The Proposition, the Proposal, and the Reply

by The Wanderer

      A young man of 25 walked in Hyrule Market. He was 5'9 and had short blond hair. He wore green clothing and a small fairy fluttered around him.

Next to him stood a beautiful, young woman of 22. She was 5'4 and had long, fiery red-orange hair. It glistened in the sunlight.

As Link passed an apple stand, he picked one up, payed for it, and gave it to the woman next to him.

"Here Malon," he said as he gave the apple to her.

"Thanks Link," she replied, "Isn't it a lovely day?"

"Yeah. Just a day for summer fest. I was hoping to spend it with you."

"That's sweet," she turned to face him, "But I've got a lot of chores and..."

Link cut her off, "Let's just say I made a deal with Talon."

"But I..."

"I have a proposition for you. You let me take you around Hyrule for just today and I promise you that it will be worth your while," he said.


"Please?" he pleaded with her.

"Okay, I guess..."

Link rubbed his hands together. "Alright, let's go!" he said as he led her off.

The day went just like planned. They had a picnic, went to the Summer Fest, and finally arrived at Lake Hylia to watch the sunset.

"Link," Malon exclaimed as she looked in to his eyes, "I had a wonderful time! I always love when we spend time together."

"How would you like to spend the rest of our lives together?" he blurted out.

Malon was shocked. "Link..." she stammered, choosing her words carefully, "are you asking me to..."

"Yes. I'm asking you to marry me."


"I don't have a ring but I should be able to pay for it once I finish working for Talon."


"I have just the spot for the marriage."


"And you can help with mprh."

She silenced him with a kiss. "I said yes."

Then they shared another kiss.

    "Love. A wonderful force. Those two were meant for each other," Araimas smiled, "Yes, love..."

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