Question of Duty

By Doug

Link and Zelda kiss as passionately as two lovers could. Then suddenly Link wakes up. ‘Woo’ he thinks to himself ‘what a dream, I know I like her but I don’t know this feeling is real. She is my best friend and my charge to protect.’ It is morning as he rolls out of bed. He gets dressed not trying to think anymore about this dream. It is the same dream he has had for quite a while, three times earlier this week it has come to him. He leaves his cabin to go to the castle to pull his guard duty. ‘She is my duty to protect no matter what as a knight of Hyrule I can’t have feelings like that for her. But she is so beautiful and sweet.’

As he crosses the drawbridge and walks into the courtyard he sees her. He walks up and bows before her. “Link, I hardly believe that’s necessary you have known me for how many years,” the Princess says kindly. Link responds “Two and a half years. But I must remind myself that I am your guardian and protector as a knight of the kingdom.” “Oh, alright Sir Link you do yourself well as a knight and honor me by your presence here with me. Do you wish to go riding with me today?” Zelda asks. Link says “Yes, whatever your highness desires it shall be done.”

They both mount their horses and ride off going south after they cross the drawbridge. Link remains pretty quiet which Zelda thinks is a little odd for him. “Link, is everything alright with you?” she asks. Link looks over at her and says “I am fine. Why do you ask?” “You just seem a little distant as of late. I sense something is up with you,” she says. Link begins to blush thinking ‘I thought that when I defeated Ganon she had lost that connection to me.’ “Link, is something wrong?” again she asks. Link admits to himself that there is no way he can hide this she will find out sooner or later. “Princess Zelda, you and I are friends, I mean best friends. But I have something to tell you,” Link says. “Go on Link please explain,” she says. “I.I think I am in love with you,” he says. Then quickly he follows up with “If you want someone else to be your guardian and protector I understand. My feelings will not get in the way of doing job I hope you know.” Zelda a little stunned by this revelation she maintains her composure as she responds “Link, I would never ask for you to be replaced as my guardian and protector you have served me very well in all regards. I have been waiting for a while to hear that confession of yours and also to let you know I feel much the same way. I will say I do love you.” With that Link no longer fears for his job or his life because she could have ordered him executed or dismissed from the knights if she wanted to. They continue to ride on and he thinks to himself ‘she had this connection to me, but I couldn’t sense it perhaps I still have a connection to her’ He looks over to her and after a few moments when she looks up at him but nothing happens. “Link your dreams are the connection you have to me just like when I summoned you the first time,” Zelda says.

They stop near a clearing and both dismount as they continue walking Zelda grabs his hand and holds it. At the clearing they tie the horses to a tree then they turn to look at each other. Link notices her sparkling blue eyes as she looks at him. Then the sensation hits him, he pulls her closer, embraces and kisses her on lips. All the feelings that he has had come forth in this. ‘Wow what a kiss almost as if they were meant to be together’ he thinks to himself this is their first kiss. The dream has come true he thinks to himself as they keep kissing. Then he stops saying “I.I.I can’t be doing this my duty is to protect you.” Zelda says “And you are indeed protecting me with your love please don’t deny this.” Link says “Okay I will not deny you, but I have one question.” “Hmm, okay you may ask it Link,” she responds sweetly. “Zelda would you ever consider perhaps marrying me?” he asks. Zelda says “Link that was our first kiss ever and you’re thinking about marriage now. But yes I would marry you even if you asked today. I believe our futures are intertwined with one another.” Link says “Well, then I will ask today. Will you marry me?” Zelda says “You know the answer to that. Yes.”

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