The Reasons for Evil

By Rini


Ganondorf sighed. How long had he been in this quiet place. The Evil Realm was full of nothingness. The only thing around Ganondorf was blackness. He couldn't see anything except for himself. Everything else was black.

Ganondorf found this darkness very nostalgic. He couldn't stop thinking about his life before he learned of the triforce. Before he had ruined his life, but did he really deserve all of this? There is always a reason for doing something wrong, but no one had wanted to hear his. No one cared.

All of his memories came rushing back. He remembered her: Aeria. She was beautiful, happy, proud, and she was his. His. Ganondorf allowed the memories to take him back to Aeria. Back when he was happy. Back when he was seventeen.


Ganondorf sat on his throne. He was bored. He never did anything. Hyrule was peaceful. When was he supposed to take on his role as King of Gerudos? Not until his father gave up the role first. Ganondorf sighed. He hated his father and always avoided him.

He glanced out his window. The Gerudo people were prancing about. He decided to go down and talk with them. The girls were always happy to speak with their prince.

Ganondorf rushed down the stone steps that led to the tan sand of the desert ground. The first to notice that he was among the girls was a Gerudo named Nabooru. Ganondorf was fond of her. She was a powerful leader among the Gerudo, and they always looked up to her.

"Hello, Prince Ganondorf," she greeted. "What brings you to join us today?"

"Boredom," he replied. "I hate staying indoors."

"Just as much as you hate your father?" Nabooru snickered.

"Watch yourself, Nabooru," Ganondorf snapped.

Nabooru straightened. She knew she shouldn't have been acting so informal with the Prince of Gerudos. "Sorry, Your Highness. I should be going." With that Nabooru rushed away.

Ganondorf stretched his arms and yawned. It was a slow day. Nothing special was happening, as usual. He started to go back up the stairs when someone caught his eye. It was a new Gerudo. He had never seen her before. She had long white-blonde hair, and her skin wasn't tan like the other Gerudos, it was almost as white as her hair. She wore a sky blue tube top with matching pants. She also had a blue jeweled diamond shaped design surrounding her belly-button. Ganondorf rushed down the steps to meet her.

"Hello," he said.

The girl dipped in a short bow. "Your Highness," she said. "How are you today?" Her voice was quiet and full of shyness.

"Fine. What is your name?" Ganondorf was very curious for this girl had intrigued his interest.


"Are you new around her?"


Ganondorf stared at the girl. Aeria wouldn't even look up at him. She was probably scared of him.

"Do not be afraid of me."

"I am not afraid."

"Then why won't you look at me?"

Immediately, the girl raised her head and stared straight into Ganondorf's eyes. It was then that he realized that her eyes were mismatched. One was a deep blue, and the other was a bright yellow. Ganondorf stared into her eyes with great intensity. The girl quickly looked away.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing." The girl stared back at him now. Aeria was obviously confused about something.

"Something is wrong. I can sense it. Now, tell me," he demanded.

"Why does it matter!" Aeria shouted.

Ganondorf's eyes widened, and Aeria bit her bottom lip in fear. "I am sorry, Your Highness," she apologized quickly. "I must be going." The girl turned and started to rush away, but Ganondorf grabbed her arm and turned her toward him. Aeria turned her face away from him and shut her eyes tightly. She expected him to hit her.

"Please!" she cried. "Don't hurt me!"

Ganondorf immediately let go of her. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Aeria opened her eyes and turned to face him. "You're not?"

Ganondorf shook his head. "No. Why did you think I would?"

Suddenly, a Gerudo called Aeria's name. She turned around and fear crossed her face. "I have to go!" she cried. She ran toward the Gerudo who had called for her.

That night, Ganondorf couldn't stop thinking about Aeria. Why did she think he was going to hit her? Why would she not look at him? Why was she scared when that Gerudo called her? Ganondorf decided to go for a walk around the fortress to clear his mind.

As he reached the bottom of the steps, Ganondorf saw someone running. He gasped when he saw the sky blue outfit! It was Aeria! Why was she running?

"Aeria!!!" he yelled.

The young Gerudo looked toward him. When she saw him, her eyes grew wide. Immediately, she ran to him.

"Help me!" she cried. "Please!"

It was then that Ganondorf saw the deep slash mark on her arm. Blood was pouring from the wound. Ganondorf grabbed her good arm and led her up the stairs. Aeria kept on looking around nervously.

When they got to his room, Ganondorf shut the door and

locked it. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Who did this to you!?!"

Aeria's bottom lip was quivering. "Hazera," she replied. "Hazera did this to me. She always hurts me, but this is the worse! She's never cut me like this before!"

"Hazera!" Ganondorf's eyes flickered with hate. "Hazera did this!!!" Hazera was a power-hungry Gerudo. She was always bullying other Gerudos. "Was Hazera the one who called for you earlier today?" he asked.

"Yes, she-" Aeria's voice broke off as she cried out in pain. She grabbed her arm.

Ganondorf tore of a piece of his shirt and tied it around the wound. "There," he said. "You stay here. I'll go to the medicine man and get you something to help ease the pain. If anyone knocks on the door, do not answer!"

Aeria nodded. "Thank you," she whispered.

Ganondorf rushed out of his room, down the stone steps, and into the medicine man's hut.

"I need something to help with cuts!" Ganondorf ordered.

"Prince Ganondorf," the old man greeted. "What brings you here in such a rush?"

"Give me the medicine!" Ganondorf yelled. "Now!!!"

The old man's eyes widened. He quickly grabbed something of a shelf behind him. "Here, Your Highness," he said. "It will help ease pain and close cuts faster."

Ganondorf hurried back to his room. When he entered, he found Aeria looking dazed. He rushed to her side. She had her

eyes closed and was rocking back and forth.

"Aleira?" he whispered. "Can you hear me?"

"Ganondorf?" she groaned.

"Can you drink something for me?"

Aeria nodded. Ganondorf put the bottle to her lips and she drank the content with little reluctance.

When she finished, Ganondorf said, "This will help ease the pain and heal the cut faster. You should rest here tonight."

He placed Aeria on his bed. He pulled up a chair for himself to sleep on. "You'll be okay, Aeria," he whispered. Then he fell asleep.


Later that night, Aeria woke up in almost her full strength. Ganondorf was happy to see her feeling better.

"Why did you think I was going to hit you?" Ganondorf asked her.

"Hazera hits me so I thought that you would do the same to me, and she told me that you hit other Gerudos. She'll hit me again if she figures out that I told you.

"She won't figure out then," Ganondorf promised. "Why wouldn't you look at me yesterday?"

"Hazera likes you, a lot. When she saw me talking to you, she got...jealous and hit me. I didn't want to look at you because I was thinking that if Hazera saw me not looking at you while you were talking to me, maybe she would think I wasn't talking to you at all."

"That's kind of complicated," Ganondorf replied. "I'm sorry that I caused so much trouble."

"Don't worry," Aeria assured. "It would have happened to me anyway. There are plenty of men Hazera likes. I would've ended up talking to one of them sooner or later. At least you helped me." Suddenly, Aeria realized how informal she was being. "Thank you, Your Highness."

"Ganondorf," he corrected. "Call me Ganondorf."

Aeria smiled. "I must be going," she said.

Ganondorf nodded. "Wait! Meet me front of the Haunted Wasteland."

"I'll try." With that, she rushed out of the room into the darkness of the night. It wasn't until she was gone for a while that Ganondorf realized he should have followed her to make sure she would be safe. He looked at his window. Dawn would be coming soon. He could still go outside unnoticed. Ganondorf jumped off his chair and ran from the room.

On his way to Hazera's hut, Ganondorf saw Nabooru. She came up to him.

"You're up quite early," she said.

"Not now!" he yelled, leaving her in shock as he ran away at a terribly fast speed. He finally reached the hut right before dawn broke. He heard a loud thud against the wall.

"Where were you?" Hazera's witch-like voice rang out clearly. Aeria was silent. "Answer me!" she demanded. "Where is the cut on your arm?"

"I went to the medicine man," Aeria answered. Ganondorf sucked in a sharp breath as he heard her voice; it sounded full of pain.

"I don't believe you!" Hazera yelled. "The medicine man wouldn't give out his potions to just anyone! Who got the medicine for you!?!"

"I got it myself!" Aeria shouted back.

"Stop lying!" Hazera screamed. Hazera had her fist in a position to punch Aeria in the face.

"You shouldn't hit me," Aeria reasoned. "I could tell people what you do to me. They will punish you."

"Who would punish me?" Hazera replied. "Everyone does it. It's a way to toughen weaker Gerudo like yourself."

"Not everyone!" Aeria shrieked.

Hazera laughed. "Oh, everyone does it. Nabooru does it."

"No she doesn't," Aeria snapped. "How would she gain so much respect among the Gerudo if she hit them?"

"Well, fine! Maybe, Nabooru doesn't, but I know someone who does!" Hazera's voice was full of spite. "Do you want to know? It's Ganondorf!"

Ganondorf busted through the door. He rushed to Aeria and helped her off the ground. Hazera was staring at him in fear.

"Stop telling lies Hazera!" Ganondorf yelled. "I would never hit someone! It is written in the Gerudo's Code that you shouldn't hit someone! YOU HAVE GONE MAD!" Ganondorf's fist was shaking in fury. "How could you do this! Just earlier you gave her a terrible wound! Now, did you really have to do this to her!?!"

"Why does it matter to you?" Hazera answered coolly. "You don't have the power to get me exiled."

"Not yet!" Ganondorf spat. "But I swear, when I am king, the first thing I'll do is banish you! We'll see what Hyrule does to one of its most feared criminals when she has nowhere to hide and nowhere to go."

"You would never do that!" Hazera screeched.

"Watch me!" Ganondorf snapped. He led Aeria away from Hazera's hut.

"Thank you," Aeria whispered when they were far away from her enemy's home.

"Why didn't you want me to take you home?" Ganondorf asked. "None of this would've happened."

"I wasn't thinking." She was silent for awhile. Then, "She's been telling me that you hit Gerudos ever since I was put under her wing."

"I think she just said that to keep you scared, but it doesn't matter now. You know I would never do that to you. Never."

"I know that now."


Neither of them slept anymore that day. Ganondorf had been giving her a tour of the fortress when Nabooru came up to them. When Aeria saw Nabooru, she stepped closer to Ganondorf. Aeria didn't believe that Nabooru would hit anyone, but she wasn't sure if what Hazera had been telling her for so long was true or false. Ganondorf looked down at Aeria. Seeing her fear, he whispered, "It's okay." Then he took Aeria's hand.

"Good morning, Ganondorf," Nabooru greeted. "Last interesting, Your Highness."

"Sorry about that," he replied. "I was on an urgent...mission. I didn't mean to be rude."

"It's all right," Nabooru retorted. Then she noticed Aeria. "Oh! Who is she?" Nabooru also noticed Ganondorf holding her hand.

"Her name is Aeria," Ganondorf said.

"Nice to meet you," Nabooru told her. Then to Ganondorf, "Are you two...close?" She was staring at their hands.

Immediately, Ganondorf let go of Aeria's hand. Nabooru giggled. "You're so childish, Ganondorf!" she exclaimed, but quickly caught herself. "I mean, Prince Ganondorf."

Ganondorf smirked. "Very funny, Nabooru. Go on! I have things to do."

"Oh! Things!" Nabooru laughed as she left the two alone.

"That's the first time I've ever met Nabooru," Aeria said suddenly. "She seems...nice. I can why so many Gerudos look up to her. Does she like pink?" she asked, recalling how Nabooru was dressed in all pink.

"Do you like blue?" Ganondorf answered. "You're the only Gerudo who wears blue. As for that matter, you're the only one with blonde hair or light skin."

"I love blue," she replied. "I grew up in a desert far from here. My father wouldn't let me go out into the sun in fear of me get heat rash, so I stayed inside. The only time I ever got to go outside was when we stopped at an oasis. I would fetch the water for my family. Since water is blue, I fell in love with that color. It may sound stupid but-"

"It's not stupid." Ganondorf was smiling at her. "Let's go somewhere."


"Let's go to the valley," he suggested.

"I'm not allowed to go down there," Aeria said.

"You'll be able to go if you stay with me. Trust me," Ganondorf urged. "Come on."

"All right, but only for a little while." Aeria smiled as Ganondorf led her away from the Gerudo's Fortress. She was happy to be near him. She felt safe with him. Soon, she saw a tent, then a bridge.

"This is it," Ganondorf told her. Then he led her to the waterfall. She gasped.

"It's beautiful!" she cried. "Omigosh! I've never seen anything like it."

"Come on!" Ganondorf ordered. "Want to get closer?"


Ganondorf jumped off the canyon wall and landed on an edge that jutted out from the cliff. He caught Aeria when she vaulted after him. He swung her around in his arms, and she laughed. When he stopped, they were looking in each other's eyes. Ganondorf leaned in and kissed her gently. When he pulled back, Aeria's eyes were still closed, and when she opened her eyes, she blushed. Her mismatched eyes sparkled.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you again. I promise." Ganondorf stared deeply into her eyes as he said this.

That night, Ganondorf found a room for her to sleep in that wasn't too far from his own. They both slept peacefully, but in the morning, there was a disturbance.

"Let me go!!!" Aeria screamed. It woke Ganondorf.

"You stupid child! Shut up, or someone will hear you!" Hazera's voice was harsh.

"That's the whole point, you idiot!" Aeria yelled as loud as she could.

Ganondorf rushed out of his room and burst into hers. He found Hazera with a knife. She was holding Aeria's arm and was just about to slice her flesh before she noticed Ganondorf. She dropped the knife.

"Your Highness!" Hazera shrieked in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"Protecting her from you!" Ganondorf snapped. Quickly, he picked Hazera up and tossed her out the door. "I have no time for you! Leave!" He shut the door on her face and locked it. Then he returned his attention to Aeria. She wasn't shaking this time. She was actually smiling! "What?" Ganondorf asked.

"I didn't know you were so strong," she answered.

"You don't seem to be hurt," Ganondorf said, changing the


"I'm not, thanks to you."

"Good." Ganondorf was happy to see that Aeria was in a good mood. "Why are you so happy? You were just assaulted!"

"I know! But guess what else I know!" she exclaimed.

"Aeria, you're scaring me." Ganondorf was being serious. "This isn't the usual behavior someone would have after they've been attacked."

Aeria giggled. "You're father to the war a couple of weeks. Remember?"

"I hate my father! Why would I care! I wish he would die in that war!" Ganondorf seemed upset by talking about his father.

"Well, let's just say that your wish has come true," she replied. "You are the new King of Gerudos, Your Highness." Aeria made a quick bow.

Ganondorf was awestruck. "Are you serious? Where did you hear this from!?!"

"Well, I found this"-she took a letter out of her pocket- "in Hazera's pocket. I saw it sticking out, and I stole it. It says that your father was killed and that you are the new king. I guess that's why Hazera attacked me. She must of known you'd become king and have her banished. Since she was going to be banished anyway, she might as well kill me."

"Hazera's an idiot," Ganondorf said. "She should have known that if she had killed you, I would have the power to kill her. It's called a life for a life."

"Well, I guess you'll want to go to the throne room," Aeria implied. "They'll want to tell you the big news. Too bad I already ruined the surprise!"

"I'm glad I heard it from you," Ganondorf told her. "Join me?" He held out his arm for her.

Aeria curtsied. "How gracious of you, Your Highness!"

"Stop it!" Ganondorf cried. "You're embarrassing me." Aeria took his arm and they left for the throne room. The chancellor told Ganondorf the news about his father's death. Aeria giggled a little as Ganondorf pretended to be upset.

"My father is dead!" Ganondorf cried. "This is awful! How could this happen! Who could do this! Who could do such a terrible thing!"

"We send our condolences," the chancellor said, trying to soothe Ganondorf.

"Like it matters!" Ganondorf exclaimed. His change in voice shocked the chancellor. "Does this mean I'm king?" Aeria could barely hold in her laugh.

"Y-yes, it does, but is that all that matters to you?" The chancellor was confused.

"Let me think about that....yes, that is all that matters." Ganondorf led Aeria from the room. As soon as they left, Aeria started laughing.

"Did you see his face?" she cried. "He was appalled at your manner! I guess he was expecting you to mourn over your father's death a little longer than that!"

"The chancellor is an idiot!" he told her. "Let's go get some

fresh air."

As they went outside, the two were stopped by many Gerudo who wanted to congratulate their new king. Among the many was Nabooru.

"You got what you wanted, Your Highness," she said, smiling the whole time. "I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you, Nabooru," he replied. "Now, can you help me get this mob of Gerudos away!"

"Of course!" she cried. Then, "Okay, you guys! Get back to work! Ganondorf has very important business to attend to! Now, go!" They returned to their work including Nabooru.

They spent the day by the waterfall in the Gerudo's Valley. Later, in the throne room, Ganondorf ordered for Hazera to be banished from the fortress. "She is not worthy enough to stay here!" he had said.

As the guards were nearing Hyrule with Hazera, she escaped. "No one gets away with banishing Hazera!" she cried as she returned to the fortress unnoticed.

Ganondorf held Aeria close to him. They were on his throne. Aeria was exhausted from the day.

"Aeria," Ganondorf whispered into her ear. How would you like to become queen?"

"Queen?" Aeria murmured. "There's never been a Queen of Gerudos before."

"I know," he continued. "Would you want to be the first one?"

"Y-yes, but I don't think I'm ready," she replied. "I just became a Gerudo, and I don't even know how to protect myself against a knife. I just don't think I'm ready."

"Tell me when you are," Ganondorf replied.

"I will." Aeria yawned. "I think I need to go to sleep."

"You're probably right," Ganondorf said. "Most people aren't attacked every day."

Aeria laughed. Ganondorf led her to her room.

"Goodnight," he said.

Aeria nodded and shut the door. Ganondorf was on his way to his room when the chancellor came up to him.

"Your Highness, I need to speak with you," he told him.

"Make it quick," Ganondorf snapped.

"I think it would be best to talk about in private," he replied. "Perhaps the throne room?"

As Ganondorf and the chancellor left the hallway, neither of them noticed Hazera hiding in the shadows. When they were completely gone, she slipped into Aeria's room. She grabbed Aeria. Aeria screamed just before Hazera gagged and bound her with a couple of rags. Ganondorf heard her scream and came rushing to her room. By the time he got there, they were gone. He saw a shadow running in the hallways; he followed it. The shadow ran all the way to the Gerudo's Valley. She stopped at the edge of the canyon wall. Ganondorf stopped when he saw that it was Hazera holding a scared Aeria over the water.

"Let her go Hazera!" Ganondorf ordered.

"Why should I!?!" she cried. "I'm going to die one way or the other! This way, I'll have done something to hurt you!"

"Don't!!!" Ganondorf took a step forward.

"Come any closer, and I promise I'll drop her!" Hazera threatened.

Ganondorf looked at Aeria. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. If Hazera dropped her and the fall wouldn't kill Aeria, then she would drown since her hands and legs were bound. Ganondorf sucked in a deep breath. "Don't do it," he pleaded.

"Seems as if the tables have turned, haven't they!?!" Hazera laughed. "Maybe, I'll just drop her for the fun of it?"

"Don't!!!" Ganondorf yelled.

Hazera smiled. She dropped Aeria. "Oops!" she cried while laughing.

Ganondorf ran toward Aeria, but it was too late. She was gone. He was about to jump in after her when someone grabbed him. "Let me go!!" he demanded. He looked around him. Nabooru was holding on to him, and other Gerudos were holding Hazera down. "Aeria..."

Hazera was killed for what she had done, but Ganondorf never recovered. On the day Aeria had been taken, the chancellor had told Ganondorf of the triforce. Then, Ganondorf had not been interested, but now, he was. Maybe, if he obtained the triforce he could get Aeria back. Maybe.

`~End Flashback~`

A twisted pain crossed Ganondorf's face as he stared into the secluded darkness. He knew none of his past matter for it was too late. Too late for him. Too late for her. Too late for everything...


The End

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