to be reasonable-" Daphnes began.
"Father! Just listen, as long as I can, I will hope for him." Zelda said stubbornly.
"Well, anyway, Giryne prepare the-" Daphnes said, looking back at the undertaker.
"Give the hope two weeks. Please." Zelda begged.
Daphnes was about to say no, when the look on his daughters face stopped him.
"Fine, two weeks." Daphnes said simply.

"What did your father say?" asked Alamia.
"Two weeks." Zelda breathed in relief as the troupe walked to the massive libary.
" Thats not much." Malon said sadly.
"Not much at all." Tykami frowned. "But knowing Link, he's bound to show up sooner than you expect."
"I agree." Alamia said.
"Yes...I hope he's alive and well." Malon mutterd.
"He might be." Tykami said ", We might never know."
"He's alive, I know it." Zelda said detirmidly.

Zelda was walking to her room when a man came from the shadows.
"Oh, hi Parlan." Zelda said offhandly.
"I was heading to the knights quarters, do you mind?" Parlan asked.
"Not really." Zelda replied.
Parlan smiled to himself.
"I hear the funeral is in two days." Parlan inquired.
"Yes." Zelda rasped, then she cleared her throat.
"I could take his place you know..." Parlan said soothingly.
" No you couldn't." Zelda snarled.
"Yes I could, give it a chance. Let you see." Parlan said, leaning down to kiss her.
"Over my dead body will you ever kiss me!" Zelda snarled, pushing him away.
"What!? You let that...Link do it?" Parlan exclaimed in rage.
"Thats beacuase I love him!" Zelda yelled.
"You little brat." Parlan snarled. "I'll have you someday."
And with a swish of his cloak, he stalked away.

<'Why isn't he here yet?'> Zelda mused profoundly the next day.
She hadn't given Parlan much thought, and why should she?
It was now early December. Snow had been falling for two days.
<'Link only has a day to make it here...'>
Zelda felt a pang. She was obviously lovesick.
She wouldn't eat much. Sleep much, even get up much, drifting off into space on a chair.

"Zelda, your on fire!"
"No I'm no-o-t." Zelda said, her eyes strangley unfocused.
"Tykami's right Zelda, you have a temperature." Malon said, feeling Zelda's forehead.
"Damn it, perfect time to..." Malon began, muttering angirly, then she dropped the medical book she was reading ", oh god." Her face registerd nothing but shock "She has The Blue fever."
"What?" Asked Alamia.
"'Blue Fever," Malon read, face white and hands shaking "', the deadliest Fever in Hyrule. Symtoms, high temp. Unfocused gaze, lack of food and sleep. Also can happen when....'I can't read that word." Malon finished.
"Lettme look." Alamia said, she took a look in the book ", oh, Seynaloin, otherwords, Lovesick."
"Well then she's got the symtoms all right." Tykami said, motioning to Zelda in the chair ", lets have the castle physicain look at her."
"She's not doing so well." said Vearheart, to Daphnes, Tykami, Malon, and Alamia ", yes, she does have Blue Fever. In a week she will most likely die."
"First the Hero of Time, then my own daughter...why?" Daphnes asked himself sadly.
"Link isn't dead!" Tykami snapped ", I'm going looking for him."
"Tykami!" Malon exclaimed.
"What are you thinking." Alamia yelped.
"If Link returns, she'll have a better chance of living, and you know it." And with that, Tykami swept out of Zelda's room.

"I wish," later on in the night, the sickness strucken princess said ", I could have seen him, one last time."
Her time was limited.
Tykami rode through the rain, she had to hurry. Past Lon-Lon Ranch to the open field.
She's nearing the woods, a desprate hope is warming her, keeping her alive. When suddenly, a looming shape attacks her. Tykami is pushed off Alan with such a force that when she lands on the ground, she rolls.
Then, a shadowed figure hits her with a club and every thing goes black.

Tykami heard snatches of conversation.
"We'd better be heading back now." and "Be carefull."
Finally, she heard ", Link! You idiot, stop fighting the moblin scouts, thats MY job!"
Tykami awoke to Link's reply.
"Why should we let you hog all the fun,  Jennie?"
"Well, well," Aidrian said, clearly taking notice of Tykami's awakening.
"How are you?" Fresan asked kindly, sitting on the log oppisite of Tykami.
"A little dizzy." Tykami addmitted.
"Well, lucky that Dven saw you before that moblin made short work of you." Shawn added, looking at Dven, who was walking over.
"Guys!" Tykami said, shooting up, she rememberd why she came looking for them in the first place ", Z-"
"You need rest, tell us in a second, drink this." Jennie said, giving Tykami a cup filled with a bronze liquid.
"Man, she looks beat up." Link commented, packing Epona.
"You don't look much better." Aidrain said flatly. Link shrugged.
"Guys! Zelda's got Blue Fever!" Tykami roared, interrupting thier conversation.
"What!" They all roared back, except for Link.
"Blue Fever?" He asked. She nodded.
"Shit," Link mutterd.
"Impa told him about it, but this is no time for a history lesson." Shawn sniggerd.
Link had allready mounted Epona and was checking for everything.
"We gotta hurry," Tykami explained, mounting her horse ", or else she'll be dead two days before we even get there."
They rode like the wind, apon arriving at the castle, Daphnes nearly fainted at the sight of the six missing soldiers.
"Where is she," Link asked urgently, he'd get Parlan later.
"In her room, but Parlan-" Daphnes said, confused.
"Forget Parlan, he's had it in for Link ever since he met him." Dven said dissmissivly.
Link hurried up to Zelda's room and walked in without any say.
Impa nodded from her corner to herself, she hadn't doubted Link.
"Zelda, Zelda?" Link asked her, she was slightly pale, her breathing in short rasps, and a fever high enough to be in the Fire Temple.
Over the next day, Zelda had gotten hadn't better, her temperature had went down, and just went up again.
"If she lives, I'll asked her to marry me." Link told Dven squarely, and Dven knew they'd be a perfect match.
Zelda eyes flutterd open, she could see her room, she was alive! But...Link was gone...even though she was positive she had seen him in her dreams, or had it been real?
She got up, looked around, she saw that people had left her just recently.
Zelda got up and tiptoed to her window. It was winter, probably close to Christmas.
She shiverd just as someone enterd the room, she turned to see Impa, who was wearing one of her rare smiles.
"Welcome back." She laughed.
"Is he back?" Zelda asked, hopefull.
"You'll see." Impa replied, face emotionless.

Link returned from riding Epona out into Hyrlue field, he'd only done it for two reasons; One, His friends, and Zelda's, said he need to get out in the fresh air. Two, Epona needed extircising.
He was returing to the castle, something huge and dark caught his eye. He looked again. Nothing.
Link put Epona in her place at the stables, he patted her mane and went for Zelda's room.
Link had just made it into the castle, when he saw, there, all alone, was Zelda. A smile on her face.
Zelda ran foreward to Link, and jumped into his arms. Link kissed her once more, her hands around his neck. Zelda held herself close to him.
When they broke apart, Zelda was smiling, happy tears in her eyes.
"We thought you were dead, after what Parlan told us." Zelda cried.
"What he tell you?" Link asked curiously.
"Say that he tried to save you, but you died anyway." Zelda explained.
"More like Link did the saving." Shawn said darkly from behind her.
"What!?" Zelda exclaimed.
"Yep, Link saved assholes life, and then assehole ignores him being clobberd by a moblin." Jennie said angirly.
"That really raised my spririts." Link said sarcastically.
"Yes, but this time you'll die!!" shouted a voice from behind.
They all turned around. Parlan was aiming a bow at Link.
"Now I'll have my revenge!" Parlan was hysterical.
Aidrian caught Fresans eye, who was right behind Palran on the overhang balconey.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Aidrain asked coyly.
"Yes! I'll kill you all!" Parlan yelled.
"Okay, Fresan?" Aidrain orderd.
Fresan snuck up behind Parlan and grabbed him, Palran resisted, and then they both fell over, landing on the stairs and rolling the whole way down. Then they were both limp.
The others ran to help Fresan. They were sooned joined by Tykami, Alamia, Malon, Daphnes, and Impa who had been watching.
"Fresan, are you okay!" Alamia cried as they neared the two men.
"I'm fine, get this bulk off me!" Fresan yelled.
A short while later, after Parlan had been arrested and Daphnes and Impa had gone to get care of him, it was Zelda and her friends, and Link and his.
"What an ass." Malon said in digust, referring to Parlan.
"Well, I'm just glad everything's...almost...back to normal." Tykami smiled, looking at Alamia, who went red, then at Fresan, who went red also.
"Whats up?" Shawn asked.
"Oh, just that like you and me, Shawn, Alamia and Fresan have been...hanging out....they're tying the knot!" Jennie laughed.
"So there's going to be two marraiges in two months, what an eyefull." Aidrian grinned ", and maybe more." He mutterd.
"Yeah'll so far there will be four.." Malon laughed ", You proposed to Tykami last night, Aidrian, and Dven over here...." Malon went pink.
"Yes, that means one..." Dven mutterd, looking at Link.
Link understood.
He cleared his throat.
"Zelda..." Link asked, hand in his tunic pocket.
"Yes." She answerd, smiling at him.
"Will...you marry me?"
The next week was a panodium.
Along with five weddings to prepare, there was also Christmas. So Tykami came up with a daring plan.
"How about having the Weddings on Christmas?"
So it was.
The ten hung out commonly, Malon and Dven, Alamia and Fresan, Jennie and Shawn, Tykami and Aidrian.
Malon and Dven could be found in the libary with Alamia and Fresan.
Jennie and Shawn could be found in the training grounds with Tykami and Aidrian.
Link and Zelda, however, hung out in the courtyard talking.
"I remember that time, lets see here, oh yes, where I was standing here," Zelda laughed, standing right on the spot before the window ", and you snuck up behind me...scared to living daylights out of me!"
Link laughed, then, he went over to Zelda, and picked her up, swinging her around the courtyard.
"Link!" Zelda luaghed, he lowerd her and kissed her.
Things couldn't get any better.
But they would soon get alot worse.
 The day had come, and the place was frenzy, trying to set everything up before the day was up. Six inches of snow coverd the ground outside.
The brides spent the first part of the day dressing for the wedding. Zelda had led them to the attic, where wedding dresses had been stored up.
"Okay, Zelda, why don't we chose each others clothes by vote. Jennie goes first, Alamia second, Malon third, me fourth, then you last?" Tykami suggested.
First, of coures, came Jennie.
She had shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, yet she had pale skin.
A white dress with a tinge of yellow did the trick. The dress was off shoulder and v-necked.
Next, was Alamia.
Her dress was another white one with a silver tinge, to match her dark hair, pale skin, and light, light blue eyes. A scoop neck with completly of shoulder worked for her.
Malon rummagged around for a dress.
They found a white one with a tinge of blue, to match her eyes and red hair. A scoop neck worked along with spaggetti straps.
Next was Tykami.
A white one with a greenish tinge fitted her green eyes perfectly. It was a turtle neck with no sleeves.
Last was Zelda. They were all arguing over what she should wear, when Malon came out of the piles of dresses with a pure white dress.
The dress was a bit off shoulders with two see through white straps around her shoulders, the dress tightend at her waist, showing her tiny waist. A bell shaped spreading of the dress took place right after that.

But in the dark prisons of Hyrule Castle
Two men sat in two cells across from each other, one a has-been royal hier. The other, a traitorus Captain of the Hylain Knights. Both hating the same man that met both thier downfalls. And both worshipping the evil that would seemingly deliver them.
The heir rose up his face, wasn't remotely handsome anymore. His eyes still blazed with anger that showed up when he heard about the weddings.
Same with the other, well, he was only angier.
So when the food came, they didn't even touch it.
"They're odd all right, look, that bloke there, his eyes are lolling in the back of his head!" Norjal excliamed, looking at the prisoners carefully.
"Ep, 'dis guy don' look muh', but 'e's dangeroous', priness Zelda 'old 'ee." Sanal, whose teeth had been almost all knocked out, kinda talked funny.
Then the two prisoner's faces split into insane grins. Both gaurds backed away, apalled.
Both of the prisoners teeth had gone yellow from chewing on rat bones that litterd the floor among thier food, that they wouldn't touch. Their faces with dirty and hair that and umkept, they had dirt under thier fingernails and had torn thier clothes. They weren't a pleasent sight.
"He's back." Both of the raggard men said ", he'll come for us."
" 'Oo's back? 'Ot Gannondor?" Sanal asked.
"Sanal, the men are insane, Gannondorfs in the Fourth Deminsion. We're fine, lets leave the insane men alone." Norjal mutterd, pulling Sanal along with him.
" Wat if E're tellin duh truth?" Sanal yelled as Norjal pulled him out of the dungeon.
"He's back." the haggard prisoners repeated insanely.

"Come on, hurry up girls!!!" Impa cried as she reached them, all in Zelda's room.
"Coming!" Zelda screamed her reply.
She dashed out of her room, dress on and all, her friends running after her.
They ran all the way to the stairs, they peeked around the edge of the walls to watch thier fiance`s enjoying a light hearted moment.
Shawn and Dven were joking around and the rest of then were chuckling.
Link looked stunning in a royal blue tunic with a cape, the tunic was the color of his eyes.
Dven was wearing a black tunic, with his knight armour over the chest and leges. Silver and black, which happend to be the same color of his eyes.
Shawn was wearing a dark green tunic, with black leggings and undershirt.
Aidrain was wearing a blue tunic with his knight uniform over it.
Fresan was wearing his knights uniform with a black tunic under it, and a cape to set off his black eyes.
Zelda felt a little dizzy, she'd never seen a bunch of good looking guys together, but she was getting the best looking.

Finally, the procession began, Jennie, Alamia, Tykami, Malon...
Link was over his head waiting for Zelda, nervousness gnawed on his stomach, then, she came. Link took a deep breath to try and keep himself from fainting. He heard similar take in noises around him, it seemed his friends were thinking what he was.
Zelda came up to the altar last, held her hand out, and he held hers as Hylain tradition.
"We are gathered her today, to bring these men and women together in holy matromony." Rarau began, a small smile on his face.
"Dven of Kakkarikko Village, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health?"
"I do." Dven replied.
"And do you, Malon of Lon-Lon Ranch take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband through sickness and health?"
"I do." Malon grinned.
Next, Rarau turned to Shawn and Jennie, Aidrain and Tykami, Alamia and Fresan, and then to Link and Zelda.
"Do you, Link, take this woman to be you lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health?"
"I do." Link said, looking into Zelda's eyes.
"And do you, Princess Zelda of Hyrule, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, through sickness and health?"
"I do." Zelda replied, staring right back into Link's.
"If you have any objection, speak now or forever hold your peace. Allright, you mass kiss the bride." Rarau finished, backing away.
Link whisperd under his breath to Zelda,
"I will never leave you."
Then he cupped his hands around her face and gave her a deep, passonite, slow and loving kiss. A kiss of love, a kiss of happiness, and  a kiss of promise.
The robed man walked across the vast plain that was Hyrule Field, a smile on his horrid face.
"I'm back, I must gather my followers...and then destroy Hyrule." Gannondorf luaghed his sinister laugh.
Inside a dungeon, two evil men dissapeared without a trace, inside an evil realm, seven hundred monsters dissapeared.
Link danced Zelda around the ballroom, only two hours after the wedding, they were celebrating Christmas.
"This is something I never expected." Zelda grinned as Link danced with her.
"What?" Link asked, amused.
"That I would be married." Zelda luaghed.
"To me?" Link inquired, his face splitting into a grin.
"Well, no, just plain married." Zelda replied.
"Oh really, I lived the first ten years of my life in the Kokkiri Forrest." Link retorted as they swang past a very happy Daphnes.
All around them was filled with joy. Daphnes, was drinking full rum and dancing with Impa who looked incredulious. Dven, Shawn, and Aidrain was dancing with thier brides, Fresan was doing a kind of jig with Alamia.
Everyone on the hall turned around to see Norjal, and Sanal.
There was a great murmur of assent.
"Whats going on?" Daphnes asked, going up to the flusterd gaurds.
"Hey's dissa peered! Righ in fron of our ey's!" Sanal yelped.
"Huh?" Daphnes asked.
"They dissapeared right infront of our eyes!" Norjal yelped.
"Who?" Dven asked.
"Ranus and Parlan escaped!" Norjal howled.
It was an uproar.
"Quiet!" Link bellowed.
The room was quiet as a mouse.
"How?" Daphnes asked calmly.
"Dey dissa peered righ in fron of oor i's!" Sanal explained.
"That doesn't make any sense." Zelda mutterd, clinging to Link's arm.
"Everybody will have to go home, I'm sorry." Daphnes said, putting a halt to the celebrations.
There was jumbled good-byes, Malon, Tykami, and Jennie and thier grooms, each had to say goodbye hurriedly to Alamia, Fresan, Zelda, and Link.
Link pulled Zelda along with him up to thier new bedroom.

"I think we're safe." Link told Zelda after sitting up for three hours watching the window and door.
"Yes, I surely hope so, its eleven, we should get to sleep." Zelda suggested.
Zelda hugged him, then she realized that sleep wasn't going to come easy...
Zelda had landed herself in a perfect posistion to be kissed. And he did.
It got more and more passonite, by twelve sharp, both were conked out.
They had just shared the best Christmas present either could have wished for.
Link woke up, it was snowing lightly outside. He yawned and stretched, and looked at his beautifull wife, who was sleeping silently close by.
She was beautifull, even in sleep.
Link dressed into his usal garb and kissed her forehead.
He had to know if the caught the culprits.

"No, sorry Link... they escaped...but in the name of Hyrule, how?" Daphnes sighed, stroking his moustache. As the servants cleaned up the wedding room and ball room.
Link frowned as Daphnes left. He had a theory...but how could it be even possible?
He walked upstairs.
Zelda was stirring as he enterd their room.
"Wake up, sleepy head." Link teased, as he sat on the edge of the bed.
"Huhm, ohgh!" Zelda yawned, stretching.
"You know what, that was a little surprising." Link commented.
"Link!" Zelda laughed, playfully punching his arm ", I'm the one who should be surprised, I.....didn't expect.." Zelda blushed.
Link laughed, and kissed her cheek.
"Link...." Zelda asked ", is it a little early to want a child?"
"No." Link replied, smoothing her hair ", Not early at all."
"Master...their teleportation systyms worked!"
"Good. Very well. You go cause mayhem in the castle." Gannondorf chuckled.
"Yes, thank you...will, I get my reward?" He asked tentivly.
"Yes, I darsay, you've almost earned her." Gannondorf laughed.
His servant was gone, Gannondorf turned to his other servants.
"Ranus! Parlan! Welcome among my ranks!"
"Yes, master." They replied in usion.
"You are welcomed into your seperate quarters. Where some Gerudos will be waiting to, entertain you."

"Link! Daphnes! Avalanche hit Zora's River!"
"What?!" Link and Daphnes said in usion, it was May, about five months later.
"Theres no snow this time of year." Daphnes said irratatedly.
"I know, but, we captured a moblin, want him brought in?" The flusterd soldier said.
"Yes." Link said detirmitly,
"Bring them on in!"
A cut up looking moblin was escorted in by four soldiers.
"Now why," Daphnes began ", is it snowing at Zora's River?"
"He's back! He's going to win! And you..." The moblin knocked out.
Daphnes looked confused, but Link had understood.
"Gannondorf is back." Link whisperd. He was going to make sure, this time, that scourge died, and if he even looked at Zelda...

"I think I'm going to puke." Zelda said, looking very green.
"Zelda...OPEN THE DOOR FOR HER!" Alamia bellowed. Jennie did as asked.
Zelda threw up, and in seconds came out sighing. And sat down on a chair, quickly, as if dizzy.
"You know what? What is odd is that I've been having more blood than usal." Tykami said sharply.
"Thats odd." Zelda sighed ", I haven't had any at all for almost two weeks."
Her friends exchanged looks.
"Zelda...I think your pregnant." Malon said, her face breaking into a wide grin.
"Pregnant...you mean...?" Zelda stutterd.
"Yes." Jennie replied ", your going to have a baby."
{Two hours later.}
"I, have to help your father, hon..." Link couldn't bring himself to say it.
"What?" Zelda cried ", not now, not when I..." Zelda stopped short.
"What is it?" Link asked concernedly.
"Link," Zelda said, looking at him with bright dark blue eyes ", I'm going to have a baby."
"What...Zelda...thats wonderfull!" Link picked her up around the waist and swung her in the air ", a baby."
Then he looked slightly crestfallen.
"What is it?" Zelda asked.
"Zelda, I have to go to Zora's River to..." He paused "...He's back...he must have broke the seal."
"But...But..." Zelda said, horrified.
"I'm sorry..." Link sighed ", I just hope be back soon."
"I love you.." Zelda said as he left the room, Link paused in the doorway.
"I love you too." Link smiled.
Link and Daphnes rode with ten soldiers up one of the new snow ridges...It was freezing. Link was fine, he'd had enough sense to wear his blue tunic.
Link stopped Epona short of the iceshelf.
"What is it?" Daphnes asked from behind.
"We'd better skip this area." Link said nervously, backing Epona.
"Nonsense, this is the only way to Zora's Domain!" Daphnes said haughtily, he pushed Jilian, his horse toward the ice shelf.
The next few events happend in seconds.
"Sire!" Link yelled.
The ice shelf slipped, Daphnes realized his fatal mistake and vainly tried to get Jilian to go back.
Link jumped off Epona and ran across the trembling ice shelf and smaked Jilian, the horse charged foreward.
The ice shelf slipped. Link fell and got back up, he ran to Daphnes and Jilian, Jilian had fallen to an icy grave. But Daphnes had fallen off Jilian.
Link grabbed Daphnes arm and realized that the ice shelf had slipped so much, that Link would have to push Daphnes up there.
"Hang on, sire." Link grunted.
Link shoved Daphnes over the edge just as the ice shelf slipped completly. Link grabbed hold of the edge of the small ice cliff.,
Then, the small part he was holding on to...broke.
 Zelda stared out her window, the naseous feeling came up her gut again, but she swallowed it.
Then, thirteen horses rode up to campus, one was empty.
Zelda raced down to the stables, despite the cold weather.
"Zanal, Padal, where's Link," Zelda saw her father. Daphnes was blue ", and whats with my father?"
"He's had a bit of great fall." Padal sighed.
 "Oh god...where's Link?" Zelda asked.
"No idea." Zanal mutterd, as he, Padal, and Ganal heaved Daphnes past her.
Berdan walked up to her with his cronies behind him.
"Even though, this guy, Belramn, helped us get the King here, he still is a tad creepy." Logan mutterd as they passed her.
"Wha?" Zelda gasped as a red haird man with palish skin walked out from behind Epona.
Logan was right, the guy was creepy.
"I am Belramn, I daresay, you like this, uh, Link?"
"Yes." Zelda said cautiously.
"You're boyfriend?" Belramn asked.
"My husband." Zelda said indifferently. She didn't like Belramn very much. But he had just saved her father...
"You will be staying in room 12. The libary, dining room, and stables are open to you for a month...any questions?" Zelda said quickly.
"Yes, just one," Belramn hissed venousmly. "How long have you been married?"
Zelda was shocked.
"Um, come the twenty fifth, six months." Zelda said calmly.
"Six, what a number." Belramn laughed after Zelda had left."My lord, I'm in."
Link woke up to cold all around him and a searing pain in his shoulder. A thick sheet of ice was above his face by two inches, he looked around.
"I must be stuck in a crevice." He mutterd.
He felt something wet, he was cold allready, but when that ice water hit him, BAM!
He jumped up, hit his head on the ice, and crashed through the hard snow into the river below.
He was soon washed up on a bunch of once-was-dry-snow-but-what-is-now-wet-snow.
Link groaned, he was going to become a human icile, brilliant.
He slowly sat up and took a look around, it was the place where he and Zelda had thier first, and only date. Soon after he married her.
There, right infront of him, was a wolfos. Link was unarmed, his sword was ten feet away, he had a bad sholder and twisted ankles. He wouldn't make it. Link slowly stood up and ignored the pain in his leg.
The wolfos circled him, allowing Link to back up enough so that he could grab his sword. Link eased down, the wolfos looked away. Link saw and took the chance.
He snatched his sword and brought it up as the wolfos jumped towards him.
The wolfos halves fell to the ground beside Link.
He stode over to the river, he didn't like it, but it was the quicked way home.
As he left, the blood of the fallen monster soaked into the snow and dissapeared.
Zelda thought the end of the month would never come. Everytime she was praying for Link's return and her father recovering, Belramn kept appearing.
"Why do you ignore me, your highness?" He had asked venousmly just the night before.
"Beacuase I'm married and you are annoying me!" Zelda had snapped back.
"Zelda? Whats wrong, had he been bothering you all day?" Tykami asked kindly.
"Yes, the jackass won't leave me alone." Zelda said flatly.
"Where is Link?" Alamia inquired.
"Somewhere at Zora's River, as I last heard."Zelda said, eyes brimmming with tears.
"We have to go look for him!" Jenie yelped, taking charge ", but how?"
"I'll come with you."Shawn said, standing up. "It's not like I'm lettin you go alone."
"Me too, Shawns never had an adventure wihout me." Aidrain said airily ", execpt for one."
"I'm going too, I'll never forget the time he saved my ass from Parlan." Fresan said, standing up.
"Link's my best friend, I'm not about to abandon him." Dven laughed, standing up.
"Anyone else?" Malon asked.
"I'll come too." Tykami said, standing up.
"That makes six." Jennie said officailly. " We take leave in sixty minutes."
"Father, are you okay?" Zelda asked, kneeling over her father.
"My health is poor....I have cuaght death on a hook....he saved me," Daphnes chuckled, grabbing his daughters hand."Link mighta killed himself in his effort to save me...find him, so that I may...rest in peace," He took a great shuddering breath ", goodbye...and may the three protect you and....Link."

Tykami led the rescue group, did she really believe that they were going to find Link?  No, not really.
"God it's cold!" Fresan yelped, holding tight to to his horse Dijan.
"Duh." Shawn said ", from what I heard, Gannondorfs returned somehow...Wonder how?"
"Thats easy," Aidrian replied ", the Triforce of Power wasn't in on sealing itself away."
"So, the seal weakend and broke." Tykami finished.
There was a crack like a tree being hit by lightning into two and hitting the ground.
"Help!" Jennie yelped ", I fell into a blasted crevice, damn, Zay's dead!" Jennie had loved that horse.
"Leave the horses up here." Tykami commanded, they then lowerd themselves into the crevice with Jennie. They left thier weapons up at the top, they wouldn't need them down there...
The crevice was about twenty feet by forty, the icely walls shawed a hint of river over ten feet. Fresan ran over there and looked.
"Its the river sure enough."
They ran to Jennie, and the horses body.
"Damned crevice." Dven mutterd,
They heard growling.
Dven turned and yelped. They were surrounded by fithfteen wolfos.
Jennie reached for her sword, but it was hidden in the snow. Uh-oh.
They were at least fithfty feet away from safty...aka the horses, striaght up.
A grey one jumped at Jennie who ducked as its paw seathed her left shoulder.
"Jennie!" Shawn yelped, pulling her closer.
A brown one and two others jumped at Zay, The leader, a grey black one, howled and another five came from the river.
They all grabbed a part of Zay and circled the six, eating slowly as Jennie sobbed into Shawns shoulder.
Finally, the leader threw the bones of Zay's leg to the others.
They circled around them carefully. A brown one had salivia drooling from its mouth.
Another four were intirly gray, three brown ones. Two were black, and four was a dark gold colour.
The black-gray one, lept toward Dven, who put his hands up in defense.
He didn't have to, a person swept down and kicked the wolfos away.
The man sliced open six wolfos throats, and then cut in half eight others, and he stabbed five more through the backs.Finally, the black grey one got up.
The man doged the quick attack, rolled into the snow, the wolfos lept to him, then the man sliced the wolfos through the heart.
Dven only knew of one person who could kick wolfos butt like that.
Tykami recognized him as he turned to them, they all did.
"Heya, long time no see." Link smiled.
Zelda stalked down the hall in melchanoey.
Her father dead, Link MIA, Jenny, Tykami and the rest of the men, looking for Link.
And Belramn....
"Princess! Priiiincess!"
Zelda stopped, wiped her tears from her face.
"My lady...have you been crying, haven't you." Belramn soothed.
Zelda nodded and then felt furious with herself.
"It hurts, that empty space stabs at you, doesn't it, my pretty," Belramns voice go so low to a hiss ", you know what Parlan had said? I can take up all that hurt...I could be your man."
"No...you couldn't." Zelda said, her voice low and defiant.
"What do you mean, my dear?" Belramn hissed questionally.
"Because I'm pregnant," Zelda said, eyes flashing angirly, as she lifted her head ", with my mans child."
"Oh, what great news." Belramn said enthusaticly, but he didn't sound it ", but, that'll be later, what now?" Belramn hissed.
"Me going to my room." Zelda snapped.

"Eat this."
"What is it." Jennie asked, holding the warm slimy green weed.
"River Weed. Eat." Link said, shoving it into Aidrains mouth, who had nearly gagged it out.
"Why eat it?" Fresan asked, holding it at arms length.
"It keeps you warm." Tykami explained, eating hers quickly in disguist.
"Yuck." Aidrain spat.
"Man, we have no choice." Dven complained.
"Literally." Shawn mutterd.
"I wish that Belramn idiot could taste this." Aidrain laughed.
Link looked a little confused.
"Oh, new guy that helped bring his magesty back." Shawn snarled.
"Slimly, greasy, smelly git." Dven added.
"Yes, our poor sire, whose soul has found peace." Jennie said sadly.
"What happend?" Link asked.
"He died, before we left." Tykami said.
"Damn." Link whisperd....he was silent from shock.
"And that Belramn guy, peserting Zelda all the time..." Fresan snarled.
"Who's bothering Zelda?" Link asked aburtbly.
"Some guy." Tykami sighed.
"Yeah, he was talking about filling some hole inside her, and other stuff." Dven said.
"What did she say?"
"Go away." Fresan laughed.
"Yes, but we'd better head back, I don't trust this, Belramn, charecter." Link said indifferently. "I'll walk since Epona...!"
"You didn't think we were going to leave her at the castle." Aidrian teased.
"Whoa girl." Link said as Epona nudged him."Greedy girl." Link laughed as she nibbled at a root on the ground.
Zelda laid down on her bed and rested. Feverent headaches had plagued her frequently.
She had just closed her eyes when she heard the door open.
"Who's there?" Zelda asked alertly.
Zelda lit her candle. She didn't see anyone, but she sensed she was being watched.
Then the feeling was gone, Zelda went over to the door and closed it, then she turned and headed to her and Link's bed.
Then a large hand put itself over her mouth, and a large, pale body threw her onto the bed. And the hand was removed from her mouth and tied her hands to each side of her bed.
Then, the cool steel blade against her throat. Whoever it was didn't want to mess around.
"Finally, my misson of murder will be complete." A falilair voice said eagerly and hissingly.
"Belramn?" Zelda asked.
"Yes," Belramn hissed, then everything fit together
Zelda said ", you wanted me to kiss you, and then you'd knock me out...so you could kill me."
"Then why didn't you just surprise and kill me?" Zelda snarled.
"Becuase your friends were keeping an eye on you and me." Belramn sneathed. "My misson was to kill you, but before I do that, I might as well..."
Belramn bent to kiss her, Zelda pulled her face away and screamed.
Link, Dven, Shawn, Aidrian, Fresan, Jennie and Tykami rode up and had just tied their horses to the post when a scream shatterd the silence.
"Zelda! Belramn!" Jennie exclaimed, as Link dashed off towards the castle.
"What a runner." Tykami mutterd.

Link could feel the start of pains in his sides as he ran past Impa, who followed close behind.
The door was right infront of him, and, damn, it was bolted, he was strong, but not superman.
Link had an idea and raced to the top of the tower, he took a rope, grabbed on, and swung towards the balconey.

"He's not here to save you, my pretty...you're all mine." Belramn hissed ", and then your dead."
The balconey doors opend and Link ran right in and picked up Belramn and held him to the wall.
"Don't...you ever...threaten her again." Link snarled, he was holding Belramn so tight that Belramn was having trouble breathing.
Belramn nodded, his face purple, Link dropped him, and kicked him the face, once, twice, and once more before opening the door.
Impa, and the gang walked in with Sanal and Norjal.
"I'll help escort this fella to his prison cell." Impa smiled as Sanal and Norjal chained up Belramn.
"My lord is back! And he will win!" Belramn said, he had clearly lost his mind.
"Cucco, Cucco." Shawn said, rotating one of his fingers around his right ear.
"He's back..."

After everyone had left, Link turned to Zelda and hugged her.
"I was beginning to think..." Zelda whisperd, tears streaming down her face and her head at his shoulder.
"I'm fine...its okay, its okay, its okay," Link repeated, cradling her head.
He held her like that untill midnight.
"I'm so happy that your back...Impa told me that the baby is due in about two to three months. It's June just now, so the baby is due around August or September." Zelda smiled, kissing Link's forehead.
"What will we name him or her?" Link asked.
"How about Aven for a boy and Yina for a girl?" Zelda asked.
Link pretended to think really hard.
"Lets see here....I like it." Link teased, kissing Zelda's forehead.
"Damn, my servant didn't do much help. He failed."
"My Lord Dragmire, calm down, just teleport him out of there and give him one last chance."
"I don't give second chances, I give opportunities."
"So....oh, brilliant, master."
"You can take the gaurds and all the others."
"Andd what of the Hero and the Princess?"
"I get them."
"My lord!"
"What is it, Ranus?"
"Yes, Me and Lord Gannondorf were discussing plans."
"Dark Link! Yes, Ranus."
"Belramns here and has shocking news!"
"What is it?"
"The Princess bears the Hero of Time a child!"
The next few months went without much adventure, rather than Zelda getting bigger and bigger.
One night as Link and Zelda were sitting in the libary that connected to thier room, Zelda gasped.
"What is it?" Link asked, lowering his book.
"The baby's kicking! Come here and feel it!" Zelda exclaimed.
Link slide over to Zelda and put his hand on Zelda's abdomen and nearly withdrew it from astonishment. His son or daughter, was kicking his hand!
"You know, Zelda, I've wonderd what his or her middle name going to be?" Link asked, kissing Zelda's forehead.
"If its a girl how about, Yina Zelda Hyrule. A boy, Aven Link Hyrule? Nah, sounds too," Zelda couldn't find the word.
"Used." Link agreed.
"More like, Yina Evellyn or Aven Daphnes." Zelda nodded.
"Yes, sounds much better."

August, 27th, 1421. Hyrule Castle, 7:05pm.
"A little more, honey, a little more." Impa soothed.
Zelda, weak as ever, got up on her elbows and pushed.
A few minutes later Impa rose up her arms, and in it was a little baby boy.
Light pinky skin, wisps of blonde hair, he was adorable.
"Zelda, you did it, honey, you did it!"
"I did?" Zelda asked, gasping.
"Yes! A little boy." Impa said kindly.
"Aven, Aven Daphnes Hyrule. " Link smiled at the name as he said it.
"Come here, Aven, let mother hold you." Link said, handing the baby to Zelda.
"Owh, he's beautifull...Link, we have a son." Zelda whisperd tiredly.
"Yes, a son."
The birth of Aven was a great celebration since Daphnes had died, a new member of the royal family was sure to get Hyrule happy yet again.
But, in a deep labrinth of sand and muck, five once thought gone enimies reunited.
"I want him to suffer." Gannondorf growled.
"Me too." Dark Link mutterd.
"Yes." Belramn laughed.
"Definitly." Parlan snarled.
"Agreed allready!" Ranus said malicously.
"We need the princess. We need him, and...oh, the child."
"Kill the child would make them both suffer!"
"Dark Link is right!"
"Yes, kill the child, and then the hero!"

Zelda snuggled up to Link's warm bulk, any minute now Aven was going to cry hungirly. Zelda was tired, she and Link had stayed up a little late this night....
Oh well, she may have been only eighteen, but she was allready the mother of a child. A little rascal child.
Aven wailed, Zelda got up, sighed, and picked up Aven, he couldn't be hungry, he had just nursed earlier.
Zelda put him on her shoulder and burped him, once, twice.
"Braft!" Aven burped, then he giggled and went back to sleep.
"Rascal." Zelda mutterd as she laid him down.
"Hee-hee." Aven chuckled in his sleep. Zelda laughed silently and touched Avens nose.
Zelda yawned and slide right next to her husband.
Aven was crying, Zelda yawned and got up. She realized that Link wasn't with her in bed. She shrugged, he must've went for a walk.
Zelda turned to Aven's cradle, and Parlan was standing there, holding Aven.
"Revenge...isn't it nice." Parlan said, holing the baby over the balconey. Or was it Parlan, wasn't it Ranus?
"Oh, Finally." Ranus chuckled ", I just might let this little guy...drop?" Ranus, or was it Belramn, threw Aven up in the air a little and caught the baby before she could scream.
"Yes...you will pay." Belramn hissed. Now he changed into a monster Link had only told her about.
"Oh, this is going to be enjoyable," Dark Link luaghed. Now he was someone worse, oh so much worse.
"Haha! Link is dead!" Gannondorf pointed to a mangled body in a pool of blood on the floor. Zelda couldn't scream, her voice was stuck. "And now it is time to say goodbye," Gannondorf laughed ", to the little guy!"
He threw Aven up in the air, and Zelda found her voice and screamed as loud as she could.
"Are you okay honey?" Link's worried face came into view.
"Uh, no,  I mean, nes, no, no, yes." Zelda stammerd, she jolted over the edge of the bed to check on Aven.
"Hon, are you okay?" Link asked, face showing his concern as she laid back on the pillows.
"What was happening?" Zelda gasped.
"You started to struggling, I slept through most of it untill you punched me in the ribcage." Link smiled.
"Oh, just..." Zelda poured out her dream to him, Link thankfully was a great listener.
"Just a nightmare, hopfully not a prohectic dream." Link said automatically.
"Yes...hopefully not a prohectic..." Zelda gasped, she lent over and kissed Link on the cheek.
"But, Mylord what if.."
"I will have it at the right time!"
"Okay, mylord."
December 31rst.
"What." Link replied automatically.
"Gannondorf just attacked Lon-Lon Ranch, they're still trying to take it completly over. Dven's not giving up." Shawn laughed.
"Lets go....Jennie, I think you and Tykami should stay behind." Link laughed, raising an eyebrow.
"Damn! I was hoping he wouldn't notice." Jennie swore.
"He'd have to be blind not to notice your pregnant, Jennie." Tykami said flatly.
"You're one to talk!" Jennie snapped.
"You guys go to Zelda's room." Link said, Tykami, Alamia, and a still sour-faced Jennie nodded and left.
The Knights of Hyrule galloped to the siege of Lon-Lon Ranch.
"Brillaint," Link mutterd as he counted through the spyglass ", no Gannondorf, about twently moblins, twenty stalfos, and an iron knuckle." Link put up the spyglass.
"Good, we'll divide into three's. I'll lead the middle group," Link said ", Shawn the left, and Aidrain the right. Hurry up, in five minutes we charge!"
The knights scurried to the posistions and then they let out a mighty roar and charged.
But, behind them, thirteen mblins, a large, huge, man, and a tall one started running to the castle.
Link stopped Epona as he sensed evil, he turned Epona to face them, but they didn't see him. Link understood with a feeling of dread.
"Fresan! Take over for me! I found Gannon!" Link yelled as he slapped Epona's rear.
Fresan nodded and took his king's place.
Zelda helped Tykami lay down, she was breathing rather heavilly.
"Its okay, Tykami." Jennie soothed, she had dropped her sour expression.
A scream was thier answer.
"Shh." Zelda whisperd.
"Guys." Alamia said, a note of panic in her voice.
"Gannondorf." Alamia said in horror, pointing at him out the window. Zelda rushed by her side, holding Aven.
Gannondorf looked up and waved at her, a look of satifaction on his face.
"Oh, god, bolt the doors, Alamia, Jennie."
After doing so, Impa knelt down.
 Thirty minutes later...
"Its a boy, Tykami." Jennie laughed.
"A boy?" Tykami breathed.
"Yes, a boy." Alamia urged.
Two pounds on the door woke them up, Impa and Jennie held up Tykami, Alamia carried Aven and Tykami's son. Zelda led the way up the winding staircase to the attic.
"We can't evade him forever." Zelda gasped.
Alamia handed Zelda Aven as she opened the door. Impa and Jennie, who were holding up Tykami assended the stairs. Alamia, with Tykami's little boy, followed. Zelda, who was holding Aven, was about to follow when a rough hand snatched her and dragged her and Aven back down.
"Lock the attic door, Dark Link!"
Zelda felt as if ice had slipped into her stomach.
"Hmm, nice kid." Gannondorf laughed as he dragged her down the stairs.
"Let me go!" Zelda snapped, she struggled.
"As you wish." Gannondorf laughed, he let go of her wrist and she tumbled down the stairs.
"Aven!" Zelda shrieked as Gannondorf held the little guy high.
Gannondorf laughed and threw Aven to a horrified Zelda.
"You could have killed him, you bastard!" Zelda snarled as she held Aven close.
"I know." Gannondorf walked by the snowcoverd windows. "After Link and you sealed me away, I found the Temple of Darkness. The revenger, you know the legend. I've been waiting for this day for over a year!"
He raised his hand, he was going to strike her.
"No you don't!"
Gannondorf drew back his hand, he had a cut right at the wrist.
"You won't touch her." Link snarled from the doorway.
"Wanna bet?" Gannondorf snapped.
Link drew out his bow and arrows, took aim in three seconds and fired. Gannondorf let out a roar of pain.
Then he circled around Gannondorf untill he was infront of Zelda and Aven.
"Get out, argh!"Link flinched in pain as Dark Link, cut his arm, and joined the fight. Link narrowed his eyes, he knew he could win, but he would have to be extemly, extremly carefull.
"Zelda, go up to the attic and free your friends, immeadeintly." Link said, not looking at her.
" He-he. How amusing, going to tell them to try and escape next?" Dark Link jeered, blocking the doorway.
"Maybe." Link snarled, blocking both attacks.
"Ha, I think that even you know you are trapped, at least at Lon-Lon Ranch this pain could have been saved." Gannondorf smirked, pushing his sword foreward with such force that Link had to duck to avoid getting his head cut off.
"Anyway, Link, ohh, nice dodge ", Gannondorf laughed ", But back to the point, soon as youre gone, This room, this castle, this land, Hyrule, and everyone in it will be mine....even youre precious Zelda and Aven, argh!"
Link had cut the side of his face, he and Dark Link started charging Link from opposite sides. Link jumped up and out of the way.
Dark Link watched in horror as Gannondorfs sword skewerd him, and his missed Gannondorf completely.
"DAMMIT." Gannondorf bellowed."Oh well."
"Huh?" Link said, looking a little amused.
"Where was I?" Gannondorf asked himself.
Link circled around him while he was trying to figure out where he was.
"Oh yes I will....WHERE DID YOU GO?" Gannondorf bellowed, looking around frantically.
"Behind you." Link whisperd, then as Gannondorf turned around, Link dashed to the other side.
"Damn it!" Gannondorf swore as he realized Link had tricked him, he turned once again face to face with Link.
Right, horizontal, left, down, horizontal, jump attack, parry, up, left, right, horizontal.
"You can't win, your energy was spent getting up here in time, and all that running." Gannondorf jeered.
"I can try!" Link yelled back.
Gannondorf went to the back of the room, and came back with the thirteen moblins...shit.
Left, left, right, up, down, horizontal, diagonal, right, up, up, down, right, left, diagonal, horizontal, left, left, right up, down, left, horizontal, diagonal, right, up, down, left, jumpattack, parry attack, lef, down, up, right.
Twelve moblins down, Zelda entered the room with her friends as soon as Link had defeated the thirteenth.
Gannondorf saw them enter the room and threw the sword at Zelda. It whizzed through the air, and Zelda saw it coming, it was so close...
When Link yet again took the blow.
"Liiink!" Zelda screeched.
The sword had hit him in the chest, blood was seeping out of the wound.
"I will never leave you." Link whispered as she held him close.
"No! No! Don't die, not here! Not now!" Zelda cried.
Link smiled lightly and then closed those blue eyes.
"You, you bastard." Zelda cried, cradling Link's head and sobbing, glaring at Gannondorf the whole while.
"But I've had my revenge! Finally! I will rule Hyrule and-wha the hell!"
The revenger, shadow, appeared.
Everybody gasped.
"You, Gannondorf, too early."
"But-its, 12:00 sharp, sir!"
"You killed him," Revenger motioned to Link ", at 11:59, seven seconds before twelve. You are doomed!"
A black light filled the room, took shape of a bird, and flew to Gannondorf and lifted hm up in the air, squezzed him tightly.
Zelda screamed at the sickening sight, Gannondorf snapped, bones poked through the skin, blood fell to the foor, and then a tangle of flesh and bone fell to the floor.
Zelda felt nauseated.
Gannondorf was dead allright.
"You," Revenger said, with out looking at her ", lost a piece of your life. He will be restored to you for the pains of the pathetic remains of Gannondorf."
Then, he was gone.
"What the hell happened!" Tykami yelled.
"So, so, so, gross." Alamia whimpered, looking over to where the big shadow bird had dissipated and Gannondorfs tangled remains.
"Damn it. That was, weird." Jennie whispered in awe.
"Yes, at least Link shall live." Impa said kindly, holding Aven and Tykami's little boy she'd finally named (Thank god!) Adien.
Zelda didn't hear them, Link's wound had healed up, and he seemed to glow for a second, but not a second longer.
"Link! You are alive!"
"I guess," Link sat up and looked over to Gannondorf ", what happened to him." Link said, expressing distaste at the sight of what had once been a great threat, and what was now a pile of flesh and bone.
Things improved in Hyrule, the news that Parlan had been killed in the battle at Lon-Lon Ranch cheered everybody up.
The same year, two days after Adiens birth, Jennie gave birth to a boy, Dynan.
The next year, Malon gave birth to a girl, Eimanlyna, Eima for short. Alamia gave birth to a girl as well, and she name her Raine.
But, Ranus and Belramn escaped to Ranus's home country.
Trouble would plauge them for a time after.
Find out What happens next in its sequel;
A dragon. Defeating Ranus.
So, what do you think? I'm going to continue this, hope to have it on here soon.

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