The Nightmarish Date

By Zeldalover

  Once, in the golden land of Hyrule, Princess Zelda was waiting anxiously for the hero Link. Ever since Link had set out on his quest to kick Ganondorf out of Hyrule, the two had been friends. But, as the years past, their friendship became stronger. In fact, it became so strong they actually became boyfriend and girlfriend. Today they were supposed to go out on a date to Hylia Lake. Zelda could hardly wait. She picked out her best pink dress that was lined with silver and had gold tassels on the sleeves and her matching pink shoes. To complete her outfit, she had put on a necklace with a beautiful pink stone and a silver chain.


  As Link approached the castle gates, the guard on watch shouted, "open the gates! It's Link!" Once the gates were open, Link thanked the guard, then rode to the castle.


  When Zelda saw Link, her face immediately brightened and she got up and ran to the stairs, almost knocking over her nursemaid, Impa.  "Whoa! Where are you off to in such a hurry Zelda?"

 "Link is here!" Zelda answered. "Gotta go! See ya Impa!" Zelda called over her shoulder as she ran down the stairs.

 "Have a good time!" Impa called after her. Link was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Zelda. When he saw her, he was speechless!

 "Well, you like?" Zelda asked the mute Link who just nodded with his mouth open wide. When Link snapped out of his daze, he said "shall we be off?"

 "Of course." Zelda answered. Zelda said goodbye to her father then went outside with Link, got up on Epona and they rode to the clear calm waters of Lake Hylia.


 "Oooooohhh this water is so cold!" Link shouted.

 "Sure is!" Zelda shouted in agreement. They had decided to take a cool swim before they had their picnic. Link started to swim laps in the lake, causing water to fly and hit Zelda in the face. "hey!" Zelda said.

"Oops, sorry Zelda -hey!" Link shouted as Zelda splashed him. "Oh. So ya wanna fight eh?" Link said. "Take this then!" he shouted as he sent a humongous splash of water right at Zelda.

 "Oooohhh. You're gonna pay for that!" she said. She used her magic to send a wave on top of him, soaking Link to the bone.

 "No way I could beat that!" Link said.

 "You bet you couldn't!" Zelda said as she tried to contain her laughter. They swam for a little bit longer, then they decided to get out and eat.

 "I'm starved!" Link said. "Just wish we weren't so wet..."

 "No problem," Zelda said. She used her magic to immediately dry them off.

 "Great Zel! Now where's that picnic basket..." Link asked digging through Epona's saddle bag.

 "Man Link. Do you ever think of anything else then your stomach?" Zelda asked.

 "Nope!" Link said with a grin. They finished their meal and started to talk. Soon, the subject came around to Zelda...


  "Man! Why do I have to fall in love right away? I mean, shouldn't you fall in love and not be forced into it? My father is making a humongous deal about me getting married next month. I wish I could grow to love someone, like how we grew to be friends."

 "Why again is your father forcing you to marry already when you're 17? I thought princesses married when they were 18?"

 "Father says I'm picky and I need to find a husband now cuz' it'll take a long time for me to choose."

 "Oh. you know what Zel?"


 "You could always marry me if you wanted to." Zelda gave him a sarcastic look and said,

  "Link, if I had to marry you, I think the only part that you would like is that you would get to kiss me." There was a long silence. Suddenly, they found themselves looking deep into each-others eyes...inching towards each-other...closer...closer...BAM! A red thunder bolt came out of nowhere!

 "WHAT THE ****!? WHO THE **** DID THAT!? Link shouted. Then, all of a sudden, GANONDORF appeared! "WHAT? ME AND ZELDA BANISHED YOU TO THE EVIL REALM! HOW'D YOU GET OUT?"

 "I broke out of course! That seal Zelda, *tsk-tsk* so weak. But every weak person has at least some strong point. Yours is that you have the Triforce of Wisdom. AND I WANT IT!!!" Ganondorf shouted as he fired another bolt, which hit Zelda and knocked her unconscious. Ganondorf then used his evil magic to make Zelda's limp body float to him. "So long, Hero of Time! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

 "ZELDA! NO!" Link shouted as he tried to run after the evil wizard. Ganondorf fired another bolt at Link which sent him flying into the lake.


  "Link...Link...wake up Link!" Link awoke feeling very dizzy.

 "Wha...where am I again?" Link asked Navi the fairy who had begun to worry about Link so she came out of the forest to she what was bugging her about Link.

 "You're at Lake Hylia silly! And you owe me a big 'thank-you' because I just pulled YOU out of the water. I think I broke something too." the little fairy complained as she rubbed her back.

 "I gotta go get Zelda!" Link said as he rose to his feet. "Ganondorf's got her!" Navi gasped in shock.


 "No time to talk! Come on!" Link told the stunned fairy as he climbed onto Epona and grabbed her. "We gotta go to the desert!"



  "You'll never get away with this Ganondorf! Link is sure to come and kick your butt back into the evil realm!" Zelda shouted as she fought with the ropes that held her to the chair.

  "Oh no! The Hero of Time is going to come and destroy me! I'm SOOOOOOOO scared!" Ganondorf said as he pretended to be scared. Then his imprisoned hardened. "I planned for that. I turned this castle into a twisting, turning maze. At every dead end is a fearful monster. They have orders to destroy anyone who comes through their path." Ganondorf grinned wickedly. "So you see princess, I have all the cards. There is no way to see your way through my maze. Unless you had wings to see over the hedges! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" Zelda hung her head with worry and despair. She was worried that Link would get hurt. She was in despair because if Link could not save her and Hyrule, who could? She hoped with all her heart that Link would make it out of the maze...alive.


  "Puh-tooie! Link how much farther? I'm getting dust in my eyes and sand in my mouth!"

 "Just a little farther Navi. You can make it!" Link told the complaining fairy. "I don't like this either, but we need Zelda back! Hyrule depends on me to save her!"

 "Tell me why she needs to be saved again?" Navi asked. Link sighed.

 "Cuz' if Zelda gets the Triforce of Wisdom pulled away from her, Ganon will defeat me and get the Triforce of Courage and have unlimited power which he will use to cover the world in darkness!"

 "Oh, right. How could I forget THAT super long story?" Navi replied with sarcasm.

 "How'd I get stuck with a fairy like you?" Link mumbled.

 "HEY! I heard that!" Navi said crossly.

 "Look! there's Ganondorf's castle.” Suddenly, Link was sent a telepathic message.

 "Link? Link? it's me, Zelda! Ganondorf told me that inside the castle is a maze. At every dead end is a 'fearful monster' as he called them. They have orders from him to destroy every person they meet, so be careful. Ganondorf also told me that the only way to make it out of the maze would be if you had a pair of wings so you could trace your way through the maze or just fly over to the main room, but you can't just sprout wings and fly! Can you?" Link was sent back to reality.

 "Link? What happened to you? You were in some sort of daze. I thought something happened to you!"

 "Zelda sent me a telepathic message. She said that there is a maze inside, and the only way you could get out is if you had wings...unless...Navi, would you like to do something helpful for once?"

 "You bet I would!" Navi said.

 "Good. You could go to the end of the maze, trace the way back with light orbs, and then I could follow them."

 "Good idea Link!" Navi said "let's go conquer that maze!"


  They went to the maze, and Navi began to fly towards the end of the maze. She was about to come to the last curve of the maze and start tracing the path with light orbs, but suddenly, Volvoga, the fire beast from Death Mountain, grabbed her.

 "LINK! HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!" Link, hearing the tiny fairy's cries for help, ran into the maze and followed her voice. He ran into a few keese, but they were quickly destroyed by a swipe of his sword. He finally came to where Volvoga was, preparing to eat Navi alive. Link slashed it's hand and volvoga lost his grip on Navi, who flew up and bobed the dragon on the nose. Link slashed at the terrible beast one more time and slayed the monster.

 "Link, the entrance to Ganondorf and Zelda is right over there," Navi said pointing to a dark blue door. Link opened the door to see Zelda, tied to a chair trying to free herself. Link ran over to her and untied her bonds.

 "Link! how did you get here? I thought you would be killed by a monster!"

 "Me? Get killed? By a measly monster? Are you crazy?" Link said as he hugged her.

 "YOU! HOW DARE YOU SHOW UP HERE!" Ganondorf roared from the other side of the room. "I THOUGHT YOUR WOULD BE DRAGON FOOD BY NOW!"

 "You think a few measly monsters could hold me back? I would NEVER give up without a fight!"


 "Alright then! A match it is!" Link said drawing his sword.

 "This will be a match to the death!" Ganondorf declared powering up his magic. "LET THE DUEL BEGIN!" Ganondorf shot Link with a thunder bolt which caused him to be thrown across the room.

 "Oh. So that's how we’re gonna play, eh? Well then, TAKE THIS!" Link shouted, making his sword power up with magic. Ganondorf shrunk back in fear.

 "Mommy…" Ganondorf whispered as the blade came down upon him, making the evil king disappear, forever.

 "Link! you did it!" Zelda cried flinging herself into his arms.

 "So, since I DID save you, can I have a kiss?" Link asked hopefully.

 "Sure,” she answered sweetly. Link smiled, but underneath his smile was surprise. Had Zelda actually said yes to a kiss? Well, he couldn't be happier. They met each others lips and kissed. Not just a peck on the cheek stupid kiss, a romantic, sweet kiss. They were locked in each others arms until Navi finally said,

 "AH-HEM!" Link and Zelda stopped kissing and looked at the fairy. "I'm sorry to break up this romantic moment, but we need to get Zelda home Link."

 "Oh, right,” Link said. "Hold on a sec." Link pulled out the Ocarina of Time and played the tune to send them back to the Temple of Time. In a second, they found themselves inside the temple. they ran out of the temple towards the castle. Link brought Zelda back to the castle.

They bade each-other goodnight and agreed to meet again tomorrow. As Link and Zelda went to their homes, they found themselves saying the same thing: "I think I'm in love!"      




*authors note* Hello people! This story isn't a complete romance story, more of an adventure. Don't be afraid to write those comments! ~Zeldalover

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