A New Age

By Jonathan

Chapter 1: Link’s Worry

Link was now a hero of all time. Not once he saved the world, he saved the world twice from Ganondorf. Now he lives in the castle. Two weeks after Ganondorf’s death, everything was slowly turning back to normal. Faye was in her usual cocky mood, thinking that Hyrule is safe to roam; which Zelda and Link despised. Impa regained her spirits again and now was ever faithful to Link and Zelda. 

Link woke up early one misty spring morning. He looked over Hyrule and saw that the sun has barely risen. He got up and went to the training path where the targets are. He picked up his bow and a single arrow. He fired one onto a target; not only he hit the bullseye but destroyed the target all together. He smiled at the rubble and saw that Zelda was behind him. Link smiled at her; dark blonde hair, always beautiful in his eyes and only his eyes. “You have gotten stronger Link.” Zelda saw that Link looked away “You ok?” she said hugging Link from behind. “There is something that I am confused about Zelda,” he said. Zelda smiled at Link “What is it Link?” “I want to know where my family is and from” he said. Zelda looked at Link. “If you want to know where your family is from, I am coming with you.” Link looked at Zelda. “Link I want to join you on your travels, not just stay here in this castle; where you will go I will follow you.” Link looked at his girlfriend and smiled at her. “Zelda, I was going to ask you if you want to come with me” Zelda smiled back and they went to the breakfast table.


Chapter Two: Arrival to Link’s Family

Impa approached Link. “Link, I have got something to give you.” Impa gave him a necklace. This necklace had a blue sapphire and writing carved on it which said “To Link from your mother and father.” “A memento from your parents who gave it to me when the war started to give to you, I am sorry I have not told you of your parents till now.” Link looked at ImpaImpa, thank you for giving me this.” Impa smiled at him as Link readied Epona for the journey to Kakariko Village. He packed his bow just in case and a bundle of arrows, food, water and a pendant from Zelda. Zelda appeared next to him “You ready?” Link looked at her and smiled “Yes I am Zel, come on, get on Epona” He helped Zelda on Epona and guided Epona outside. “Impa, we will be back tomorrow; I need to get some answers from Kakariko Village.” Impa approached Link and said “Go to the furthest house in the village and then you will find your family.” Link smiled and got on Epona. They rode off in the distance to the village of Kakariko Village.

Half an hour after they left Hyrule they arrived at the village. “Impa said it is the furthest house in the Village,” said Zelda looking around as she was holding onto Link. Link looked around the Village. It has not changed even since they went up the Mountain, three years ago. The gate leading upwards to Death Mountain has been closed, since the village has been destroyed. “Link over there” pointed Zelda at a house near the outskirts of the village. Link dismounted Epona, guided her to the horse stand, and tied her there. He helped Zelda off Epona and they walked to the house. Link knocked on the door. “Who are you? What do you want?” cried the reply. “I am Link Hero of Hyrule.” The door opened and a girl stepped outside. She looked like Link but she looks a bit older than he does blonde hair, tall and slim. “Link?” Link knew that at once this was his sister. The girl said “I am called Mellow; your sister.  Link and Zelda walked in the house.  “This is Zelda, Princess of Hyrule,” said Link to Mellow. She curtseyed to Zelda. Zelda smiled and said “Please think of me as a person, not a princess.” Suddenly another person entered the room. Another girl who looks like Link and looks the same age as him looked at Link. “Mellow is this him?” she asked Mellow. “I am Willow your twin sister.” Link looked at both of them and replied, “You two are my sister’s.” Link suddenly cried and so did both of the girls and they both of them ran to Link they hugged him. Zelda cried as well. Link said after he cried, “It’d been too long.” The girl looked at him in awe “Our brother, the Hero of Time.” Link smiled at both of them, realising that he is back with his family, once more.


Chapter Three: Back in the Hylian way

When Link and Zelda arrived back, they had a busy life ahead of them, since Ganondorf attack nearly destroyed their beloved castle. Link was out of the castle often to help town from the bits of monsters, which were scattered around the world. Ganondorf might have been destroyed, but the monsters still live on. Zelda was kept under her worst fear; guard were at her room guarding her everyday. She hated this because she hated the guards outside watching. She would rather be with Link, explore the world with him, and have adventures with him. However, she was a princess so she to stay in the castle unless she was allowed to. The only adventure she had was with Link going to meet his family. It has been four weeks since that happened, and it was Link’s birthday in a few weeks. She did hate being a princess but she would rather be with Link then being in the castle.

“It’s Link’s birthday soon,” whispered Zelda to Selina. Selina smiled and replied, “Yes, I know, we got a lot of planning for the Hero of Time’s birthday.” Zelda smiled back at her “He is not called not the Hero of Time, he is called Link Selina.” Selina spoke “Well, there is nothing else to call your boyfriend.” Zelda hit Selina lightly and they both collapsed in a fit of giggles. Zelda calmed down and spoke “But really, we need to plan a surprise for Link.” Selina stopped laughing, “Well, he is your boyfriend, so you should do the planning.” Zelda pondered about this for a few minutes and said “But you are helping me then.” Selina smiled at her and they started the planning for Link’s birthday.

“I think that is last of them,” said Aaron to Link as they destroyed the last of the moblins. “Yes, let’s get back to Hyrule,” said Link back. Aaron looked at Link very confused. “It will take half a day to get back. Let’s go back tomorrow and rest tonight.” Link looked back at Aaron “I will go back to Hyrule, I will see you tomorrow.” He got on Epona and rode away from Raura Village. Aaron sighed and watched his friend going off in the distance. “He always wants to be with Princess Zelda; he maybe older than me, but he acts like a kid.” He got on his horse Soulful and rode into the village.


Chapter Four: Evil stirs

Far in the East, too far in the Gerudo Desert live the Haunted Wastelands. Two witches were the mothers of Ganondorf. They are called Kotake of Ice and Koume of Fire. They were destroyed years ago by Link who turned there magic against them. However, they still live. One day a Gerudo boy was lead into the Spirit Temple. He was brainwashed.  He was leaded into the main room and chanted the revival spell. Haa hahahahahah.” The red jewel floated in the air and began to take form. Hee heheheheheh.” The white jewel floated in the air and began to take began. The boy fell to the floor unconscious. The two witches were revived. “Oh, my aching head,” said Kotake looking a little woozy. “Koume, it has been seven years we have been cooped up in those jewels.”  The two sisters smiled at each other evilly. “We have got a lot of planning to do to revive our late son back to life,” said Koume.   “And to kill the Hero of Time, once and for all” replied Kotake.  They used there magic to recreate the Temple.


Chapter Five: The Storm and the Love

Around midnight, Link raced through Liera Field, which was close to Hyrule. Suddenly Link stopped his horse and got off. He felt something in the Far East, but he was too far away to realise what it was. “I feel something bad,” he said to himself. He mounted back on his horse and a storm started to brew. He went to a near by cave to shelter from it. “Epona, stay calm; it’s just a thunderstorm.” Epona hated thunderstorms though. Link settled down to sleep.

“Where is Link?” Zelda asked her father; she knew that Link would always be back early from his missions. “Zelda, there is a thunderstorm, so I doubt that Link will ride through it” he replied. Zelda had her usual worry face about Link on. Her father clasped his hand on her shoulder “You worry too much about Link.” Zelda looked at him. “Only because I care and love him so deeply, is the reason why I worry,” she replied, watching outside on the Field to see if Link is coming.

At two o’clock the storm past off very quickly, leaving the area very wet. Link woke up realising that Zelda needs him. “Epona, wake up.” Epona woke up and was ready to get going. He mounted on her and they set off the Hyrule. He could always sense when Zelda needed him because he cares about her. He got through Liera at top speed and saw that Hyrule was in sight.  “This is Link!” he said when he arrived “Stable Epona!” One of the guards said, “Yes sir” as he grabbed the reins. Link jumped off and raced through the town and to the castle. He got through and to his bedroom and saw Zelda sleeping on his bed. His panic was over. “Link, you had her worried sick,” said the King who was behind him. “I’m sorry; the storm slowed me down” Link said sitting next to a sleeping Zelda.  The King looked at Zelda, “Link, I think you should stay around the castle for a few days otherwise Zelda is going to be like this every time you are away.” Link looked at Zelda stayed up all night.


 Chapter Six: Link’s Illness

Two days after the storm, Link fell ill. He had a terrible cold and he could hardly move. Zelda as usual was worried. “Is Link going be alright?” Zelda asked Impa who checked him. “Zelda, he has got a cold, so he is going to be in bed mostly.” Link woke up and saw his girlfriend by his side. “How do you feel?” she asked him feeling his head. Link looked her “I been better Zel” he said weakly. He tried to get up. “Link, stay in bed please” she said back to him pushing him back. Link looked at the pendant that Zelda gave him few years ago. In the pendant, had a sapphire and an emerald join and on the casing it said, “I love you Link.” Link kissed Zelda on the cheek.

“How long will he be like that” the King asked Impa as they were watching Link and Zelda hug and they both fell asleep. “Link is a tough one, so the cold should go eventually; he was up all night when he arrived back from Raura and he has not been sleeping since” she said back. “Link, cares about Zelda and Zelda cares about Link” he smiled to Impa. “Yes, those two were made for each other.”

Link regained from his illness from the next day, but he felt something bad. He felt the same thing two days ago, outside in Liera. He felt an evil presence in the East. He got up, went to the window, and looked outside. Zelda woke up and saw him looking outside. Zelda got up and went to Link. “You ok Link? You look worried” she said looking at Link’s face. Link looked at Zelda “I’m fine Zelda.” Zelda could tell Link was very worried. “Link, I know I have been very worried lately about you, and I likely will never change.” She smiled at Link. “Link as long as you come home safe and sound, I will be fine.” Link turned about and hugged her. “Zelda, I’m sorry I made you worry.”


Chapter Seven: Link’s Birthday

Only one more day till my birthday” Link said to himself as he was riding around Hyrule. He felt very happy because of everything is turning back to normal. Zelda was right behind him watching him training Epona. Then Selina appeared next to Zelda. “Have you got everything ready for tomorrow?” Zelda asked Selina. Selina nodded at her. “Go then, otherwise Link might be suspicious.” Selina walked away into the town. Zelda sat down and watched Link lovingly. Suddenly Link fell off Epona. Zelda stood up and ran over to Link. “Link, are you ok?” Link got up and looked at Zelda. “You distracted me by looking at me lovingly.” Zelda hit him lightly “Link, don’t do that; you scared me” and they laughed. Link offered Zelda a ride back and she obliged.

Link woke up the next day early in the morning with a surprise. He felt it again. The same evil presence he felt a week ago. However, the presence is stronger though, and more brutish.  The presence has been bothering him for a while now. However, why does the presence feels very familiar to him? It is like greeting an old enemy like Ganondorf. However, he knew Ganondorf is dead, and he could not be revived in any way. Link closed his eyes and thought of all the enemies he has beaten. “Happy Birthday Link!” Link turned around and saw Zelda standing at his door, wearing a green dress. This dress is similar to Link’s old tunic. Zelda always wear green on his birthday for it reminded them of when they first met. Link grinned at Zelda as she went over and embraced him. “Here’s my present” she said giving him two presents. Link opened the smaller one and it was a painted picture of both of them; sitting in Moonlight Hill; obviously done by Zelda. “Beautiful Zel, just beautiful” he said kissed her lightly on the cheek. “You have not finished yet” Zelda grinned and blushed at the same time. Link opened the other present and saw a mirror shield. However, it looked different. It was red plated with the insignia of Hyrule; the Triforce. However, it had something written on the back of the shield. It said,

To my Link,

My Eternity of Love is with you, forever

From your Zelda

Link looked at Zelda, shed a few tears, and hugged his girlfriend. The surprises later on for her are even better than this; but he loved these with all his heart. “Mellow and Willow have arrived from Kakariko Village for your birthday,” said Zelda. Link grinned more broadly. “Can this day get any better?” he asked Zelda. Zelda looked up at him and grinned with him. “Oh just wait and see Link; wait and see.” They kissed passionately. No one would ruin this precious moment; ever.

However, in the East the two witches have already finished their plans. “This will revive in a few minutes,” exclaimed Koume. They were devising a spell, which the boy who revived them did, but it is a lot more complicated. The sword, which they had, floated in the air, in an odd fashion. The sword was giving out a lot of smoke. In the cloud of smoke there was a person holding the sword. “He lives Kotake!” shouted Koume. “He lives Koume!” she shouted back. There was a familiar laugh they recognised; their plan was completed.

In the Grand Hall, there was a feast to celebrate the hero twenty’s birthday.  “Master Link!” One of the apprentices ran up to him and, very scared. “There is trouble at the north of the castle; Staflos have appeared.” Link face changed. They ran to the outside of the castle and saw several hundreds of Staflos at the gates. “How come there are so many?” asked Aaron. “I wish I knew the answer Aaron,” said Link readying for battle. One of the Staflos walked to them. Staflos were dead soldiers brought back to life; with intensity to kill. Pure hatred, never caring who they kill and they follow their master without fail. “Witness the arrival of his Evilness,” he said quite joyfully. They saw a familiar person coming closer to them. “Ganondorf” said Link darkly. The dark being smiled “I have come to collect what is mine” he announced. Link, Aaron drew his weapons. “Yes, I want the Triforce of Power back!” Link shuffled his feet but he answered back “The Triforce will never enter people again for that was my wish. Ganondorf smiled at him.


Chapter Eight: The great Triforce Crisis

“Your wish was for the Triforce not to live in people, but there is one flaw in your wish. Anyone can still collect the Triforce in its golden form.” Ganondorf smiled evilly, realising that victory for him was very near. “Hero of Time, you have no chance,” said Ganondorf once more. Ganondorf teleported away inside the castle. Link looked back and saw Ganondorf floating towards the Temple of Time. “Drake, Aaron you stay here,” Link said to both of them as he ran towards the Temple of Time. However, two Staflos were following him. Link charged at the left Staflos and destroyed it in a single slash. The second Staflos charged at him with the intensity to kill. “I do not have time for this!” said Link thrusting his sword into the middle of the Staflos which then it fell to the ground. Link resumed running to the Temple of Time.

At the Temple of Time broke down the door, just as Link arrived in the Temple. “Ganondorf I will never let you touch the Triforce.” Ganondorf looked back at Link “Oh but I don’t need all of the Triforce; only my Triforce of Power. The Triforce stood in the Room of Time gleaming with supreme beauty. When Ganondorf touched the Triforce, the Triforce of Power floated into his hand. “This is all I need,” said Ganondorf as he faced Link and laughed as he destroyed the Triforce of Courage, he teleported away. “Link, all of the Staflos and those witches have suddenly disappeared,” said Aaron running up to Link. Link picked up the Triforce of Wisdom and looked at his companions with disbelief. “No.” “It seems Ganondorf has succeeded in getting back the Triforce of Power.” Link said as he looked over to where the remains of the Triforce of Courage. “It’s disappeared,” said Aaron seeing that the fragments are not there. “This is the war Ganondorf has been waiting for, a few months ago was not a war, it was a battle, preparing for this, for the Great Hyliean War has just started”

Link was in his room the rest of the day looking at his feet. Was Ganondorf true thought Link, was that wish he said to the Triforce was foolhardy. Link lied down on his bed; he blames himself for this, for everything that has happened. So what if it his birthday, so what if he is finally twenty, so what if he is a hero among everyone; he let Ganondorf get the Triforce of Power and destroyed the Triforce of Courage. Downstairs Zelda and Aaron were worried about Link. “How is he when he arrived?” Zelda asked Aaron looking extremely worried. “Depressed; he blames himself for the Triforce Crisis” Aaron answered back with a worried face. Aaron spoke up again “Link didn’t destroy the Triforce though; Ganondorf did, so why is he like this?” he answered a bit unkindly. Zelda looked at Aaron, quite offended “”Aaron, Link blames himself for not stopping Ganondorf taking the Triforce and destroyed the other one.” Everyone was in silence as they looked at the remaining Triforce. “Someone should go up to him,” said Impa looking at the Triforce of Wisdom.

“Well done your Evilness” said one of the Staflos called Skrool “But if you did not destroy the other one, you would have become much stronger.” At this Ganon threw a lightning blot at Skrool who dodged it. “I will claim them, very soon, for I have started the true war against Hyrule.” Skrool ran up to him “A very wise choice, your Evilship.” “Skrool, stop embarrassing you in from of him” said another Staflos entering the Throne room. “Ricochet” said Ganondorf looking at the Staflos “Shut up; the only reason I put you two dolts as leaders of the Staflos because I need two generals to keep an eye out on them.” Ganondorf turned to his Triforce of Power. “For I don’t need you two rattling on every day to me!” he shouted at the two as they left him in peace.

“I will go up to him,” said Zelda, and they in the room held no objection to this statement. “Do you know what to say to him?” asked Willow who has just arrived into the room looking as worried as Zelda.  Zelda looked at her “Don’t worry Willow” she managed a small smile “I know what I am doing” as she left the room and walk upstairs to Link’s room. “Link” Zelda said as she walked into the room “Come downstairs please Link.” Link looked up at Zelda and looked down again “If I do, I will make a huge mistake, like I did with the Triforce; I will be a huge burden to you all.” Zelda looked at Link with disbelief “This is not the Link that I loved” Link looked up “My Link would not have jumped to conclusions and think he has done something wrong, he would be calm and forget this and think of what is going to happen later on.” Link looked up at Zelda and saw that her eyes were stung with tears. Zelda walked up to Link and sat down on his bed with him “We are not blaming you for this; you did not touch the Triforce and you did not destroy the Triforce of Courage.” Link went over to clothes drawer and opened it. Inside was a wooden box, which he opened and inside was a Triforce fragment. “Zelda, I found only one fragment in the Temple.” Zelda stood up and went over to Link. “Link, I love you; please come with me downstairs with me” Zelda kissed him on the lips. Link looked at his girlfriend “Zelda I am sorry for being like what I was; forgive me please” Zelda kissed him again “I think you are forgiven Link” smiled Zelda.


Chapter Nine: The Triforce mystery

Link came back down with Zelda to the Conference Room where everyone was. Willow ran up to him and hugged his brother, Impa, Aaron and Drake looked at him and smiled. “Sorry that I had you all worried,” he said to everyone.  Link placed his hand on the sapphire necklace and the pendant, from the three most important people in his life. “Everyone, the Triforce of Courage has not all disappeared; only one fragment was left and the Triforce of Wisdom is still with us.” Link showed the fragment of Courage. “At least, we have a bit of information of the Triforce,”” said Impa as Link put the Fragment on the table. “Yeah, but we no clue where the other fragments are” said Aaron looking at the Triforce of Wisdom. Link grabbed the Fragment and looked down on the floor. “Link; your hand!” said Zelda grabbing his hand and touched it, which attracted the attention of everyone in the room. Link looked at the fragment and noticed it was not there. He noticed on his palm that the whole Triforce of Courage was infused in his hand; like before.  Link was just confused as Zelda. “I think the Triforce of Courage has found its true holder,” Impa said thoughtfully. Link walked out of the room. “Link!” said Willow as he left. Impa stopped Willow. “I think Link needs Zelda at this time.” Zelda walked out and caught up with him.

“I am just as confused as you are Zel, but I wished for the Triforce not to join with us.” Zelda held his hand looking at the mark curiously. Link looked over the horizon. “Link” said the King who was behind him “I think you and Zelda need to take a break at Lake Hylia; we can look after the Triforce here.” Zelda and Link said nothing to object the offer. “Link, I think it is best for both of us, if we did go. Lake Hylia will be good for both of us.” Link looked at Zelda “As long as I am with you, everything is alright.” She smiled at the compliment. Hyrule was so peaceful lately, why does everyone have to go downhill, when Ganondorf lives thought Link. The trip to Lake Hylia would make everyone better they say. Link grabbed the thing deep inside his pocket; if this works, then I will be eternally happy he thought. The only person he told was Aaron.

“Don’t worry Link” winked Aaron; Link looked his best friend and smiled at him “Thanks Aaron.” Link and Zelda got in the horse cart, which was ready for their leave to Hylia. “Have a good week Link,” said Willow and Mellow. Link kissed his sisters and the cart rode off to Lake Hylia. 


Chapter Ten: Love binds everything

“Link seems to be in higher spirits than earlier,” said Mellow waving off Link. “Yeah” said the King smiling at Mellow “I think if Zelda is with him, he will be in higher spirits.” Aaron spoke up “Especially that little surprise he got…” but stopped speaking as everyone looked at him in surprise. “He has got a surprise for Zel?” asked Willow. “Yeah, more of a big surprise for him than her” Aaron said finally. “Is it?” said Impa looking at Aaron in a way that Aaron understood. He nodded back smiling. “I think it will make the Princess very happy,” she said to the others. “What is it?” asked Willow with great curiously. “Young Willow, wait and see” said Impa smiling. All of them looked at the horse cart, which was fading in sight.

Lake Hylia; I have not been there for two years” Link said to Zelda who smiled at him. “I remember that day, you caught the biggest fish in the lake, but you thrown in the lake when you were trying to caught it,” she said laughing. “I remember that you were scared out of your life when I went in the water; but at least I caught it though.” He smiled at her while she put her head on his shoulder. They arrived at Lake Hylia, which greeted the couple with a beautiful lake, which was big as the ocean. Since Link had saved Hylia from a creature in the Water Temple, which resided deep underwater, there was a hotel for people who want to stay at Hylia. A week here would make my spirits higher thought Link but my spirits would break that when Zelda finds out what I have for her. “Link, my friend!” said a burly man who greeted Link as they arrived. “Hey Posle, how the hotel going?” Posle smiled “Brilliant. Good morning you’re Highness.” “Hello Posle, I am glad to see that you are well,” said Zelda. “The same as you Princess” he bowed at both of them, which Link laughed at. Posle spoke again “Come with me so I can get your room key.” Posle walk into the small hotel and got the key “Here, Room 1, best room for the best couple” he winked at the two. Link looked away in embarrassment, but Zelda smiled and looked at Link. “I will take your luggage you two get to your room, a double room for you two.” Zelda liked the sound of this as she ran into the hotel. Link sighed, “Posle, I am planning to propose to Zelda on this holiday.  Posle looked at him and smiled “I knew you will do that sooner or later.” Link looked edgy. Link smiled at him, no matter what people say about Princess Zelda being royalty, it did not matter to him or even Zelda. Zelda appeared at the foot of the stairs “Come on Link, check out the bedroom; it’s beautiful.” Link ran inside and he and Zelda went upstairs.

“Wow!” exclaimed Link as he entered the room. The morning sun radiated the room more. It had a bed which looked like it was sewn out of silk, there was a window which shown the lake and everything was beautiful. “Oh Link everything here is perfect,” she said looking him “but not as perfect as you.” This is it thought Link. “Zelda” said Link bending down “Will you make me the happiest man in Hyrule” he showed a ring “and will you marry me?” Zelda put both of her hands to her mouth, but she smiled. Posle stood outside of the room smiling. “Link, I would love to; yes.” Link put the ring on her finger. Posle entered the room with a big smile on his face “Congratulations you two for your engagement.” Link looked embarrassed “You were standing outside Posle? Listening to us?” Posle smiled at both of them.


Chapter Eleven: The Celebration

“Where is Epona?” said Drake looking around the stables for a red mare. “It’s unlike Epona to leave unless…” said Aaron “She followed Link.” “Wow that mare got out of the stables this easily?” said Aaron in disbelief. “No” said Impa at the front of the stables “I let her out because she was very edgy a few days because Link was not here.” Drake knew Impa would do something like this though. “Anyway, Link and Zelda come back tomorrow from Hylia.” Impa smiled “I think she said yes to him.” Aaron caught that smile “What else you think she will say?” Drake looked at Impa “Have you started preparations?” Impa smiled at both of them “To be honest; we are not that certain yet.”

Link woke up from a terrible nightmare. He dreamt that two witches came to Hyrule to cause havoc, and they took Princess Zelda hostage. Link looked over and smiled at Zelda who was sleeping peacefully. “Link?” Zelda got up and saw Link looking at her “Good morning Zelda” he smiled. She smiled sweetly back at him “Good morning darling.” Link got up and opened the curtains. “We go back today,” he said looking disappointed. Zelda went behind him and hugged him “But at least your better” she smiled at Link who kissed her. Link got downstairs fully clothed and saw Epona standing outside. “Epona what are you doing here?” Epona looked very happy when she saw him. Zelda came outside “Why is Epona here?” Link smiled at Epona “You missed me girl?” Zelda looked at Epona and smiled at her fiancée “It shows how much we girls miss guys like you.” Link grinned at her and patted Epona. The horse cart arrived. “You ready Princess? Master Link?” Yes driver” said Zelda and got on the horse cart “You coming?” “Yes Zelda” as he got on “Epona, walk back with us.”

After an hour, they were close to Hyrule Castle. Zelda looked very happy to tell everyone the good news. Link looked a touch nervous but when Zelda kissed him, he smiled all the way back. “Here you go mil’lady,” said the driver. “Thanks” she said. Link stepped out and took Zelda by the hand. “Epona, I will stable you, just don’t do that again” he said going to the stables. After he stabled Epona, he arrived at the courtyard and saw many smiling faces. “Congratulations!” they all said. Link thought Zelda must have told them “Thanks” he said back.

Instead of the usual dinner, there was the celebration of the engagement to Link and Zelda. “Well Link “said the King smiled warmly at him “I am glad you are going to be married to Zelda.” Link smiled very wryly “You always wanted me to marry her.” The king laughed, “Well it was going to be soon.” Zelda was with the girls admiring the ring. “Wow, what a lovely ring” said Selina “its sapphire isn’t it?”  Zelda smiled at her “Yeah it is.” The ring has three tiny sapphires in a gold casing, which shined beautifully. “I have seen this design before,” said a friend of Zelda called Mera looking closely at the ring. “What do you mean?” asked Zelda looking at her ring curiously. “I mean the shape, the layout of the ring,” Mera said. “You’re right,” said Selina “It is in the shape of the Zora’s Sapphire.” Zelda looked closely and said, “Wow, it is! I never knew.” Selina smiled at the ring “Still it is very lovely.” Zelda smiled back walked over to Link “Link can I talk to you in private?” Link obliged and they walked out and Zelda smiled at him. “Link, I did not know this ring was in the shape of the Zora’s Sapphire.” Link smiled back “Well out of the Spiritual Stones, I thought the Zora’s Sapphire would be your favourite.” Zelda hugged him and kissed his cheek “But Link how?” Link smile widen “Well I pulled a few strings, bribed some people; for a small price. And before Ganondorf’s revival” Link shuddered at the name “The ring was ready.” Zelda loved him more than ever. “Link this is why I love you; you are full of surprises.” Link commented, “Is that all?” “Oh Link!” she said hitting him.

An ominous shadow loomed around the castle. “Come on Koume, just one little ice blast?” Koume moved in her way “Kotake! Not yet; Ganondorf’s orders.” Kotake smiled evilly “Well he will congratulate us if we did.” Koume smiled back. “Ok, but don’t blame me if he shouts at us.” Koume shot a fire attack at one of the battlements of Hyrule castle. Koume looked satisfied “Ok you’re turn.” Kotake was taken aback “What but you said…” Koume floated to her “We are twin sisters in arms, so we do thing together.” Kotake looked at her then grinned. “You’re on.” Kotake fired an ice blast at another battlement and Koume burned it. “Come on” said Koume “Before we really are in trouble.” Kotake nodded.

What happened?” asked Link as he rushed to where the sisters attacked. “Two battlements were destroyed sir” said one of the guards “Do you know who did it?” asked Link looking perplexed. “Well, we don’t, but one of the battlements looks like it was burned down and the other looks like it has a mixture of fire and ice.” Link heard that combo before. “Fire and ice” he said. The only combination he heard that phrase from is Kotake and Koume. “Was there something in the air before the battlements were destroyed?” asked Link curiously. “Not sure” he said back. Link looked in the sky and walked to his room. However, Selina stopped him. “Hey Selina, I have been meaning to ask you something” Selina smiled “What is it?” “Would you like to be a bride’s maid in our wedding,” he said. Selina looked him wide-eyed “You want me to be a bride’s maid?” Link smiled as Zelda walked in “Of course, we would not have it any other way.” “What are you two talking about?” Zelda said looking at both of them. “I just said that Selina should be a bride’s maid in our wedding,” Link said and then Zelda nodded her head “Yes of course Selina, and we would.” Selina smiled “Thank you Link and Zelda, for this” she said as she walked out of the room. Link hugged Zelda. “Zelda, I love you so much.” Zelda looked at him and blushed “You always say that darling.” Link kissed Zelda “Well Zelda, we have got a big day tomorrow, so I am going to retire.” “No Zelda, don’t go yet” Zelda kissed him again with a bit more passion. “Ok Zelda, I will stay here a bit longer” Link smiled and they walked up to Link’s room.


Chapter Twelve: Meeting old Enemies

“Brother” whispered a voice.  “It was not your fault that we died. We had too much pride. We overlooked him. Don’t blame yourself.”

Link woke up from an odd dream. He dreamt of Darunia speaking to him but he was dead though. Link sat on the edge of his bed. He was not the blame for the total wipe-out of the Gorons this? It is true though. Gara the Goron who caused the death of all Gorons did this. He went back into the memories of his past. Darunia was a good friend. He never backed down on all his promises when Link and he became Sworn Brothers. Those who are Sworn Brothers will never back down on anything even at the cost of their lives. However, Darunia was dead. He did not stop this. Link got up and went to the window. He has been feeling sorry for himself for a long time. Everything he has done was for a purpose but at a cost. Link had saved too many lives, but the only life he has not saved was Darunia.

Zelda opened the Link and saw that Link was despondent. “Link how come you got that face?” she asked looking a bit worried. “Sorry Zel, I just thought of Darunia.” Zelda walked up to him “You feel responsible?” she asked holding his hand. Link looked up with a small smile “No I don’t, I just mourning for my Sworn Brother.” Zelda returned the small smile and kissed him on the cheek. “You have been different ever since we came back.” Link smiled at the compliment and kissed her passionately. “Leave that till later,” she said lovingly “After dark I mean.” Link smiled that her. “Beautiful Zelda, I love you so much,” said Link. Zelda rolled her eyes at this “You say that all the time, but do you mean it?” Link showed the ring on her finger and then Zelda said, “Well you passed that test with flying colours.” Link kissed her passionately again. “Just think, in a few more months we are going to be married,” she said looking very happy. “I’m going be married to the most beautiful girl in Hyrule,” Link said back. Zelda frowned “Well I know Selina is cute but…” Link smiled at this “Zelda, you are the most beautiful girl in Hyrule.” “I know; I was just testing you” she teased. Link tickled her, she fell on the bed laughing, and Link fell with her.

Koume, we need to attack soon.” Kotake said calmly. Koume looked at her very evilly “We need a hostage so that the Hero of Time can come unsuspecting our trap.” Kotake thought for a while “Lets kidnap Princess Zelda” she said nearly falling off her broom. Koume looked at her sister and nodded “Yeah, the Princess will be an excellent target for the Hero of Time to reclaim.” Koume and Kotake’s hideout was in the desert far in the east in the Haunted Wastelands. In the Wastelands lied a temple, which worshiped the “sun spirit.” This Temple is called the Spirit Temple. Years ago, Link entered the Temple and destroyed the two witches. Ever since, the Temple has been quiet and nothing stirred in the Temple. Not until Kotake and Koume were revived. The Temple has been a base for planning and the soul centre where the entire of Ganondorf’s army is born.

Link was called out of the Castle because Koriki Forest needed him. Zelda watched Link got on Epona and gallop off into the south-eastern part of Hyrule.  Zelda wanted to go, but for the tenth time her father would not let her go because it was too dangerous. Zelda sighed and looked at the tiny speck, which was her fiancée. “Well Princess Zelda, now that Link is gone.” Zelda looked around in surprise and saw Koume and Kotake right next to her. “We can finally capture you,” said Kotake and Koume raising their hands. Zelda screamed and then there was silence. Aaron ran up to her room, saw a flash of red and white. He looked around and picked up a note and he read it.

To the Hero of Time

If you want to save your precious Zelda, come to the place where you destroyed fire and ice.

From the servant of the Great Ganondorf

Link’s horse came to a complete stop. Link saw a green streak of light above his head and the green speck formed. It formed into a golden person surrounded by a green array of light. “Farore” said Link jumping off Epona and bowing to the golden goddess. “At ease Link” spoke Farore. Link stood up. “Link, Hero of Time, Zelda has been captured by a creature which you have destroyed before.” Link looked at Farore in dire shock “But, how Farore?” Farore looked at Link with concern. “The calling to Koriki Forest was just a distraction just for you to be out of the castle; get back to the castle with haste,” Farore said fading away into the distance. Link wasted no time; he got on Epona and rode as fast as he could to get to Hyrule Castle. “Link, big trouble” said Aaron at the drawbridge when Link arrived at it “Zelda got snatched away.” Aaron showed Link the note and Link went inside the castle. “Link where are you going?” asked Aaron. Link looked back at Aaron “To get a few things for my journey.”

“If the opponent is fire and ice,” said Link sitting in his room thinking “Then why does fire and ice sound so familiar though?” Link stood up almost immediately. “It’s Twinrova then, if Aaron said there was a flash of red and white, it must be Kotake and Koume.” Link stood up and went to his cabinet. He picked up his sword and the mirror shield, which Zelda gave for him for his birthday.  “Zelda I will rescue you, even at the cost of my life.” Link went inside the cabinet again and picked up a golden box. He opened it and there laid an ocarina. But, it was a blue Hyruliean ocarina. It glows very mystical for it is called The Ocarina of Time. This Ocarina has been the most precious thing when Ganondorf was King of Evil. The ocarina could transport the person who played it to where the six temples sleep. Link recited all the songs that he was taught. He remembered Sheik. Sheik was the person who taught Link all those songs to the Temple. However, Sheik was Zelda in disguise from Ganondorf. Only one song, which was the arrow to the Spirit Temple; it was called the Requiem of Spirit. Link grabbed his sword, shield and played the Requiem of Spirit. A beige glow appeared around him and he was transported away.


Chapter Thirteen: Twinrova’s trap’s downfall

Link arrived at the Haunted Wasteland. It was night time when he arrived so Leevers were out and about. Link ignored them and ran straight inside the Spirit Temple. Link saw that the Temple changed dramatically. He was on the bridge which led to the two witches Koume and Kotake. Link ran into the room and everything was like before; when he first faced the witches. They were standing in front of Link and Koume turned and faced Link “It took him a while to get our message eh Kotake?” Kotake mirrored her sister’s move “Yes, indeed Koume.” They got on their brooms and flew around Link “Well since he is here, let’s bring them out” said Koume smiling at Kotake. Kotake smiled back “Yes let Koume.” They disappeared in a puff of red and white smoke. Suddenly in front of Link appeared ten iron knuckles which surrounded him. “Oh Great,” said Link looking at all of them. Iron Knuckles are corpses brought back to life. All iron knuckles were very slow, but very powerful and very defensive. Link could not beat all of them. Suddenly the Triforce of Courage shone on his hand. Link looked around and saw that they were getting closer. All of them swung their axes and killed Link. Koume and Kotake appeared with Zelda trapped in a magical cage. “Well it seems that he is destroyed eh Kotake?” said Koume gleefully. Kotake returned the glee “Yes, the task is finally complete.” Zelda looked on the ground and saw the Link was not there. She sobbed bitterly. “Hang on you old hags!” said a voice from above. It was Link in the air. Link skimmed his sword all around the iron knuckles and a barrier appeared. Link jumped inside and released a very powerful spin attack which hit all of the iron knuckles. There was a big explosion and all the iron knuckles fell to the ground. Link was the one standing. “Now it’s your turn!” said Link pointing his sword at the witches. Zelda was overjoyed to see Link.

Feh, he has got guts” said Kotake. “We will meet you in the room where we last fought” said Koume as she, Kotake and Zelda vanished. Link looked at where they were and ran into the next room. This room had not changed ever since Link fought in it. It was a hug room with a big platform right in the middle of it. Link climbed on top and ran to the middle. “This is like de-ja-vu” said Link looking around and saw that Zelda was above him.  Koume appeared first in a ball of fire then Kotake in a ball of ice. “This is not going to be like last time!” they both shouted in unison. Link smiled and held up his sword and shield “Wanna bet?”

Kotake attacked first using her broom as an ice beam to shoot at Link. Link held up his shield and reflected it back to Koume who took it full blast. “Hey watch it!” said Koume as she regained herself from the deep chill “That really hurt!” Kotake looked at her “I did not know it was going to go back to you.” Koume looked at Link and whispered to KotakeTwinrova time?” Kotake nodded. They joined together and formed a surprisingly young witch who wielded fire and ice. Link looked at Twinrova and thought “They are so predictable.” Twinrova fired an ice ball which Link absorbed with his mirror shield. Twinrova smirked as she moved over and fired both a fire and ice ball. Link was surprised and just absorbed the ice ball before the floor got burned. Link turned to her as she laughed; Link laughed back “You have to do better than that” he thought. When Link absorbed a third ice ball he walked forward and the shield deflected all the ice back to Twinrova. She fell to the ground and Link stabbed her heart. Twinrova screamed and reverted back into the sisters. “You beat us again Hero of Time” said Koume laughing feebly. “But this is not over, since Ganondorf is going to kill you soon” said Kotake laughing as well. The sister turned back into their jewel form and they died. Link stabbed both of them and they were truly dead, forever. Zelda appeared behind Link. “Oh Link!” said Zelda as she ran up to Link crying happy tears “I thought I lost you forever.” Link smiled at her “Zelda, forever we will be together, we will never be apart.” Zelda kissed him and Link played a tune on his ocarina. “I never heard that tune before” said Zelda putting her head on his shoulder. A light green glow surrounded the couple. “I know” said Link smiling “I made it up.”

The couple arrived in their bedroom. “What do you call that song Link?” asked Zelda. Link smiled “Link and Zelda’s Serenade.” Zelda smiled at this “Then let that Serenade continue forever” she kissed him and the door opened. “Zelda, you’re fine” said her father looking worried. “Well father, it was a long journey but my handsome hero saved me from Ganondorf’s clutches” she said smiling at Link who looked a bit embarrassed. “Link, I expected no less from the Hero of Time to save my daughter and your fiancée.” Link smiled warmly “I made an unbreakable vow to protect Zelda now, in the future, forever.” Zelda beamed at Link and kissed him. The King smiled very warmly at the couple “I believe you have made the right choice Zelda; Link is the one you should marry.” Zelda was extremely happy at this that she hugged her father.


Chapter Fourteen: The Wedding of Link and Zelda

“Only two days till Link and Zelda are married” said Impa to Selina as they were getting the hall ready. “Yes I can’t wait. Four whole months it took just to get everything here and getting the cake and…” Impa interrupted “But we got everything, for Zelda’s special day, at least.” Link entered the room “Hey, at least I will make sure no one will ruin the wedding, I saved Zel four months ago from the witches.” Impa looked at Link “But it’s been too quiet, where has Ganondorf been?” Link had the same expression as Impa “I know what you mean; it’s not like Ganondorf to not attack without any sort of monster.”

Ganondorf smiled as he looked at the figure. “You are the one which has the power that can match Link.” The figure spoke “Of course; I am his dark form.” Ganondorf smiled once more. Dark Link has been a great help in the past because he is exactly like Link in power and speed. But Ganondorf has been training him to be stronger than Link. “I am glad that I took you out of the Water Temple” said Ganondorf “You have done well Dark Link.” Dark Link smiled “You want me to kill Link on their wedding day?” Ganondorf smirked “Of course, then Zelda will be heart broken and then we can capture her, and then take the Triforce of Wisdom” Dark Link bowed to this “What about the Triforce of Courage?, Your men has not found any shards, even any golden light around Hyrule.” Ganondorf replied calmly “Patience, we will get the Triforce of Courage.” They looked out of the army they have created. There were herds of Staflos, Redeads, Iron Knuckles and many more dangerous creatures. Ganondorf laughed as his plan was fitting together nicely. Dark Link looked over the army. Ever since he was created, he mimicked Link’s every move and challenged him in the Water Temple. That battle was intense for both of them. However when Dark Link fell, Link rushed to him and looked at him with sadness. Dark Link tightened the grips on his gloves. Even though they were fighting, Link cared about him; why did he do that? He did not have to follow Ganondorf orders. But Dark Link was cleverer enough to gain Ganondorf trust. He will fight Link once more to see if Link still cared about him.

It was the big day for Zelda and Link. Link was upstairs getting his groom clothes ready and Aaron getting his best man suit on. “How do you feel?” said Aaron smiling at a nervous Link “Knowing these are the last hours of being single?” Link smiled as he straighten his tie “To be honest, very sentimental, I’m nervous, happy and scared all at the same time.” Link’s groom clothes was a simple green tuxedo, white tie, white shirt and black trousers while Aaron’s was Red tuxedo white tie, white shirt and black trousers. Link looked at Aaron “Well, I love Zelda and that is all that matters.” He felt a hand clasp his shoulder and knew it was Darunia; the spirit of Darunia. “Well said Link” he spoke gently.

Zelda was just as nervous as Link. Selina was with her outside the door of the Temple of Time “Well Zelda, you ready?” “Yes” she said. The doors opened and the herds of people inside looked back. Zelda walked forward looking very scared, happy at the same time. She was wearing a simple wedding gown, with a pinkish tinge to it. But it radiated her beauty so much; everyone thought that they were looking at a goddess. Selina was no less beautiful; she was wearing a silver dress, which Aaron caught his eye on. Wow she looks pretty he thought. Zelda arrived at the front and her father, who was the vicar for this spoke “We are gathered here today to bind this two in holy matrimony.” Link looked at her and winked which Zelda caught; she blushed and winked back. “If anyone wants not the couple to be married speak now or forever hold their peace. There was silence. However the doors opened again. At the end was a dark figure which resembled Link. Link looked at the creature and stepped forward “Dark Link.” However Dark Link did not have the face the first time they met; his face looked scared but determined. Link spoke to the King “Can you wait?” The King nodded and Link spoke to Zelda “Can you?” She smiled a little and nodded as well. Link walked forward and spoke “Why are you here?” Dark Link walked forward “To settle the score from Water Temple.” Link sensed that Dark Link was not attacking him. “But I did not want you to die; I tried to save you.” Dark Link looked at him “I will try to erase that memory; we will fight to the death; once more.” Link looked at his dark twin “Fine.”

Link and Dark Link were settling their fight inside the Temple. Everyone evacuated backwards to watch the fight. “You think he is going to win?” “Of course he is the Hero of Time” said the people as they watched nervously. Link looked at Dark Link and drew his sword and shield. Dark Link mimicked his movement exactly. “Link has got a tough job on his hands” said the King. “But he will win” said Selina looking extremely anxious “He beaten him before.” Impa looked at Dark Link “but does Link want to kill Dark Link?” Link attacked first and Dark Link blocked it easily. Dark Link lunged for the left side but Link dodged. Dark Link kept on swinging his blade ferociously, but Link did not counter attack in anyway; he kept on dodging. “Why does he dodge?” said Aaron looking very perplexed “there are any ways he could have countered.” Impa spoke again “Link does not want to kill Dark Link; he does not want to fight at all.” Dark Link was getting very angry “Why don’t you fight back?” he said doing a jump attack which Link jumped back from.  “I try to save you,” he spoke, which stopped Dark Link entirely. “You tried to save me?” he repeated which Link nodded to. “Dark Link, if we are the same person, don’t you care?” Dark Link dropped his sword. “Link what happened in the Water Temple, what you saw when I died; that was I vision I created.” Dark Link looked at him “Truthfully I beat you in the Water Temple, not you beat me, as I saw you dying I dropped to the floor and cried “What have I done?” and wished that I could sacrifice my life to save yours and well it came true.” Link dropped his sword as well as Dark Link went on “I though you would walk on and just leave me there, but you ran to me and mourned, that really touched my heart.” Dark Link cried as Link walked up to him “Dark Link, you have a good heart.” Dark Link nodded and cried on him. Zelda walked forward “Dark Link.” Dark Link regained his composure “I Dark Link, was not part of Ganondorf; I wanted to fight you so that I can see that you” he said looking at Link “Was still the same as you were but first, you two get married” Dark Link smiled. The King smiled and walked forward. Selina ran forwards as well and gave the rings to Link and Zelda. They put it on both each other’s finger. “Do you Zelda take Link to be your lawful wedded husband?” Zelda smiled and said “I do.” “And do you Link take Zelda to be your lawful wedded wife?” Link’s smile was even bigger “I do.” Then the King raised his hands “Then I now pronounce you husband and wife.” There was cheering which echoed all around the Temple as Link and Zelda shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Dark Link clapped warmly and smiled “So this is true love eh?” he thought.

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