One Love

By Zoe Holly Kirkman

Would you hear me
if I called your name
would you cry
if I started crying
would you tremble
if I touched your body
would you leave
the one you love
would you save my soul tonight...
Baby I'm lonley
without you
I need you by my side
I want you here
beside me
beside me
beside me
   beside me...
(Sung by Malon)
It was 5 past 7 in the morning when Link woke up. He had been "sleeping" at Malon's house and had ended up telling her his feelings for her and thus making love to her. He rolled over and kissed her on the forehead. She stirred and mouthed his name. Link pushed the covers off himself and went downstairs. Malon's dad had died recently and that was why he was there in the first place. He opend the fridge, took out a bottle of milk, and started gulping it down noisely. The noise woke Malon and she sleepily stumbled down the wooden stairs. "Morning." Called Link cheerfully. "Enjoy last night?" "Did I ever!" cried Malon. She opened the fridge, got some milk, and started drinking it as well. "Last night was just... amazing Link. I never knew you possessed such... Well you know!" Link forced himself to laugh and gulped down the rest of his milk. "Well i really should be going Malon. I need to get home -" "Oh please don't go. Stay for a bit longer. Please!!" And (Malon was very persuasive) Link sighed and nodded. "Alright but i'm leaving at the end of the day!" "Oh don't worry. We can go on picnics and -" But she was interupted by a knock at the door.

Link wearily got up and opened the door to find non other than Princess Zelda looking back at him. Link stared at her for a couple of seconds then backed away. Zelda turned slightly pink and walked over to Malon, her golden hair waving in the breeze. Link couldn't keep his eyes off her and Malon seemed to notice because she turned red and started speaking, all of her sugary tone lost and replaced with bitterness. "Ok then princess, make it snappy because as you can see, I've got my boyfriend here with me and we're planning things for today." "Of course. So this is your boyfriend, the famous Link who saved your ranch. Well he's certinly... Sweet." And she winked at him. Startled, Link pushed the door so it would shut and walked over to her. "Name's Link," he said and shook her hand. Her hand was soft and gentle to touch. Link felt himself falling for her more and more. "So what will it be Your Highness?" asked Malon, her patience getting the better of her. "Oh umm 5 bottles of your finest milk please." "Everything has to be in it's finest doesn't it." Malon muttered softly so only Link could hear. Link frowned at her. "Anything you want your ladyship." He bent down on one knee and kissed Zelda's hand. She giggled and Malon turned as red as her hair. "Right here's your milk," said Malon shoving a crate of milk into Zelda's hands. " That'll be 50 rupees please." Zelda paid her 50 rupees and smiled. "Now get out please." Zelda thanked Malon, curtsied to Link, and left.

As soon as the door swang shut, Malon rounded on Link. "What the fuck do you think your fucking playing at Link?" "What the hell do you mean?" said Link, firing up at once. "Just because I kissed her hand doesn't mean I'm cheating on you." Malon let out a hysterical laugh and pushed her chair over. "Now where would you think of a preposterous idea like that from. Just because you kissed her filthy, rotten hands. Ohhh one day I would like to get even with that bitch for what she's done to me. Do you know what that low life bitch did to my life? I'm her cousin you know! (Link gasped) Yeah that's right. I was meant to be princess of Hyrule but that bitch's daddy called a meeting and decided that that bitch was to be the queen instead of me. Now I'm living in this dump with only the cows to keep me company!!" Link looked startled for a minute then slapped her hard across the face. "If you don't like the Princess... Then we're not us anymore. Goodbye Malon." And he went up the stairs and came back down fully clothed to find Malon gone.

He saw a wet spot where Malon had been crying and wiped a tear away. He opened the door just in time to see Malon shouting at a very pink Zelda. Suddenly Zelda patted her on the shoulder and Malon slapped her. This was too much for Link, who got out a little dagger which had been a gift from the Kokiris and flung it at Malon. It hit her right in the chest. She gave a tiny "Ohh" of surprise and slumped to the ground. Zelda stared at the practically dead Malon and screamed. Link ran over and put her arms around her. "Shhh it's alright princess. She can't do you any more harm." She calmed down then looked at Link. "You killed your girlfriend. You should go to prison for that." Link hung his head. "Hey I'm not finished yet. But since you saved my life, we're going to forget this little incident, ok?" Link nodded then suddenly leaned forward for a kiss. Her hot breath was against his lips and he was drawn to her. They kissed and it felt like (to Link) that he had walked into a dream. This was better than kissing Malon, that was for sure. Suddenly a ball of light flew out of his pocket and started zooming around. "Link, just got a message from the king. Asks if you can save the- OH MY GOD YOUR KISSING THE PRINCESS!!" They broke apart and Zelda giggled. "Guess our secret isn't a secret anymore," she said as Navi zoomed of shouting at the top of her voice (Which was quite loud compared to her size) "KING KING. THE HERO OF TIME AND YOUR DAUGHTER WERE KISSING!!!" "I'll never trust that fairy again," said Link, shaking his head and pulled Zelda in for another kiss.

Ending notes
Well you'll be pleased (maybe) that Malon lived and decided that she was too good for Link so moved away. Link and Zelda are planning to get married next year and have bought Lon Lon ranch so that their children can play in it when they have children.
P.s if you liked it, contact me at and if you ask nicely, i might just write you a story. No promises though. Chow me heartys :P

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