A Normal Day In Hyrule

By Doug

It was quiet fall day, the leaves on the trees were turning yellow, orange, and red. The young lad of 17 years of age Link was sitting on a hill outside of North Castle admiring the view. There is a slight breeze blowing making it cooler, it is perhaps 50. The sun has begun to set. Link is still relaxing on the hill, beside on his hip is his trusted sword which he named Cressword. Link suddenly has a feeling like he is being watched, behind are the woods. He reaches for his sword and begins to unsheath the sword, but he thinks “too quick a reaction and they might not come”. He keeps his hand on his sword and waits acting like nothing had startled him to begin with. Then he hears footsteps moving towards him this time he thinks “I just hear one person if it was moblins or stalfos it would be many footsteps.” The footsteps grow closer, then the wind picks up behind him and smells what smells like flowers a perfume perhaps. He thinks again “Now when moblins attack they usually stink. There are only two people I know might wear perfume Zelda or Spyte.” Link still facing the castle says “Hello, Zelda.” A surprised Zelda responds “How did you know it was me?” Link laughingly says “You smell too good to be a moblin. But why would you want to sneak up on me?”  Zelda is about twenty feet away from Link and continues over to him.

She says “Well, I thought I might be able to scare you.” He calmly responds “You know nothing really scares me and the thought of you sneaking up me is pretty funny. But in the future if you want to sneak up on me one walk lighter and two don’t wear any perfume that might give you away.” She sits down next to him and says “You really are the best hero I have ever known and I love you.” They kiss as the sun drops below the hills.


The End

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