The Legend of Zelda
Ocarina of Time

By KPGirl

Part 1: Hyrule's Wild Princess

Author's Note: Since Iīm writing Zelda-Twilight princess fanfic I had to make Ocarina of Time story also. Anyway, this is my own version of the famous game. It goes back from when I was very young and wrote a this fanfic in sketchbooks with drawings at every side etc. But this version is also a remake which stays true to the real story and also it is my own version. The story is most about Princess Zelda but itīs also much about Link too.

It was a calm and serene night in the land of Hyrule. In the field, the mountains, the small villages, the forests and also at the Hyrule Castle.

Inside the beautiful Hyrule Castle in the highest castle tower, so graceful and high, was a very young princess. She was 10 years old and blessed with beauty inside-out and also blessed with wisdom, very unusual for her age. She is Princess Zelda, Hyruleīs beloved crown princess. Up in the highest tower she had her room. It was a very nice room with a wonderful bed and all. But even so, Zelda was not sleeping. It was in the middle of the night but the young princess was not in her bed. She stood at the window close to her bed and just stared out of it at the beautiful night sky with the full moon and all the beautiful stars.

Zelda was indeed very tired but still could not sleep. On the latest time sheís been having nightmares, and they were still haunting her. Tonight she had the same nightmare that long has been haunting her. This is the third night sheís been staying awake. However she was very tired this time. But she didnít want to go back to bed and have the horrible nightmare again. No, she just stared out of the window and was thinking.


Zelda: (One more night to bear these nightmares. Will this madness never end? Oh god, is it never going to end?!?)


After staying up for about 2 hours she got so tired so she went back to the bed tough she was afraid. But she was so tired, there wasnít so much to do about it. Tough she was afraid she could fall in slumber and in the little time that was left of the night she got a nice sleep at least.


A new day finally came, the sun appeared and a cucco shouted for the morning.

The whole Hyrule was now awake. Princess Zelda just woke up too and she was glad that it was finally morning. Zelda got up from her bed, dressed on and walked out of her room and down to the others. The first one who wished her ďgood morningĒ was her loyal attendant Impa. She was an aged woman but very strong and graceful like a queen. Impa was one of the legendary shadow people, the Sheikahs, theyíve been known to be serving the Royal family from generations to generations. Before Impa lived in her home village, Kakariko Village but now she lives in Hyruleīs Castle and works as Zeldaís loyal attendant. Impa was the only one Zelda could talk with in Hyrule Castle, her father, the king of Hyrule was too busy. And the queen, Zeldaís mother didnít exist more. She died for a long time ago when Zelda was very young. When her mother still lived she meant just as much for her as Impa did and now, Impa is like a mother for her. Impa was the only one who could cheer her up this morning, Zelda felt already better when Impa came. Impa also noticed that Zelda didnít feel really well. Other days Zelda looked happier and felt better but today she didnít feel so very well. It was because of the night of course, she was very tired this night.


Impa: Whatís the matter princess? You donít look like feeling so well today.

Zelda: I know, Iíve been up almost the whole night, Iíve been having a nightmare and I in the latest nights I havenít got any sleep because of it. This is the third time I woke up in the middle of the night and stayed up.

Impa: Do you wish to talk about it?

Zelda: I think soÖ

Impa then took Zelda to a room were they could be alone and talk about it. Impa smiled gently at Zelda.


Impa: Feel free to talk about it princess. What happened that made you stay up these nights?


Zelda took a breath and tried to explain it all.


Zelda: Ok, for a long time Iíve been having the same nightmare. At first they just woke me up and then I always tries to sleep again. But after so many nights theyíve driving me insane and terrified. The last three nights Iíve been so afraid to sleep so Iíve been staying awake all nights. But last night I was so tired so I went back to bed again. I was lucky not dreaming the nightmare again then. But instead Iím more concerned about tonight.

Impa: What was the nightmare about?


Zelda took a big breath this time and tried to tell it.


Zelda: ItÖit wasÖ..terrifying! My dream starts with that I suddenly is standing on the little field near our castle and then dark clouds suddenly appears. Then lightings explodes in the sky. I big storm breaks up. It becomes darker and darker and Iím completely alone. But after a little while Iím lost in that darkness I can suddenly see a dark shadow of a dark man. Probably an evil man. Then I hear an evil laugh and then someone grabs me. After that everything gets completely dark and then I wake upÖ

The nightmare scares me so badly, Impa. Itís been going on for a long time. Will it never come to an end


Impa could feel Zeldaís deep sorrow and fear. She also thought that her nightmare was really mystical and strange.


Impa: When did it all start?


Zelda thought about it for a few seconds, trying to remember.


Zelda: I thinkÖit was since dads newest associate first appeared here. I dunno what it is but I just think that he looks very false and evil. That red hair, the black armour, the green skin. But mostly his eyes. My senses tells me that it is something evil about him.

Impa: Ganondorf?

Zelda: Yes. Who is he?

Impa: He is from the desert far to the west. Dessert Colossus is the name. He is the leader of the Gerudo tribe.

Zelda: Gerudo? Arenít they thieves? I think Iíve heard a little about them.

Impa: Yes, a bunch of female thieves with only one man. Thatís Ganondorf, their leader.

Zelda: I knew it was something about him. I just knew it. You do believe me, donít you?

Impa: To be honest I actually doubt If our king really made a good choice. I can feel it too, there is something with that man. Especially when he lies about that he hasnít even been to Desert Colossus for a long time, it all is indeed very strange. But we shall not hesitate, I think itís for the best to stay low. But one thing you have to do. Promise me to protect the ďRoyal familyís treasureĒ youíre holding. The thing you got from you mother.


Zelda smiled to tell Impa that she understood and she smiled back.


Zelda: Umm, Impa?

Impa: Yes, princess?

Zelda: Can I go and see my friend Malon?

Impa: Of course, Iím going to talk to your father about it.


Zelda got very happy then and followed Impa to her father. The King of Hyrule, Zeldaís father was of course in the big throne room. It was a big room with gigantic flags decorated at the walls withHyruleīs crest. A wide and blue carpet with gold small details and decorations at each side of it. And furthest in the room was the big throne, completely covered in gold. There was only one window in the throne room and that was the window to Princess Zeldaís little castle courtyard, the window was quite big. There was about 10 guards in the throne room. Zelda thought it was all too much. But she didnít even like the guards either. It all felt like they were stupid spies that was spying on everything.She disliked almost all the guards except a few. There were only a few who was normal. No one inside the castle was but some outside. That was only the guards in Hyrule Castle Town and Kakariko Village who was the only normal guards. The rest of them were only starring around. They were even worse now when Ganondorf showed up. It felt like everything was changed since that Gerudo leader showed up at Hyrule Castle. Zelda followed Impa into the throne room and to her father who sat on his throne as always. Ganondorf was also there too. Just the thought of that he was there made Zelda very nervous. That man really gave her goose bumps.

Impa bowed down for the king and Zelda noticed that Ganondorf was starring and also smiled at her when he noticed the princess. That made her even more nervous, she was happy to have Impa beside her.


Impa: My highness, Iím here to tell you a little favour our princess have.

The king: Go on, dear Impa.

Impa: Princess Zelda wishes to visit her friend Malon.

The king: Well, I donít really like it when my little daughter is outside our Castle and especially not outside the Castle Town.


Then Zelda stepped in and begged her father.


Zelda: Please father, I want to be with my friend.

Impa: Itís no worry my highness, I can follow her and make sure she is safe, she just want to be with her friend.

The king: Well then. Talon will also be here with the milk soon and then his daughter maybe is with him so I guess it isnít any problem. But only If my little daughter stays in the Hyrule Castle field with Malon and donít do anything stupid I guess it is ok.

Impa: Donít worry my highness, I will look after them.


Impa bowed before the king again and walked out of there with Princess Zelda.

As Impa and Zelda walked past Ganondorf followed them with his eyes all the way. Or more correctly Princess Zelda. Zelda both felt and noticed that she was watched by Ganondorf.


Zelda: (What the hell are you staring at!?!)


Zelda tried to ignore him but itís never easy when you have someone whoís watching you.

The thought that he was watching her felt more scary for her. Sometimes even the guards watched her like that too and she really didnít like it.

When Zelda and Impa was gone Ganondorf faced the king for a talk.


Ganondorf: The princess seems to be more than pretty and beautiful. I also got a feeling that she has a strong will too. Also makes me wonder what a pretty princess like her will behave like when she is with a simple ranch girl.

The king: Itís a long story, it goes back to her mother when she lived. Our queen had Malons mother as a friend. Malons mother died too. It wasnít so long ago since we lost our queen and my princess lost a mother.

Ganondorf: I guess it must be terrible for such a young and sweet princess like Zelda. Maybe it can be a depression that made her behaveÖ.wildly.

The king: Not really. She was sad in the beginning but then when she was more with that Malon she went happier. My daughter has always been a little princess with attitude. She is a tomboy, you see.


The king was right, princess Zelda was actually a tomboy and she could have attitude sometimes too.Zelda was also wild, so was Malon too. Only that Malon wasnít a tomboy.

Luckily Malon was with her father with the milk delivery. Princess Zelda got to wait at the castle field in the mean time Impa went to meet Malon and her father and take Malon with her. When Zelda noticed Impa followed by Malon she got very happy. Malon was very happy to see princess Zelda too. The two friends ran toward each other for a friendly hug.


Zelda: So nice to see you, Malon!

Malon: Same here, Zelda!


Zelda then turned to Impa and smiled thankfully at her and Impa smiled back.


Impa: Iím gonna leave you two alone now. Have a nice time!

Zelda: Thank you so much, Impa!


The two friends sat down at some beautiful yellow flowers for a talk.


Malon: Howís it going here for you, Zelda?

Zelda: Between ok and not good at all. The problem is my father, my nightmares and my fathers new association.

Malon: Whoís his new association.

Zelda: Itís a leader of the Gerudo thieves in the dessert far to the west.

Malon: The Gerudo Dessert?

Zelda Yes, his name is Ganondorf. Since he came here Iíve been worried day and night. And also since he came here Iíve been having a nightmare for a long time. Not only that, now it feels like he is watching me and that creeps me out. Just by looking at him I can sense that it is something strange and evil about the man. Even tough I donít have evidence yet, Iím sure I will have them soon. But the worst is my father.

Malon: What about him?

Zelda: He thinks that Ganondorf is a peaceful and kind man. I guess itís because he swears allegiance to my father. Itís like he is playing kind. Not only that, my father has changed completely since Ganondorf came. He like wonít let me do anything. He always wants me to stay in that boring castle. Before Ganondorf came he even could let me go outside the castle town to met you.

Malon: That really was good times. Both here and at the ranch when we were riding around and had lots of fun.

Zelda: I really miss those times too. Now it feels like my father wonít even let me meet you anymore. All cause of that Ganondorf. Everything has now changed, even the guards. It feels like they are watching me wherever I go or what I do. Itís the same with Ganondorf, watching me the time he can.

Malon: That must be really scary.

Zelda: It is. But it feels better now when I get to meet you. I really wish we could go home to you or head to the Hyrule Castle Town. Be like a ordinary girl like you. Youíre really lucky, you can do the things I now canít.

Malon: Itís not so special when it comes to me. Since mother died dad has become lazier and lazier. He sleeps most of the time. Me and Talon get to do most of the work. Since Iím 10 years old Talon gets to do most of the work.

Zelda: Talon was your dadís association If I remember right. Wasnít he very happy to work much.

Malon: He was but not any longer. Heís just in a bad mood all day and dad sleeps for almost most of the time, itís not so fun actually. It feels very good to be with you too.


The two friends smiled gently at each other.


Zelda: Do you feel like doing something fun? I do.

Malon: I really do!

Zelda: Have you heard about swordplay?

Malon: Thatís really awesome stuff, itís a shame we girls canít do such things.

Zelda: Yes, but maybe we can!


The two friends grinned at each other then Zelda whispered something to Malon and she grinned at the thing Zelda told her. Then they got up and then Zelda talked very loudly so the guards would hear it all.


Zelda: Hey letís play hide and seek, I begin to hide!


Then she pointed at the direction at the great gate on the road to Hyrule Castle town. There was a little room there and in there was some swords and stuff.


Zelda: You go into that room and count to 50 where you canít peek.

Malon: Ok!


Malon then ran toward the gate and entered the room and closed the door. Then Zelda ran up the stairs to the great gate to the castle and then she ran into the castle courtyard door which was the entrance to the castle courtyard. She ran past some guard who was staring at her confused but Zelda just ignored them as she ran in hurry.


Zelda: Excuse me, the princess is coming. Move at side!


Zelda ran into a door that lead into the castle to get up to her room.

In the meantime Malon checked some swords that wasnít to heavy for them to carry. When she found two swords that wasnít to heavy she climbed the ladder to get them up. She had one hand on the ladder and the other to hold the swords. Up there at the roof of the room there was a little path that was on the hill there. And at the end of it there was a climbing plant. When Malon got up she ran fast toward it and threw down the weapons on the ground carefully and then climbed down and waited for Zelda.

Not too long time after Zelda came running toward that room where all the weapons was. She was also holding a clothing tight to her so that the guards wouldnít see it.

She ran fast into the room and changed to the clothing she was holding. It was a light blue simple dress. After putting it on she took of her veil and let out her hair.

She had to disguise herself even from the guards in town. She left all her clothes there and climbed up the ladder. Then she then ran the hill toward the climbing plant where Malon waited on the ground. Zelda climbed fast down to her, once there the two friends took their swords and ran fast and discrete to Hyrule Castle Town.

Once there at the castle town where it was flooded of happy and busy people, they decided to search for a place that wasnít flooded with people. Zelda suggested that they should go to Temple of time and try the swords outside the temple. That place was always empty of people and was a perfect place If you searched for a silent place. The place was sacred but it was no worries about doing swordplay. Itís the inside of the temple which is the sacred place. The two friends pointed their swords at each other, ready to swordplay.


Zelda: Ready?

Malon: En garde!


The swordplay then started. They took it very carefully to not hurt each other but still it looked pretty good. Malon used her sword wildly while Zelda used her sword graciously. They both was quite good at it and it was unusual for girls. Suddenly the girls stopped and got another brilliant idea.


Zelda: Hey, heard of sudden death?

Malon: The last strike. I think so, yes.

Zelda: Yeah, letís try it.

Malon: Then it means one personal special move.

Zelda: Yeah! This can be pretty dangerous so letís avoid doing it at ourselves. Letís move some meters from each other and begin. Wanna try first?

Malon: Sure!


They moved a few meters from each other and got themselves ready for the ďSudden DeathĒ.

Malon who was about to begin with her move didnít hesitate at all with it. She swung her sword like doing a gracious cheerleading move.


Zelda: Awesome! My turn!


Zelda absolutely didnít hesitate either. But instead of swinging her sword she makes a spin attack instead. Since the sword was heavy it made her spin attack incredible fast in itís spin. It also made Zelda stand on just one foot like she was doing a pirouette. But since the speed of the spin was so fast Zelda lost control over it and spin wildly around so Malon had to take cover to avoid danger. It didnít stop until Zelda spin into a pool full with water.

Malon saw everything and just had to laugh at it all. Zelda was lying there in the water all wet and still was holding her sword. When she heard Malon laugh she couldnít let it but laugh too.

It all was indeed very hilarious. After laughing a little Malon walked to Zelda and helped her up from the water.


Malon: Damn, Zelda! Youíre crazy but damn awesome ,tee hee! That was really not a bad move!

Zelda: Hee hee! Not yours either!

Zelda dried out her hair and her dress for a second. But suddenly they heard a catchy, mystical and wild music.


Zelda: Malon, do you hear that awesome music?

Malon: Yeah, I hear it, itís really catchy!

Zelda: Letís go and see what it is. Donít worry about the swords, we can leave them here. People donít come here so often.


The girls let go their swords and headed for the Castle Town which is also called ďMarketĒ.

When the girls came out there they could see where it all came from. It was right in front of them on the other side. There was a big stage there. There were red haired women dancing wildly on it. The music was so beckoning so everyone was there and witnessed the dancing women. Zelda and Malon got through all the people to see the awesome performance. The music was so powerful and wild, it made them very happy and impressed.


Zelda: Malon, look! Gerudos!

Malon: Are they Yeah, it must be them. Theyíre all red haired.


The two friends and also all the people completely forgot that the women were Gerudos, the famous thieves from the dessert. They were just so impressive.

The Gerudos looked like dancing fire with amazing colours. Green, blue, orange and white.

There were four of them who danced wildly at first. But then they used some kind of magic thing to create fire and there was the fifth dancer. She had pink clothing on her and also had the longest hair of all of the Gerudos. She was also very beautiful and gracious. When she appeared everyone gasped at her and also that she was dancing in fire. The music also became more wild. Zelda and Malon had never seen something like this and were more than impressive. After a little while the Gerudo jumped out of the fire and began to sing the song. It was very cool and the singer was very good. A singer who could sing and dance at the same time plus her four dancers dancing wild and the fire behind was an awesome sight. Everyone was completely possessed by it. At least all the men who was in the front of the dancers. Zelda and Malon was behind them and behind Zelda and Malon was the other people. Tough it was men in the way the singer could see trough them to Zelda and Malon who was very surprised that the dancers and most of all the singer had their eyes on them. The singer smiled and winked at them and then turned her eyes to the rest of the audience. It was almost like she wanted to say something to them or that she even knew something about them.

Into the end of the song the dancers was able to impress everyone again. All dancers, even the singer jumped into the fire and started dancing in the fire. Then the other four dancers jumped out of there and the singer remained there and sang the end of the song and danced wildly in there. Then the song was finished and the fire disappeared and the singer showed herself again. The audience was crazy but not as crazy as the men. One of them screamed out so everyone could hear it.


Man: Oh shit! These chicks are just so damn hot and sexy. I think I will ditch my girlfriend!


There were girls in the crowd who reacted at that, it really was noticeable. Malon and Zelda noticed that also and thought that it really was retarded.

The dancing Gerudos also reacted at that, one of them jumped toward the guy who said it and grabbed him aggressively.


Gerudo: Are you ditching your girlfriend just cause of looks? What a naughty boy!

Singer: Letís take the men in front of us girls! Take what you want!


When the crazy men who was in front of the Gerudos heard this they thought that they were going to get them as girlfriends. The other men with their wives didnít have anything to worry about they also wasnít so much in front of the Gerudos at the stage like the other crazy men was. When the singer commanded the others everything happened really fast. The Gerudo girl who grabbed the man took his moneybag he was carrying around with and threw the crazy man back into the audience. The other Gerudo girls was also robbing the men. Some of them carried a gold watch or something like that that was worth to steal. One of them had a whole bag with not only money but treasures too like diamonds and necklaces and such stuff. That man was stolen by the singer herself.The guards also noticed this and ran in there in the crowd to caught the Gerudos but the Gerudos was way too fast. They disappeared fast out of the crowd. The singer threw a gold necklace to a young woman who looked like she needed that stuff. That amazed many in the crowd also Zelda and Malon got very amazed, they also thought that the Gerudos was very awesome too. They never knew that Gerudos could also be so polite. While the Gerudos was fleeing from the guards they waved at Zelda and Malon, also the singer stopped at them and winked again.


Gerudo singer: See yah, girls!


After that when they were about flee one guard came running to the Market from the castle, Zelda recognized him, it was one of the stupid guards from inside of the Hyrule Castle.


Guard: Stop right there on the cover, you damn Gerudo thieves!


Then the Gerudos stopped and then one of the dancers laughed and answered him.


Gerudo: So what? These ďso-called-real-loversĒ deserve it If theyíre going to deceive their girlfriends just like that. And also, we need some cash we too.

Guard: That was the most bad apologize Iíve ever heard for such a dreadful thing to do.


Then one man from the crowd answered at that.


Man: That wasnít dreadful! It was creative, it was also very polite of what they gave to the young lonely woman over there. You canít call that dreadful!


The guard looked at the lonely woman who looked happy over what she just got, it was morethan what she could afford. It was something she really needed. Zelda and Malon couldnít believe it that the guard could go so low to say and even think about something like that.


Guard: I will take care of that as soon as Iíve taken care of these stupid Gerudo-women.


Then another Gerudo dancer got up and answered.


Gerudo: Hrmph! I bet you are such a lowlife man as the ones we robbed!


That got the other Gerudo girls laugh hard and also people in the crowd laughed quietly and Zelda and Malon couldnít stop giggling at it. Before the guard could answer another stupid guard from the castle came to the Market and yelled at everyone.


Yelling guard: Move at side, folks. Here comes sir Ganondorf!!!


Everyone became quiet. The Gerudos gasped, one of the Gerudos caughed panic and turned to the Gerudo-singer.


Gerudo: Nabooru, what shall we do?


The Gerudo-singer Nabooru turned to the guard and grinned at him.


Nabooru: Itís been a fun time but we have to go away now! See yah!


Then she turned to the Gerudo-dancers.


Nabooru: Come on now, girls!


Once again it all happened fast. They ran away fast and for about some seconds they were already gone and nowhere to be seen.

After that Ganondorf came riding on his black horse into Hyrule Castle Market. When they noticed Ganondorf it became very quiet. Zelda and Malon gasped, especially Zelda.


Zelda: Anywhere to hide? Anywhere to hide?

Malon: Behind the stage!


They ran behind the stage and peeked from there at Ganondorf.

When the Hyrule Castle guards bowed before him he stopped.


Ganondorf: Is everything alright? Thought I heard some arguing and other stuff around here.


Then the guard who was dealing with the Gerudos got up.


Guard: Indeed it have been a little rough here. It seems like some Gerudos caused some mess. These young women also only stole from the men.


Ganondorf: And they got away with it?

Guard: They really were pretty good thieves, fast and clever. Sadly we couldnít caught them.

I assure that If they met you theyíve been done for. I mean, you come from that place and knows how they all work.

Ganondorf: Yep. Even tough it was long ago. I thought the Gerudo-stealing was over since I was there last to put an end of it all.


When Zelda heard that she felt very irritated inside.


Zelda: (Liar!)


When Ganondorf said what he said he rid out of the Hyrule Castle Market. The guard was waving at him then.


Guard: Donít need to blame yourself for this, sir Ganondorf. It was all bad luck for us all.


Malon and Zelda heard that too.

Zelda: Hrmph! Talk to yourself, idiot.

Malon: I really agree!

Zelda: Yeah, they both are such liars!


Ganondorf was finally gone and the friends could stop hiding. The people were still quiet. But they got very chocked when they saw the guard deal with the lonely woman who got the necklace from the Gerudos. The guard was trying to get it back but the woman refused.

Zelda and Malon couldnít stand and watch it all. They ran toward them to try to stop the guard.


Zelda: Hey! Stop with that immediately!

Malon: Yeah, let her keep the necklace she got!


The guard turned around to Malon and Zelda as he took the necklace from the woman.


Guard: I suggest you kids to stay out of adults business like this. Now scram, or do I have to take care of you two as well.


Zelda then whispered something to Malon who grinned at their big plan. Then Zelda turned to the guard again and looked quite angry.


Zelda: Do you call that adult business? I call that MEAN you idiotic retard!

Guard: Thatís it! You two will come along with me immediately.

Malon: Try it, guard-retard!


Then Malon sneaks fast trough the guard and grabs the necklace and gave it back to the woman. And then Zelda ran toward the guard and pushed him hard. Then she and Malon ran away into the small pass ways deeper into the Castle Town.


Guard: What the hell!?! Come back you fucking brats!


Deeper in the Castle Town at the small pass ways were Zelda and Malon hiding. Itís not like the Market square they just was at. Deeper in the Castle Market or Castle Town was a very good place to hide. The pass ways were small and the houses were very close to each other and the pass ways.

The two friends stopped and hid behind a tree that stood beside a house.


Malon: That was close!

Zelda: Yeah, but I bet that idiotic retard to a guard is not smart enough to find us. I bet on it!

Malon: Btw, that Ganondorf guy sure looks and also seems to be scary as you say, seriously.

Zelda: He really is. He is also such a liar too.

Malon: About the Gerudos? I thought it sounded strange about what he said too.

Zelda: Yeah, the thing is that these Gerudo women only stole from men.

Malon: Yeah, but Iíve heard that Gerudos did so. Itís a very old legend of them. But nowadays they steal from everyone.

Zelda: Think Iíve heard it too. I also think that since Ganondorf came in the picture the Gerudos have been stealing from everyone.

Malon: And what Ganondorf said. ďEven tough it was long ago. I thought the Gerudo-stealing was over since I was there last to put an end of it all.Ē

Zelda: That must mean that the ďrealĒ Gerudo tradition ended when he was there and also made them all evil.

Malon: Then that meansÖ.

Zelda: This Gerudo-tribe who showed off for us today is the ďrealĒ and remaining one. They also seem to be a rebel tribe to Ganondorfīs evil tribe.

Malon: Yeah! But what a liar he is! Saying that it was long ago he was in the desserts with his evil tribe. I bet he is there like everyday.

Zelda: Yeah. Heís also a big liar with my father. I believe it more and more now that Ganondorf is here in Hyrule for something very special. I only wish I knew exactly.


Malon put her hand on Zeldaís shoulder and smiled gently at her to cheer her up.


Malon: Youíre our wise princess, Zelda! I know you will figure it out soon.


Zelda smiled thankfully at her friend. But after a few seconds she got a little more neutral face and sighed.


Zelda: This day is soon over. Iím afraid I canít see you so often nowadays cause of my father. The next time from this day can be a very long time Iím afraid. I really wish we could be more often nowadays, I also wish that this day never would end.


Zelda sighed and also Malon. They both looked gloomy for a few seconds. But then Malons face shined up.


Malon: Maybe we can. We can maybe meet in secret.


Then Zelda face shined up too.


Zelda: Yeah, how about already this evening?


They both became very happy and thrilled now.


Malon: Iíd love too. Where shall we meet?

Zelda: Maybe outside the Castle Town.

Malon: Lake Hylia?

Zelda: For a bath in the lake?

Malon: An evening swim?

Zelda and Malon: DEAL!


It all was then decided. Suddenly they both heard someone talking close to them. They hid behind the tree to avoid being seen. The ones who were talking was the mean guard and also another guard.


Malon: Danger! The guards are coming!

Zelda: No worries! The other guard is one of the Castle Market guards, theyíre normal!


They felt a bit safer and started to listen to what they were talking about.


Guard: Where the hell could those brats be? Theyíre not getting away with this without any punishment.

Castle Market guard: But actually, they only returned the necklace to the sweet lady. Why not just cut this little argument and leave it be?

Guard: And let them get away? Hell no! Especially not after what the blonde brat did who pushed me, or the red haired brat who stole the necklace right under my nose. Those brats needs to be found and punished!

Castle Market guard: Well, thatís your business, I have other things to take care off!


With those words the Castle Market guard leaved. Zelda and Malon grinned at it all when they witnessed the mean guard leave too in full rage when he didnít got what he wanted.


Malon: I think my father wonder where I am now, I think Iíd better go back.

Zelda: Let me show you a secret way out of here.


Malon followed then Zelda to a place not far away from the big gate to Hyrule field. There was a big green bush and behind it was the big stone wall. On the wall there was a little hole, but it was big enough for a 10 year old. Nobody knew about this secret entrance except Princess Zelda. It was a perfect hole to sneak out to the Hyrule field or into the Hyrule Town.

It was also perfect for Malon who needed to sneak out unseen.The two friends said good-bye to each other and then Malon had to go. As for Zelda she needed to sneak back to the castle unseen, she also needed to take the weapons back and change to her regular clothes. Zelda sneaked trough the small pass ways and then ran fast trough the square and toward Temple of time where the weapons was left. Once there she took the weapons with her and sneaked back to the place were the climbing plant was. She threw up the weapons on the hill and climbed the climbing plant up there. Then she took the weapons and threw down them into the room and climbed down the ladder. She changed clothes and went out of there with the wet clothes in her hand. Once out there she ran as fast as she could to avoid being seen with the wet clothes in her hand. She made it safely into the castle and into her room to leave the wet dress. On her way to her father she met Impa and she decided to follow Zelda to her father.


Impa: How was your time with Malon?

Zelda: Awesome, I really hope we could met more often.

Impa: I understand!

Zelda: Thanks! I also want to thank you for following me to my father so he doesnít know that you let me and Malon be alone.

Impa: It was nothing special, princess. Just want to help.


Zelda smiled thankfully to Impa and she smiled gently back.

After a short time they were finally at the throne-room where the king sat on his throne, Impa bowed down for the king like always.


Impa: My highness, Princess Zelda has returned.

The king: Thank you so much, Impa. Please, leave me and my daughter alone for a minute.

Impa: As you wish my highness.


With those words Impa turned around and leaved. On her way out of there she smiled gently at Zelda and she smiled back, then after that Zelda turned around to her father again.


Zelda: Yes, father. Iím here now!

The king: And thatís very good. Cause you know Iím not so found of that youíre out where anything can happen and especially with a non royal.

Zelda: Excuse me father but what has got into you? Malon is my best friend. I had a very good time with her today and itís no worry cause of the guards who are everywhere and spying. Both here and in town, I donít get it why I canít go to town when there are guards everywhere.

The king: Maybe that but Iím gotta tell you a thing now. Why I donít let you go to the town was cause I feared the thing that happened today.


Then the mean guard who tried to caught both the Gerudos and Zelda and Malon before stepped in and talked.


Guard: Correct, and I was there! The Gerudos showed up in town and robbed people. They also gave a woman a stolen item which I tried to return to the right owner but then two brats came and stole it under my nose. One of them also pushed me. The Castle Market really has become a dangerous place.

Zelda: Did you just take the necklace from her hands when it was a gift to her?


Of course Zelda already knew what happened but she couldnít let them know that she and her friend was there, Zelda was very good at acting.


Guard: My princess, it was a stolen item!

Zelda: But that still doesnít give you any right to take it.

Guard: Itís still against our law!

Zelda: And where did that go when you took it from her?

Guard: My apologizes for this, my princess. But as our very young princess I think you are a little too young to debate in adults business!

Zelda: Too young? Age doesnít matter at all! Iím still the Princess of Hyrule and I tell you to leave this ridiculous issue be! Itís an order!


Then the king stepped in and talked.


The king: But as your father and also the king of Hyrule I can tell you that adults business isnít for a young and noble princess like you, Zelda! Let us adults do our job!

Zelda: But fatherÖ..

The king: This is an order to you, my young daughter!


Zelda then sighted and got quiet and the king signed the guard to leave them alone and then he turned to his daughter.


The king: Zelda, I understand that you want to help but youíre still too young for this. I also see that youíre not so comfortable with our guards here who only does their job to protect us all. I also get a feeling that youíre not so comfortable with my new association Ganondorf. Itís like you want to hide every time heís here. Why is this my daughter? Heís our best association ever.

Zelda: Why!?! Cause I donít trust him? Just by looking into his eyes makes me more suspicious. It also tells me more that heís not to trust at.

The king: What are you talking about, Zelda?

Zelda: Iím telling you father to not trust him! He doesnít show it but heís indeed evil! I can sense it strongly and now I beg you to not fall for his lies. Even better would be If you would stop meeting him!

The king: Enough now, Zelda! You havenít even meet him and talked to him.

Zelda: But fatherÖ..

The king: There is nothing to worry about! I suggest you to go and rest cause you seem very tired after today, thatís another reason why you shouldnít be running around outside.


Zelda released it was just to leave. Her father wouldnít listen to her. But she made sure when she left the throne room that sooner or later he had to listen to her.

For the rest of the afternoon Zelda stayed on her room and didnít even cared to eat anything.


The evening came and also the darkness, but the full moon made the night beautiful as always. It also became very quiet as everyone was gone to sleep in the castle. Everyone except Princess Zelda, she was just ready to go. Under her nightdress she was wearing a bikini for the evening swim in the lake. She had tied together some quilts and stuff to create some kind of a rope to climb on. She put it out through her window carefully and climbed down. Once down on the castle roof she sneaked to the hill that was on the left side. After that she climbed down the hill and sneaked past the guards who was almost asleep. They didnít recognize anything in the darkness. Once she was past them she sneaked to the room were the weapons was and took the same way as she did when sneaking out there with Malon and head for the Castle Market. From there she sneaked to her secret entrance to get out to the Hyrule field. And there she was, out in the big, wide and free Hyrule field. Nobody of the guards or anyone could see that she was out there. She felt totally free out there. Toward the Hyrule Castle was Lon lon ranch, it was also Malons home. Outside Lon lon ranch was Malon waiting. When the two friends saw each other they joined each other and head for Lake Hylia.

Once there they took off their night clothes and left them in the grass and jumped in the water together. The lake was really beautiful and wonderful. It wasnít even cold.

The two friends had a very fun time in the water. They were swimming, playing, diving and even played under the water. Under water there was some kind of a building which looked like some kind of a wall. In it was a small hole which was the entrance to Zoraīs Domain. A Domain were the water people, the Zoraīs lived. But either Zelda or Malon could dive into it. It was way too deep and they were not so good at diving yet. While they were playing around there a young Zora girl in their age swam out of the hole. Malon and Zelda got quite a surprise when the young Zora girl came.


Zora girl: Hello there!

Zelda and Malon: ÖÖHi!

Zora girl: Whatcha you doiīn around here?

Zelda: Taking a night swim together.

Malon: Yep, and playing around so much we can.

Zora girl: How nice. Iím about to do the same. My father donít want me to be out so much so Iím doing these fun things while heís not aware. Itís so boring to be a dadís little puppet.

Zelda: Get exactly what you mean. My father is the same, sure he has it rough with all the taking care of Hyrule and that but still.

Zora girl: Oh, are you Hyruleīs Princess? Princess Zelda?

Malon: Yep, she and I are best friends. My name is Malon, btw.

Zora girl: Nice to meet you girls. I am Ruto, the princess of Zoraīs Domain.

Zelda and Malon: Nice to meet you Ruto!

Ruto: Thanks the same! My excuses now, I gotta go out for a swim now, catch yah later or so girls!


With those words she waved good bye and disappeared into the water. Now when Zelda and Malon was alone they continued playing for a little while more. After a little while the two friends decided to get up and dress on cause it got very late and they had to get back sometime. When they got to Lon lon ranch the two friends decided to send each others letters cause they had to be careful now when Zeldaís dad has gone out of his mind nowadays. After that they said good bye with a friendly hug and parted their ways. Zelda was now alone in Hyrule field again. She went back to the secret entrance to Hyrule Castle but on her way she got interrupted by Gerudos who just showed up and blocked her way. Zelda gasped and the Gerudos giggled, one of them stepped forward and starred at Zelda and she starred back at them all. They looked very similar to the Gerudos they met in town but in some ways they were different they also had different clothing. Zelda recognized them immediately, it must be Ganondorfīs evil Gerudo tribe.


Gerudo: Well, well. What do we have here? What is our young and beloved Princess of Hyrule doing outside her castle all alone?

Zelda: Like you guys have something to do whit that!


Zelda wasnít afraid at all. She was more angry than afraid cause she knew who was behind all of this stuff. When Zelda answered the Gerudos in the way she did they all laughed.


Gerudo: What a brave little princess! But maybe a little too brave.


With those words the Gerudo pulled up one of her Gerudo swords and pointed it at Zelda.


Gerudo: Now I guess we have to get serious now, sweet princess. Where is the ďRoyal familyís treasureĒ youíre holding?

Zelda: I have no damn idea what you are talking about!


Then the Gerudo grabbed Zelda and aimed her sword at her once more!


Gerudo: Last chance, princess! Where is it?


It became quiet as Zelda was thinking of what she was going to do. She would never reveal or give away the treasure her mother gave her before she died. Never! But Zelda didnít got any time to think cause just then some other Gerudos showed up and kicked down the Gerudos who were standing and just watched. It all came out with a big and rough surprise for the evil Gerudos. Zelda noticed immediately who the Gerudos were. It was the ones who performed for them, the rebel tribe. The evil Gerudo who was holding Zelda pointed the knife at one of the good Gerudos while the other once fighted.


Evil Gerudo: What the hell!?!

Gerudo: Let go the princess immediately!

Evil Gerudo: Just who do you traitors to our strong and legendary Gerudo line think you are!?!

Gerudo: Traitors to the legendary Gerudo line!?! Ha! Thatís one of the most weakest things weíve ever heard.

Evil Gerudo: Well, whoever you liars are youíll sure are out in grave danger when our big master will hear about this!

Gerudo: The big master!?! Donít talk so much shit. We all know that there is only one ruler for us Gerudos. But I can understand If you donít want to listen cause of that master to a big fake who washed out your brains with his lies!


Then the evil Gerudo who grabbed Zelda let her go. The good Gerudos signed her to flee fast and then Zelda did. When she was gone the evil Gerudo looked all around her. All her Gerudo pals where defeated by the rebel tribe. But this made her not to run, this just made her very angry. She pointed her Gerudo sword against the rebels and glared at them furious.


Evil Gerudo: One more word about our beloved master and Iíll kill you and your tribe! If you want to get out of this I now command you to show our master mercy and also tell us who the leader of you pathetic rebels are!

Gerudo: Do you think that weíll betray the real ruler of us Gerudos? But we guess thatís not so strange when you have someone like Ganondorf as your master!


With those words the Gerudo rebels disappeared. The evil Gerudo screamed out of anger and commanded her Gerudo pals who still was sitting on the ground to follow her back.

Zelda was now in safety, she had also heard everything about what they said. When she heard about Ganondorf she lit up.


Zelda: (I knew it!!!)


Happy with the evidence she head back to the Hyrule Castle, it was now very late but the morning was to come soon and who knew what could happen in the next daysÖ


To be continued!




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