The Legend of Zelda
Ocarina of Time

By KPGirl

Part 2: The Destined, Young Boy

Princess Zelda just got back into her room after the secret evening swim she and Malon had.

She pulled up the tied quilts and closed the window. She was just about to go to bed but then she thought of her nightmare and hesitated. Then she suddenly heard something outside her room. She walked out of her room and down to the halls. She had no idea what to expect but If Ganondorf or his Gerudos was in the castle someone had to stop them. She walked around in the halls and tried to listen carefully to more suspicious sounds but it was completely quiet.

She looked out of one of the big windows a few seconds but suddenly then someone touched her shoulder.


Impa: What are you doing so late in the night, princess.


Zelda was glad to see that it was Impa and not anyone else.


Zelda: Oh, Impa. I’m so sorry I was just…

Impa: Out of the castle.


Impa grinned gently at her and then continued.


Impa: I saw the tied quilts from your window while I were out for two hours ago and checked some things. You were lucky that not the guards saw it.


Zelda then grinned gently and guilty and then looked begging at her and answered.


Zelda: Yeah. Please, don’t tell my father! I just couldn’t help it, I had to meet Malon, she’s my best friend.


Impa then smiled gently at her.


Impa: Don’t worry I understand, dear. Come, it’s late.


Impa took Zelda back to her room and took her to bed.


Zelda: Oh Impa, I really wish all these rough days and all would come to an end soon, also my nightmares.

Impa: Don’t worry, princess. One day you will see the sun shine brighter than ever in these hard times. Your nightmares will come to an end too, and to make it easier I´m gonna play “The lullaby” for you.


Zelda giggled and got into bed and then Impa took a chair that was close to them and sat down beside Zelda.


Zelda: You must think I’m too old for this.

Impa: I’ve been playing your lullaby for you since you were little and I can still do now. No one is too old for a safe and comfortable night.

Zelda: Thanks so much, Impa. I’m going to remember your words, I will also try to grow up too. I’m going to get some courage and become strong. One day I will.


Impa smiled gently at her.


Impa: I know you will. With the time you will.


With those words she took up her right hand to her lips and played the beautiful melody of “Zelda’s Lullaby”. Zelda loved the lullaby and will forever do. Like in always it gets her to feel safe and happy even in the most darkest times. After a little while Zelda finally fell asleep.


Zelda gasped and sat up fast in her bed. She was breathing heavily in a few seconds, then she just stared out in the wide open air. She just ha another ream, but it was not really a nightmare...


Zelda: (My dream!?! Is this the answer? No mistake, now I’m positive about this!)


With those thoughts in her head she then fast got up from her bed and dressed on fast and ran downstairs.


Zelda: Impa, I got it! Impa!


While she was running around in the halls Impa finally appeared.


Impa: Yes, princess?


Zelda then turned around and got very happy to see Impa.


Zelda: Impa, I got it! Can we talk somewhere alone?


Then Impa took Zelda with her to the room they were last time they needed to be alone.


Impa: What happened? What did you got?

Zelda: Evidence! I had a dream again tonight!

Impa: The nightmare again?

Zelda: Sort of but….It was kinda….strange and something else.

Impa: What was your dream, princess?

Zelda: My dream took place outside the Castle Town in Hyrule Field at the big gate. Once again a storm came and clouds were covering Hyrule with darkness, then I saw him. The shadow of an evil man sitting on his black horse. Suddenly a ray of light shot up upon the forest and parted the clouds with it’s light. And then I saw a boy in a green hat and green clothes followed by a fairy. I couldn’t see his face clearly but one thing I saw was that he was holding a green and shining stone in his hand. After that some light flooded over the darkness and then everything went white before me and then I woke up.


It became very quiet in a few seconds until Zelda continued.


Zelda: And the shadowed man sitting on his horse looked exactly like Ganondorf. I saw him in the Castle Market yesterday and when I saw the shadowed man on his horse in my dream I knew exactly what the shadowed man is now.


Impa then thought for a few seconds and then turned around to Zelda again.


Impa: When did you see Ganondorf?


Zelda got quiet for a few seconds but then decided to tell Impa everything about herself and her friend Malon and how they were doing and witnessing the Gerudos etc. When Zelda was done Impa thought for a few seconds and then turned to Zelda.


Impa: I guess we were right about Ganondorf after all.

Zelda: Yes, at least about the Gerudo thing and probably about my dream too. I’m glad I now finally got the answer but still….I don’t get it. Why do I dream about this and what does my dream mean?


Impa then smiled gently at Zelda.


Impa: Princess, you begin to become a big girl now which means that your magical senses is maturing.

Zelda: My magical senses?

Impa: Yes. Like what you felt with Ganondorf for example. But it’s not only that. Your prophecy senses also begin to mature now.

Zelda: Prophecy?

Impa: Yes. The dream you had tonight was a prophecy indeed.


Zelda thought for a few seconds and then shined up.


Zelda: You’re right indeed! It must have been a prophecy! Then that means that…I have prophecy dreams.

Impa: Yes.

Zelda: Ok, now my only confusion is what my prophecy meant. I think I know about the dark clouds and all. But what about the green boy with the stone and the fairy?

Impa: It sounds like it was a boy from the forest. Deep in the forest are a tribe that consists with only children. They are Kokiris and they live together alone with their great leader called “ Great Deku Tree”.

Zelda: The great Deku tree?

Impa: Yes, he raises them and give them the life they need to survive. Every Kokiris is blessed with a fairy to protect them and to be their companion. The great pearl of the Kokiri Forest is “Kokiris Emerald”.

Zelda: Emerald? The green and shining stone!

Impa: Yes, one of the Three Spiritual Stones! The Emerald is the treasure of the Kokiri Forest.

Zelda: But Impa, why haven’t someone spoken about this before? Why is it like the forest is non-existing?

Impa: The forest is a forbidden place and is now a forgotten place.

Zelda: I would like to see those forests someday even If they are forbidden. I’d like to see so many places but can’t cause my father is forbidding all the fun nowadays.


Impa felt pity for Zelda indeed. She got quiet about what Zelda said and listened more as Zelda kept talking about it.


Zelda: You know, since mother died and dad got depressed and that stupid Ganondorf came here I believe everything gets worse and worse. Especially my dad, I don´t recognize him so much I hardly even know him nowadays. Somehow I feel like he’s trying to keep me here for something. Or even Ganondorf for one or another reason. He watches me all the time I’m around, also the guards. If only I knew Ganondorf´s “real” goal then we maybe could put a stop on this once and for all.

Impa: I would gladly assist you but for the moment I have to head over to Kakariko Village and as your attendant I have to stay low and can’t do anything without proper evidence.

Zelda: Don´t worry Impa I’m gotta get evidence. But I hope that my father will listen at me now. Ganondorf is soon here and…I must tell him about my dream. It may not be the best evidence but it may be enough. I mean, he’s my father. He should listen to me especially with a prophecy like this.

Impa: When I get back later today I’m gotta watch Ganondorf secretly.

Zelda: Like a Shadow moving light and fast in it’s way.

Impa: Like that. Like from generations to generations. You’re right, it’s indeed time to do something. Right now I will take care of a few things in my home village and then I’ll come back to assist you. Right own I think it’s the best to stay low and work discrete and careful. Like the shadows moving it’s way, fast and light.

Zelda: You’re right, while you’re gone I will tell my father and see what we can do. I will also protect my mothers treasure. And also the prophecy will soon make it’s rounds. It’s all about time.

Impa: May the goddesses guard you while I’m gone, my brave young princess. But promise me that you’ll be careful, especially when Ganondorf is around.

Zelda: Don´t worry, he don´t have any control over me, nor my father.


Impa smiled then at Zelda, she knew that Zelda was strong even If she was so young. Zelda smiled back and waved good bye to Impa who was on her way. Before Zelda could now sneak any further she felt to talk with Malon again with some secret letters. She had much to tell her.


Far away from the Hyrule Castle, over to the other side of the Hyrule field were the forbidden forest. Far and deep into the forbidden forests was the Kokiri Forest. In the forest was a little village and young children, both girls and boys living in their little village, peaceful and happy with their fairies. However there was one young boy who did not have a fairy. It’s said that every Kokiri was followed by a fairy. But even though this boy had green clothes and a green hat and all like the others, he seemed to be very different, even If he would have a fairy. While the other children were out and played the boy without a fairy was in his hut, sleeping. Tough he didn’t have a nice nap after all. Cause his dream was like a mysterious nightmare…


The boy found himself standing with a blue fairy flying upon him at a great gate, which was indeed the Hyrule Castle Town gate. It was raining and thunder. Lightings stroke down in the thunder storm. Suddenly the gate opened and a white horse galloped out of the gate. An elegant woman with white hair was sitting on the horse and she was holding a young beautiful little girl with a cute veil on her head and a beautiful pink and white dress. The little girl looked at the boy like she wanted to say something. The boy starred at her but suddenly turned around and noticed a dark and mighty man sitting on a black horse. The man had red hair and green skin an a black armour. His eyes was like a devils eyes. You could see that he was a man of evil. The boy looked at him concerned, he didn’t know why he felt unease near him but something told him that it was something very evil about the man. After he stared into the mighty man’s devil eyes everything went white…


 At the other side of the Kokiri Village was a quiet path, that was the path to the Deku Tree’s meadow were the Deku tree were and protected the forests and the children with their fairies.

The Deku Tree’s meadow was very holy and sacred. Not many of the children had entered it and got the honour to speak to the Great Deku Tree. It was rarely no one of the children who got the honour to speak to him. The only one who got to speak with him was a fairy named Navi. She was the best and most wise fairy in the Kokiri forest and she was The great Deku Trees greatest association. The great Deku tree had called upon Navi for an important meeting, a meeting that would depend upon Hyrule


Navi: Great Deku Tree I came as fast as I could. I understand that this meeting is very important so I came as quickly as I could.

Great Deku Tree: Oh Navi the fairy, time has now grown short. The evil the wicked man cast upon me has already began to grow. If we don´t interrupt quickly my time will soon run out.

He’s already began with his evil doings in the other places of Hyrule. The time has now come for our young boy without a fairy to awaken. The one who’s going to depend upon Hyrule´s fate. Fly Navi, find our young destined boy and show him here, my time has soon ran out.

It’s time for the destined boy to awaken, the Kokiri without a fairy named Link. Aid him here Navi, it’s now it all will start.


Navi did as The Great Deku Tree said. Navi set off and flied to Links hut. When she entered he was still sleeping.


Navi: Excuse me, Link. The Great Deku Tree has summoned you so you have to come with me immediately. Err…Hello???


Link didn’t answer, he was still sleeping. Navi then got irritated and flied like crazy around him and yelled as high as she could to make him wake up.


Navi: Wake up you lazy boy! Hyrule´s fate depends on you. WAKE UP!!!


That woke Link up. He sat up very tired, yawned and then looked very confused around as If he just didn’t notice that it was someone there.


Link: Ok,ok, I’m awake now. What’s going on?

Navi: I’m glad you’re finally awake Link.


When Link heard Navi´s voice he suddenly recognized her. He gasped and looked very surprised.


Link: Wait! Are you? You must be…

Navi: A fairy indeed. I’m Navi the fairy, nice to meet you Link.

Link: Wow, I can’t believe a fairy finally come to me…

Navi: Well, now you have a fairy so happy end for you!

Link: Sort of but I must tell Saria and the others, this is great news!


Link jumped off his bed and was just about to head out when Navi blocked his way.


Navi: We don´t have time for that now, Link. The Great Deku Tree has summoned you so you have to come with me immediately!

Link: What!?! The Great Deku Tree!?!

Navi: Yes, the big tree-boss of the Kokiris wants to meet you!

Link: Why didn’t you tell me from the start, this important stuff, come on!

Navi: Err…I did but you happened to don´t listen cause you were sleeping.


Link ignored Navi and walked out of his hut. Navi sighed annoyed and followed him out.

Link noticed that it was another beautiful day in the Kokiri Forest, he also noticed his best friend Saria come running toward him. Saria stopped in front of his house and waved at Link.


Saria: Hi Link!

Link: Hi Saria!


Link got happy when he saw Saria and waved back at her. Then he climbed down the ladder and walked toward Saria, happy to see her. Saria then noticed the fairy flying above Link, she got thrilled and happy for him.


Saria: A fairy has finally find it’s way to you Link. I’m so happy for you, this is great news.

Link: Thanks so much Saria, indeed I’m also happy, also very exited. You’re not gonna believe this but my fairy just told me that the Great Deku Tree has summoned me so I’m on my way to him now.


Saria made a little cheerful jump and then giggled happily.


Saria: Wow, Link! Not only you got a fairy but also get to meet the Great Deku Tree! It’s a very big honour to talk to The Great Deku Tree, you’re very lucky indeed. I wish you all the luck!

Link: Thanks so much again, Saria!


With those words the two friends waved good-bye to each other and Link set off with Navi. As Link walked trough the little village all the Kokiris finally recognized Link. They seemed happy that Link finally got a fairy. When Link and Navi came to the path which lead to the Great Deku tree Mido, the boss of the Kokiri village blocked the way for Link.


Mido: Not so fast whimp!

Link: Get out of the way, Mido. Me and Navi has an important errand with The Great Deku  Tree!

Mido: Oh so you finally got your little fairy now? That really took long!


That got Navi irritated.


Navi: Beg you pardon!!!!


Mido just ignored her. Link also tried to ignore Mido and go trough but then Mido stopped him once again.


Link: Mido! We don´t have time for these worthless games of yours, The Great Deku Tree is waiting!

Mido: That’s “Boss Mido” to you! A little whimp as you aren’t good enough unfortunately! Even tough you got a fairy you also need to prove yourself to be real worth!

Link: What!?!

Mido: Come back with a sword and a shield, then we can discuss further your worthless half-Kokiri!


That angered Link, also Navi reacted at it.


Link: What did you said!?!

Mido: Half-Kokiri! Not worth even to be a Kokiri! Total whimp, even a complete loser!

Link: THAT’S IT!


Link had enough! He throw himself over Mido and then they were in a big fight. All the children stared at them. No one dared to get on with a fight with the boss of the Kokiri Village. Link wasn’t that strong but enough to keep up with Mido and he had the courage to do it. After a minute with a furious fight Link caughed Midos foot and got his big chance. Link swinged around Mido and throw him into the grass. The children couldn’t believe it, they were really amazed. Mido was still ok but he really got owned. Link walked to Mido and faced him as he lied there on the ground glaring at Link.


Link: Hope you learned your lesson Mido. Never call me all that again!


With those words he was just about to go but then Mido put his leg in front of Link so he slipped right into the water. Everybody giggled and Mido laughed, right then Saria came also. Link got up on the surface and glared at Mido.


Mido: Losers should know their right place! Never compete or question the boss of the Kokiris. If you wanna pass, get yourself a sword and a shield, loser!


Then Saria glared annoyed at Mido for that. She just came but she knew who was to blame for Link being all wet.


Saria: Cut it out, Mido!


Then she turned to Link and gave him a helping hand and he took it. Suddenly then Navi flew up from the water and coughed irritated. Then she dried out her wings, she was very angry now.


Navi: All right you-so-called-boss-of-the-Kokiris-loser, let us pass immediately before I…


Before Navi said too much Link grabbed her wings to make her stop.


Link: Navi, don´t!

Navi: What!?! We can’t just let him walk over us and especially you like that!

Link: Don´t worry Navi.


Then Link turned around and glared at Mido and then he turned around and walked away from there with Navi and Saria.


Link: I’m gotta show him, I’m gotta get a goddamn sword and a shield and prove what I must for him.


Then he turned to Saria.


Link: Saria, do you know were I can find a sword and a shield here in this forest?

Saria: A shield is in the store right now for 40 rupees and the swords has ran out, but...


She stopped for a few seconds and looked a bit concerned.


Saria: Oh….the sword….It might be very hard to get and very….dangerous.

Link: I need to get that sword, either If it’s dangerous or not. I have to meet the Great Deku Tree. We can do this.

Saria: Very well then, follow me.


Link and Navi followed Saria to a lonely and quiet place on the hills in the Kokiri Forest. The only things that was there was a hole in the stone wall with a sign beside it. Link walked closer and read the sign.


Link: Stay back and don´t enter If you don´t wanna meet the danger at the other side of this wall.


When finishing reading the sign he listened closely and heard a strange rumbling.


Link: What’s that rumbling?

Saria: A stone. A giant stone. And it’s not only a stone rolling around there, there is also some big plants with big blue jaws, they’re said to be able to eat a lot of us Kokiris.

Link: But why all this for a sword.

Saria: That sword is not only a sword. It’s the legendary Kokiri Sword, the strongest sword that exists in this forest.

Link: Allright, then I guess I’ll do this then.

Navi: Are you just going in there without a plan.

Link: I have to.

Saria: I don´t like this Link. It’s very dangerous at the other side but…If you have to do it I guess I can’t stop you.


Link then turned to Saria and smiled gently at her.


Link: Don´t worry about me, I’ll be fine.


Then Saria smiled back, she could see it on Links face that he was positive about it. Saria then picked up a stick and gave it to Link.


Saria: Then take this Deku stick. Even tough it’s a stick it can still be enough to help you with the evil plants.

Link: Thank you, Saria!


He took it thankfully and crawled through the hole to the other side with Navi behind him.

When Link and Navi got to the other side they couldn’t see any danger, they could only hear the rumbling of the stone. Link got up and looked around the place. Suddenly the giant stone appeared in high speed. Link then jumped in the grass that wasn’t in the way for the stone and Navi flied after him.


Link: Phew, that sure was a hella rock!


Navi was just going to answer but then a big dangerous plant with a blue jaw appeared behind Link.


Navi: Deku Baba!!!

Link: What?!?

Navi: Dangerous plant behind you!!!

Link: Why didn’t you say that from the start?


Link swinged the stick fast and killed the plant with one blow.


Link: There! Btw, why didn’t you just say that it was a plant behind me?

Navi: Cause those plants are actually called Deku Babas.

Link: Right, inform me in time next time.

Navi: So, how do you plan to get it through the rolling rock? As we see it’s spinning all the way around here, same way with same speed, with a very high speed also.

Link: It spins the same way and the same speed around here? I got it!!!!

Navi: What?

Link: It’s all about timing! Keep up with me when I get going cause this can be rough!

Navi: Wait, what are gotta do now?


The rock approached them.


Link: Ready?

Navi: What?


Now the rock was just going past them.


Link: Let’s go!

Navi: Wait, what are you doing?


Link ran after that rock as fast as he could and Navi followed him. Link followed the stone to a strange place where a chest stood on a tree stump. When they were there Link jumped in there with Navi behind him. He got up and opened the chest and there it was, The Kokiri Sword. Link held it up in the air, proud to have gotten it at last.


Link: We got it, Navi! We got the Kokiri Sword.


Navi was just going to answer again but then some Deku Babas appeared behind Link and the stump he was standing on.


Navi: Link, Deku Babas again!


Link woke then up and faced the Deku Babas. He swinged the sword a few times and then they were dead. Link put away the sword and was about to go off the stump but then he noticed something glitter on the ground behind the stump.


Link: Oh my, a 50 rupee! What a fortunate, now we can buy the shield with no prob.


He got down and took the rupee and got ready to run after the stone again. Once it passed he ran after it to the place where the hole was. Once there he crawled through the hole and to the other side were Saria still was waiting. Saria got very glad when Link and Navi returned in safety and Link was glad to see Saria again.


Saria: Link, you made it! You got the Kokiri Sword. Awesome!

Link: Thanks! I also found a 50 rupee, now we can buy the shield.

Saria: I’m really glad for you! The shield is still on store, ready to be taken. Good luck with your meeting with the Great Deku Tree Link.

Link: Thanks so much, Saria. See you later!


Link waved good bye to Saria as he headed to the shop with Navi. He bought the Kokiri Shield and was on his way. Everybody stared at Link and especially the sword. They couldn’t believe their eyes, especially not Mido who gasped when he saw Link with both sword and shield. Especially at the Kokiri Sword. Link grinned at Mido when he came to him, his face told him to move at side and let him pass and Mido did that also.


Mido: How the hell?!?…. How did you get the Kokiri sw. What the fuck?…..


That was all he got out of his mouth, Link and Navi just ignored him and kept going.

And then they were finally there, the Great Deku Tree’s meadow.


Navi: Oh Great Deku Tree, I apologize for the long time you waited. May I present our destined Link!

Great Deku Tree: I’m indeed very glad you have returned, Navi. Welcome Link!


Link didn’t knew what to say at first, he was so glad to have the honour to meet the Great Deku Tree, but after a few seconds he woke up and answered.


Link: Thank you, Great Deku Tree. I’m indeed very glad to be here.

Great Deku Tree:  And I’m glad that you’re finally here, now when the evil is coming and the nightmares now is around lately.

Link: What?

Great Deku Tree: I guess you have felt it yourself, the cold and dark breath of evil beginning to flood over our land, Hyrule. Some endless nights of nightmares suddenly appearing.

Link: Oh, I see.

Great Deku Tree: Indeed and the time has also grown short. Link, I need you to listen carefully now. Since the evil is moving it has also reached my meadow.


That got Link stunned, he got worried over the Kokiri Forest and the Great Deku Tree. What was this all about?


Great Deku Tree: I have been cursed by a dark evil. It’s inside me. Destroying a little of me for every minute. My time has soon ran out.

Link: What? No!!!

Great Deku Tree: Link, our destined youth…If you have enough courage, will you enter in me and destroy the evil in me?


Then Links face shined up with hope and courage.


Link: Of course I will! I got a shield and a sword and If it works fine, let me enter and undo your curse!

Great Deku Tree: Then I don’t need to send you back after a sword and a shield now when you already have the weapons. Enter brave, young Link and may you be safe all the way.

Link: Thank you Great Deku Tree, I’ll do my best!

Great Deku Tree: Navi, go along with Link and aid him on this dangerous quest, may you both succeed!


With those words he opened his mouth so Link and Navi could enter. Link hesitated at first, going into a tree and especially a very alive speaking tree is not something you do everyday. Navi then took the lead and Link followed her and entered…


It was dark inside the Great Deku Tree but not too dark. You could still see what was inside in the darkness. When Link and Navi beholded the Great Deku Tree´s inside they gasped. There where spider web everywhere at the top and a big spider web in the middle at the floor they were at. It was that web who captured Navi´s and Link´s attention the most. Link walked closer to it to take a closer look. He looked through the web and noticed that it also was another floor down there.


Link: Look, Navi! It seems like there is another path down there.

Navi: You´re right. I believe that it´s there we have to look first.


Link then stepped on the spider web and noticed that he could walk on it. After that he began to stomp and then jump on it and noticed that the web was too hard to break. Navi also noticed it so she started to look around, especially at the ceiling.


Navi: Hey, Link! I think we´re able to break the web after all.

Link: What?                                                                                        

Navi: Look at the ceiling!


Link then started to look up at the ceiling. He noticed more than just spider web, there were also a floor up there. It was then he understood.


Link: If I understand you right, Navi I would believe that the only way to break the web is that I climb up there and jump down to break the web.

Navi: Indeed. Don´t worry, you´ll be alright!


Link sighed then heavily, ready to do it.


Link: I don´t get that I´m actually doing this!


Link reached for the closest climbing plant at the wall and started climbing.


Back at Hyrule Castle was Princess Zelda in her room writing a letter to Malon. She wanted to share what she now knew for her.


Dear Malon,

It seems like I´ve been having another dream tonight, strangely enough it seems like it actually was a prophecy. The dream told me enough about Ganondorf. He´s indeed very evil, I could sense it, the dream also say so, it all is enough proof. I´m gotta tell my father about my dream and I really hope he will listen to me this time and understand that this is serious. I haven´t really figured out exactly what Ganondorf wants or is after but I do know that he´s up to no good, I wish I knew exactly what it is. I told Impa about this and she believes me and is also going to spy on Ganondorf. But one thing is sure that we still have to stay low and be discrete about what we´re doing. Btw, I also told her everything we did. But don’t worry, Impa understands us more than anyone else. I have to give out details of Ganondorf you see.

Anyway, my dream also told me another thing... As I saw the shadow of Ganondorf and all the dark clouds and storm in my dream, a light suddenly came. The light showed a boy with green clothes followed with a fairy, holding a green and shining stone. Impa said that it´s one of the forest people called Kokiris and they live in the forbidden forest. I still haven´t figured out who he is exactly and what it all means but I´m sure that I soon will know.

Things are about to happen, and that doesn´t only involve darkness and evil I sense in the man. I feel that something very big will happen, something that involve Hyrule, Ganondorf, that boy and us all.  What do you think about this, Malon?

Btw, how´s it going with you and your father lately?

Also want to thank you for the great time the other night!


-Best friend hugs from your best friend

Princess Zelda


Zelda ran down from her room with the letter, she had to get to the royal post-box where the letters could be sent, and she had to do it secretly. And that post-box was in a special courtyard and to get there in the most safest way she got to take a path in the kitchen which lead to that courtyard. There were alot of people in the kitchen but they didn´t mind Zeldas business. They knew that Zelda also had a private life so they didn´t mind it. Neither did they say hello to her cause they guessed that she was stressed and busy cause she walked in a rush trough the kitchen and out to the courtyard. Before she could reach the post-box she heard that there was a guard around and that was really not good.

The guard seemed to deal with someone Zelda never have seen before. The strange guy seemed to be a postman cause of his hat and all.


Guard: I assure you that our royal post is good enough and also the best in Hyrule.

Postman: Maybe but now you have even better and you can get it for free. I know, I´m just one man with no transport but I have travelled and run through Hyrule in my whole life. I am a very good runner and I´m fast, the fastest post in Hyrule!

Guard: We don´t take some cheap fuss from an outcast. The royal post can´t be beaten cause it´s the best actually. Now scram or we´ll throw you outta here!


The guard left and the poor postman was left behind and ignored. He was just about to leave but then Zelda stepped up and stopped him.


Zelda: Don´t listen at the guard! I believe you and I need you right now!


The Postman then stopped and turned around to Zelda and she gave him her letter.


Zelda: I need you to take this letter to my friend Malon at Lon lon ranch as fast as possible. This mail is important and very secret, no one can be allowed to see this not even my father, the king.


When the post man heard that he took the letter and bowed deep before Zelda.


Postman: No worries, my highness! This will be delivered within an hour! If you ever need me again it´s here you can find me and send and receive your post, I´ll be here every day at 12:00.

Zelda: Thank you so much and good luck!


With that the Postman hurried away with the letter and Zelda rushed back inside again.


Link just reached the top of the Great Deku Tree´s inside. He was a little exhausted but still had energy left. When he got up he also found a treasure chest. Curious as he was he opened it and found a weapon, a slingshot with Deku seeds.


Navi: Another useful weapon!

Link: A slingshot! Nice!


He took it and then turned around and walked to the closest cliff to jump from. He peaked down and felt a little sweaty, it was really high.


Link: Are you 100 % sure this is a good idea Navi?

Navi: 100%! At least If you aim right to the web when you jump!


Then Link glared at Navi.


Link: Well in that case...


Then he grinned at Navi and caughed her in his hand and ran off the cliff and jumped down.




The fall was high and took some seconds before reaching the ground. He succeeded with the aiming and landed right at the spider web which breaked by his hard landing and Link and Navi fell through it and right into water down below which was quite deep. The first one who got up from the water was Navi who got up from there at high speed. Then Link got up and took a deep breath to get some air. As he was floating there in the water he witnessed Navi going nuts.


Navi: All right, I officially hate the water! Never again I´ll ever tough water again! And don´t you ever caught me like that again you naughty boy!


Link couldn´t let it but laugh a little at Navi.


Link: Sorry but you begged for it. You learned at least a lesson that it´s not really a piece of cake to jump from a height like that!

Navi: All right, you win! I just forgot that you don´t have wings like me. Anyway, we succeeded with getting down here so I suggest to search for the surface in this horrible, wet place.


They started to look around but in the not too dark place they were in, Link could see a path at the surface. Navi knew that he had found it and followed him as he swam to the surface and then walked through the path. It ended in a dark, creepy room. As fast as they got in there the path suddenly closed with a huge door of rock. Link turned fast around and tried to lift it up by his bare hands but it didn´t work.


Link: Darn, we´re trapped.

Navi: Wait, listen!


Navi heard something and now Link did the same. The notice came from the ceiling and it was there Navis and Links eyes got to and it was then they saw the huge, creepy spider with it´s creepy  orange eye! They gasped and the mighty spider jumped down in front of them and showed it´s evilness by standing up on it´s back legs and roar. Link stared at the monster with a face that showed he was more surprised than afraid.


Link: Th....That’s one hella spider!


Navi was just going to answer him but then the monster spider got down and bounced with his front legs at the ground, trying to hit Link and Navi. But Link was faster, he dodged that by rolling at side. Navi flied around the big spider and checked it and then flied back to Link.


Navi: This is it! I guess you already know that this is the monster that cursed Great Deku Tree. She´s Gohma, a giant parasite spider. She possesses huge strength as you see, she´s the most big and dangerous spider and has temper.

Link: Well... We have a sword and a shield so no worries I guess.

Navi: Indeed, go for the eye and shoot it with your slingshot.

Link: And then us the sword, got it!


Gohma tried to attack them with her bangs this time but once again Link dodged it and charged his slingshot and hit her eye. Gohma got stunned and falls to the ground in the chock and Link takes now the chance to hit her eye with his sword. He hits her numerous times and then Gohma finally is dead. Link and Navi witnesses Gohmas dead body burning and disappear into aches. Suddenly a light blue mystical light appears below Link and Navi and suddenly they are floating higher and higher up until everything gets white...


Link and Navi finds themselves in the Great Deku Tree´s meadow. They float down on the ground and the blue light around them fades away and they´re facing Great Deku Tree.


Great Deku Tree: Very well done, Link. You have proven yourself of the courage you possess, you have proven to be our destined one!

Link: Destined one?

Great Deku Tree: Yes. I knew you were able to remove the curse upon me.

Link: But who did this to you? Who could do such a dreadful thing?

Great Deku Tree: The Gerudo leader from the desserts...

Link: What?

Great Deku Tree: It was this wicked and evil man who cast this curse upon me.

Link: Why? What is that moron?

Great Deku Tree: He is the dark, evil man in dark armour who restlessly searches the Sacred Realm day and night. A dreadful man ready to kill anyone who stands in his way in his search for the thing he most desires. A sacred triangle with the power of the goddesses is his goal...

Link: Sacred Realm? Sacred Triangle? Goddesses?

Great Deku Tree: Yes, listen carefully now to the story I´m about to tell you.


Before life existed, three goddesses came down from the heavens...

Din, the goddess of Power.

Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom.

And Farore, goddess of Courage.



With her power and flaming arms she created the red earth.


She gave her wisdom to the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world.


With her courage she created the life that would uphold the law.


After their big deeds the goddesses returned to the heavens and left behind three golden sacred triangles at the point where they left our world. Together the sacred triangles becomes Hyrules sacred crest. The resting place of these sacred triangles has become the Sacred Realm...


Great Deku Tree: Never ever let this evil man reach the Sacred Realm and collect these sacred triangles.

Link: Why are you telling me this, Great Deku Tree? What can a loser like me do about this?

Great Deku Tree: You may be a young 10-year old boy but you´re also our destined one who will depend on Hyrule and us all. You were born to this fate.

Link: What?

Great Deku Tree: With the time you will understand, Link.

But now I must tell you...Even though you successfully removed my curse I was already doomed.

Link and Navi: What!?!

Great Deku Tree: I´m very sorry but yes, I will soon pass away...


Link was chocked and so was Navi. But Link just couldn´t believe it, he didn´t want to.


Link: No!!! Please, Great Deku Tree! We worked so hard, how could it not work?!

Great Deku Tree: You have done very well, Link. But this is actually my future and my doom when the curse was casted upon me by the evil man in black armour. Don´t grieve for me, you removed the monster from destroying our forest also.

Link: But still...Isn´t there anything I can do to stop this?

Great Deku Tree: Indeed, you are the destined one and have the power to change the terrible upcoming fate of Hyrule. Tough the curse doomed me you can still save the others. All I ask you now is to carry out my will.


Link sighed heavily. He was sad for Great Deku Tree but ready to take his will.


Link: Anything!


With those words a green light suddenly appeared in the air in front of them and took the form of a green, shining stone. Link and Navi stared surprised at the stone.


Great Deku Tree: This is a Spiritual stone, also called Kokiris Emerald. This is the stone the evil man desired so much that he casted the curse upon me. I want you to take this stone, Link.


Link did as he said, he walked toward the stone and held up his hands to receive it.


Great Deku Tree: Go now to Hyrule Castle, Link. You will meet the princess of destiny there, take this stone to her.

Link: I shall do my best, Great Deku Tree! Count on me!

Great Deku Tree: I wish you all the luck, Link. And Navi, assist Link and give him your wisdom. May you both have a blessed journey......Good....Bye....


With those words Great Deku Tree became all grey and passed away. Link was still standing there, trying to say good-bye even though it was hard.


Navi: Good-bye, Great Deku Tree. May you rest in peace...


Navi then turned to Link.


Navi: Let´s go Link. Let´s go to Hyrule Castle.


That reminded Link of Great Deku Tree´s will and it gave him enough strength to proceed.

He turned around to Navi and followed her.

As they were walking through the Kokiri Village, all the children were staring curiously at them. Link and Navi ignored them, they were on their way out of the Kokiri Forest.

When Link suddenly recognised them all he got a guilty mood.


Link rushed through the bridge at the exit to Kokiri Forest. When he came about halfway heard a familiar voice behind him.


Voice: You´re leaving?


Link suddenly stopped and turned around and noticed who it was. It was Saria, she was standing there with a sad face, he knew then that Saria understood. Link walked toward her with a sad face also.

Link: I´m sorry that it had to come to this Saria...

Saria: I knew you´d leave our forest one day cause...indeed, you are different from us.

Link: I know and I´m sorry about this. I just got to know that I was born to another fate than this.


Saria then smiled gently at him.


Saria: It´s all right Link. You know you will always be my friend.

Link: Yes, and you know I will always be yours.


Link smiled gently at Saria and she smiled back. Then she suddenly held up an item for him which was an instrument.


Saria: As a sign of our friendship I want you to have this Fairy Ocarina, Link.


Link took it and smiled thankfully at Saria and she smiled gently at him.


Saria: Feel free to come back and visit, you know I´ll always be here.


Then Links smile disappeared and he got that sad face. Saria noticed that something was wrong then.


Link: Even though I really want, I can´t. I was the last one with Deku Tree you see and they all will believe that it´s all my fault. They will never allow me back here again.

Saria: What´s wrong Link?


Saria got worried over Link as he started to back off from her.


Link: The Great Deku Tree has passed away, I couldn´t save him. But don´t worry, I´m gotta stop the guilty one from more of his evil plans, you all will be safe here. Don´t you worry!


With those words Link turned around and ran out of the forest. Saria witnessed him and understood...


It´s not your fault, Link.


When Link got out of the forest it was like he forgot his sorrows he just had and witnessed a whole new world. It was big, wild and free. It was a beautiful day and the whole place was open. It was then he remembered why he was there and that gave him once again strength.


Navi: I believe this is Hyrule field. At the other side of it is where Hyrule Castle should be. It will be a long way but we have a beautiful day before us.


That made Link smile a little. He got very curious now, most of the Hyrule Castle. He was now ready for his adventure.


Link: Let´s go Navi! Hyrule Castle and the princess is awaiting!


With those words Link began to walk and Navi followed him. His journey had started and it was just the beginning...


To be continued...


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