Pursuit of True Love

By Doug

Author’s Note: This fan fic is based on The Legend of Zelda cartoon and to some extent the Zelda comics.




Backdrop: Ganon has been defeated once and for all. The Triforce of Power was recovered and the three Triforces have reunited giving the Kingdom of Hyrule a much needed peace.



            It is quiet day in the tower known as Link’s tower at North Castle. In fact it has been this way for the last two days. Link has not been around and no one has seemed to notice. The room is relatively clean. On the night stand next to the bed is an oil lamp and beside that there is a folded letter. It is afternoon when there comes a knock at the door. After a few seconds there is another knock this time followed by the voice of Princess Zelda the blond haired, green eyed daughter of the king. “Hello, Link? Are you awake?” Then the door slowly opens and in peeps the princess. “Nobody’s home,” she says as she walks into the room wearing a green dress. As she wanders to the center of the room she sees the letter on Link’s nightstand. She walks over then opens it, and slowly reads it.


Dear Zelda,

My task in Hyrule is complete with Ganon gone you and your people are safe all can live in peace. I have decided to do the only thing I seem to know how to do which is continuing to adventure. First I do plan on going home for a few days to visit my parents then I will head north where I hear there is  much more adventure. I am sorry for leaving like this. I didn’t want to ruin your happiness by telling that I was going away. I figure it is for the best I know you will have wonderful life now that there is peace. My feelings for you will never be forgotten. I loved you and was willing to sacrifice my life for you. But I know it could never work out I hope you marry and will be able to have a family of your own, so you can tell your children about our fight to protect your kingdom. I move on now and again I wish you all the happiness in the world.



            As she finishes the letter she gets a look of anguish on her face and tears begin to roll down her cheek. Then looks down “This was my fault I should have stopped him,” she says. Zelda sits on Link’s bed still with disbelief that he is gone. At this point Spryte the fairy princess flies into the room. “I’ve been looking all over for you,” Spryte says an agitated voice, then looks at Zelda and realizes something is wrong. “What’s wrong Zelda?” Spryte asks. Zelda holds the letter up and says “Link’s gone he left couple of days ago.” “Oh, Zelda I am so sorry for this,” Spryte says as she hugs Zelda as best as she can. “Did you know about this?” Zelda asks. Spryte pauses, takes a deep breath, and says “Yes, yes I did. I am so sorry. He asked me to come along with him but I didn’t want to and he insisted that I kept it quiet so I did. He left two days ago in the early morning.” Zelda sadness turns to anger but she maintains her composure. “Spryte, why didn’t you tell me?” “Link, wanted me to keep it as a secret and made me promise him I wouldn’t tell. What are going to do?” Zelda thinks a bit “I’ll talk to daddy maybe he might be able to help,” she says somewhat nervously.


            Zelda along with Spryte go to the throne room to talk to Zelda’s father King Harkinian. As her father sees he notices she is a little down. “Oh, Zelda what’s wrong my dear?” he asks. Zelda looks at her father and says “Link has left and I don’t know what to do.” “That, that is a problem. He was good boy and I liked him a lot that’s a real shame. Well, what do you suppose that you do?” “I ..I.. I don’t know,” she says. “You liked him a lot perhaps loved him, I can tell. Why not go after him? He did go after you that time remember when you took the Triforce of Wisdom to never return again and yet he got you to return,” the king says. “But what about my destiny aren’t I supposed to honor the throne? To go after him would make it seem like I want pursue my feelings and not the good of the kingdom,” Zelda reasons. “So sure of that, are you? You being with him might be the best thing for the kingdom anyway. You are wise beyond your years and he is courageous what is wrong with that,” the king says. Zelda thinks again and says “But what about me marrying a prince or royalty wouldn’t that mess it up?” “My dear daughter I have never said that you had to marry a prince and I would be more then honored to have Link as a son-in-law. It has always been your choice who you want to marry. But if you are going you best go quickly or he will be gone forever I fear,” Harkinian says. It doesn’t take long for Zelda to decide within a minute she has changed to her adventuring clothes then run to the stables to get her horse along with Spryte who flies nearby.


            Zelda mounts her trusty stead Storm and rides as possible out of the castle. “Maybe I will catch up to him before he has left Calatia,” she thinks to herself as she finds the road going to Calatia. Dusk is rapidly approaching as she sees the sign welcoming her to Calatia. “Zelda, shouldn’t we stop for the night,” Spryte urges to which Zelda responds “We don’t have time Link is already two days ahead of us and we might get to him before he goes to where ever he plans on going from his parents place.” As they pass into Calatia they spot a small cabin beside the road with four tents sitting in the yard. Nearing the cabin two men come into the road from the woods on the right side of the road. “Halt, who goes there?” one of the men asks demandingly. Zelda thinks for minute ‘these are soldiers of Calatia I bet’ then responds “My name is Zelda and I am just passing through.” The one that asked says “Let me get my lieutenant and he will tell us whether to allow you pass or not.” The other soldier just eyes both Zelda and Spryte cautiously while his comrade enters the cabin calling for his commander. When the soldier that went to get his commander emerges from the cabin another soldier is following ’this must be the commander’ Zelda thinks. This commander nears them and asks kindly “Who are you?” Zelda replies again “My name is Zelda and I come from Hyrule and I am just passing through.” The commander introduces himself “My name is Fromm, Lieutenant Calatia Royal Guard.” “Why are you out here?” Zelda asks. Fromm responds “Well, a couple of weeks ago when things settled down in Hyrule bandits started robbing folks in Calatia on this road. The queen ordered that we guard it to cut down on these robberies. However, since we have arrived there has been complete quiet I guess you can go on,” Fromm says proudly. Zelda still on horseback begins to continue on her journey when Fromm grabs the reigns “Lady Zelda just because there haven’t been any attacks lately doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be. At night is when most of these attacks take place. Why not stay here with us until morning?” Zelda is cautious as she responds “Where do you think I would be able stay then?” Fromm points to the cabin “My dear lady you may stay there. My soldiers and myself are honorable and will not harm you I will clear my stuff out of the cabin in the meantime.” “Okay, I guess we can stay here,” she says motioning to Spryte to come.


            The final rays of sunlight shoot through the trees as campfire is going in the camp. Zelda is inside the small cabin with Spryte. Zelda sits on the bed just thinking to herself what her next move might be. Deep in thought suddenly a knock comes to the door. “Who’s there?” Zelda asks. “It’s me Lieutenant Fromm, my lady,” the voice from the outside says. “What do you want?” Zelda asks. “We’re fixing dinner out here would you like some?” Fromm says. It has been a long day for Zelda and Spryte and both are hungry from their journey. “We’ll be out in a minute and thanks for asking,” Zelda says pleasantly. Zelda and Spryte emerge from the cabin to go over next to the campfire. One soldier is cooking something while the others are relaxing and talking. Zelda sits near the fire on a ground cover. Fromm says to something the fellow fixing the food then he looks at Zelda and Spryte. “So why are you here? Because I don‘t believe that you‘re just passing through for no reason” he asks.  “You’re right Lieutenant Fromm, I am not just passing through, I am seeking someone,” Zelda says. “Who?” Fromm asks. “Link,” Zelda answers everybody around the campfire freezes and not a noise can be heard. “Link? Link?! You are looking for Link, I thought he was in Hyrule guarding the princess over there. But that was until a few days ago he came right by here,” Fromm says. Zelda follows “Yes, Link is who I am trying to find.” “Now, I know Link has left Hyrule so if you’re following him from there you must be Princess Zelda not just another traveler right?,” Fromm says. “You’re right Fromm and I am the princess of Hyrule. Sorry I didn’t say anything sooner about who I am,” Zelda says. Noticing the silence Fromm just says “Okay guys now she’s said that it’s not like somebody died so go back to relaxing.” Fromm looking back at Zelda says “Your highness I am sorry I didn’t extend proper courtesy to you. I will escort you to the queen in the morning.” “Thank you very much Fromm,” Zelda says in response to the offer. “I owe Link a lot. It is because of him I am here and in charge of the guard,” Fromm says.


            The dinner is served, both Spryte and Zelda eat enough to be full. Afterwards they find a spot at the fire pit to sit. The soldiers are quietly whispering to each other leaving Zelda and Spryte out of their conversations. Fromm takes this in a personal manner and says “Guys, just because we have royalty here doesn’t mean that they’re not friendly. Whispering in their presence is very rude and unbecoming of a soldier.” Everybody gets quiet then one of the soldiers sitting beside Zelda says to her “My name’s Tanis, I come from a town in northern Calatia, Istep to be exact. But I definitely had heard of Link.” Then another one on opposite side of the fire speaks up “Your highness, my name’s Rolf, I am actually from this area in eastern Calatia. My town is just down the road about a mile, you might pass through it on the way to the castle. I also know all about Link. He’s a good guy. Many of the young kids in my village like to impersonate him and act like him.” Just as Zelda is about to respond the last soldier in the group sitting beside Spryte speaks “Well, I know Link real well I came from the same town as him near the royal castle of Calatia, my name‘s Enoch by the way. When I heard about his adventures it really inspired me to do more. When Ganon’s forces under the Shadow came and took over the kingdom I didn’t know what we would do but then Link came and saved all of us. It was because this I joined the military.” Fromm says to the guys “Thank you for making the princess feel welcome here,” then to the princess “See we all have stories about Link and what he means to us.” “Thank you for sharing about Link it actually makes me feel more comfortable and safe because I feel like I am in the presence of friends,” Zelda says. Tanis says “If Link is headed north like he told us that’s a rough frontier beyond our kingdom’s boundaries is untamed for the most part. Link is heading to the kingdom to the north, the only passage there is, is Daira Pass named after the Daira Guards occupying it they are far more dangerous then the ones Link has faced before being that they much more aggressive the terrain and weather going into that pass are equally unpredictable. Plus that king in the north hasn‘t always been real receptive to those of us from Calatia.” Zelda looks at Tanis who is by far the oldest looking soldier he has short brown hair which appears to be graying some. He might be 35 or 40 Zelda figures the rest of the crowd is quite young. Zelda responds to his comments “Then I have to do what I can to stop him then.” “I fear I may have upset you a little, but if you’re lucky you will get to the castle in the morning and you will be able to stop him from going through with his plan,” Tanis says. Fromm hears this and says to Zelda “What Tanis said true, hopefully we will stop him but right now we need to hit the hay and leave first thing in the  morning.”


            Zelda and Spryte go into the cabin and lay down to go to sleep. Zelda’s sleep is troubled worrying about Link. She finally falls asleep after some time lying awake. Early the next morning there is a knock at the cabin door followed by the voice of Lieutenant Fromm “Your highness are you awake?” Zelda rolls over then out of bed she slowly pulls her boots on then she is ready to go. A minute later she opens the door and sees Fromm on horseback holding the reins of her horse. She goes over quickly mounts and they both ride off in the direction of the castle. Within about three hours Zelda sees the spires of the Royal Castle of Calatia then as they approach she sees the town nearby. They ride through the gates then to courtyard of the castle. Once outside the main door of the castle they dismount. Fromm moves forward at a fast pace a little faster then Zelda with Spryte fluttering behind them as quickly as possible. They move into the hallway then approach a huge set of double doors with four guards standing out front.  As they near the double doors the guards on both sides pull the doors open. The throne room is beautifully laid out chandlers hanging down and a bright red carpet going from the double doors to the throne itself. Fromm runs to the stairs in front of the throne and bows down “Your majesty,” he says to Queen Seline who is sitting on throne. Zelda trails behind him then stops short of him. Queen Seline says “Arise my servant, what have you to report on?” Fromm begins “The road into Hyrule at this point is clear of bandit activity your majesty.” “Good, is there anything else that I need to know?” Seline asks. Then Fromm points to Zelda “Your majesty may I present her royal highness, Princess-” “Zelda, my child how are you and what are you doing here?” Seline says as she runs down and hugs Zelda. As Zelda slowly pulls away Seline can tell there is something wrong. “What is wrong my dear?” Seline asks. “A few days ago Link left Hyrule stating in a letter that he was heading north for more adventure. In the letter he also said he would be visiting his parents before he left for his next adventure so I was hoping to catch him and stop him.” Seline shows a look of concern on her face and says “I didn’t even know he was back here,” then looking at Fromm she says “You are dismissed sir and thank you for your noble duty return to your post and retrieve the rest of your command.” Fromm leaves the room as Zelda and Seline continue their conversation. Seline continues “Zelda, I can take you to his parents home and perhaps he will be there.” “You would Seline?” Zelda asks. “Of course my dear you and your father mean the world to me as does Link and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him either.”


            Quickly, the queen, Zelda, and Spryte go to royal stables and get in a carriage. Then they go to Link’s parents home near the northern gate of the castle. Seline is first to get out and walks up to the front door with Zelda and Spryte nearby. Seline knocks on the door which a few seconds later opens. The lady who opens the door is dark haired, Zelda thinks this is Link’s mother Medillia. Medillia quickly drops to one knee and bows before the queen. Seline says “Medillia you may rise we are looking for your son.”  “Oh, my your highness I am afraid you just may have missed him. He left yesterday afternoon for the northern frontier. Why are you looking for him?” Zelda begins to turn quite red in the face “I, uh, I just didn’t want him to leave and I fear for his safety.” Medillia responds “Yes, I feel the same way I asked him why he just didn’t stay in Hyrule but he didn’t want to go into it and avoided the subject. I also warned him about that northern frontier and the dangers that were rumored of that area. His response didn’t really surprise me ‘Hey, I’m a hero that’s what I do mom’. With that he told me he loved me and said he would return one to settle down one day.” Zelda backs away with Spryte nearby who whispers in her ear “What are you going to do now?” “We’re going after him,” Zelda says loud enough for both Seline and Medillia to hear. Seline reacts “Zelda that’s a pretty hostile land up there. I can send an escort with you if you’d like.” “Thank you Queen Seline but I better go it alone,” Zelda responds. Zelda then says “Medilia, thank you for your hospitality we must be going now if we’re to catch up with Link.” Zelda walks to the door with Spryte following closely, Seline moves toward Zelda “Please reconsider Zelda it is very dangerous up that way in particular that pass going north.” “If I’m to stop Link then I have to leave now but I will be careful,” Zelda says reassuringly. Zelda leaves the house first followed by Spryte then Seline. All three get back in the carriage going back to the stables.


            Zelda is quick not even letting the carriage come to a complete stop before she hops out then sprints to her horse Cloud. Seline jumps out and walks over to Zelda who is mounting. “I really do wish you well and please be careful,” Seline says. Zelda has now mounted and looks down at Seline “Thank you again for your kindness and I will be careful,” Zelda says in kind tone.

As they race pass the gate into the castle Zelda and Spryte are hoping to make the pass before nightfall. The pace they set is good but it is still going to take a while to get to northern Calatia and Daira Pass. Four hours later they finally see the town Tanis is from. It is small and sparsely inhabited. They slowly move into the center of town where everybody seems to be going about their business as if nothing is going on. A young boy walks up to Zelda and asks “Are you new to town?” “Why yes I am,” Zelda responds. The boy looks at her then says “There’s not much beyond this town except the pass which I wouldn’t go there if I was you.” Zelda and Spryte aren’t surprised by this warning considering that Tanis had warned in the same manner. “So where can I stay here in town,” Zelda asks cautiously. The boy says “I am sorry we don’t have an inn but you can stay at my place it’s just me and my mother.” Spryte injects “Are you sure that’s not a problem?” “Me and mom don’t have many friends here with the town being so small and we’re fairly new here my name Will,” the boy says in a cheerful manner. Zelda says “Well, if it’s not too much trouble for you and your mom.” “No, of course not,” the boy says as he grabs the reins of Cloud to lead them. They move down the main street at a pretty quick pace. After about a block they are in front of a small house more like a cottage. The boy ties Zelda’s horse to a rail out front of this dwelling then walks up to the door and knocks. A few seconds later the door opens a middle aged woman with brown hair stands in the doorway.  The boy says something to the woman whose face shows some disgust and then a slight smile as she looks at Zelda and Spryte. Zelda looks at Will and says “Are you this isn’t too much trouble for you?” Will’s mother says “I am sorry my son sometimes doesn’t think when he invites people over. But you seem friendly enough so our home is yours.” “Well, thank you ma’am,” Spryte says. “Oh my name is Melody and you seem to have met Will here,” the woman says in return. The evening passes over a nice dinner then Will takes Spryte and Zelda to a guest room which is pretty small but lucky for them they didn’t pack much in their travels. When Zelda and Spryte return to the main parlor which is also the dining room/kitchen they sit down. Melody asks “So what brings you to our town?” Zelda responds “I am actually looking for someone.” “Who? If you mind me asking,” Melody says. Zelda smiles and says “Well my kingdom’s hero, Link.” Once again there is silence then Will says “Link, oh he’s our hero too. But isn’t he supposed to be in Hyrule?” “Yes, he is but three days ago he left not saying where he was going or anything else so after some thinking I decided to come after him,” Zelda says. “It sounds like you have feelings for him,” Melody says. Zelda blushes a little then says “I’d rather not discuss it.”


                        Thus ends Part 1

Part 2: Full Circle

Our story picks where it left with Zelda and Spryte in Northern Calatian borderland. Zelda arriving late in the day making the attempt to locate Link after he had left three days earlier from North Castle in Hyrule without saying a word. Zelda along the way had met several kind folks and at this point she stayed in the village at a small home for the night.


It is night as Zelda and Spryte decide to go to bed in the house of Melody and her son Will. Zelda’s guest room is small yet comfortable for her. As she settles down for the evening with a borrowed night gown from Melody she lays in the bed. Then she slowly falls asleep. However, her sleep is not a restful one. She tosses and turns then wakes up a few times. Around midnight she hears a heavy rain hit the roof of the house and out the window sees fierce looking lighting strikes, this doesn’t seem to help any either. Again she falls back asleep where she is plagued by nightmares and troubled by what she will say to Link if and when she finds him. She knows he will ask her why she came after him. She plays out the scene in her head without much of an answer. Once again she slowly goes back to sleep this time she stays asleep.

            Early the next morning Zelda gets out of bed and puts her regular clothes on then goes to the kitchen for breakfast which she can smell cooking. As she enters the kitchen, Melody greets “Why good morning there.” Zelda responds “Good morning to you as well. Thank you for allowing us to stay here last night.” “Oh, it was no problem at all in fact it was our pleasure to have we don’t usually have many strangers pass through,” Melody says. About this time Spryte flutters in with Will close behind her. “Looks like everybody is up now,” Melody says. Zelda sits at the table with Spryte sitting beside her on table itself. Zelda looks out the window as she eats her breakfast noticing it raining rather heavily outside. “I don’t know if you’re going to be able to travel to far north,” Melody says. “What do you mean by that?” Zelda asks. “There is bridge over a wide river that takes you into the kingdom north of here. If the rain was heavy enough, the bridge might be washed out,” Melody says. This hits Zelda like a ton of bricks knowing that the rain has been going most of the night, she finishes her breakfast as quickly as possible and heads out the door. Melody follows her to the door and waves “Good luck and safe travels.” Zelda waves back as she mounts Storm and begins riding hard to the north with Spryte close behind.

            Zelda rides rapidly as possible on the road north going out of the town. The roads are slick with mud and this in turn causes Zelda to slow the horse down to a slower trot. As they get about a mile beyond the village she begins up a slight hill and she can barely hear rushing water. She continues on and tops the hill then looking down sees her worst fear there is no bridge just the river. Spryte flies up beside her “O, I’m so sorry Zelda I wish there was something we could do.” Zelda begins tearing up “And I never should have let him think he was unimportant.” “Zelda, don’t be so hard on yourself you didn’t know but we’ll catch up with him I promise,” Spryte says trying to reassure her. Zelda slowly turns the horse around and quietly rides back to town. She arrives back at Melody and Will’s house then knocks on the door. The slowly opens with Melody opening it. “Oh, what are you doing back here milady?” Melody asks. Zelda responds “The bridge is out and I didn’t see a way to cross.” “I am sorry to hear that if you want you can stay here until it is repaired come on in,” Melody says. Zelda’s mood perks up as she walks in and sits in a chair “You mean somebody will fix the bridge?” “Well, yes generally speaking that’s our only way to go north though we don’t normally receive many travelers from up there. I will approach our mayor and make mention of it. I know he will have someone fix it,” Melody says. “That’s wonderful,” Zelda responds happily. “But there is a catch it will take time most likely three or four days. The water has to go back down first,” Melody says. “I understand,” Zelda says. “But in the meantime you’re more then welcome to stay here with us,” Melody says. Zelda says “If it’s not too much a bother.” “Of course not it’s not very often we have royalty coming through our town,” Melody says. “But how did you know?” Zelda asks. “When you left this morning the mayor told me who you were, Princess Zelda of Hyrule,” Melody says. Melody begins to leave “Where are you going?” Zelda asks. “Somebody has to tell the mayor about the bridge, I’ll do it. I’ll be back okay,” Melody responds as she leaves. A few minutes later Melody returns “Done and done.”

            Over the next few days the weather cooperates with the towns people as rebuild the bridge over the river. Zelda along with Spryte stays at Melody’s place but this is not relaxing to her. On day three some of workers make the announcement that the bridge was nearing completion and at the end the day it will be ready to cross. Zelda and Spryte are both anxious to resume their journey. In that time they have both heard more warnings about Diara Pass which is just beyond that bridge into the kingdom to the north. Melody and Will both tell Zelda that they wish them well on their continued journey north. As Zelda and Spryte both leave they in turn give Melody and Will 200 rupies to cover their expenses for staying.

            Once over the bridge both Zelda and Spryte how barren this land is. Woods are on both sides of the road and steadily the terrain becomes more rocky where instead of woods there are rocks until they realize they are indeed in the pass itself. Though it is summer the weather in this pass is extremely cold. The road narrows some but remains where they can see it. The wind blows through the pass heavily and catches Spryte who in turn grabs onto Zelda to brace herself against this. “Spryte, why don’t you just crawl into one of the saddlebags it would keep you from blowing away,” Zelda says with concern. Spryte takes Zelda’s advice and tucks into one of the saddlebags. The pass is totally deserted and this worries Zelda then she rides up to an abandoned campsite. It looks like it got destroyed by someone or something. She dismounts cautiously with her bow and arrow ready. “Please you no hurt moblin,” a voice near the campsite says. “Come out and I won’t,” she says. A blue moblin crawls forward from underneath a small cave entrance and makes his way to her. Zelda stops him ten feet away from her and asks “What happened here?” “Big guy in green come through and wiped out all my pack, I no longer want to fight I done,” the moblin says in scared voice. “When did this happen?” Zelda asks. “About six days ago he destroy everything and he had ears like yours. Never seen someone so fierce. But daira guards ask for trouble by harassing him and he zap them with sword,” the moblin says. “Link, so you were through here,” Zelda say under voice. The moblin speaks again “Please spare I promise to leave here never return again.” “Go then get out of my sight,” Zelda says to which the moblin runs for his life. Zelda mounts again and rides on.

            It is about an hour later when Zelda emerges from the pass into an open field with the road continuing north still the weather is cold. Zelda sees no real civilization or anything not even a house or barn this bothers her. She continues to ride along the road until finally she sees a small village and just at the right time it is nightfall. She rides into the village and looks around for an inn. After a few minutes she spots one. She dismounts at the front door of the inn, tying Storm up and then walking in. The inn is small and just about empty with the exception of the innkeeper who greets her “Hello, there. Is there something I can do for you?” “I need a room for the night,” Zelda says. “Oh okay we can do that,” the innkeeper says “so what brings you here my lady?”. Zelda hesitates as she thinks for a few seconds then says “I am seeking a friend.” “That is quite a noble act to do ma’am,” he says in return. “And my room?” Zelda asks. “Oh, sorry I forgot you a customer first,” he says as he had her the key. “Thank you and how much?” Zelda asks. “I figure two rupies sounds right one night correct?” he asks. “Yes,” she says. “Well, we don’t get many guests coming through I was just wondering why you came here especially not unescorted females,” the innkeeper. “I’m not by myself, right Spryte,” Zelda says just as Spryte flies in through the door to the inn. “Oh, alright two of you then,” he says. Spryte says to Zelda “Uh, what about dinner we haven’t really eaten since this morning.” “Yes, you’re right Spryte,” Zelda says then looking at the innkeeper “Do you serve food here?” “I do indeed though nothing fancy I tend to keep it simple,” the innkeeper responds. “Like how simple?” Zelda asks. “Well, is fried pork chops okay,” he says then follows with “since there is no place to really eat down here I can bring it to your room just give me about twenty minutes.” “That sounds fine and you will add it to our bill right?” Zelda asks. “Yes, milady,” is his response “ladies your room is just down the hallway to the right first door.” Both Zelda and Spryte go to their room which as they open the door it looks pretty nice a little small though. There is a bed, a table and two chairs in what appears to be the living room with window plus a small dresser, then off to the left is  a small bathroom.

            Just they finish looking over the room dinner arrives. The innkeeper places the food at the table and begins to exit. Zelda stops him “Do you have a few minutes to talk?” The innkeeper gives a smile and says “I suppose I do there isn’t much else going on. But I thought you would have wanted to enjoy your meal in peace.” Zelda says “You’re right but could I talk to you later?” “Sure milady it would be a pleasure,” the innkeeper responds. Both Zelda and Spryte begin to eat. Spryte looks at Zelda and asks “Why do you want to talk to him anyway? We’re looking for Link remember.” “I know, but we’re strangers here and I don’t care to get lost or run into any trouble,” Zelda responds. Spryte says “You’re right Zelda I’m sorry I guess I wasn’t thinking about that.” They both go back to eating within ten minutes they are finished. Zelda grabs Spryte’s plate and her plate then carries back to the innkeeper at his desk. He is relaxing reading a book then looks up “Oh, thank you at least I don’t have to come and get them from you.” “I wanted to talk about this place if you don’t mind,” Zelda says. The innkeeper introduces himself fully “I’m sorry before we have conversation my name is Blake and I have owned this inn for about five years.” “Well, Blake tell me about this kingdom of Hillsfar,” Zelda asks. “Not much of a kingdom anymore the king doesn’t have a lot of control down this ways. He’s been having trouble for quite a while but just this year it got a lot worse than it had been.”  “Go on then,” Zelda encourages him. “We had a war with Calatia to the south about five years ago and never really fully recovered from that. The king at the time went mad and had all the fields down here near the border destroyed. We were once a nice farming community, but that ended when the war commenced. All the young males signed up to fight in the army leaving just elderly and females here. That proved unsafe for many so they packed their things and went north. The king led the army in an invasion of Calatia which got destroyed. His army crumbled and he was killed in battle. His son now king went and made peace with the Queen of Calatia. Things sort of quieted down for a while then monsters began appearing first in the woods near settlements this worried many. Just recently they began attacking.” This story reminds Zelda of how Ganon came to power. She decides to ask another question “Have you seen anyone new pass through here lately?” “As a matter fact yes. A young lad probably about 18 or 19 came through here about a week ago. He had ridden in from the pass to the south. He got some Ambrosia Ale then rode on.” This pecks Zelda’s attention “What did he look like?” “He was wearing a green cap along a green tunic. He had brown pants and shirt on underneath the tunic. I remember his hair was dark brown big brown eyes too. Real friendly,  he had ears like yours pointy.” Now that Zelda knows that Link did come through she ask one more question “If I were to stay on the road going north where would I end up?” “The capital city of our kingdom Trivola, beautiful castle last I remember it. But most of the countryside up to there is pretty desolate due the monsters,” he says.

“Thank you for your time Blake,” Zelda says. “It was my pleasure but you’re not planning on going up there are you?” Blake says with concern “I will say is you better go during the daytime because night is dangerous.” Zelda simply nods in understanding to Blake who responds “It’s safest to go during the day anyway just be careful lots of strange stuff has been happening.”

            With the conversation ended Zelda returns to her room where she settles down for the night. She gets into bed and goes to sleep within an hour. Her rest is a little peaceful then it had been though she wakes up a few times still concerned about Link and how she will explain her coming to find him. She slowly wakes up the next morning and can see the rays of the sun coming through the window. It is probably 8 in the morning as she gets dressed and prepares herself for some more travel. Spryte is already up and fluttering about. They both decide on getting breakfast before leaving. They get breakfast which they eat quickly and check out. “I guess we’re on our way to that capital castle right?” Spryte asks. “Yes, we are,” Zelda responds as she mounts Storm getting on the road north.

            As they go north it is rather uninteresting to both of them. Not hardly a farm or village nearby. It is boring for them as go along. The day goes from morning to afternoon and finally to evening. They see the spires of the capital just as the sun sets. Riding through the gates of the city it is huge a lot like North Castle. The guards eye them cautiously but don’t move towards them. Zelda stops a person and asks “Do you have an inn around?” They simply point to a large two story building and they continue on to the inn. A stable hand comes out of the entrance and says “May I take your horse milady?” Zelda dismounts and hands him the reins of Storm passing several rupies to him as he takes the horse. Zelda and Spryte slowly enter the inn which also looks to be a bar as well. It looks crowded as they try to find a table. Zelda looks around and catches a glimpse of a what appears to be a green cap with dark locks under it, she attempts to go over and investigate but there are too many people in the way and soon she loses sight of it discounting it as her eyes may be playing tricks on her. She makes her way back to the bar/inn counter. The barkeep is busy and she tries getting his attention without trying be rude. When she finally does she asks “Do you have any rooms for the night?” “Ah, yeah I do,” he responds “Do you want one?” “Yes, please,” she responds kindly. He says “That’ll be twenty rupies.” She is a little stunned at the cost but hands over the money and he hands her back the key. She looks at it Room 15 and asks him “Where is the room?” He acts agitated when he responds “It’s upstairs okay. You have a nice night alright.” She walks away ‘how rude’ but she is happy that she has a room for the night.

            She looks around and spots a table to sit at and Spryte joins her. Zelda orders a drink as she scans the room. A few minutes into her drink a guy comes to the table “Hello there ladies, how’s about I buy you a drink.” He is obviously drunk or close to it not noticing they already have drinks. Zelda looks at him “We’re fine thanks for your offer.” “So how about you join me up at the bar cutie pie,” he says rather demandingly. “No thank you, I’m not interested,” Zelda replies. “Hey I am corporal in the military here and you need to respect,” he says. “And I’m simply passing through I’m not some lady of the night,” Zelda responds. He quickly jerks her up from their table by her arm “How dare you insult me like that I could have you arrested.” Zelda responds “Take your hands off me!” “Or what,” he says daringly. Zelda pulls back with her free hand, balls her fist, and slugs him with all her might in the right eye, knocking him out. Everybody around them notices and a few of them start giggling. Spryte flies “Oh, no now you’ve done you didn’t want any trouble but when he gets up I think he going cause up a bunch of trouble.” Then Zelda hears a familiar voice telling a story “There I was facing some moblins that had come into my room with the intent to steal the Triforce of Wisdom. I fought them all at once and took them out. Now you would think I would get a thank you for this but what happened next is the princess knocks on the door, I foolishly open it expecting a kiss instead I get slapped right across the face. How embarrassing. Then I tell her what just happened and she apologizes for slapping.” This is followed with a great amount of laughter. She slowly makes her way over to this table and she sees Link but his back is turned. She taps him on the shoulder as he turns his face looks real surprised “Link” she says. “Zelda, what are you doing here?” he asks in stunned manner. “Well, I was about to ask you the same?” she asks. “No, I asked first,” he says. About this time the corporal Zelda knocked out comes to and is yelling “Where is she!!? I’ll kill her myself.” Link sees the commotion “It looks like you’ve already caused a little something,” he says as he chuckles. The corporal comes thundering toward Zelda then sees Link. “Uh,” he stutters a bit then says “Captain, you, you know this girl?” Link responds “Yes I do we’re old friends.” This takes the fire out the angry corporal and Link asks “What happened to your eye there?” pointing out the shiner that has developed where Zelda hit him. “Uh, nothing I just tripped over a table that’s all,” he responds in stunned manner. “Well, you need to be more careful you hear,” Link says. The corporal walks away totally defeated.

            As Zelda and Link look at each other they seem to thinking of what to say next. Spryte flies up “Well, are you two going just stand and look stupid or sit and talk.” Link says “Spryte’s right lets sit down here,” as he pulls out a chair at the table he was at for Zelda who sits then goes back to his chair. Once again they stare at each other waiting for the other to say something finally Link says “So where were we before we got interrupted?”. Zelda responds “We were talking about why you’re here.” “Well, excuse me princess I think I was the one that question first,” Link says. “I.I. I missed you and…,” Zelda trails off. “You missed yet you didn’t seem to notice that I wasn’t there for what four or five days?” Link asks in return. “I’m sorry,” Zelda says then she begins to get angry “But why did you have to leave like that. You owed an explanation instead I got a letter from you.” Link tries to explain “Zelda, you’re a princess and I’m an adventurer right?” “Yeah,” she says. “Well, being an adventurer means that after the adventure is over with I am done until another adventure comes up. You have peace in Hyrule isn’t that what you wanted?” Zelda thinks for minute “I.I did but I was sort of hoping you would stick around for a while.” “And in time I would become unimportant, people would forget me, and you would probably marry some prince, and I can’t handle any of that in particular that last one,” Link reasons. “But Link you should have talked to me before you left,” Zelda says. “I didn’t want to bother you with that you seemed so happy with the peace that I didn’t want to ruin it for you,” Link says. Just as Zelda is about to say something more a messenger comes up to the table “Captain Link, his majesty requests your presence for dinner.” Link responds to the messenger “Tell him I’ll be there in a minute,” then to Zelda “Sorry I got to take this. Where are you staying?” “Here,” Zelda says. “Nonsense, come with me to meet the king and I’ll make sure you get the guestroom,” Link says as he gets up. “Well, okay that won’t cause a problem,” Zelda says cautiously. She rises from her chair too. Spryte follows them as they leave the inn. Link walks almost briskly in rapid steps as he goes toward the castle while Zelda and Spryte try to keep up with him. As he enters the main gate he looks back and says “You guys still with me?” They both nod and he says “Now King Saul isn’t always very friendly so don’t say too much unless he talks to you okay.” The main hall is well light and has tapestries hanging on the walls on both sides as they enter then continue to walk. There is a huge door at the end of the hallway. Within fifteen steps they are at the door which slowly swings open. Looking inside it’s a beautiful throne room with a red carpet leading to the throne itself. Once again Link manages to outpace Zelda and Spryte. He goes before the throne itself kneels and bows his head “Your majesty I am here at your request.” A few seconds later both Spryte and Zelda are behind Link. They both kneel and bow. The great king says “Captain Link, who is this you bring before me? One of them looks very familiar.” Link rises and extends his right out to introduce them first to Spryte “This is Spryte, she is a fairy princess over in Hyrule,” then to Zelda “Your majesty may I present her royal highness the Princess…” “Zelda, right?” the king interuptes. Zelda responds “Yes, do I know you?” “Perhaps not you, as well as your father,” the king says. “How is that?” Zelda asks. “I meet your father when I was 12 years old. My father brought me to your castle for your father and mother’s wedding we stayed a week afterwards.  You look just like your mother a very beautiful princess. He was a good bit older then your mother if I remember right she was 23, and he was 42 or 43. I know him and my father were close friends at one point they adventured together. He was older then my father when they did. My father married and had me just after he finished adventuring with your father. It is a long story so I won’t bore with the details however I do to convey my kingdom welcome to you,” the king says. “Why thank you, your highness,” Zelda says in return. “No, no to you just Saul,” he says. Link clears his throat to get the king’s attention “Oh, that’s right Link I had you come here for dinner. Shall we adjourn to the dining room?”

            As they walk to the dining room Zelda looks at King Saul, he is slightly larger in build then Link and taller. His hair color is black with thick beard all of this hides his blue eyes. They enter a large dining room with a huge table with all sorts of food set on it. Saul sits at the head of the table with Link to his right, Zelda sits beside him, and Spryte beside her. From another door enters a young lad perhaps 13 or 14 and sits to the left of King Saul. Zelda curiosity gets the best of her “So what’s going on here?” The king looks at her almost in disbelief and begins to tell a story. Once there was the father a great warrior of the kingdom. This father grew very powerful with the people and one day a magician arrived and offered his services. The father felt that this would be a great addition to his council so accepted the offer not knowing that magician was working on being a powerful wizard. In time the father felt that he couldn’t trust the others on his council and begin listening only to the wizard. The wizard talked the father now a king into fighting against the kingdom of Calatia though they had never done them any harm. The war went on with heavy losses on both sides then the king launched his army into Calatia at the main castle. The siege failed and the army the king had deserted leaving him with only a few in the northern Calatian borderland. The Calatian army marched out and destroyed what was left killing the king and forcing his son to end the war. The son now in the position of king returned home to find the wizard making the attempt overthrow him. Saul continues “I stopped him, ran him out the castle and swore revenge but he is more powerful then I could have imagined. All of this started around ten years ago and built up then five years ago was when my father died in battle. The wizard‘s name was Mordorf. The lad here at this table is my son the heir to the throne Mordorf tried to turn my military against me when that failed he attempted to overthrow me, he kidnapped and murdered my wife. Now he is after my son knowing that he is the only heir.” This story is a lot for Zelda to take remembering that Ganon was much the same way but instead of kidnapping her mother, he managed to poison her then he did all he could to take Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom but if it wasn’t for Link he would have succeeded. “Now how did Link get involved here?” Zelda asks. “Well, you see my son Prince Erin loves horseback riding and was in the countryside when Mordorf’s monsters attacked him. Though he was alone he managed to outrun most them but some of them got ahead of him and knocked him off his horse. He is not well versed with a sword even though did have one on for his protection and fought his way to some woods where he took cover. At this point Mordorf appeared demanding my son from his minions. They left Mordorf by himself or so it would seem. My son managed to sneak up on him and corner him but it was trap and he in turn got overtaken by the monsters. Just all seemed hopeless and my son was about to be killed Link rode up at top speed. Mordorf’s minions didn’t know what to do and Link easily dispersed them leaving just Mordorf who cursed Link for showing and disappeared before Link could deal with him. Link brought my son back here and my son relayed the whole story to me. Right then and there I offered him a job as captain of the guards which he took.”

            Dinner is served and everybody eats their fill. Zelda stayed pretty quiet during dinner while the king was busy talking to Link about various things. Prince Erin would look at the princess every now and then but remained silent. As dinner ends King Saul asks “So my dear where are you staying this evening?” “I got a room back at the inn,” Zelda says but Link butts in “I was hoping if your majesty would be so kind that the princess could stay here at the castle in the guest room.” Saul simply laughs “Now, Link you know all that formality was unnecessary of course she can stay here.”

Part 3: To the Ends


Our story picks back up with Princess Zelda and Spryte in the kingdom of Hillsfar. Zelda did find Link which was the reason she came all this distance from Hyrule, but Link is working for King Saul the troubled leader of Hillsfar. Hillsfar is rough kingdom with plenty of problems both inside and outside the walls of it’s capital city/castle. However, the king graciously extended an invite for Zelda remain as a guest of the kingdom which she accepted and that is where the story restarts.


            The night up until this point has been very interesting with Zelda and Spryte’s arrival to the castle. Both were totally unaware of Link’s now importance in this kingdom but now they knew. Zelda, herself was thinking during dinner how would she convince Link to return to Hyrule now that she knew the stakes were so high. After dinner the king’s son Prince Erin showed Zelda to the guestroom where she would be staying. Link couldn’t leave the king and he seemed to have a lot to say to him. Spryte got a room of her own in the meantime. Prince Erin who had spoke little at dinner and when he walked her to the room. Zelda had not really noticed the prince much his features were a very innocent look, he had short dirty blond hair and blue eyes. The prince did seem like he wanted to say something but when he got to her door could just “Here’s your room, goodnight.” Zelda walked into the spacious room that has a really nice queen size bed in it along with a dresser several chairs a table and a desk. She could also see a bathroom, but aside from that it was light by candle. She stood there for a few minutes then sat on the bed. Then there came a knock at the door it was somewhat late perhaps 10 at night now and she was cautious. She carefully asked “Who’s there?”. The response was unmistakable “It’s me, princess,” Link says, “Can I come in?”. “Sure Link I am not ready for bed yet,” Zelda says. Link walks in with the same stride he had in Hyrule yet a good bit more serious. He grabs a chair and moves it over to the bed where Zelda is sitting and sits. He takes a breathe of air and says “I’m sorry Zelda I really wanted talk more to you but Saul is pretty nervous about his kingdom and does need consul on the things he does. Tomorrow morning would you mind getting with me for breakfast?” Zelda is quick in her response “Yes, what time?”. “I get up early here. Is 7:30 okay?” Link ask. “Sure whatever time works for you works for me,” Zelda responds. “Well, I got to hit the hay princess, but I’ll see you in the morning and we can pick up where we left up,” Link says. This puts Zelda at some ease then Link gets from the chair and exits the room.

            Zelda changes and slips into bed quickly falling asleep. Her night passes with little interruption. The next morning breaks but Zelda is still very much asleep. This is the most comfortable she has been since before she left Hyrule to come here. Slowly she wakes up, there is no clock in her room. She is pretty sure she overslept and rushes to get ready for breakfast. She opens the door to go but sees a note attached to it. It reads ‘Zelda, sorry I couldn’t catch up with you for breakfast I had something come up. I will see you at lunch to pick up where we left off, Link.’

Zelda leans against the door as she shuts it behind her and shakes her head. She takes a breathe then looks up and see Prince Erin walking toward her. “Oh, hey there princess and good morning,” he says in a cool manner with a slight smile. “Good morning,” she says in return. He stops a few yards from her and says “Would you like to have breakfast? With me I,” he hesitantly asks. “I am somewhat hungry. Sure I will join you for breakfast,” Zelda replies. Erin leads Zelda down a hallway the dining room of the night before where breakfast of all sorts has been laid out. Zelda sits down with Erin directly across from her and nobody else is in the room. The breakfast is very nice and filling for the princess. As they finish Erin complains “I wish I had a normal life away from all this mess. See father can’t trust anybody because Mordorf, he turned everyone against my father including all of his top advisors. That’s why Link was unable to get with you this morning. I hate Mordorf and his monsters that he brought here. But we can’t beat him no matter how hard we try his magic is too much for us and I don’t know enough to fight him and win.” Zelda listens at the same time thinks back to Ganon and how it started for her then says “Erin, I didn’t want to have to fight but I had to. First I had to learn a weapon or skill which wasn’t easy. I had always liked the bow and shooting arrows seemed pretty simple. All of this was after Link rescued me from the evil wizard Ganon.” “Ganon, I have  heard of him and his evil ways. Did you defeat him?” Erin asks cautiously. “After a long struggle we did finally beat him for once and all. He had the Triforce of Power and the magic that was connected to it,” Zelda relates to Erin. “So Link was a part of that then?” Erin asks. “Yes and if it wasn’t for Link I don’t know that Hyrule would have survived Ganon’s rule,” Zelda says. “So Link really is a hero just like my father said. I always thought he was good person that came to my aid when I was caught by Mordorf,” Erin says.  “He is a great warrior, but you could be too by what you  just said you did and you could be a hero for your kingdom,” Zelda says. “I’m not really all that skilled at fighting, princess,” Erin responds. “Just call me Zelda and you can learn how to fight I’ll teach you or I can get Link to,” Zelda says. “Alright, I’ll try, but when do you want to do this?”. Zelda is hesitant knowing that it will cause her to stay here and she is sure her father will be worried if she is gone to long. “We could start today, I’m planning to get with Link for lunch and could ask him,” Zelda reasons. “That would be great I’ll talk to my father,” Erin says. Zelda knows now that there is no backing on this, she a went from seeking her love to helping him in his new job. If he succeeds he may never return to Hyrule but there is the hope he would be willing to come back with her, if he fails he’ll probably be killed as well as her. Zelda gets up and leaves going back to her room while Erin remains.

            Zelda realizes she has to let her father know she’s okay and what’s going on so she sends for Spryte who flies in. “Yes, princess,” Spryte says. “Spryte, I need you to return to Hyrule and let my father know what is going in particular that I am fine.” “I suppose I can and what about you, what are you going to do?” Spryte asks hesitantly. Zelda takes a slow breathe and says “What I have to do.” “Meaning what, Zelda?” Spryte asks. “This kingdom needs help and I’ll do whatever it takes to do just that,” Zelda retorts. “That sort of sounds like you’re going to fight against this Mordorf as well. This isn’t even our fight,” Spryte says. “But they need help and it might be the only way to get Link to return to Hyrule,” Zelda says. “I guess I understand I’ll let your father know you’re okay in the meantime. Just be careful and come home safe,” Spryte says as she leaves “I will,” Zelda replies. Zelda remains in her room patiently until around noon then goes down to the dining hall where lunch is being served as she arrives. Once again Link is present with the king which seems make her uncomfortable in talking with him. As she sits down the king excuses himself and leaves the room. Link and Zelda are now the only ones present. Link smiles at her and says “How nice of you to join me for lunch.” Zelda gives slight laugh and responds “I was hoping to see you earlier.” “Yeah, I’m sorry about that but just as I was getting ready to come and get you the king sent for me,” Link says. Zelda says “Link, I.I wanted to talk to you about the reason I came.” “Oh, really I guess you couldn’t let go,” Link says. “What?! What was that supposed mean?” Zelda asks in offended voice. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” Link apologizes. Zelda calms down “I’m sorry to. I just wanted to talk to you about why you decided to leave Hyrule.” Link sighs then says “Zelda, you remember Prince Fascade?”. “Yeah I remember that guy,” Zelda says. “You also remember how I felt about him right?” Link asks. “Link, where are you going with this?” Zelda in asks. “You know that really hurt and what’s to say that that won’t happen again. I know you’re here to try to get me to return to Hyrule why else would you be here?” Link says. Zelda is pretty much taken by surprise by this statement and comes back with “Link, Fascade was a loser and I may have been interested in him but his failure to stop Ganon caused me to realize that he wasn’t really who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” Zelda says. Link seems relieved to hear this but now his complexion changes as he says “I’m sorry I didn’t know but I’m here now and I can’t leave not with what the king here is going through”.  “Well, that me leads to something else I feel. I can’t leave either,” Zelda says. A look of shock goes across Link’s face and then he says “What? You’re not actually interested in fighting this war are you?”. “Yes, Link I am. When I met Prince Erin he seemed to have a lot in common with me and the situation you came into in Hyrule. He needs help in training and I would be more happy to help him. I can handle teaching him magic if you could hand teaching him the sword or any weapon.” Link calms down and says with a deep sigh “I suppose I could try who knows it might save his life.” Now that that is over with Link, he doesn’t have much else to say. “Link, I want to consider returning to Hyrule with me when this is all over with okay. I.I. I love you and I’m sorry I should have told you sooner,” Zelda says as she rises up from the table and begins to walk away. “Thanks Zelda for everything and I always loved you. I will give it some serious thought okay,” he says as she leaves.

            Zelda heads back to her room where she plots what to do next when a knock comes at the door. “Who is it?” she asks. “It’s me Erin,” the voice from the other side responds. “Come in,” she says and Erin enters. Erin asks “Did you talk to him?”.  “Yes, I did and as I hope that things will work so we can do just that. Now how about we talk some about magic and how to use it,” Zelda says. “You mean you could do that for me?” Erin asks. “I can but I have to make sure you can handle what I can teach you,” she says as she places her left hand on his head and her right over his heart. Zelda closes her eyes for a few minutes. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I am checking to see if you have the ability to handle magic,” she responds plainly. As she pulls her hands back “Yes, you do.” For the next couple of hours she teaches him some of the magic she knows from simple spells to more complex spells. She is very impressed with how quickly he is able to pick this up. She manages to cover how to use his own magic from inside to protect himself and how Link using his sword with magic of his own causes the zap from his sword plus talking about magical weapons. At the end it is near dinnertime, both Erin and Zelda are tired from this process.

            As everyone with exclusion of Spryte arrives Link sits near the king with Zelda sitting beside him and Erin sitting on the other side of his father. The conversation between Link and the king starts then Erin whispers into his father’s ear something and a smile comes across the king’s face. Then the king ask “So you are staying then to help us?”. Link thinking the question was directed at him says “Well, of course your highness….” “No, Link I know you will, my question was directed at the princess here,” the king says almost laughing. “Yes, King Saul I am here to help in whatever way I can,” she says. “Excellent,” he says.

            The next day Zelda arises rather early and goes to find Link. She arrives at breakfast just as the king gets there. “My dear are looking for Link?”, he asks. “Why, yes I am King Saul,” she says in return. “Well, normally he would be joining me for breakfast but this morning he is in the courtyard with Prince Erin.” “Thank you,” she smiles back. “Don’t you want something to eat this morning?” he asks. “I will eat a little later,” she says as she walks as the out. Both Erin and Link are sparring Erin is armed with a hand axe and shield while Link is carrying his sword and shield. They both trade blows back and forth with the whole time Link encouraging Erin. Link is way too good for Erin and easily beats him several times but Erin is persistent and before long manages to turn the tables on Link forcing a draw of sorts. At this both stop “You’re getting pretty good for a beginner”, Link says with a laugh. When they notice Zelda they both walk over to her. Erin speaks first “Thanks Zelda for teaching me that magic. And thanks for getting Link to teach me hand to hand combat.” “I had nothing to do with the last part except I mentioned it to him,” she says with a giggle. Then Link says “Well, he is a great student and hard worker I sure hope it pays off.” “Link, have you showed him how to use his axe in the way you use Cressword?” Zelda asks. “Oh, yeah you’re right,” Link responds then says to Erin “You’ve seen me use Cressword with a magic bolt right?” Erin responds “Yeah, I have. How do you do that?”. “Simple you have to concentrate with the weapon and the magic will flow out of you with it becoming a bolt. Why don’t you give it a try?”, Link says. Erin spots a fighting dummy in the field about twenty feet away. He levels his axe and all the sudden a bolt shaped like the axe shoots out of the end of the axe. It moves quickly and easily hit’s the dummy taking it’s arm off. “Wow,  that’s something,” Erin says in amazement. “Yeah, imagine how Mordorf will like that,” Link says. “So have you two eaten yet?” Zelda asks. Both shakes their heads. “Well, lets go get something to eat,” Zelda says.

            Breakfast passed rather enjoyably for Link, Zelda, and Erin. But just after they had finished eating a soldier comes and gets Link leaving just Erin and Zelda. “This seems to happen a good bit I’m afraid. Again I am sorry for having to exit so soon,” Link says as he exit’s the room. This leaves just Erin and Zelda by themselves. “Thanks so much Zelda for everything you’ve done,” Erin says. “Well, you’ve done a whole lot yourself,” Zelda says. Just as things seem to be calming down suddenly a soldier runs in “We’re under attack,” he says almost breathless. Zelda and Erin rise quickly and run out the door.

            As they hit the courtyard arrows are coming over the wall and hitting the ground. Zelda and Erin dodge several arrows as they make it up to the wall then climb the stairs quickly. Looking out there are thousands of moblins, stalfos, goryias, darknuts and gibdos. Link runs up to the two of them as they look out. “I see I’m not the only one interested here.” A few seconds later King Saul also is on the wall. He calmly looks out then he says to Link “Would now be the time to do what we were talking about?” Link responds “Yes, your majesty.” Saul walks back down to the ground and disappears. Zelda and Erin are confused about what just happened with arrows constantly coming over the wall they aren’t able really say much. A few minutes from the courtyard there is a great deal of commotion. King Saul yells “Now is the time for all of Hillsfar to rise up!!!” Zelda and Erin notice he is on horseback and has about two hundred soldiers behind him also on horseback. As Zelda turns back to Link she sees that Link is pulling bombs out of his pouch. “What are you doing?” she asks. “It’s hero time,” is his response. At that moment he lights all three bombs he has in hand and throws them at forces gathered below the wall. ‘Boom, boom, boom,’ the bombs go off as they hit destroying the some of the monsters. At the same time the drawbridge lowers and King Saul rides forth with his army. This completely takes the minions of Mordorf by surprise most break as Saul’s horsemen ride through them. The ones that stand are destroyed almost effortlessly. Link jumps up on the wall with a rope in hand and swings down amongst the monsters zapping and swinging the whole way. Zelda and Erin watch for a moment then Erin says “We’ve got to go help them.” They both run downstairs and out of the drawbridge since there is a path for them and rejoin Link.

            The fight clearly now is in the favor of Hillsfar’s army. The minions of Mordorf are backing up. Mordorf is watching the whole time in frustration far to the rear. Mordorf moves forward himself with a group of iron knuckles toward the king while Link, Zelda, and Erin are fighting there way towards him from a different direction. King Saul rides right into the iron knuckles ahead of his soldiers and defeats two of them, dismounts then takes out the other three more and then it’s just him and Mordorf. “So you finally got the courage to face me,” Mordorf says mockingly. “I will kill you for you did to my father and my wife,” Saul says back. Mordorf slowly draws his sword and the fight is on. Mordorf is much weaker with a sword and Saul easily pushes him back. Finally Saul knocks Mordorf’s sword out of his hand. Without flinching Saul runs his sword through Mordorf’s chest. Mordorf backs up a bit with the sword still in him then laughs an evil laugh shaking his head “You didn’t actually think it would be this easy did you.” Mordorf puts his right hand up and shoots a beam of energy out throwing Saul down. Then Mordorf pulls the sword out “You forgot I have magical powers and am magical. You can’t defeat me with just a sword.” Just as Mordorf moves towards the downed Saul, a zap of energy hits him. “Who dares?” Mordorf says angrily. “I dare monster,” Erin says. Mordorf looks up and says to his minions “Destroy him”. But Link and Zelda are right behind Erin and begin fighting against the minions alongside him. Erin fights his way through to Mordorf. “So boy, you really think you stand a chance against me?” Mordorf says. “As a matter of fact I do and your evil is at an end,” Erin says. Mordorf once again levels his hand this time at Erin and shoots an energy beam at him which Erin uses his axe to block it. Then Erin in turn uses his axe’s zap and hits Mordorf. “Impossible”, Mordorf says as he realizes he has been hit again. This time he drops to his knees. Mordorf wasn’t expecting this and is weakened. Mordorf rises slowly and shoots another bolt at Erin who easily deflects it as he charges at Mordorf hitting him with his axe which causes him to fall backwards about ten feet. Mordorf this time only gets to his knees and falls forward. The minions seeing this break and run. The battle is over with. Just as Link and Zelda walk up to Erin to congratulate him a loud noise goes off where Mordorf lay. Once again Mordorf is up but this time floating he says to the three “You may have won this day but I will be back and next time I will be ready,” then he disappears. Erin in turn goes over to his father who is still on the ground. “Father are you alright?” Erin asks. Saul slowly gets up with help from Link “I am fine son, that was quite something. I didn’t know you had it in you?” Erin jokily says “I didn’t either.”

            A few hours later inside the throne room Link, Zelda, and Prince Erin all stand before the king with hundreds of onlookers. “This day we want honor our true heroes of Hillsfar. Two of them came from a long way off and one from this king. Link and Zelda,” he says as he looks at them. “If it wasn’t you I don’t know if my son could have done what he did. You are welcome here as official citizens of Hillsfar and heroes of our country. Let it be decreed that stories be written about you and this day.” Then to Erin “I never thought I would be so proud of my own son and now I am. For now I have no fear about what will happen under your leadership when the time of course. A true hero you are my boy.” Applause is resounding and deafening almost with many cheers going forth. For the next ten minutes the three of them are real busy shaking hands then the king has table brought forward forth with a meal on it.

            As everyone sits down it continues to be noisy. Zelda sits next to Link who is next to the king. Zelda leans over and says “Link, now that this has happened should we remain here?” Link ponders it and responds “You might be right this place has a hero and Erin seems to know what he’s doing.” Link in turn leans over to the king and whispers something in his ear. The king’s face goes from a smile to a slight frown. Then the king who has Erin sitting next to him on the other side of the table whispers something to him. “My boy,” the king says to Link “You’re not serious about leaving are you?” “Yes, yes I am your majesty,” Link says calmly. “Well, you are right Erin is our hero now and will be in the future. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know if that would be the case we owe you our gratitude for what you and Zelda have done.”

            Later that day Link and Zelda are mounted and ready to leave just as Erin walks up. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay? We could sure use your help to put this kingdom back together.” Link says “Erin, you are the one that can accomplish that with what you did to Mordorf you should have no problem rallying the kingdom back to you.” “Thanks again to both of you,” Erin says. As they ride through the gate Link looks over at Zelda and says “I suppose my adventuring days are over with.” “Now I wouldn’t say that,” Zelda responds “Besides you still have me to chase.” Link smiles “And who knows I might finally catch you,” he says as he laughs.



            The End

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