Not Alone Anymore

By Jessica Jones

Through the years Link has faced many trails and tribulations, some that were found to be easy some not so easy. Being sent back in time gave him lot's to like about, he finally found who he was, his feelings for life, but nothing could prepare him for the feelings he felt when he turn 18.

Spring was in the air; Hyrule was on a full clean up from the winter months. People lived in peace because of the brave boy that challenged everything that came a treat to Hyrules people. The streets were full of song and joy as people were getting ready for the celebration tomorrow. This celebration would be the 8th anniversary when Link defeated the might Ganondorf.

At the castle Zelda was peering out her window, the breeze made her hair flow like a quite stream. But yet the 17-year-old princess looked unhappy. "Why Princess, why are you not you not happy?"Impa asked "Oh Impa, I'm happy that peace once again flows through the land, but since that day Link came to me and said he was going to look for Navi, I’ve not been myself" "Oh princess, Link will return soon" "You have been saying that for the last 8 years" " He will I promise you, now your bath is ready, I put roses in as well to make you relax." "Thank-you Impa". Zelda settled into the warm water, as Impa laid a beautiful blue dress on her bed. Suddenly from the window Impa heard trumpets blazed, she quickly ran to the window, she saw people gathering around. There from the crowd, on a noble red horse stood Link (The Hero of Time) with his friend Navi by his side. Impa jumped for joy, she turned around to see if Zelda heard the trumpets blazed, but Zelda's head was underwater at the time. Impa hurried down the palace stair to meet Link at the door. "Impa!, it's great to see you again" Link smiled, "SSSSHHHH!" Impa hushed Link "What?" Link asked kind of confused, "Zelda does not know you are hear, I would love to surprise her, will you play along?" "Sure, why not" Link answered.

Impa opened Zelda's room slowly not to startle the her, "Ok, she’s just in the bath, she will be out soon, usually after she’s dressed she hangs around the window calling out your name, when she go's to the window walk in and surprise her, ok" "Ok, it's nice to know she miss me" "More then you think, oh she’s getting out, remember not till after she’s dressed" Impa waved her pointer finger. "I won't peak" "Good, Zelda's dressed, I’ll be down stairs if you need me" Impa walk down the stairs. Link turned his attention to Zelda; he slowly opened the door as he walked up to Zelda. Zelda was humming her lullaby, her blond hair blow gently in the wind, the blue dressed sparkled in the wind. She suddenly said something that made Link stop dead in his tracks, "I Love you Link". Link made himself snap out of the trance, "Well it's nice to know I'm loved" Link smiled keeping down the tears, Zelda's eyes grew larger as she turned around. Link smiled to her, but she just stood there tears ran down her face, "Well are you happy to see me?" Link questioned, Zelda smiled and couldn't hold back any longer, she jumped on Link holding him close to her" Of course I missed you" Link held her just as close, "I'm home"

From a distance, an evil watched Zelda and Link. "Master Mako, do you see Link?" "Yes, his with Zelda" "Should we attack?" "No, in time Ganons propose will be complete" "Yes sir". "Soon Link, your world will fall for what you have done to my master.

The celebration night came, people ate and laughed, telling how Link saved them. Link sat next to Zelda, admiring her beautiful blue eyes," So, Zelda what have you done since I left?" "Just thought of where you could be" Zelda blushed a little but Link noticed. "Link?" "Yes" "Will you be leaving anytime soon?" "No, I'm home for life" "That's great, so did you meet anyone well you were traveling?" "Yes I meet lot's of people" "Did you meet any nice girls?" "Yes, I meet lot's" "Did you have any crushes well you were gone?" Zelda sounded very nerves "I still have a crush on this girl" Zelda lowered her head hoping that he wont notice "I'm sitting next to her" Link finished, Zelda raised her head in surprise, a smiled spread across her face. Link held out his hand to Zelda "Will you dance?" "Yes". Zelda stood up, and followed Link to the middle of the dance floor, The violins started to play as Link slowly brang Zelda close to him, so close she could feel his breath on her skin. They slowly moved to the music, Zelda and Link finally felt alive.

"What have you found out Mako?" "That Link really has a thing for this Zelda girl, which work into Ganons plan" "What is Ganons plan?" "To be released" "I thought that Ganon was trapped forever?" "No, that's not all true, the blood of Link or one of his children’s blood can release Ganon once more" "When do you want us to attack?" "Let me contact Ganon first" " Yes sir". Mako took out a object that would allow him to speak to Ganon "Master Ganon what would you like us to do?" "Now that we know Link has a thing for Zelda I have changed my plan" "Which is?" "To leave Link alone" "What you must be joking Ganon!" "No, I have bigger plans, one that will hurt Link in every way possible" "How is leaving him alone going to hurt him?" "You will see, bring me Zelda, I have big plans for her" "Right away Ganon"

The music slowed to a stop, Zelda's heart was pounding with joy," Thank you Link" "Your welcome, Zelda will you come for a walk in the courtyard?" "Sure if you want". Link held Zelda's hand as they crept away from the celebration. The courtyard was dark with flowers all around, "Link, why did you come hear" "Because it is so beautiful hear, it reminds me when I first meet you" "Really?" "Yes, when I was gone, I thought of you and this courtyard, how it was so beautiful" "It is beautiful" "I really missed you Zelda" "I missed you to" "I just want to say something that I always wanted to say" "What's that?" "Zelda I love you" Zelda was Quite for a few seconds a smiled" Link I have always loved you", Link looked at her bright blue eyes, how they told the truth, she could see it in his blue eyes as well. Zelda looked away blushing again," Zelda, I'm going to kiss you" Zelda looked up at him "I am to" Link came in close to her as he passionly kissed her, at that point the courtyard came alive, fireflies dances around Link and Zelda as the wind swirled around them. As there lips moved away from each other things settled down. "Link, please stay at the palaces over night we have spare bedroom" "I would love to".

Night came as the two said good night and went to their rooms. Around midnight Mako's gang surrounded Zelda's bed room," You to come with me, the rest of you stay down hear and wait" Mako crept open the window of Zelda's room, "She’s so beautiful Mako" "Quite were not hear for that, Ganon wants Zelda" Zelda's eyes opened to see Mako standing right there, she tried to scream but Mako covered her mouth with his hand," Leave the note there on the desk" Mako whispered, Suddenly Zelda bit Mako's hand "LINK, HELP!" Link woke suddenly and rushed to Zelda's room "Zelda" Mako held Zelda close as he lowered himself down the rope, Link ran to the window grabbing his Longshot. Mako reached the bottom of the castle wall; he turned around to look Link face-to-face "Going somewhere?" Link asked, Mako saw his men knocked out by Link quickly he swung his feet making Link fall to the ground, Mako ran as fast as he could but Zelda wasn't going to let him go very far. Mako saw that Link was running towards him, so he quickly knocked out Zelda and lifted her up. Link almost could touch Mako when a red light swept over Mako and made him disappear.

That morning Link stood at the end of Zelda's bed thinking of what he should do. Then Link saw a note on Zelda's desk it read:

Link, thank you for leading us to Hyrules castle Ganon will be most pleased that we have captured Zelda. He will use her for his Dark propose If you would like to rescue her come far out into the the temple of Ganon

Sign Mako (Destroyer of Hero's)

Impa meet Link at the entrance of Hyrule,"Now be careful Link trouble is everywhere" "I will, I’ll bring Zelda back to her thrown" "I know you will" At that Link rode off.

Mako arrived back at the temple with Zelda, "Mako you have return with Zelda" "Yes master Ganon, as you wished I returned hear with her." "Good" "Master if I may ask why you wanted Zelda instead of Link, was it to have bait for Link" "No" "Was it to brain washer her" "No, Mako I need Zelda for an important reason, and by the time Link figures it out it will be to late" "What is this reason?" "You will see, but first make sure Link doesn't intrude" "Where should I lay Zelda, place her on the table, make sure her hands and feet are tied up." "As you wish".

Link rode into Termina by 4:00pm, there he meets with the city Major. "Major you must make sure this town is on alert I believe that an evil man named Mako might attack this village or worse bring out Ganon once more." "I will do so, but Link doesn't Mako need the blood of you to release Ganon?" "I know, that also makes me wonder why Mako took Zelda" "Where is it that Ganon is hiding Zelda?" "In a place called Ganons temple" "Do you know the way?" "Well I was looking for Navi I search villages past Termina I rode by this temple on my journey's".

Zelda was waking up from the night's advents; she looked around at the dark cold room "Where am I?" "Welcome Zelda" "Who's there?" "You should remember me" "Give me your name" "Ganon" "Ganon! It can't be, Link defeated you" "That's true, but I can still be free from this prison" "So why did you bring me hear?" "I need you" "For what?" "I need to make sure that I give you something special" "What is it?" "If I was to tell you, things wouldn't work out as planned" A bright light shot out at Zelda, which surrounded her, Zelda's eyes widen as sudden pain ran through her.

Link arrived at the temple, he heard a high pitch scream coming from the temple," Zelda!" he ran to entrance, but suddenly Mako kicked Link in the chin making Link fall back," We meet again" "Where's Zelda?" "In the temple by the sounds of it, she’s in pain" "Let me pass" "I don't think so" "Why do you want her?" "Ganon wants her" "That's impossible, to be released he needs me" "That's right, and I'll take you to Ganon dead or alive, so that I may prove to him how loyal I am" "I would love to see you try" "You will in deed" Mako pulled out a huge sword with the symbol of dark magic, Link pulled out the master sword, charging at each in a sword lock. "Is that all you got? I fought girls better than you" Link yelled "I'm just getting warmed up"Mako did a quick lung attack quickly dodging it Link sliced Mako's left arm "You will pay for that" Mako went attack after attack slicing Links Left leg, Right arm and across his face. Link fell to the ground in defeat. Mako walked up to Link," Who is the hero now?" Mako raised his sword up, with a quick rage Mako sword came down."Nooo" Link yelled, it was suddenly stop as Mako heard Ganon's voice "leave him my work is finished" "Master, Link is right hear you may be released" "No remember I want to make Link suffer first". Link looked confused when Mako seemed like he was talking to himself. Mako drew his attention back to Link," I will see you again Link" Mako said as he disappeared. Link ran into the temple to see Zelda laying on the ground, blood came from her nose and mouth" Zelda, please wake up" Zelda opened her eyes "Link, I love you" Zelda fell unconscious.

Back at the castle Link waited for Zelda to wake up, he watched the stormy weather poor down rain no birds where out not even a chirp. "Link, you must leave now Zelda must be alone"Impa asked, "I'll be in the courtyard". Link walked around to the courtyard to the place Zelda and him shared their first kiss, how that night came alive, he sat on the cement seat as he watch the sun started to come out, tears fell from his eyes, he didn't know what to do if Zelda was not with him, "Zelda, please I love you to much", "Well it's nice to know I'm loved", Link turned around to see Zelda standing right there "Zelda are you alright?" "Yes, just a few cuts" link came up to her and kissed her gently "Where would I be if you were not hear?" "You probably would travel again and live your life free" Zelda answered softly, Link lifted her chin to make her beautiful eyes meet his "Zelda, well I was traveling, I missed you as a friend, when I turn 18 I missed you through love, I was all alone" Zelda just looked at him with a tear running down her cheek "Never again" Link said, he got down on one knee," Zelda, please don't leave me again, I ask if I may stay by your side always, Zelda will you marry me?" Zelda broke into tears of joy as Link said those humble words "Yes, Link I will"

That Summer, a big wedding was held everyone joined," I now pronouns you Husband and Wife, King and Queen, you may kiss the bride" Link swept Zelda into his arms as he kissed her, holding her tight, A light shined through the glass windows hitting Link and Zelda, the triforce symbols on their hands glow more bright than every before. "I love you Zelda, I felt so alone before I meet you" Zelda smiled at Link" Your not alone anymore"

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